Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Part 8 : Dill Ki Baat

Krishna came up to the terrace and found Ridz sitting there with tears in her eyes while Armaan was sitting next to her holding her hand, talking to her softly

K: "Er hem" she cleared her throat to make her presence known.

Armaan and Ridz both moved there hands and looked away from each other nervously

K: "Chill guys, sirf mein hoon" she said laughing at the now very embarrassed couple "Toh kya mein sab ko rishte kiliye haan keh doon?" she giggled as she was about to run back down the stairs.

A: "Krishna, wait" Krishna stopped in her tracks, she slowly turned to see Armaan coming towards her,

K: "Pehle pakarna parega" and she ran off.

Armaan looked back at Ridz who had now gotten up to also go down, as she walked past him Armaan grabbed her hand "Tum kaha ja rahi ho, tum bhi kya sabko ja kar boldogi" Ridz took her hand and ran away blushing.

Meanwhile downstairs, everyone was having sweets to celebrate the occasion. A pandit was called and a date was set for the wedding, the couple had exchanged rings and were now engaged.

After everyone had left Shashank retreated to his study, still looking slightly hassled by something. Ridz went in to talk to her dad, she couldn't understand what he was worried about now.

R: "Papa..." Ridz walked into the study, Shashank was standing by the window looking out at the garden

R: "Papa, kya hua, aap itni pareshaan kui hai" Shashank now turned to look at her, she was such a sweet child he thought to himself.

Sha: "Tum kush ho beta?" he looked at her searching for answers. Ridz smiled

R: "Papa, yeh kaisa sawaal hai, ofcourse mein kush hu" Shashank now walked towards his daughter and hugged her with the utmost affection

Sha: "I'm sorry beta, meine tumse kiye hue vaada nibha na sakha" he said still hugging her

Ridz's eyes were now filled with tears as she heard her father utter these words, she remembered the last time marriage proposal that had been bought for her,

* Flashback *

It was 3 years ago now when Ridz had just finished college and wanted to go on to complete her studies so she could become a doctor. Instead of being able to complete her studies Ridz was persuaded to get engaged to Vivek. Vivek Kapoor, he was a high flying business man who was renowned in the business world for his perfectionist approach to everything, whatever he did he did with perfection and was successful.

They were engaged and the date for the wedding was set for a week later. A week was such a short time, but for Ridz it was the longest week of her life. All the preparations had been done, card printed and distributed, hall hired, house repainted and decorated, it all happened so fast that Ridz wasn't sure when she had started liking Vivek, seriously considering spending the rest of her life with him. It was the night of the mehendi when a phone call bought an end to the happy atmosphere, Vivek had ran away and gotten married, he never wanted to get married and when his parents insisted he get married to Ridz he left.

Ridz was left shattered, she had dropped everything for the sake of her families happiness, Shashank had persuaded her to marry this guy and now when she had finally gotten use to the idea, even started liking him, he had left her. That night Ridz had gotten her father to promise to her that he would never let anything come in the way of her wishes again, Ridz was free to do complete her studies and marriage would only be bought into the equation if Ridz was to bring someone herself to meet her parents.

Ridz didn't cry that night, she didn't want her parents to see in her pain, because she knew it would cause them pain and make them feel guilty for something that wasn't there fault, so the following day she left to travel the world. In the three years to know Padma had always been on at Ridz to get married, that weeks events didn't effect her, she felt the sooner Ridz got married to someone else the sooner she would forget Vivek, but Ridz never agreed and Shashank always stood by her decision.

* End Flashback *

R: "Papa..." Ridz sat her father down on the chair, knelt down next to him and put her head on his lap, "Papa, apne apna vaada nibhaya hai"

Shashank placed his hand on Ridz head and gently stroked her hair, she was such a sweet child, "hmm, meri manh rakhne kiliye yeh sabh bolrehi hai" he thought

Ridz raised her head and looked at her father, she could see in his eyes exactly what he was thinking, "Papa, mein yeh sabh aise hi nehi kahrehi" Shashank looked at her lovingly, she could always tell what he was thinking.

