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part 8 : Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

ridhima thought a lot about it!!! she was scared but at the same time she kinda felt armaan was right at some point.But when armaan saw her ridhima like this he convinced her that it was fine and he was just kidding so that she could concentrate on her work.But when armaan saw ridhima looking so beautiful standing in front of her...he just forgot about that and just wanted to go and kiss her.So he touched this topic!!!!

 so armaan in walking towards her slowly while ridhima was thinking about the kiss

 A(still walking)-basket yaad aaya?

R-ummm,...armaaa...(she was moving back as armaan was coming close to her)

A-bolo basket!! yaad aaya?

R(now ridhima could not move any further as the wall of her stopped her to move)-ha...wo armaan...ha!!

A(now very close to her)-to tumne kya socha?

R-ummm...armaan...mai vo

she didn't know what to do? or what to say? so without saying anything she tried to leave when armaan held her arm and pulled her close by her waist and tighten his grip on her waist so she couldn't soon as he did that ridhima closed her eyes as to tell him she was prepared for it but armaan understood she wasn't as he could see the wrinkles on her head which indicated that she was scared and the answer was "NO"

He just loosened the grip and let go off her

A-hahahaha...basket tum bhi na itni jaldi daar jaati ho mai to mazak kar raha tha!!!! tum bhi na basket...acha chalo ab mujhe jaana hai bohot raat ho gai hai

he turned to take his things that were kept on the bed...meanwhile ridhima was still thinking about it as he knew armaan wanted that.So armaan took his things turned towards ridhima

A(pecked on her cheek)-good night basket

He was leaving when ridhima held her hand and stopped him


lavanya is damn excited about valentines day party. SO,instead of having coffee or chatting with friends in her break which she always does she helped in the preparation of valentines day.

L-arrey bhaiya aap ye kya kar rahe jaldi kijie. Aap iss speed se kaam karenge to ho gai party!!!

while she was busy scolding him...there stood ankit admiring her with a wide smile...which never ever appears on his face...he was so in love but never ready to admit that.

L(looking up telling the worker what to with the balloons as he was standing on a ladder)-ha bhaiya thoda right ...nahi nahi thoda left...arrey bhaiya...ek kaam kijie niche utrie mai lagati hu

the worker gets down and she climbs up

she was setting the balloon when she lost her balance and fell down...well actually you know ankit was always there to save her...but this time he was late as it was someone else's arms she fell in. Her eyes were closed but still she could feel someone holding her

L(thinking)-who saved me? is it ankit?it  has to be him...ohh yes it's ankit

and she opened her eyes in order to stare in his green eyes but...ohhh who's this...those were not the eyes she wanted it to drown soon as she realizes it was not ankit she panicked and stood on her feet.

L-i am sorry(embarrassed)

GUY-it's okay...are you fine?

L-ya i am fine

G-hey by any chance do you know where doctor armaan is?

L-ummm...he left his duty was over's fine and ya please don't tell him that i was searching for him...i want to surprise him

L- ya sure but who are you?

G-ohhh sorry i forgot that...(he raised his hand in order to shake his hand with lavanya)hi i am DR.abhimanyu modi

L(shook hands with him)- hi DR.lavanya

before they could talk about anything else...abhi heard a voice calling him


A(turned around to see who it was)

V-armaan mila?

A-nahi actually vo uski duty khatam ho gai to vo chala gaya

V-tumhe kese pata?

A-inhone bataya(pointing towards lavanya)

V-ye kaun hai?

A-ohhh sorry mai tumhe introduce karana to bhool hi hai DR.lavanya...armaan ki intern!!! ryt?


A-and DR.lavanya she is my wife DR.nikkita modi

L-ohhh...hi(they shook hands)

then they talked for a while and left

scene shifts to ridhima's room

armaan was stopped by ridhima

she walked to him

A-kya hua basket?


A-ha bolo basket

R-armaan maine uske baare mai socha bohot socha aur mai jaanti hu ki tum mazak nahi kar rahe the...aur armaan mujhe lagta hai tum sahi keh rahe the!!!!! tum mujhse pyaar karte ho aur mai tumse aur mujhe tum par poora bharosa hai...apni jaan se bhi zada

A-aarey basket!!!!! mai sach mai mazak kar raha tha...agar tum nahi chahti to mai tumhe force thodi na karunga

R-aur agar mai chahti hu to


R-ha armaan tum meri jaan ho aur tumhara mujh par pura haq hai!!!!! mujhe tum par poora vishwaas hai

ridhima went close to him took his hands in hers and made the place on her waist the she placed her hands on her cheeks and went more close to him there was no place left between the two ...she then took her lips close to armaan's...they both closed there eyes,living the moment.

