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Part 9 : Dill Ki Baat

Armaan was sitting in the basketball court lost in his thoughts, when a slight breeze made him shudder and come back to reality. "Mujhe Ridz se bhaat karna hoga", with that he took out his mobile and called Ridz

Ridz was in the shower when her mobile started ringing. The phone was ringing continiously for a few minutes when Sapna who was walking past Ridz's room heard it, Sapna checked the caller id "Armaan?" a mischievous smile played on her lips as soon as she read the name.

S: "Hello jaanu" she answered putting on Ridz's voice

A: "Riddhima?" Armaan looked at the phone, slightly taken aback by the answer, "Erm... Hi... tum tikh to ho na?"

S: "Ofcourse Jaanu, tum aise kui poochrahe ho, kya mein tumme 'jaanu' nahi keh sakhti, jaanu", trying to sound sexy while holding back her laughter at the same time.

Armaan was really confused now, he was about to speak when he heard Ridz (or who he thought was Ridz) start laughing really loudly down the phone.. Ridz had just stepped out of the shower when she notice Sapna on her phone. Thinking that Sapna was definitely trying to prank call someone with her phone she sneaked up behind Sapna and started tickling her like crazy. Sapna being extra ticklish and who already was trying to hold back her laughter couldn't stop her self anymore and burst out laughing.

S: "Di... Di... stop... Di.. dukh raha hai... pleeeease" she said laughing on the bed while Ridz continued to tickle her.

R: "Tum meri phone par kiski saath bhaath karahi ti"

S: "Di... woh... aap shower'..aur jaaaaannnuuuu" and she let out another burst of laughter

R: "Jaanu?" she picked up the phone to check who it was "Hello, kaun?"

A: "Hmm.. toh tum mujhe nahi pehchante..." Armaan had heard everything over the phone, "Great" he thought, "Masti aur Di kya kaafi nahi te ki abh Sapna bhi"

R: "Armaan, oh I'm so sorry, woh, erm mein shower mein tee aur Sapna ne tumhare call receive ki.." she said narrowing her eyes at Sapna who was giggling uncontrollably on Ridz's bed now

A: "Shower mein.." Ridz sensed the mischievous tone in Armaan's voice and started blushing profusely, which only made Sapna laugh harder. Ridz got annoyed at this and started pushing Sapna out of her room while trying to hold her towel and nestle her mobile between her ear and shoulder.

A: "So are you dressed yah phir.. abhi abhi shower se nikle ho?"

R: "Armaan..... mein phone rakhrahi hu" She had finally managed to push Sapna out and was starting to feel uncomfortable talking to Armaan dressed, well in nothing but a towel.

A: "Hey, hey sorry, please phone matth katho... mujhe tumse kuch kehna hai"

R: "Hm, bolo, kya hai" acting angry (slightly)

A: "Erm, aise nahi, tum kya mujhe hospital jaane se pehle mil sakhte ho?"

R: "mmmm... tikh hai, kaha milna hai?"

A: "Woh hospital ki paas aek basketball court hai, mein abhi wohi hu, tum jaldi please aajao"

R: "Tikh hai, mein 10 minute mein pohchti hu"

A: "10 minute, mein itna intezaar nahi kar sakhta, waise bhi tumhe shaadi karni kiliye 7 meheni intezaar karna paraha hai" he said whining like a child.

R: "Exactly, toh 10 minute to intezaar kar sakhte hona!"

A: "Ridz please, 5 minute okay bye" and he hung up

R: "Arma.." Armaan hung up before she got a chance to reply, "pagaal" she thought and put the phone down.

Meanwhile in the basketball court, Armaan had started to play basketball with the kids that were there. He hadn't noticed how long he'd been playing at what point Ridz got there and was now just standing on the side lines watching Armaan play, "how cute" she thought. Armaan went to dunk the ball but missed, the ball went bouncing towards Ridz.

The kids were standing next to Armaan asking someone to pass the ball, but the person obviously wasn't listening, Armaan turned around to see who it was. Ridz was standing there in her jogging outfit (she had to make something up at home so she could leave without being teased by Sapna), bouncing the ball.