R: "Papa, saach mein bohot kush ho, yaad hai apne kaha ki meri shaadi meri sirf meri pasand ki larka se hoga... well... mein Armaan ko bohot pasand karti hu, aur waise hi aap logho ne choona hai usse, toh phir woh galath larka kaise ho sakhta hai" she smiled lovingly at her father wiping away his tears and the worry that was playing on his mind all day.

It was midnight, everyone was sleeping in the Malik household apart from Armaan. He was turning and turning unable to get comfortable, feeling very restless. The pandit had fixed a date for December, and it was only May he thought "Stupid pundit" he muttered. How was he supposed to wait till December he thought miserable as he punched his pillow trying fluff it. He didn't realise how hard he had hit, because the next thing you know he was spitting out feathers, the pillow had split from his punch and what was once his pillow was now a pile of feathers covering his bed. Armaan sighed as he got up to get another pillow from the cupboard.

Beep beep, Armaan picked up his mobile from his bedside table, "message" he mumbled as he checked the message, he didn't recognise the number

"Neend nahi arehi? Mujhe bhi nahi, I'm sure tum meri kayalo mein koi hue ho, Toh phir duffer phone kui nahi karte mujhe" Armaan raised his eyebrow while a mischievous smile played on his lips as he read the message. He called Ridz

R: "Hello" she mumbled still half asleep

A: "Hey gorgeous" Ridz eye's opened in surprise as she sat up in bed

R: "Armaan..."

A: "Hmm, kisi aur ki phone ki intezaaar ta kya?"

R: "Armaan, tum mujhe iss waqt kui phone karehe ho, sabh kuch tikh hai na" Ridz asked first blushing then becoming slightly more worried

A: "Iss waqt matlab, tumhi nai toh mujhe kaha ki mein tumhe phone karo, to phir pooch kui rahi ho?"

R: "Meine? Mein kabh kaha?"

A: "Abhi, tumine toh mujhe sms bechkar kaha ki tumme mujhse baadh karni hai"

R: "Meine? Kabh, mein toh sorahi ti, meine nahi beja, shayed tumhari kisi girlfriend ki hogi"

A: "tumne nahi to phir..." Armaan noticed a shadow outside of his door "Erm sorry meine tumhe itni raath disturb ki, erm goodnight... sweet dreams" he whispered

R: "Bye" and she put the phone down smiling

Armaan slowly got of bed and went towards his door. He could hear two girls giggling silently, Armaan jerked the door open and Masti and Maya came flying into the room. They were standing with their ears to the door listening to Armaan, when he opened the door and they both lost the balance and fell in.
A: "MASTI... DI.." Armaan shouted as he started hitting them with what was left of his pillow

Ma: "Armaan... Armaan.." Maya was shouting between her laughter and tryin to stop the pillow

A: "Di, I can't believe ki aap bhi Masti ki saath iss mein shaamil ti"

Ma: "Dude, iss meri koi haath nahi ta" she said now getting up while Masti was still rolling on the floor laughing

Mas: "Bhai, aapki chehra dekhni ki layak ta, when you thought Ridz bhabhi ki sms aya..." she was laughing again holding her belly, while Maya had started laughing at Armaan again seeing him blush at Ridz being addressed as 'bhabhi'

Armaan was hitting Maya with the pillow again, "Chup" he was feeling very embarrassed at this point, not only had Maya and Masti caught him off guard by sending him the sms but now they were making him blush.

M: "Yeh sabh kya horaha hai" hearing all this commotion Armaan's mum had been woken up and was now standing at the door watching Armaan hitting a laughing Masti with his pillow

Armaan stopped straight away while Masti got up from the floor and ran for cover behind her mother.

A: "Woh mein... erm" Armaan said scratching his head, he was now blushing so much that you could see his face turning red even in his dark room.

Maya went over to Mehek and whispered something in her ear at which all three women looked at Armaan and started laughing at him. Armaan was way past blushing now, he was dying of embarrassment now.

A: "ummy, aap bhi"he said as he stormed out of the room.

M: "rmaan beta..." Mehek called after him. She turned to Masti and Maya, "Aur tum donho yeh kya lagaraha hai, dekha gusa hogaya, jau abh maafi maango, tumbhi Masti"


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