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last part : Khushiyon ka Intezaar


Armaan was so happy today because his detective told him that he has found riddhima's address, though he couldn't find the exact address but he was able to find the area where riddhima stays.

Armaan rahul muskaan were so happy that finally after two months they received some positive news, even though the exact location wasn't known but still the area was known and all three of them decided to find riddhima in that area. Even armaan's friend's atul anjali abhimanyu Nikki and sapna amit also joined hands in the mission of finding riddhima.

Everyone had a photograph of riddhima and they were asking to almost every person they could ask that have they seen riddhima somewhere. All of them were losing the hope of meeting riddhima but armaan was confident that he will find riddhima.

Armaan parked his car in front of a grocery shop and went inside the shop with riddhima's photograph in his hand.

"Uumm bhaiya ek paani ki bottle milegi" armaan asked the shop keeper.

The shopkeeper looked at armaan and nodded his head in agreement. He went and brought a bottle of water and told the price of the bottle. Armaan paid him the money and took the bottle and started drinking water as was very thirsty because he was finding riddhima since morning.

Before drinking the water armaan had kept riddhima's photograph on the counter. When he finished drinking water he looked at the shop keeper who was holding the photograph in his hand and looking at the photograph intently as if he knew about the person in the photograph.

"Aap inhe jante hain" armaan asked while hoping his answer to be positive.

The shop keeper looked at armaan and said "hain yeh madam apna samaan yahi se toh leti hain lekin aap kaun hai or inke baare main kyun pooch rahe hain".

Hearing the shop keeper armaan wanted to do bhangra here but somehow controlled excitement but now he had a huge smile on his face. He was happy to hear something positive.

"Actually mien unhe kafi dino se dhoond raha hoon agar aap mujhe unke ghar ka address yeah colony name kuch bhi bata denge toh boht meherbani hogi apki" armaan said.

The shopkeeper looked at armaan said "aap bhale insaan lagte hain isi liye mien apko bata raha hoon varna hum kisi ko bhi kissi or ka address nahiin batate".

Armaan came out of the shop while smiling finally he will meet riddhima after ages. He looked at the colony's name written on a piece of a paper.

He looked towards the sky and said "thank you bhagwaan finally apne meri prayers sun li. I can't wait to see her, tell her that I love her. Oh my God kitna kuch kehna hai usse kitna kuch poochna hai usse, finally vo din aa hi gaya".

Armaan happily sat in his car and started driving towards his destination. Finally he reached and after coming out of his car he was shocked to see the place.

"Riddhima yahan rehti hain?" armaan whispered.

He looked around at the surrounding; it was nothing less than garbage. The entire chawl looked as if it was build centuries ago. Its condition was worst. It looked like very poor people live here. Armaan looked at few people who were looking at him with question in their eyes but what was that question?

"Saab aap kya yeh jagah girane aye hain?" one of the men asked armaan.

Armaan was astonished hearing this. Armaan now realised that his attire and a car made him look like he was here to buy this land.

"Nahiin bilkul nahiin mien bas yahan kissi se milne aya tha" armaan said and he saw everyone had confusion on their face.

"Saab aap jaise ameer log hum jaise gareeb log se bhala kyun milne ayenge or yahan koi bhi apke jaan pehchaan wala nahiin hoga" said another man.

Armaan looked at them and slowly walked towards them and said "actually mien inhe dhoond raha hoon or mujhe pata chala hai ki yeh yahan rehti hai".

Armaan showed them the picture of riddhima. Everyone looked at the picture and then at armaan.

"Aap inhe jante hain yeh yahi rehti hain na?" armaan asked them.

"Saab aap isse kyun dhoond rahe hain yeh boht hi bhali bachi hai" one of the men asked armaan.

"Yeh mujhse naraaz hokar hi yahan rehne ayi hai or mien inhe dhoondte dhoondte aya hoon please mujhe bata dijiye yeh kaunse flat number main rehti hai" armaan asked them politely.

Seeing armaan one of them told him riddhima's flat number and armaan thanked him. Armaan smilingly ran towards her house. Armaan knocked several time on the door as he was getting impatient for meeting riddhima. Finally the door opened and armaan's smile vanished seeing a small girl opening the door.

"Huh yeh riddhima ka ghar hai" armaan asked to be sure if he was in the right house or not.

