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Last Part : Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

She stood up and left from there and stood by the window, which threw a cool breeze in letting her hair flow with the wind. His cold fingers came in contact with her arm and slid up to her shoulder, moving his hand up, he removed the hair that sat on her neck and moved it to the other shoulder making her shudder. His hand moved so slowly that it tickled her, his lips softly touched her shoulder and moving up it touched her neck then her jaw line. He moved his hand from her shoulder to her chin, moving her face in his direction to which she completely turned and looked in his eyes.

His face came closer to hers, and their noses touched then his lips came closer to hers. Unable to control herself her hands which were till now hanging lose by her side came up to his shoulders and clutched his T-shirt from there. Armaan's hands both rested on the window sill, which made them two come even more closer and left no place for Ridhima to leave. Before their lips could come in contact Ridhima looked away, scared as to what if she lost control of herself completely which in this case was likely to happen.

Armaan still didn't stop he kissed her softly on her cheek and then moved to her neck and then to her shoulder. His left hand which rested on the window sill came in contact with her hand and they interlocked their hands together, Ridhima tried to escape when she stopped as their hands were still locked together. Not able to look back she just stood their and waited for Armaan to leave her hand but deep inside she wished Armaan to come closer to her but he left her, confused by his actions she turned back and looked back at him questioning him with her eyes to which he just shrugged his shoulders, signalling her that he won't proceed if she didn't wish to.

But Ridhima cleared his doubt, smiling she winked at him surprising him and moved from their to the couch blushing. She sat at the extreme corner of the couch holding it's arm and facing  the wall towards the right of the couch, Armaan just followed and sat behind her leaving no space between them. His finger crawled up her bare back to the dori of the blouse, sliding his finger beneath the dori with one swift movement he opened it to which Ridhima's eyes widened and looked back facing him. He leaned over her and she leaned back due to which she held onto his t-shirt once again, they stared in each other's eyes and Ridhima was not nervous anymore and silly ideas to irritate Armaan came up in her mind.

Still looking in his eyes she smiled naughtily and tickled Armaan, confusing him and he tried to stop her but due to his laughing it all went in vain he couldn't stop laughing when he realised she wasn't tickling him anymore and saw that she wasn't even sitting there anymore.

"basket?" he called wondering where did she vanish and started looking for her around the house. After looking around for a while, he got scared and stood against a pillar with his one hand on the pillar and other on his forehead when he felt something on his hand, looking to his other side he saw Ridhima coming out from behind the pillar but what shocked him was she had changed her attire and just wore his grey shirt and black shorts which were invisible due to the shirt, he surely was stunned.

"kaha thi tum?"                                                                                                                                             

"change karne gayi thi" she said and naughtiness was clearly evident through her eyes.

"kyu?" he said coming closer to her.

She came closer to him and her lips came closer and she slowly whispered "hamare neighbour mr.sharma ko impress karne ke lie"

Armaan opened his eyes and looked at her confused "huh?" he questioned. She moved her eyes and looked to her left, following her eyes he looked back and realized that there neighbour was actually standing in the lobby and as the two stood behind the pillar he could not see them. Armaan came out of the pillar leaving Ridhima to hide behind the pillar and she couldn't control  laughing.

"hanji uncle aap itni raat gaye yaha?"

"bete, wo watchman ne mujhe bataya tumhare ghar ka darwaza khula tha, aur usne bohot bell bhi bajaie par koi jawab hi nahi de raha tha toh usne mujhe bulaya mai bhi itne derr se bell baja raha hu par koi jawab hi nahi de raha toh mai andar hi aa gaya check karne ki sab theek hai ya nahi. Sab theek toh hai na bete?"

"uh'.um hanji u-uncle s-sab theek hai, sorry wo hum hi darwaza band karna bhul gaye honge aur wo hum so rahe the islie shayad bell nahi suni, sorry apko itni raat gaye tang kiya"

"koi baat nahi beta, dhyaan rakhna aage se aisa na ho, acha mai chalta hu"

"okay, sorry"  he left and Armaan closed the door behind him. Turning around he looked at Ridhima he was laughing crazily "isme hasne wali kya baat hai?"

"socho Armaan agar' hame'.ese dekh lete toh'." She said still laughing and shocked by her silly thoughts.

"ye tumhe ho kya gaya hai?"