A: "Erm excuse me, can you please pass the ball, I don't think its your kinda sport sweety" he winked at Ridz with a cheesy grin on his face.

This made Ridz really angry, not only had he made her lie to her family first thing in the morning so he could meet her, made her rush and get dressed so she could be there in 5 minutes, made her wait there while he continued to play, but now he was acting like he didn't know who she was, "creep, abhi dehti hu ball" she thought, "Sure", she turned around and threw the ball with one hand over her sholder, knowing exactly where it would land.... Whooosh... the ball went straight through the hoop

Armaan and the kids were standing there dumbstruck, "What just happened" Armaan thought to himself. Shaking his head he was sure that was luck so he called after Ridz "Yo, excuse me, what was that" Ridz turned around, "What was what? Oh that" she turned to look at the hoop and ball, "That's how you shoot a hoop, you know what you were 'trying' to do", Armaan wasn't very impressed with her sarcastic comments, especially in front of the kids, he walked upto Ridz.

A: "What" he said pointing at the basket, "That was luck lady aur kuch nahi" sounding annoyed, "it had to be luck... right" he thought

R: "Luck... ha. I don't do luck honey" she turned around and started to walk away again

Armaan held hand and stood in her way (so the Armaan was in front and the hoop behind her), "Okay, agar yeh lack nahi ta to phir se karo, and we'll see" he was now challenging her, Ridz didn't like being challenged, "I'll show you smart ass" she thought.

R: "Fine, pehle meri haath toh choro" she said indicating her hand that Armaan was still holding

A: "Oh" Armaan looked a bit embarrassed and let go of her hand. One of the kids threw the ball at her.

R: "Watch" Ridz took the ball, moved closer to Armaan, so she was only a few centimetres from Armaan and threw the ball over her sholder... Whooosh, the basket went clean through the hoop.

R: "See no luck" she winked at Armaan and started walked past him.

Armaan was in love with her again. "Wow" he thought as he turned his head to watch her walk away. The ball was passed back to him by the kids, but he wasn't paying attention, so the ball hit him on the back of his head "Ow" he turned around to see the kids running off. He turned back to look at Ridz and saw she was just stepping out of the court. "Crap, I need to talk to her" and he ran after her "Ridz... Ridz" he called from behind her

R: "Oh to abh jaanabh ko humare naam yaad aya" she turned with her hands on her hips "bacho ki sammne yaad nahi ti kya? Ya phir sarr parr kuch gira jise aapki yadash wapas agaye?"

Armaan rubbed his head remembering the ball hitting him on the head. "Mein toh bas mazaak karaha ta"

R: "Oh.." she rolled her eyes and started walking off again.

A: "Hey basket" Ridz stopped, and turned around looking quite angry now

R: "Basket? Mein kya itni mohti laghti hu ki tum mujhe basket bulaoge" she had stormed back upto him and was now poking him in the chest with every word she was saying

A: "Ouch" Armaan stepped back rubbing his chest from where she was pointing so hard, "meine kabh kaha tum mothi ho? meine tumme basket isliye kaha kui ki tumne 2 basket scores ki ti isliye"

R: "Oh, haha (she laughed nervously) I knew that. Erm.. sorry, zyada chot to nahi laga" she was looking worriedly at where she was poking him. Armaan noticed this so took his chance and went up to her and slid his arm around her waist.

A: "It's okay" and he gave her another cheesy smile and wink. Ridz didn't have a problem with public shows of affection, usually, but for some reason with Armaan she was automatically feeling shy and blushing.

Armaan noticed Ridz's cheeks burning up, so he bent down and kissed her cheek, leaving his lips to linger for slightly longer on her cheek.

R: "Armaan" Ridz whispered and try to push him away, but Armaan was ready for attack this time and just pulled Ridz around so that now she was standing in front of him and he was holding onto her waist with both hands. Ridz finally gave up her fight with him as she was neither strong enough to push him away and deep down she didn't actually want to. Ridz let a big sigh "Okay, I give up, you win" and she put her head down Armaan chest, trying to her hide her face because she knew he would have a mischievous grin on his face which would only make her blush more, "bolo tum mujhe itni subha kui bulaiya... mujhe tang karne kiliye"

A: "No, but it was fun" and he picked her face up so he could see her blush, she looked so cute blushing he thought.