"Riddhima didi abhi aati hi hongi aap kaun" the small girl asked armaan.

"Mien apki didi se milne aya hoon mwra naam armaan hai mien andar aa jaon" armaan asked with a smile.

"Didi kehti hai kisi bhi stranger ko ghar main ane nahiin dena chahiye" the small girl replied and armaan chuckled at this.

"Mien apki didi ko boht time se janta hoon or rahi baat stranger ki toh miene apko apna naam bataya na toh hum stranger kaha se huye" armaan said and the little looked at armaan with confused expressions.

Armaan smiled picked that little girl in his arms and stepped inside the house but the moment he stepped inside the house he was shocked to see the house. It has one room which had two chairs and a bed beside it and a small kitchen and a bathroom. He frowned at the thought that his riddhima stayed in such place but wasn't she doing a job? She left the one she was previously doing but she must have done some other job and might have a good earning so why was she staying like this? Why wasn't she staying at a better place?

"Apki didi kahan hai" armaan asked.

"Vo peeche bazaar hai na vahan gayi hai" the girl replied.

Armaan smiled and said "mien apki didi se vahin mill loonga or hain kisi bhi stranger ko ghar main mat ane dena vo naam bhi bata de toh bhi kyunki naam batane se vo stranger dost nahiin ban jata".

Armaan left to meet riddhima in the bazaar. Yes he could have waited for riddhima in her house but he was really impatient to meet her, see her and most importantly confess his love to her.

Armaan was excitedly driving the car, since the road was not broad and people were also walking the speed of the car was slow.

A girl was walking infront of armaan's car and armaan was continuously pressing the horn but that was making no effect on that girl as she wasn't moving from his path.

"Behri hai kya yeh kabse horn baja raha hoon" armaan said frustratedly.

After few seconds armaan immediately pressed the breaks and stopped the car as the girl who was walking in front of his car fell on the road. If he wouldn't have applied breaks the car would have gone over her andshe might have died too.

Armaan came out of his car ready to shout at the girl. He saw the girl lying on the road. He looked at the crowd that was collected around him. He bent down and turned the girl and he was shocked seeing the person in front of his eyes.

"Riddhima" armaan whispered.

Armaan started shaking riddhima while taking her name hoping she would open her eyes or show some movement. Armaan was continuously patting her cheeks. Armaan saw riddhima, she was looking much thinner than she already was and was looking paler than he had seen her two months before. Armaan quickly scooped riddhima in his arms and kept her in his car's backseat and rushed towards the hospital.


Armaan was continuously pacing in front of the ICU because when he brought her here, doctors after seeing riddhima took her to ICU immediately without telling him the reason. Armaan was shocked because for him riddhima had fainted and the one who faints are not taken to ICU then why riddhima was taken to ICU these thoughts kept running in armaan's mind.

Finally the doctor came out from ICU and armaan rushed to him and started asking him questions. "Riddhima ko kya hua hai? Usse ICU main kyun rakha hai? She just fainted na toh uske liye ICU kyun? Aap chup kyun hai kuch toh boliye doctor please bataiye usse kya hua hai?"

Doctor looked at armaan and asked "riddhima ko brain tumour hai or aap unka naam jante hain toh matlab aap riddhima ko zaroor jante hain hai na?

Armaan's world stopped after hearing doctor's words. Riddhima had brain tumour and she didn't even contact him once why?

Armaan thought 'aisa nahiin ho sakta riddhima ko kuch nahiin ho sakta abhi toh hamare pyaar ki shuruaat hone wali thi shuru hone se pehle vo khatam nahiin ho sakti nahiin aisa nahiin ho sakta'

Armaan's thought were broken when doctor said "inhe pichle two months se brain tumour hai or abhi iss stage pe operation will save her life because not much risk is involved at this stage but we need one of her family member to sign on the paper. We had told her how serious is this but"

"But what doctor" armaan asked.

"She says she is an orphan and she doesn't have any family. We told her that if she is an orphan then any person from orphanage can sign for her but she refuses to tell us about her orphanage also. Every alternate day she feels pain in her head and sometimes it's unbearable so she faints. We are helpless, we can't do her operation before someone signs the paper" doctor said.