And ridhima said what armaan wanted to hear

R-DR.armaan mallik...KISS ME

armaan couldn't believe his ears as to what ridhima said...he thought ridhima was forcing herself into this so tried to stop him

A-par bask...

R(cutting him in between)-KISS ME(she repeated herself)

A-nahi basket mai mai...lekin bas...

before he could complete ridhima interrupted him by placing her lips on his softly

armaan was shocked he widened his he never thought that ridhima had the guts to this.

slowly armaan just lost complete control and kissed her back but it never turned into a passionate always remained the same sweet and same...they were kissing each with lots and lots of love in their hearts.Now they were so lost that they didn't knew what was happening so armaan made her lie on the bed now they both are kissing each other and armaan is on top of ridhima''ridhima slowly moved her hands in his hair''and ya let me remind you it's never gonna change into a passionate kiss!!!!! Now armaan slowly moves his hand to her stomach and opens the belt of her robe'..ridhima never realized what was happening neither did armaan now they stopped kissing but still lost!!!! With his index finger he slowly put aside the robe from her shoulder and procceeded to her neck  and placed damp kisses there'.this went on for a while when armaan came back to his senses stopped kissing her and stood up ridhima also opened her eyes thinking what just happened now and as sson as she realized what was happening between the two she also stood up a bit embarrassed never realizing that her robe's belt was open armaan set down his hair and seeing ridhima like this he went close to her tied the belt of the robe pulled up the part which was exposing her shoulder''he took her in his arms and lied her down on the bed

ridhima was confused as armaan just covered her and now he is again making her lie on the bed'.now she was scared an confused armaan went close to her kissed her temple an wished her

A-good night basket!!!! I love you

R-love you too

And then armaan leaves leaving a shocked and touched ridhima behind and this showed his love for her!!!!

Scene shifts to the locker room

SamicA IS there and from a long time is thinking about the same incident that took place in the changing when she said "I love you" to nishant. Suddenly nishant walks in whistling!!!! When he sees samica there and gets quite'.there is a pin drop silence there now he goes to his locker and is searching for his stethoscope'..he is tired of not fighting with samica so gives up and speaks

N-urghhh''.okay now that is enough'..samica now that's too much ''.it feels really akward''I need to talk to you

S-hmmm'..mee too!!!

N-pehle main

S-go on

N-dekho samica uss din jo tumne''ummm''jo tumne mujhse changing room kaha that kya vo sach tha?

S(turns her face away as she is scared to face him)-ummm'..vo''mai nahi jaanti

N-kya matlab tum nahi jaant?

S-''..ummm''nishant''bas mai nahi jaanti

N(goes to her and makes her face him)-dekho samica iss baat se tum jitna bhaago gi rumhe utni parshaani ho gi

s-please nishant choro iss baat ko I don't want to talk abou it

N-par mai chahta hu (pulling her closer by her shoulder)

S-nishant leave me' are hurting me

N-mai nahi chorunga jab tak tum mujhe sach nahi batati

S-kya janna chahte ho tum ha?

N-yahi ki''yahi ki

s-kya nishant?

N-yahi ki kya''kya''.kya tum mujhse pyaar karti ho?

Now they both had tears in their eyes

Samica was quiet she didn't utter a word

N-bolo samica bolo!!!!!

S-please nishant mujhe jaane do

n-nahi pehle mai ye jaanna chahta hu ki do you love me or not''.bolo samica''.kya hua? Pyaar karti ho mujhse ya nahi?...bolo samica bolo''.jawaab do
night time
armaan's room

A(thinking to himself)-O MY GOD! ye maine kya kar diya basket merese kitna gussa hoegi!!! mujhe uske saath esa nahi karna chahiye tha...par ek minute...kiss to usne mujhe kiya tha maine thodi na kiya tha! right...par phir bhi armaan...vo to ye sab teri khushi ke lie kar rahi thi!!! sab meri galti...usse kitna bura lag raha hoga!!!

his phone rang and interrupted his thoughts
he picks it up without seeing who was it!

