Saturday, 1 August 2020

confusion cleared : Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

well, many people have small confusion about the last two parts, first in the recap i wrote that aman tried to rape ridz n second when ridz said that she has been raped, well may be it's my fault only may be the scene with aman was not properly  defined okay no problem i'll make some changes in it and i am doing it here only so guys, hope this clears your confusion. And guys let me tell you that this one is not a proper rape types thing as armaan comes on time to save her, but still aman did some thing which could be called as rape.

ridhima was still in his arms but was not liking whatever was going that guy wasn't leaving her albiet she tried a hundred times. She was still trying to get out of his hold
"choro mujhe....choro....tumhari problem kya hai....kyu, k......kyu tum mere saath esa kar rahe ho?"ridhima said with fear in her voice and tears in her eyes
"meri problem, hmmm./......well meri problem hai tumhara boyfriend. DR.ARMAAN MALLIK" the unknown person said with rage in his eyes against armaan (and now that's pretty clear that's not armaan)
"please choro mujhe choro......."

before she could complete he put his hand on ridhima's mouth and on this she widened her eyes in shock and started panicking more. Her heart was beating very fast and the fear could be easily seen on her face, she somehow managed to get away from his hold and run towards the door
"armaaaaaaaannnnn!!!!" she shouted

when he again pulled her by her arm and again put his hand on her mouth to prevent her from speaking. He forcefully made her lie down on the couch and poor ridhima could do nothing just try to get out of his hold and try to scream under his hand but nothing worked.

He pin her hand on the couch with his one hand and the other still on her mouth. He bent down to kiss her neck, her shoulder and ridhima tried really hard to tackle him but may be his hold was really strong, he tried to feel ridhima's body and the screams under hand increased more and more. ridhima was trying to move but she couldn't.

scene shifts to the corridor
armaan is searching for ridhima in the hospital and on not finding her, he gets really really tensed as to where his basket was?
"kaha ho tum basket? kaha ho?" he said to himself and now he's hell tensed "ha uske office mai dekhta hu"

armaan is slowly proceeding towards her office on the other in her office still ridhima is trying to save herself but all her attempts fail to do so. The person now removes the pallu off her shoulder which increases her attempts at shouting to save herself. He again tries to kiss her here and there, her shouting and screaming irritated the person so he took a pillow and placed it on her face and now ridhima struggled more she was hell scared now but she didn't give up

Armaan on the other side is more scared now and is having bad thoughts in his mind,that where his basket could be? is she fine? what if some thing has happened to her? what if.........and before all these bad thoughts could make him burst out he heard a loud voice


yessss that was ridhima she some how managed to remove the pillow from her face and shout as loud as possible and armaan heard that....his heartbeat raised he knew that was ridhima and she was in some kind of trouble. He runs to her office as soon as he opens the door, the sight in front of him stunned him.


rest you all know that he was beaten up armaan, so guys i hope this clears your confusion!!!! n m sorry for the confusion before

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