Armaan was shocked hearing the doctor and thought 'she said she is an orphan? How can she think like this? She didn't even call anyone of us to share her pains why she wants to bear all the pains alone? Why god why did you do this with riddhima wasn't all the pain enough that you gave her more pains? Why did you do this why? Nahiin riddhima ko kuch nahiin hoga mien usse kuch nahiin hone doonga yeh operation hoga zaroor hoga'

"I'll sign the papers doctor aap operation ki tyari kijiye" armaan said in a mere whisper after coming back to reality.

"But aap hai kaun look we need some one from the family to sign the papers and she told she is an orphan" before doctor could complete his sentence armaan intervened.

"vo orphan nahiin hai suna aapne vo orphan nahiin hai she is the daughter of the business tycoon Shashank Gupta, she is the daughter in law of the business tycoon Balwinder Mallik and she is the WIFE of the CEO of the mallik enterprise did you hear it she is not an orphan she has a family" armaan shouted and hearing him doctor was shocked.

"What but she said she is" doctor started speaking but was again cut off by armaan

"Miene kaha ne vo orphan nahiin hai and I am her HUSBAND. I'll sign the papers for her operation please bring them" armaan said in a stern voice.

"Doctor Patient ko hosh aa gaya hai and she is saying unke discharge papers tyaar kar diye jaye" the nurse said after coming out from the ICU.

"Doctor aap operation ki tyari kijiye mien riddhima se milke aata hoon" armaan said and doctor nodded his head in agreement.

Armaan walked towards the ICU with slow steps. He pushed the door and saw riddhima was lying on the bed with all the tubes attached to her. Armaan closed his eyes seeing her like this.

After taking a long breath armaan walked towards her. He stood next to riddhima and saw her, now he understood why she was looking pale and why she has lost weight. Armaan closed his eyes to control his tears.

"Riddhima" armaan whispered.

Hearing armaan riddhima slowly opened her eyes and looked at armaan. Tears started flowing from riddhima's eyes as she was seeing armaan after ages. In these two months she had missed armaan so much that it can't be expressed in words. She wanted to meet armaan but at the same time she didn't wanted to become a hurdle in his life and plus she didn't wanted to break her own promise.

Riddhma turned her face in the opposite direction and said "sorry mien promise nibha nahiin payi meri kismat ne meri promise tudwa di but I promise iske baad apke samne kabhi nahiin aaongi"

Armaan stared at her with disbelief she is still thinking about her promise? Why is she hurting herself so much? He can clearly see she is trying hard to speak normally.

"Kyun iske baad kyun nahiin aaogi samne abhi jaise achanak se aa gayi baad main bhi toh aa sakti ho na" armaan said though he knew why she is saying that but he wants her to tell him.

"Kyunki mien apni promise hamesha nibhati hoon" riddhima said while tears were continuously flowing down from her eyes.

"Tumne kyun nahiin bataya riddhima" armaan whispered and riddhima immediately looked at him. Seeing armaan riddhima understood that doctor has told armaan about her illness.

"Tumhari zindagi with your love kaisi chal rahi hai" riddhima asked while trying to divert the topic.

"Theek nahiin chal rahi" armaan replied.

Before riddhima could ask him further the nurse came inside and said "sir apko doctor ne yahan sign karne ke liye bola hai or operation one hour main shuru hoga"

Riddhima looked at nurse and then at armaan and asked "kaise operation or kiska operation".

"Tumhara operation" armaan replied while signing the paper.

"Nurse Miene kaha tha na apse mere discharge papers tyaar kar dijiye toh phir yeh operation kyun? Or mere paas apke hospital ki fees pay karne ke liye paise nahiin hai or iss operation ke liye toh bilkul nahiin hai aap please doctor se boliye mere discharge paper tyaar kijiye mujhe ghar jana hai" riddhima said.

Nurse looked at riddhima and then armaan. "Aap unhe kyun dekh rahi hain miene kaha na apse mere paas paise nahiin hai dene ke liye or aap inse sign kyun karwa rahi hai yeh mere koi nahiin lagte aap please vo kijiye jo miene kaha hai" riddhima said.

"Nurse or kahiin sign karna hai" armaan asked ignoring riddhima's words and nursed shook her head saying 'no'.

"Armaan aap aisa kyun kar rahe hain aap kyun sign kar rahe hain papers" riddhima asked.

"Simple because I am your HUSBAND and I have every right to sign this paper and take decision on your behalf and I have taken my decision yeh operation hoga or zaroor hoga" armaan replied her while looking at her.

