Tuesday, 11 August 2020

epilogue : Jalan

He was beyond shocked; he solely laid on the comfortable bed, staring at her in utter shock. She seductively smiled at him making her way towards him. She crawled on top of him seducing and tracing his abs with her finger, she made her way up to his lips tracing it, "Ridh-" she placed her finger top of his lips whispering "Ssssshhhhhh Armaan". She was inches away from his face whispering "Tonight no talking" without giving him a chance to complete a word, her lips brushed against his, teasingly not meeting his lips in a passionate indulgence.

She smiled seeing his eyes closed. Her hand slowly went under his singlet playing with abs before slowly lifting it up and taking it off. She begun kissing it and traced every inch of his muscles with her soft pink lips adorning it with love. He hissed in pain as she bit his earlobe, his eyes were now thirsty, she knew the look very well, his sly smile made her turn crimson knowing very well what she had provoked. In a swift of motion his body now laid on top of her, she was trapped by him, he began kissing every secret place, his lips painting her with kisses.

Their orifice enlaced by passion, their tongues fighting for dominance, after few minutes of rocketing enthusiasm, she withdrew from his lips breathing heavily.  Her body twinging in delight as his lips began chewing her warm skin, her neck covered in love bites, his hand underneath her PJ's, her heart beat racing as he made his way up  to her neck pecking, chewing and softly biting her skin, she mourned in bitter sweet pain.

His hands fighting and determined to take off her clothes with difficulty he freed both himself and her from their clothes and pulled a thin red fabric on top. He bit her neck, chewing and tasting her skin, his hands roaming around her body, passion burning within them, their lips now damping each other, her hands running through his toned muscled chest making him sigh her name' Ridhimma' while biting her earlobe.

Their bodies soaking each other with affection, their love controlling their actions, he began planting heated kisses on every bend of her body, their souls indulged in pleasure, she grasp the fabric tightly as he entered her making her swim in a pool of gratification. Burning desire flooded her mind, soul and conscious as he became more violent.  He entwined their hands tightly as he deepened his position, she hissed his name out again and again, unable to restore control in himself, his lips ardently began to scatter through every crook of her petite figure.

 An intense hour of infatuation had passed by but no sight of slowing down was seen. Their warm naked bodies colliding against each other in desire and their demented zeal sheltered by a red thin silky fabric making them both passionate. Their hearts singing in enchantment as his lips brushed against hers in satisfaction. The night conceded with rising passion and desire that was fuelled by their love for each other. Their admiration engulfed in each other's warmth, she was laying in his arms completely worn out and satisfied. 

2months & 2weeks Later

She had arrived home now after an exhausting day from visiting Muskaann, Nikki and Angli whom lived near, her mind sandwiched between Armaan & the news that had bugged her for two weeks now, she had no solutions to her never ending problems, it was making her mentally exhausted. Her heart and mind battles had grown a tiring routine for her, if anything was slightly related to family matter, her nerves suffocated her.  She couldn't take this anymore she is was awfully sick of her feelings being erupted, provoked and triggered by the slightest of things, she wanted to Run, Hide do anything to get this weight off of her.

She carefully placed herself onto the couch, closing her eyes ready to disappear from this ordeal that has been following for the past two weeks, she wanted to escape even just for a while and with that thought she drifted into a deep slumber.

She woke rubbing her eyes, to look upon the clock which wrote 9.00 on it, she was bewildered that she had slept so late and that too woke up at night, the thoughts she wanted to escape from began rumbling hungrily in her mind, she wondered where Armaan was. She paced herself towards the neat kitchen, took a crystal clear bowl and chucked a huge amount of strawberry ice-cream, no matter what; she needed her does of ice cream when something was troubling her; you could say it was a substitute councillor; one that actually helped.

She switched through the TV and suddenly took to a hold on a channel that had Vampire diaries, yes she was a Ian somerhalder (Damon) fan who isn't? A man that could display a thousand emotions with a single glance & could cripple thousands of hearts with his smile, who wouldn't be a fan? Ridhimma was one of those fans trapped by his compelling nature, she watched the love triangle of Stefan- Elena and Damon revolve around her eyes, she wished for Delena (Damon and Elena) to happen & that very fast.

Her thoughts preoccupied her sight, she was left staring at the screen while her mind travelled to Armaan's thoughts, she couldn't help the budding tears that threatened to fall, she couldn't take this anymore she needed to talk to Armaan and clear up everything. He deserved the truth even if it meant breaking his dreams , it would be purely selfish of her to keep him in the dark, she needs to clear up everything and whatever he decides for her she shall withheld it as her duty.

 She smiled as a tinge of happiness filled her heart and a slight weight of guilt fell of her shoulders as soon as it was decided that she shall unfold the truth to Armaan. The smile on her face soon faded as she remembered his words, she would not forgive herself for destroying his dreams, she has toyed with his future and in short ruined his life. She didn't know what to label the situation that has been lingering within her as she wasn't entirely sure how Armaan would feel. Her thoughts took her to their last encounter; the words " Ridhimma I LOVE everything the way it is, DONT want a thing to change" rang in her ears, unable to digest the thoughts she hoped for him to return soon.

