Sunday, 9 August 2020

Epilogue : Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

His heart beat rose by the minute as the loud shouts came from the operation theatre, he was worried and hell scared. He could just hope and pray the delivery would be successful. he had freaked out when Ridhima all of a sudden started shouting interrupting their morning make out session and without thinking much he ran her to the hospital. He had never experienced something like this before, and only he knew that how much effort did it take to sit out there. He waited and waited until he heard her shouting his name and ran in crazily just to hold her tight.

"hey! Shh'sab thik hoga, come on basket you can do this"

"aaa'." He got nothing else but her ear blasting shrill voice. He held her tight by her shoulder and other hand holding her right hand.

"come on! Push!" shouted the doctor.

"aaa'." And again she let all her energy this time without a break and finally she heard the wailing of baby. Her head fell on Armaan's chest and she smiled faintly. Armaan just stood there staring at the baby as if it were some alien.

"congratulations mr.mallik, it's a girl" the doctor said, but he didn't respond as he was too busy staring at the baby with his mouth open.

"Armaan?"  he came out of his trance as she shook him.

"huh?" she just smiled at him teary eyed. He looked at her still having a confused expression on his face.

"basket, baby" he said with his eyes wide.

"haha! Haan, Armaan baby" the way he said it was too cute and Ridhima couldn't control herself from laughing.

The nurse handled the baby to Ridhima after she had wrapped her in the white blanket and she delicately took her in her arms and admired her. After a while she looked up to him only to see him still staring at the baby like some alien.

"Armaan? Beti  hai tumhari, alien nahi"

"uh'.Basket mai papa bann gaya"

"aur mai mummy" she said and smiled. She offered him to pick the child up, with a lot of thinking and trembling hands he took her in his arms, he was shivering with fear that he might drop her so he just sat on the bed and started staring at her again. Suddenly his heart was filled with a fatherly joy and his eyes welled up. Bringing her closer he kissed her forehead.



"iska naam, Nia"

"nahi Manika"


"kaha na Manika"

"hadh hai basket humare pehle bacche ka naam hai thoda toh mujhe right do uska naam decide karne mai"

"ohhoo! Tum log phir ladhna shuru ho gaye?" came Anjali's voice.

"di dekho na, ye iska naam Nia rakhna chahata hai Manika mai kya burayi hai aap hi batao?"

"koi burayi nahi, but excuse me! Hum logo ko bhi naam decide karne ka haq hai, what say guys?"

"haan!" came the whole gangs voice in unison.

"guys humara baby hai ya tumhara?"

"hehehehe, Ridhima tumne paida kiya hai toh tumhara hi hua na, kesi baate kar rahi ho?" said Atul.

"shut up Atul" smacked Anjali on his arm.

"dekho, humne jo naam socha hai usko tum deny hi nahi kar sakte, wo kya hai na jee issi naam ne hum sabko joda hai aur agar ye nahi hota toh hum kabhi dost se lovers and tum lovers se parents nahi bante. Iski wajah se hamari story start hui thi aur'.." Muskaan as usual started with her continuous blabber, before she could tell the name Rahul interrupted.

"oye chup karna, sab abhi hi bata degi?"

"tu chup kar, patah nahi tujhe mere bolne se kya problem hai? Itni hi problem hai toh shaadi kyu ki chorr det'."

"Muskaan shut up" shouted everyone making the baby cry.

"guys! Stop shouting, baby ke kaan and heart sensitive hai shh'."

"sorry" all of them whispered.

"Armaan, I can't believe mera dost ek dad bann gaya hai" Nikki said with tears in her eyes.

"Mai bhi nahi believe kar sakta" he said giving his cheeky grin.


Armaan handed the baby to Ridhima again and stood up to wipe her tears and hug her.

"oye Armaan, meri biwi hai ye haq mera hai"  Abhimanyu interrupted the cute friendly hug.

"oye Modi chup kar na, teri biwi se pehle meri dost hai"

"toh? Biwi tab bhi meri hai accept the truth Armaan" said Abhi with his silly accent.

"Abhi, shut up!" she said and hugged Armaan again. He didn't say anything further and snatched her from him embracing her himself. She smiled at his silly possessive husband side.

"guys naam toh batao?"

"oh right" said Rahul

"Iska naam hoga'."

"Sanjivani"  all announced in unison.

They loved the name. Sanjivani, the place where the journey began and the name with which they step foot on a road to a new beginning.

"perfect!" said Ridhima caressing her daughter's face.

"Sanjivani Mallik"  said Armaan as he side hugged Ridhima and without saying anything else, the whole group finally came in a group hug.

The   End


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