R: "Toh kui bulaiya" she replied trying to change the subject so she could be spared from turning pink permanently.

A: "Woh, mein tumse kuch poochna chatata" sounding more serious now

R: "Hmm, bolo"

A: "Actually, erm.. mujhe tumse aek favour pochni ti"

R: "Favour"

A: "Erm you see, bhaat yeh hai ki... mein nahi chahta ki humare rishte ki bare mein hospital mein kissiko patta chale", "there i said it" he thought and let a big sigh

R: "Kui? Are you embarrassed of me"

A: "Arre don't be silly, ofcourse not" he said stroking her cheek gently, "o oh, abh kya kahu, jaldi Armaan, think of something, warna yeh naraaz hojayegi" he thought, "Its just that hospital mein, mein tumhare senior hu, aur mein nahi chahta ki humare rishte ki vaje bakhi sabh tummhe differentky treat kare aur yeh kahe ki mein tumme different treat katahu. Already tum deen ki bethi hu, aur aghar upaar se sabh yeh patha chale ki tum meri finace ho, to phir ho sakh ta hai, ki hospital mein atmosphere kuch tense lagsakhta hai, sliye. What do you say", "That should be enough to stop her from asking questions, please", Armaan was busy thinking again

Ridz had to think about it for minute, she knew the other interns wouldn't have an issue as they seemed to so relaxed about finding out that Dr Shashank was her dad, but she had a feeling that this had more to do with Armaan not feeling very comfortable with the whole situation so she readily agreed.

R: "Tikh hai, mein kisiko nahi bataongi" she answered poking his cheek so the dimples would appear on his face. "mujhe abh jaana chahye, warna shift kiliye late hojaongi, phir Dr Armaan se death bhi pareghi" she said laughing. Armaan smiled once more at the thought of him telling a scared Ridz of for being late (because of him), Ridz kissed the dimple on his cheek and was ready to leave, but Armaan had other plans, he tightened his grip on her so she couldn't leave, "Armaan, koi dekh legha",

A: "Hmm, dekh ne do" he said smiling at Ridz who was really struggling to pull away, he could feel her struggling under his hold

R: "Armaan, hospital se koi dekhlegha, aur tumhine to abhi abhi..." she whispered

Armaan was way past talking, he was too intoxicated by her perfume to even think clearly know. Those quivering lips were driving him crazy again, he just wanted to feel them soft lips again.

R: "Papa.."

Armaan turned his head around so fast that he forgot what he was doing and before he realised Ridz had tricked him, she had run off towards the exit.

R: "Mujhe Papa ko bhi toh bolna hoga, ki who kuch nah kahe" she said over her shoulder while running away laughing.

Ridz was rushing down the stairs in her house, she was running late because of her meeting with Armaan earlier that day. To make matters worse he kept calling her while she was trying to get dressed. Her phone rang again, "Uff yeh Armaan bhi na" she answered the phone impatiently without checking who it was, "Armaan, meine kahana, mujhe late horehi hai, mei tumhe hospital mein milrahi hu na"

S: "Beta, mein Papa bolrahahu, Armaan nahi" he replied chuckling at his daughter down the phone

R: "Papa, oh.. erm... Sorry, woh... eh"

S: "Koi bhaath nahi beta, doh din ki mulakhatse tum apne Papa ko bhool gaye, is okay" sounding hurt, Shashank was only teasing.

R: "Papa, aise koi bhaath nahi hai. Woh bas Sapna aur Armaan subhe se mujhe phone kar karke pareshaan karaka hai" taking Sapna's name was obviously a lie, as poor Sapna hadn't done anything, but this would teach her for pretending to be her on the phone to Armaan. This was the second time she was lying to Shashank today but she couldn't exactly tell him that Armaan was calling so he could flirt with her.