She turned off the T.V as it was unable to adjust her mood, even Damon's witty charm and smile today hadn't effect her, she longed for those blue eyes, she shook her head  and smiled in disbelief as her mind ran back to Armaan again. She needs to tell him the whole truth & that was her final decision.

As she promised herself those words her house bell rang, she got startled by its sound and felt uneasy knowing very well who it could be. She walked towards the door apprehensively and opened it. "Armaan" she spoke trepidation and nervousness clearly visible on her face. He smiled, and answered "Not gonna let me in?" The realisation hit her; she had kept him outside their house just like she had kept him outside of her life. She replied "Sorry come in", he stepped kissing her in the cheek and then walking away clearly upset.

"Kaise ho?" he asked as he casually sat on the couch turning on the TV. "Main... woh.. teek ho"  he stopped at instance glancing at her then back at the TV and the doing same thing again, his eyes then travelled to the empty bowl on the table. "OK. Something is wrong" he spoke and looked at her intently. "Nahi main woh teek hoo" she lied sitting beside's him. "Joot maat boloh, Your stammering...You're not watching Vampire diaries and you have been eating ice cream.. Spit it out of Mrs Malik". Been caught out she smiled nervously, stitching a fake normalcy in her saying "woh.. nahi aisee kuch baat  nahi hai" she grabbed the remote and plastered her eyes on the TV.

Neither of them spoke for the following 4 minutes, the whole time she stared at him wanting to tell him everything. He turned around speaking "OK Mrs Malik What's wrong? Firstly you're not watching that Oloo ka pata Damon instead staring at me, something is seriously wrong what's up? His eyes demonstrating worry. She started smiling then bursting in a fit of laughter because of the way he spoke of Damon, he soon then joined her, her laughter bubbling in the air and then slowly her eye moistening up as her laughs became more controlled.

 At an instance he stopped laughing and kneeled down in front of her, his eyes expressing hurt and worry " Ridhimma baby what's wrong?" he spoke wiping the tears falling down. "Armaan... I... Armaan" she uttered trying to speak, "Ridhimma kya howa?" he spoke calmly hugging her now. She clang tight to him burying her face in his neck sobbing softly, she tried again to speak "Armaan I am... Armaan" His worries expanding as he caressed her back gently, he took her out of the hug gently cupping her face "Tum kya baby?" "Armaan Main. I . am.." he caressed her cheek with his thumb encouraging her to speak "Armaan I am Pregnant", she took her hands and placed them on her face.

The room was silent only her sobs could be heard. Then a burst of laughter exploded on the mansion, she slowly took her hands off and stared at him in shock as he laughed crazily. She sniffed as he continued, she then spoke softly "Armaan" he started laughing again while glancing at her, he detained himself and kneeled in front of her wiping her tears while smiling madly. "and isme rona wali kyoun si baat hai?", "Armaan . tum.. sniff... Career.. kaha tha You like everything.. the.. way it is.. and ... um... baby is going... to change  .. everything." She sniffed once again staring at him. He smiled standing up, grabbing her hand and taking her upstairs, she followed silently.

He walked through the long hallway holding her hand tightly he took her to the room in front of theirs where he had forbidden her to go. He opened the door as she stared at him in confusion; he tugged her inside turning the light on. She stood rooted in her spot, her eyes instantly widened as her mouth dropped, she glanced at armaan and then back at the room.

It was a nursery filled with everything, one side of the room was filled with Girl toys and pink walls with fairies and butterflies while the other side was filled with boy toys and blue wall containing spidermen pictures. Her eyes began damping, as she took step towards both sides, touching every detail. She glanced at Armaan who was standing there sheepishly smiling. She walked through the whole room staring and analysing every inch. She now stood in front of Armaan, she wanted to thank him for everything, but words failed to come out she hugged him tight expressing her emotions.

He smiled as he engulfed her in a hug speaking "Thank you Ridhimma, tonight you have given me the best news possible" she withdrew from the hug staring at him, his eyes were moist, his face channelling happiness. She grabbed his collar slightly shaking him "Badhu why didn't you tell me earlier that you wanted all this too?" he smiled holding his ears "SOORRRRY thought it will be pressuring you" she pulled his cheeks and the placed her head on his shoulders, her voice tensed "Armaan.. you're career?", he held her by the shoulder then placing her face in  his hands he spoke "Ridhimma Don't even think for a second that my career comes before my family", he stopped then said "Our family" kneeling down kissing her stomach. "You guys are my everything" she smiled.

He begun talking to her stomach "Hey daddy's princess" she cut in between "Princess nahi Prince" he immediately stood up "Prince nahi Princess" he retorted. "Armaan.. Prince" "Ridhimma Princess" "PRINCE!" "PRINCESS!" She stomped her feet then turned her face folding her arms, "Sorry Mrs Malik I have decided Its gonna be a girl and named Ahsu... nahi Maha... nahi Maitree.. nahi Aahana... nahi Priyanka" she widened her eyes imitating him and then speaking " YOU have decided wrong, coz its gonna be a boy and we are naming it Aryaan". "Its gonna 100% be girl Aryaan nahi Priyanka" Armaan said with pride swelled in his voice. "BOY!" "GIRL! "BOY!" "GIRL!" "BOY!" "GIRL!" "BOY!" "GIRL!"         

                                                   THE END! :)

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