"dekho mai toh wese hi itni hot lag rahi hu, kahi wo mujhe dekh kar flat ho jate toh?" she surely had gone mad.

"k-kya? uh'um, shut up basket" Ridhima could sense, even the thought of such a thing made him so jealous and Ridhima was doing nothing but adding flames to the fire.

"Oh my god! Armaan tum Sharma uncle ko lekar bhi jealous ho sakte ho, aw so cute" her laughing continued.

"nahi! Esa nahi hai"

"par Armaan cute toh hai Sharma uncle" she looked at him with utter seriousness when she again started laughing and ran as Armaan came behind her. They ran around the house, not leaving a single corner. The two were circling around the pillar when finally Armaan caught her and pinned her against the pillar, for the first few minutes they couldn't control their laughing but it soon subsided as they realized how close they stood.

Armaan moved his lips closer to hers and finally kissed her lips very softly, coming out of the kiss her looked into her eyes and they kissed again. It was a long kiss which didn't stop for a while, once they came out of the kiss their heads met as they stood their panting slightly.

"basket'" whispered Armaan.


"mujhe meri shirt wapas chahie" Ridhima's eyes shot up and she knew what he meant but smiling, she gave him a slight slap on his cheek and left.

"khud lelo" she said walking away, but felt her hand being held by Armaan. He turned her back with a jerk and she crashed into him.

His hand was on her waist which then started moving up slowly, it came up to the collar of the shirt and moving his hand down the collar his hand reached the first button without waiting much he opened the first button. She looked down shocked that he had actually opened the button, his hand slid down even more and reached the second button. Before he could open it Ridhima held his hand and stopped him, they stared into each others eyes for a while as if conveying some message.

After a while of eye-lock, Ridhima automatically removed her hand but Armaan didn't unbutton the shirt and kissed her chest which was exposed by the unbuttoned shirt, he placed wet kisses around her neck while ridhima's hand lost itself in his hair. Looking back up he looked at her and picked he in his arms, slowly he walked towards the couch and lay her down there, coming atop her. They kissed till they were breathless, and in the comfortable atmosphere of their arms they did things which should be kept with them only.


The sunlight emanating through the white curtains, shone on  the two  as they hugged each other and slept tight. Armaan was shirtless while Ridhima was in the same T-shirt she wore last night after they took their marriage to the next level. Ridhima opened her eyes and smiled at Armaan, caressing his cheeks she woke him up.



"utho! Aur jake mere office se rooms ki chaabi lao"

"basket subah uthte hi order kar rahi ho, sharam nahi aati tumhe sone do" he said and turned to the other side forgetting they were sleeping on a couch, before Ridhima could say or do anything he was on the floor and his head hit the cold hard floor which was followed by Ridhima's laughter and Armaan finally woke up "haan haan bas bas! Hasne ki zarurat nahi hai, tum itni moti nahi hoti toh ye na hota"

"mai or moti? Oh! Please, tumse better hu"

"matlab tum maanti ho tum moti ho"

"argh! Shut up Armaan moti hoti toh tum kal raat mujhe uthake'." She bit her tongue realizing what came out of her mouth and she blushed.

"ahaaa!" winked Armaan "kal raat haan? Lagta hai I was too good"

"shut up Armaan" she blushed hard and tried to escape when he tugged on to her hand stopped her mid way. Coming close to her he closed the distance between them and asked.

"kya hua basket? Tum itna sharma kyu rahi ho?"

"ar-armaan p-please mujhe jane do"

"pehle batao?" she turned around and looked at him.

"mr.sharma'.." she shouted giving an alert expression and to that Armaan turned around and saw no one. Taking advantage of the situation she tried to escape when she stopped as he hear his voice.

"aee basket'." He gave a small pause before completing his sentence "I love you" flashing his dimpled he completed.

"as if care" she said to irritate him.

"oye! Zada smart banne ki koshish mat karo" he said and came in front of her, taking her hand he took it behind her back and pulled her close to him, bringing there heads in contact he said "cuz I know you do"

"nahi karti!" she said sticking out her tongue to him.

"meri dill ki ye dhadhkan batati hai ye ki you care, aur tum janti ho wo tum, meri dill ki ye dhadhkan, my basket" he said and gave a little peck on her lips.

"love you too" she said and they took each other in a warm hug.

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