Friday, 31 July 2020

part 9 : Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

the sun shone brightly and disturbed the beautiful couple who were still sleeping in each other's embrace but ignored it. Armaan felt his something hurting his was paining and it felt as if some part of his bad was being pierced, he opened his eyes and the vision in front of his eyes welled up his eyes.

He saw his ridhima still sleeping in his arms but the expression on her face was really upsetting, he saw ridhima rolling up her knees trying to hide herself with fear and the thing that was hurting armaan's chest was ridhima's nails as she was clutching his shirt tighter and tighter. She hid herself more in armaan's embrace...and started murmuring in sleep

"ridhima mai yahi hu ridhima tumhare pass, utho ridhima" he knew that visions from last night was disturbing his basket

"armaan...armaaa,..." and she jerked out of the bad dream and opened her eyes. She looked around to see where she was and realized she was with the love of her life ARMAAN.

"armaan...? tum yaha?"
"or mai yaha tumhare ghar mai kya kar rahi hoo?"
"shhh...basket shaant ho jao mai tumhare saath hu."
and tears came out of her eyes "armaan...please *sob**sob* please armaan mujhe chor kar mat jaana mujhe bohot darr lag raha hai."
"kuch nahi hoga basket, mai hu na...!!!"
"armaan...mai papa ko kya kahungi armaan?"
"hmmm...ridhima...hum unse sach hi kahenge vo tumhare papa hai i am sure he'll understand"
"nahi armaan nahi...papa ye sun toot jaenge...nahi mai unhe kese afce karungi?" she was sobbing really badly now and was really scared to face her father.

scene shifts to sanjeevani

(no one except DR.kirti, nikhbi n rm knows what happened to ridhima)
muskaan for the first time ever was actually engrossed in her file and was looking damn serious.
"hey muski"
"rahul tu...tu kab aaya?"
"bas abhi aaya...oye tujhe kya hua hai? itni serious kabse ho gai?" rahul was expecting that she would shout on him or fight with him but she didn't she was really upset about something
"nahi vo ese hi."
"kya hua muskaan...teri tabyat to theek hai na?"
"ha...ummm,...vo kya hai na rahul...vo actually mujhe ridzi ke baare mai sunkar bohot bura lag raha, jo bhi kuch uske saath hua bohot bura hua" she said and hung her head low
"hmmm...tu sahi ke rahi hai par muski to soch ridhima par kya beet rahi hogi? or armaan usse to ridhima ki ye haalat dekhi hi nahi jaa rahi hogi"
" baat to hai"
rahul came closer to her and held her by her shoulder
"to islie hum logo ko unke lie khush hone padega, warna un dono ko kon sambhalega?"
"hm...tu sahi hai rahul hume apne lie nahi to unke lie khush hone padega"
and they both hug

scene shifts to ridhima's house

armaan and ridhima reach there, armaan steps out of the car and opens up the door of ridhima's side but she sat there still not wanting to come out.
"huh...? ha?"
"chale?" he puts forward his hand for her to come out, she looks at his hand for sometime and then looks up to him and with fear in her eyes she looks up to armaan asking as to how is she supposed to tell it to her dad? but armaan gave her 'BELIEVE-ME' look and she stepped out.

AS soon as she stepped out of the car she said to herself that she has to this and gathering up al her courage she started moving slowly. With each and every step of hers, her heartbeat started inccreasing more and more and more, but she knew she had to face it but suddenly stops in her tracks
"nahi hoga armaan...nahi hoga mujhse ye sab"
"mai jaanta hu basket ye tumhare lie bohot mushkil hai par kisi na kisi din tumhe apne dad ko batana hi padega or ye kaam jitni jaldi ho jae utna hi better hai" he said this placing both his hands on her cheecks. She nods her head and agrees to go ahead. And finally they reach the door, armaan rings the bell and she looks at him scared. Shashank opens the door.

"oh...ridhima shukar hai tum aa gai, kaha thi tum puri raat, jaanti ho mai kitna darr gaya tha! at least ek baar mujh..." he was scolding ridhima when he stopped in his tracks seeing her daughter hugging him tight and bursting out. He gets worried and hugs her back.
"arrey ridhima, beta kya hua tum ro kyu rahi ho?"
but she didn't reply instead kept crying
"kya hua armaan ridhima kyu ro rahi? kuch hua kya?...ridhima, chup rona bad karo or chalo andar chalo aaram se baith kar baat karte hai"
But ridhima sill stood there crying not ready to move.
"ridhima batao to hua kya hai? tum kyu ro rahi ho?"
"papa (still sobbing)...papa, i have been, i have been...raped papa" and with this she started crying louder than ever.

Shashank stood there still trying to think what he heard was right? those words were repeating themselves in his ears and it brought tears to his eyes, he cried silently but he knew he had be strong for her daughter. AND he took them inside.

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