PERSON ON THE OTHER SIDE-kaun kya? mujhe itni jaldi bhool gae!!! apni basket ko bhool gae?

as he hears her name he suddenly sits on his bed
A-ummm...baske...basket...tum???...ha bolo...itni raat ko phone kyu kiya?
R-ummm...armaan...maine islie phone kiya tha kyunki mai janti hu ki hamare beech jo kuch bhi hua tum uske leke pareshaan hoge, to armaan mai ye kehna chahati thi ki jo kuch humare beech vo hamara pyaar tha...aur mujhe uske baare mai bilkul bura nahi laga to tumhe preshaan hone ki koi zarurat nahi hai
A-par basket...
R-armaan!!!! i am fine!
R-pakka...acha chalo ab mujhe rakhna hai...bieee
A-bieee...arrey basket!
A-i love you
R-i love you too

and they hung up

scene shifts to the locker room

nishant is shouting at sam...and waiting for her reply

N-bolo samica...chup kyu ho ha? jawab do!! kya tum mujhse pyaar karti ho ya nahi...bolo samica...bolo... SAMICA...mai tumse kuch puch raha

before he could complete he was cut by sam
S-ha nishant ha...mai tumse pyaar karti hu (she shouted) bohot pyaar karti hu mai tumse...mai nahi jaanti ye kab hua kese hua? bas mai itna jaanti hu ki I LOVE YOU!!!
N-to tumne mujhe ye pehle kyu nahi bataya?
N-kahi mai tumhara pyaar jhukla na du?
Sam nodded her head in a yes!!!
S-dekho nishant agar tum mujhse pyaar nahi karte i am fin...
before she could complete nishant placed a sweet kiss on sam's lips!!! and he just touched his lips with hers and stood straight only to see a shocked ans still sam
tears unknowingly started flowing from her eyes and she still stood there still
N(shaking her a bit)-sam?sam?

she looks at him for one more second and then slowly her lips curved into a small smile and she just hugged him...they had tears in their eyes but they couldn't stop smiling

next morning in sanjeevani

rahul and muskaan are sitting on a couch in rahul's office
they sitting really close to each other and staring in each others eyes...rahul slowly removes the strands of muskaan's hair with his finger...then he slowly proceeded and kissed her hand...he started going closer and closer to those lips,when suddenly there romance were interrupted by two different voices clearing there throat


they suddenly turn around and are shocked to see those two!!!
R-arrey abhi nikki...tum dono?...O MY GOD!!! what a pleasant surprise
he goes and hugs both of them
M(runs to nikki)-nikkiii!!!!!!!
she suddenly hugs her and abhi
Muski as usual started her questions
M-kesi hai tu?itne dino se ek phone bhi nahi kiya! honeymoon ka matlab ye nahi hota ki apne dosto ko bhool jao!!! wese how was miami? tumne waha kya kya kiya? or photos khichi ki nahi?
N-muski,,,muski mujhe bolne to de
A-abhi tak wesi hi
R-bilkul sahi kaha abhi...iss radio ko chup karana asaan nahi hai
M-oyeee...khotte tu na zada bola mat kar!!!
R-kyu? kya kar legi tu ha?
N(interrupting them)-arrey ye kya ho raha hai? abhi to romance chal raha tha suddenly ladhai shuru ho  gai?
ramusk's eyes widened listening to nikki...
M-...ummm...nikki ye tu kya keh rahi hai?
R-ha,...muski...romance? kesi baatien kar rahi hai?
A-arrey nikki kyu tang kar rahi ho bechaaro ko? acha chalo guys what ever itne dino baad mila hai kahi chalte hai let's celebrate
M-abhi hum kese jaa sakte hai duty ke beech mai?
N-nice idea! par ek minute ARMAAN RIDHIMA kaha hai hum unhe kal se dhoondh rahe hai mil hi nahi rahe
M-ha vo bas aate hi honge

and they leave for the cafe

scene shifts to the enterance of sanjeevani

ridhima is searching for armaan but couldn't find him
suddenly armaan comes there which scares ridhima and she jerks
A-hey basket!!!
R-huh...!!! armaaannn!!!! dheere nahi bol sakte tumne to meri jaan hi nikaal di thi
A-vo,,,,,mai...tumse...sorry kehna chahata tha
R-armaan...maine kaha na kal raat jo hamare beech hua usse mujhe bilkul bura nahi laga!!! to tumhe tension lene ki koi zarurat nahi
A-par basket...