S: "It's okay beta, par agli bhaar yeh galti matt karna, afterall mein tumahare Papa hu, aur waise bhi aghar Sapna aur Armaan tumhe tang nahi karenge toh phir kaun karega?"

R: "Papa... acha boliye aap mujhe phone par kui call kia, mein to abhi niche arrehi hu"

S: "Ha, beta woh meine tumme isiliye phone kiya, actually mein abhi Sanjeevani mein hu aur tumse kooch poochna ta"

R: "Kya Papa"

S: "Actually, meine hospital ki sabhi Dr's aur kuch dosto aur rishtedarro ko aaj raath choti si party mein invite karne vala hu, agher tumhe koi aitraaz na ho toh"

R: "Mujhe kui aitraaz hoga Papa, par party kiss kushi mein invite kia jara hai?"

S: "kiss kushi mein? Beta mere pyari Riddhima ki sagaii hua hai aur mein chahta hu ki mere iss kushi mein sabh shaamil ho. Meine socha ki iss bahane tum bakhi sabh interns ko bhi ache tarre jaan loghli, aur Anjali toh tumhare waise hi achi dost hai na"

R: "Papa, iss party se pehle mujhe aapse kuch kehna hai" remembering Armaan feeling uncomfortable with the idea of everyone at the hospital knowing about their relationship.

S: "Kya beta, kya hua" sounding worried

R: "Papa, Armaan nahi chahta ta ki hospital mein humare sagai ki barre mein kisiko bhi patta challe, kui usko laga ki yeh extra attention meri kaam par aur bakhi saabh interns ki saath tension create karsakta hai"

S: "Beta, aise kuch nahi hoga, trust me" he replied chuckling at his daughters childish thoughts, but at the back of his mind he was worried why Armaan would say such a thing.

R: "Par Papa, meine Armaan se promise ki hai ki mein kissiko nahi bataongi"

S: "Promise, kabh, beta tumdono ki sagaai toh kaal hi hui, toh phir yeh sabh..."
Ridz had been caught out, "quick think of something" she thought

R: "Papa, meine kaha na Armaan aur Sapna mujhe subha subha phone karke satarehe te, tabh" she had lied again, how many more lies would she have to tell to save herself she thought

S: "Oh ha, sorry mein bool geya beta, Don't worry, tum chinta matt karo, mein Armaan se bhaath kartha hu" there was a knock on Shashank's cabin door "Riddhima beta koi aya hai, mein rakhta hu, aur tum chinta matt karo mein Armaanse bhaath karunga. Bye beta"

R: "Papa, nahi..." too late Shashank had hung up. "Oh no, abh mera kya hoga, abh Armaan koh papaki sawaal ki jawab dena hoga. Uff, usne mujhe pehle bhar kissi cheez kiliye poocha aur mein woh bhi nahi kar sakhi" she was muttering annoyed at herself now. "Mujhe jaldi hospital jaana hoga" and she raced out of the house, skipping breakfast.


S: "Come in", Armaan entered the cabin

A: "Good morning Dr Shashank"

S: "Good morning Dr Armaan, boliye kaise aana hua"

A: "Ji mein aapse kuch reports dekhana chahta ta agar aap free ho to"

S: "Actually mujhe surgery par jaane hai 15 minute to aap yeh file yaha rakh dijiye aur mein check karke aapko dedunga"

A: "Sure" Armaan put the file on Shashank's desk and was tunring to leave when Shashank called him back

S: "Armaan, mein tumse kuch poochna chahra ta"

A: "Ji Dr Shashank, kehye"

S: "Mein abh Dr ki hesiyat se nahi, Papa bancke bhaath karahu tumhare saath Armaan"

D: "Ji Papa, kehye, kya bhaath hai" he was worried, this was the second time, he was speaking to Shashank at work but not about work. The first time led to Armaan getting engaged to Ridz, what would be the reason now he wondered.