Riddhima was shocked hearing this and thought 'did he say he is my husband? Armaan ne apne pyaar se shaadi nahiin ki iska matlab kahiin inki girlfriend ne yeh toh nahiin soch liya ki mere or armaan ke beech kuch tha, mujhe jane se pehle uski confusion door kar deni chahiye thi. Ab samaj aya armaan ne kyun kaha achi nahiin chal rahi yeah shayad court ne abhi tak divorce papers pe mohar nahiin lagayi hogi isi liye vo doobara shaadi nahiin kar paa rahe honge'. 

Riddhima saw armaan was giving the signed papers to nurse so she immediately snatched those papers and said "mien inhe phaad (tear) doongi phir koi operation nahiin hoga"

"Tumhe kya lagta hai ek paper phaadne se operation nahiin hoga Phir se operation ke paper ban jayenge or mien phir sign kardoonga lekin yeh operation hoga or zaroor hoga" armaan replied

"Armaan aap kyun aisa kar rahe hain mujhe yeh operation nahiin karwana or mere paas paise bhi nahiin hai aap please yahan se jaiye" riddhima said.

Armaan looked at nurse and nurse nodded her head in understanding and left the room leaving armaan and riddhima alone.

"Tumse kisne kaha ki tumhare paas paise nahiin hai oh yeah kaha se honge apni salary toh tum mujhe deke gayi thi na?" armaan asked her in a sarcastic tone.


"Kya armaan mana tum mujhse naraaz thi lekin tum shashank uncle ko phone karke unse toh paise maang sakti thi na apne ilaaj ke liye vo tumhare papa hain dammit or tumne jhoot kyun kaha ki tum orphan ho hain"

"Armaan miene unhe papa mana hai unhone kabhi mujhe apni daughter nahiin mana or unhe toh khushi hogi jab mien ab iss duniya main nahiin rahoongi. Armaan aap mera ek kaam karenge mere marne ke baad aap papa se ek request karenge? Ki ek din bas ek din vo apna kaam chod kar mere paas aa jaye or meri chita ko aag laga de please armaan unhe bolna ki mien chahti thi ki meri chitta ko aag vahi lagaye unke dil main jo itne saal se dard hai na vo sab chala jayega. Please armaan aap mera yeh kaam karenge na? Itne dino se mien soch rahi thi ki yeh baat mien papa se kaise boloongi lagta hai dooseri baar bhagwaan ne meri sun li" riddhima said.

Armaan had tears in his eyes after hearing riddhima, he could see the pain in her eyes but more than pain he could see defeat in her eyes.

"Dooseri baar?" armaan asked.

"Hain meri pehli wish thi mien mar jaon. Lekin mien kamzor nahiin hoon ki apni jaan khud le loon mien chahti thi ki bhagwaan khud mujhe mare bachpan se leke aaj tak miene yahi wish kiya hai or finally ab vo poora hoga pata hai armaan aaj tak bhagwaan ne meri koi wish poori nahiin ki pata nahiin kaise meri pehli wish poori kar di or ab dooseri wish bhi poori kar di isi liye aap please yahan se chale jaiye mujhe koi operation nahiin karwana hai meri wish poori ho rahi hai armaan aap please yahan se jaiye" riddhima said and armaan was dumbstruck hearing riddhima.

Armaan cursed himself because he was the one to ask God to fulfil all her wishes but he never in his wildest dream thought that riddhima would wish something like this.

"Riddhima yeh operation hoga or tum yeh operation karwaogi" armaan said in a stern voice but tears were flowing down from his cheeks.

"Nahiin mien yeh operation nahiin karwaongi apko ek baar samaj nahiin ata kya"

"Tum yeh operation karwaogi mujhe kuch nahiin pata"

Riddhima took a deep breath and pulled all the injections that were inserted in her hands and while doing this she felt immense pain due to which she closed her eyes tightly but didn't make any sound.

Armaan who saw this asked in a tensed voice "riddhima tum yeh kya kar rahi ho"

"mien yahan se jaa rahi hoon kyunki mujhe yeh operation nahiin karwana mien jiyoon yah maroon kissi ko koi farak nahiin padega aap please mera message papa tak pohcha dijiye ga" riddhima said.

"Tum kahiin nahiin jaa rahi" armaan said in a stern voice when he saw riddhima moving towards the door.