before he could complete he was cut by nikki
N-kya hua tha tumhare beech kal?
they turn around and are surprised to see them
Ar-nikki???? (he goes and hugs her)
R-abhi? nikki? (she also goes and hugs them)
N-i missed you guys sooo much!!!
R-me too nikki!!! thank god tum log wapas aa gaye!!!
AB-ha...wese ridhima tumne bataya nahi kya hua tumhare beech kal raat?
he said in order to tease them
AR(together)-ummm...vo...ummm...kal...kal raat?
Armaan-kal...kal raat!!! hum beech mai...
R-kuch kuch bhi to nahi hua!
A-ha kal raat ko...vo...mai ridhima date pe gaye the
R-ha,...right date pe gaye the!!!! kaha???
N-choro abhi...ab bas chalo cafeteria chalo sb tumhar intezaar kar rahe hai

and they go to the canteen

sanjeevani evening

It's party time in sanjeevani and lavanya is the happiest person right now as she was dying for this day, but unfortunately she doesn't have date but why should she care? she is happy that this party is arranged and she wanted it. The party is the canteen and she enters the canteen wearing a blue prom dress and it is a proper gown, a type worn by princesses it's a sleevless gown with some sequences on it and she was looking immensely beautiful in it. Well her shoes aren't visible so why would anyone care.

and as soon as she entered she saw ankit staring at her  and he was actually mesmerised on seeing lavanya, he never thought that lavanya could look so beautiful but she did.
he was continously staring at her and couldn't get his eyes off her even if he tries. Lavanya walks to him and clears her throat so distract him. He is jerked out of his dream land now
L-tumhe...kya hua? tum mujhe ese ghoor kyu rahe the?
A-ummm...mai...vo...mai...nahi mai tum...tumhe nahi ghoor raha tha mai to cieling ko dekh raha tha. the way ankit tum aaj bohot ache lag rahe ho.
and yes he was looking good in a black tuxedo well except the first four buttons of his shirt were open
the words said by lavanya brought a smile to his face and he...well you can say..."BLUSHED" ohhh yess he did blush
A-ummm...thnx...or tum tum...tum bhi bohot khoobsurat lag rahi ho
scene shifts to ridhima's house
armaan has been waiting under ridhima's house for the past 15-20 minutes and now hez angry with ridhima that why is she taking so long?
A-baskeeettt!!!! jaldi karooo
then ridz come out running from the front door
she comes and sit in the car
R-i a sorry armaan...thodi late ho gai...or...ummm
she was speaking when she stopped in her tracks seeing armaan lost somewhere else. Well actually he was staring at his basket as she was looking breathtakingly beautiful in her saus wala red saari with some beautiful silver embroidery on it. He was speechless and ridhima understood that he was staring at her and blushed.
she shakes him up a bit
he jerks into the real word
A-huh...?...ha ya...ha basket t...tum...,tumhe itni derr kyu lag gai? pata hai mai tumhara itni derr se wait kar raha hu!
R-okay i am sorry baba chalo ab hum late ho rahe hai
and they leave for sanjeevani
scene shifts to sanjeevani once again
samica also walks in the canteen with a pleasent smile curved on her lips and this time she's not alone, she enters hand in hand with nishant the love of her life. She is not at all embarrased holding his hand in front of the world as they both want to be open about their relationship to the world especially their friends
they both enter the canteen and all eyes are on the beautiful new couple and people who are very shocked seeing the sight in front of them were ankit and lavanya.
lavanya was so so so shocked that her jaw dropped to he knees she just walked towards the couple
L-ummm...guysss...vo...ummm i hope you don't mind agar mai tumse puchu ki...umm...are you guys drunk?
S-oh...shutup lavanya!!! no!!!
L-to phir tum dono ne ek dusre ka haath kyu pakda hua hai?
N-ummm...lavanya voo...ummm...hume tumhe kuch batana hai
he looks at samica and then back at lavanya
L-ha bolo?
S-ummm...lavanya wo...kya or nishant
L-ha ha i am listening
N-mai or samica...
before he could complete, samica gathered up all her courage closed her eyes tightly,took a deep breath and just blurted out
S-ek dusre se pyaar karte hai!!!
and again lavanya's jaw dropped but not to her knees but straight to the floor
and gave them a 'U-GOTTA-BE-KIDDING-ME' look...
L-are you guys serious?
N-oh yes we are!
L-O MY GOD guys i am so happy for you guys and just hugs both of them
THE party was going in full mood and the music was really loud (seeing it was a hospital all serious patients were shifted to a ward wher not even a single beep could be heard) and the patients who were fine were invited in the party!!!
suddenly a slow song started and samica n nishant were close dancing but lavanya stood there as she wasn't having a partner but she saw a hand in front of her offering her to dance with him and it was ankit. She looked at him stunned,and without even thinkin for a split second she went to dance with her. AND finally our AR, armaan asked ridhima and offered him hi hand ridhima was about to give her hand into when suddenly her phone rang and she excused herself and ran outside...still the music wa too loud so she ran to her office
ridhima's office
R-hello...ji...hmmm...mai ridhima gupta bol rahi hu...ji...hmmm./...nahi thank you mujhe ye offer nahi chahiye dekhiye thank you very much biee...
and she cut the call
she turns around to go back to the party when she was scared seeing some one standing there...
unknown person(UP)-yes DR.ridhima...or mai kahu DR.basket
R-tum yaha kya kar rahe ho?
UP-well DR.RIDHIMA...waha party mai aapse akele mil to nahi sakta tha to islie maine aapko yaha dekha to yaha aa gaya
HE came closer to her pulled her from her waist
UP-to DR.ridhima ab aap merese back ke kaha jaengi? aapka office best jagah...yaha aas pass koi aapko sunne wala nahi koi aapko dekh bhi nahi sakta
R-dekho plzzz mujhe chor do please jaane do mujhe!!! pleaseee...choro mujhe...choro
she was trying to come out of his hold but he wouldn't let him
ridhima was still in his arms but was not liking whatever was going that guy wasn't leaving her albiet she tried a hundred times. She was still trying to get out of his hold
"choro mujhe...choro...tumhari problem kya hai...kyu, k...kyu tum mere saath esa kar rahe ho?"ridhima said with fear in her voice and tears in her eyes
"meri problem, hmmm./...well meri problem hai tumhara boyfriend. DR.ARMAAN MALLIK" the unknown person said with rage in his eyes against armaan (and now that's pretty clear that's not armaan)
"please choro mujhe choro..."
before she could complete he put his hand on ridhima's mouth and on this she widened her eyes in shock and started panicking more. Her heart was beating very fast and the fear could be easily seen on her face, she somehow managed to get away from his hold and run towards the door
"armaaannn!!!!" she shouted
when he again pulled her by her arm and again put his hand on her mout to prevent her from dpeaking. He forcefully made her lie down on the couch and poor ridhima could do nothing just try to get out of his hold and try to scream under his hand but nothing worked. 