S: "Mein abhi abhi Riddhima ki saath bath karaha ta. Usne mujhe kaha ki tum apne sagaii ki barre mein sabse chupana chate ho? Kui, koi problem hai"

A: "Papa, woh actually bhaath yeh hai ki, mein nahi chahta ki meri personal life ki waja se, meri juniors mujhe respect na karre aur ku ki mere juniors mein Riddhima bhi shaamil hai, mein nahi chahta ki bakhi interns yeh bahana lekhar mujhe kaam par seriously na le"

Shashank completely understood what Armaan was on about and agreed with him. He thought about how the interns would probably play pranks on him and not give him the level of respect a senior Dr should be given, but he thought Armaan was going about the wrong way.

S: "Armaan, mein tumhare bhaath se sehmaath hu, par kya tumhare rishte ki bhaath chupa sakhoge, I mean kabhi toh batana parega"

A: "I know Papa, its just, well, aap kisiko batana maat, par kaal sagaii ki bhaath, masti aur Maya dinne mujhe bohot sathaya iss rishte lekhar, phir aaj subhe Sapna'ne bhi. Toh mujhe lagha ki aghar in interns ko Ridz aur mere barre mein patta challa toh woh bhi mujhe waise hi cherenge, aur yeh koi senior Dr kiliye achi bhaath nahi hai, kui?"

Shashank was laughing now "Toh tum issliye kissiko nahi batane chahte, kui ki tumme laghta hai woh logh tumme cherenge... Armaan beta, aek acha Dr uski personal life aur professional life alaag rakhsakhta hai, jaise Riddhima yaha pehle Dr hai, phir mere beti, aur sabhi interns ko bhi pata hai, ki Riddhima meri bethi hai, phir bhi woh logh usse pareshaan nahi karehe" with that he patted Armaan's shoulder and left for surgery, leaving Armaan standing there thinking.

Ridz came running into the hospital expecting to find Armaan furious in his cabin because she couldn't do the simplest thing as keep her mouth shut. Well what was he expecting, she was a RJ in her previous job, reknowned for her big mouth, that's what used to pay her.

Ridz went into Armaan's cabin but he wasn't there. She went into Shashank's cabin, thinking maybe they were still talking but he wasn't there either. Feeling down at the thought that Armaan was somewhere in the hospital annoyed with her, she went into the locker room to get ready for the day. As she entered the locker she noticed Anjali, Sapna and Atul were busy talking about something but as soon as they saw her they stopped talking. Ridz was feeling slightly uneasy now, "maybe Papa has already invited them for this evening party and told them that I'm engaged to Armaan, maybe that's why they look like they're ready to eat me" she thought

All of sudden they all cracked up laughing and rushed towards her to hug and congratulate her, Ridz was slightly taken aback at first but then relaxed as the congratulations seemed genuine.

S: "Arre Ridz, Dr Armaan, kya bhaath hai, kya bhaath hai" she said nudging her with her elbow smiling and move her eyebrows up and down

At: "Not bad Ridz, Dr Armaan itne burre nahi, par meine socha ki tumhare kuch taste hogi"

An: "Aye Atul, what do you mean taste, kya Ridz tum jaise joker se pyar karti, Dr Armaan ki style hi bhi kuch alaag hai, meri Ridz ki tarra" she said smiling. Ridz was smiling back blushing at these little comments.

At: "Toh Ridz, yeh saab hua kaise, I mean kabh?"

Ridz was slightly confused at how to answer this, where does she start and in how much detail should she go, so she simply settled on "Woh Ma aur Papa ne arrange ki, you know arranged marriage sort of", she was partly telling the truth now

At, An, S: "Oh"

S: "And your okay with it?"

R: "Hmm, waise bhi meri parents merre burrai to nahi chayenge na"

Intercom: "Sabhi Interns Dr Armaan se millye front desk par"

An: "I think tumhe yaad karehai Ridz" as she turned and winked at Ridz

R: "Guys, jaane se pehle mein tum logho se aek favour pooshna chahta hu, please"

At: "Kya hai Ridz bolo"

R: "Please Dr Armaan ko iski barre mein kuch matt kehna, please guys"

S: "Don't worry Ridz hum kuch nahi kahenge. Abh chalo, warna tumhare toh abh tikh hai, par hum teeno ko hospital se nikhal denge"

They all laughed and headed for the front desk to meet Armaan



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