"Mien jaa rahi hoon" riddhima said and was about to open the door when armaan pulled her and held her shoulder.

"Miene kaha na ki tum kahiin nahiin jaogi matlab khiin nahiin jaogi yeh operation hoga or zaroor hoga jao bed pe jake late jao you need rest" armaan said.

Riddhima removed his hands from her shoulder and moved towards the window and looked at the sky and shouted "kyun bhagwaaan kyun? Aap aise kyun kar rahe hain? aapne mujhse meri mamma cheengi miene kuch nahiin kaha apne mujhse papa ko cheenga miene kuch nahiin kaha apne mere friends ko cheenga miene kuch nahiin kaha shaadi ke baad ek umeed thi ki shayad ab ma papa kaa pyaar milega apne vo cheenga miene kuch nahiin kaha apne mera pyaar cheenga miene apse tab bhi kuch nahiin kaha apne hamesha meri life main pains bhare miene uff tak nahiin ki chup chaap sehti rahi kyunki mujhe pata tha kabhi na kabhi aap meri wish zaroor poori karenge or mujhe apne paas bulaynge. Mujhe apse itne saare sawaalon ke jawab chahiye mien janna chahti hoon ki miene aisi kaunsi galti ki hai ki mujhe sirf dukh mile miene aisa kya kiya hai ki meri life main kabhi khushiyaan nahiin ayi miene aaj tak kissi ke saath bura nahiin kiya na hi kissi ke liye bura socha toh phir mere saath hi kyun? Miene aaj tak insanon ko toh chodo kissi animal ke saath bhi bura nahiin kiya toh phir apne meri life main sirf dukh kyun likhe? Aapko chain nahiin milta na jab tak aap mujhe pareshaan yeah rota hua na dekh le. Apko pata hai mien bachpan se lekar aaj tak yahi soch rahi hoon ki meri galti kya hai miene aisa kya kiya hai ki meri life main kabhi kuch normal nahiin hota kabhi koi khushiyaan nahiin aati or aaj tak mujhe koi jawaab nahiin mila lekin ab mujhe jawaab chahiye varna mien pagal ho jaoongi soch soch ke. Mana apne mujhe itna acha environment diya rehne ke liye ache logon ke beech rakha or uske liye mien hamesha apki abhaari (grateful) rahoongi. Apko pata hai jab mujhe pata chala tha ki mujhe brain tumour hai mere chehre pe smile thi iss liye nahiin ki mien marne wali hoon iss liye kyunki finally vo din aa raha tha jahan mien apse mill paongi or ab jab vo din paas aa raha hain toh apne armaan ko bhej diya taki mera operation ho jaye or mien apke paas na paaon? Kyun kar rahe hain aap aisa mien kitni khush thi ki apne finally meri wish poori ki ab finally saare pains se chutkara milega or saath hi saath mere sawaalon ke jawaab bhi milenge. Aap darr rahe hain na ki aap mere sawaalon ka jawaab de payenge ki nahiin? Lekin ab mien peechne nahiin hatne wali mujhe mere sawaalon ka jawaab chahiye aap tyaar ho jayiye kyunki apko mera samna karna hai or yaad rakhiyega jab tak aap mere sawaalon ka jawaab nahiin denge mien vahan se kahiin nahiin jaongi".

Before riddhima could speak further she felt her head spinning and in no time she fell on the floor. Armaan who was hearing all this was continuously crying and looking at riddhima helplessly. He didn't know what to say or do because somewhere down the line he was responsible for increasing her pain whereas he should be the one reducing it. Armaan was feeling guilty for increasing her pains. Seeing riddhima falling armaan rushed towards her and scooped her in his arms and placed her on the bed and then ran to call a doctor.

Armaan entered the room along with a doctor and who again injected all the tubes in riddhima's hand and said "aap baki family members ko bula lijiye operation half an hour main shuru hoga or hain mien apko dhoke main nahiin rakhna chahta operation ke fail hone ke chances kam hai lekin hain zaroor. Operation ke baad she can have a memory loss or can go in coma yeah phir"

"Yeah phir kya doctor" armaan asked with a choked voice.

"Yeahh yeh marr bhi sakti hai" doctor said and left the room.

Armaan looked at riddhima and then towards the God and then left the room to call everyone.



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