He pin her hand on the couch with his one hand and the other still on her mouth.

scene shifts to the corridor
armaan is searching for ridhima in the hospital and on not finding her, he gets really really tensed as to where his basket was?
"kaha ho tum basket? kaha ho?" he said to himself and now he's hell tensed "ha uske office mai dekhta hu"

armaan is slowly proceeding towards her office on the other in her office still ridhima is trying to save herself but all her attempts fail to do so. The person now removes the pallu off her shoulder which increases her attempts at shouting to save herself. 

Armaan on the other side is more scared now and is having bad thoughts in his mind,that where his basket could be? is she fine? what if some thing has happened to her? what if...and before all these bad thoughts could make him burst out he heard a loud voice


yesss that was ridhima she some how managed to remove his hand from her mouth and shout as loud as possible and armaan heard that...his heartbeat raised he knew that was ridhima and she was in some kind of trouble. He runs to her office as soon as he opens the door, the sight in front of him stunned him.

"baskettt" he runs towards her, snatches that guy from his collar and starts beating him up and till then ridhima covers herself up and this time she wasn't gonna stop armaan coz she knew that whatever armaan saw after that he wouldn't stop. He beats up the guy madly...some punches in his face, some on his stomach and he does that for a long time when he remembers that if he will be so engrossed in turning that blue and black then who would soothe ridhima? He dropped him on the ground with full force and when he lay down there on the floor he again lift him up by his collar

"aaj ke baad meri basket ke paas aae to jo tumhara haal hone wala...tum khade nahi ho paoge, and jo bhi tumne kia...MR.AMAN SHARMA you'll have to pay for that and what way you don't even know that, not the slightest clue" he goes to ridhima and his tears could not stop on seeing her like this.
she sat there numb, not a single tear shed from her eyes any more as she didn't even knew how to react, she just knew that her life was ruined.

"basket?" no reply "basket?" she doesn't even looks at armaan and armaan removes his jacket and cover's up ridhima. HE then picks her in her arms and takes her to his car and drives back home but not ridhima's, his as he knew ridhima won't be able to face his father like this

scene shifts to armaan's house
ridhima is still, she didn't even utter a single word the whole time and that tensed armaan more, he made her walk and lead her to his bedroom and made her sit on bed and sits beside her with his hand around her shoulder 

"basket?" he shakes her up a bit. She slowly looks at him and stares in his eyes and now she is not able to control any more and bursts out then and there only, in her armaan's arms and armaan was also not able to see her in this much pain it hurt him a lot and he also sobbed a bit but tried very hard to stay calm and strong for ridhima for his basket. 

She cried for hours in his embrace and slept in his arms only.

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