Monday, 10 August 2020

Last Part : Jalan

 ~*~*~*~*~**~*~2 years Later~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

She flicked open the light in the dark of her bedroom, without a chance to gaze around or to process a thought; a blindfold was placed on her eyes. She tried to scream as the darkness took over her vision but his hands were too quick placing itself on her mouth. She started kicking and hitting the person as she panicked rapidly.  "Ridhimma sssshhh" he spoke softly.

 She stopped immediately, her heart running at great speed, his husky voice still made her skip a beat, she was too shocked from his actions to announce any words out of her lips. His hand entwined itself on hers slowly dragging her out of the room. "Armaan?" she whispered walking the mansions stairs, "Ridhimma?" he said with the same tone before letting a soft laugh.  "Armaan" she said in a demanding voice wanting to know what's going on, he didn't say anything only dragging her towards their lounge room, she assumed.

She stood blinded by darkness without a thought of what's going on around her, she tried very much to take off the blindfold many times and each time Armaan denied the right to. He stood behind her nuzzling in her hair teasing her slightly, she winched a deep "Armaaaaaan" folding her arms. He chuckled before placing a light kiss on her cheek. His hands slowly began unfolding the blindfold, her heart stopped at the sight in front of her. The house was decorated in red roses; in the middle of the lounge he placed a round table for two with a vase of red flowers within it. Her eyes became teary as her heart became over joyous by his sweet gesture.

She glanced around to see him standing behind her smiling sheepishly in his boxers and his white singlet that highlighted his every muscle. He slightly scratched his head as he pressed play to the romantic music from their stereo.  He presented his hand towards her signalling for a dance, she smiled through her teary eyes. She glanced at herself dressed in her Mickie mouse PJ then back at him and she slowly reached out to his hand placing hers into his.

His hand placed itself around her waist securely, his hot breaths itching her soft pink lips making her breathless. She gazed at his sparkling blue eyes that shone pure love, her heart feeling secure and contented, this is what she wanted, to forever remain in his arms in life or death.

Her lips playing a soft smile, as he came closer to her whispering "Happy Anniversary..... I love you" in her ear.  "I love you more" she whispered back placing a kiss in his cheek while convincing herself not to cry. "Promise me one thing" he said softly with deep meaning in his voice, she nodded as their bodies glided with the beat of soft romantic music. 

"When we are old, and you're slightly chubby and I am all grumpy and wrinkly.... that we all always dance like the way we are right now?"  She couldn't stop the tears that escaped her eyes, they were tears of happiness and she placed her head on his shoulder hugging him tightly. She whispered a hiccupped "I... Promise... Armaan". He withdrew from the hug slowly wiping her tears away, he smiled questioning " Yeh kya hai?" indicating towards the tears, she just hiccupped not able to say anything as her emotions were taking over.

"Ridhimma tum be na.. I was being all romantic and mushy and you just had to kill the moment with these dramatic tears" he said smiling cheekily at her. She twitched her nose in annoyance folding her arms facing her back to him.

She gasped loudly as he placed a trail of wet kisses on the crook of her neck, his hands entwined itself around her waist, pulling her closer. She didn't know what to do, her sense were all over the place, her breaths disorderly, her heart beating faster while he continued kissing her neck whispering " I ... Am .... Sorrry... I ..... Was.... joking" she couldn't help but smile at his words, she turned around pulling his face closer to hers, she neared his lips placing a soft kiss on his lips.

He responded to it quickly as he pulled her body closer to his, their lips chewed and tasted each other feverously. Her hand snaked around his neck embracing the passionate kiss. After few minutes, masticating and biting each other's lips, their foreheads rested on each other trying to catch their heated breaths. He smiled at her as her cheeks were smouldering red. She just hid her face in his chest shying away from his intense gaze.

Taking that as a stopping point, he grabbed her wrist gently pulling her towards the dining table where he had cooked for her. She stopped in the tracks holding his arm tightly making him stop abruptly; he turned around to see her smiling slyly shaking her head while biting her lips. Confused by her actions he cocked his eyebrows up asking her what's wrong.

She just smiled lightly pulling him towards herself, unable to understand her actions he used words saying "Ridhimma dinner...  I cooked dinner for our wedding Anniversary... dinner" he pointed towards the nicely decorated setting in their lounge. "I know "she said pulling him closer.

Don't you like it? I knew it... Tsk I was going to take you out in a romantic date but I thought if I am going  spend the rest of my life with you, then this is exactly how I want to do it; cook for you, romance with you, dance with you, kiss you, love you... all in our house.... I should have gone for the more romantic option aye?" he said sheepishly.   "No No & NO" she said cupping his face with a smile, "This more than I could ask for, this is perfect, I love you Armaan" she placed a kiss on his cheek and then whispered "And to show how much I love this..." she left her sentence unfinished winking at him before making her way upstairs.

 He stood rooted, not taking in what she just said, he was too mesmerised by her words, never has she acted in this manner before. He just stood not able to move an inch. She glanced at him where he was flashed and making wired faces and talking to himself, she giggled making her way back towards him pulling his arm and taking him upstairs.

"Ridhimma? Is this really you?" he said looking at her in disbelief as she closed the door , she just smiled making her way slowly towards him seductively, smacking her lips on his embracing his every action. She smiled seeing him give in, she pulled out the passionate clinch whispering "You better believe it" while pushing him forcefully on the bed...


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