Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Last part : my every breathe in ur name

(Adult content is present. Advisable for those above 16!)


Armaan's POV

As soon as we reached our home, I closed Riddhima's eyes with my fingers and instructed her to walk forward. "Armaan! What is this? Take your hands off my eyes." She protested at first, ordered next and finally pleaded me. I smiled to myself but never took my hands off her eyes. "Shhh Basket. Please keep quite. I have a gift for you." I whispered in her ears. She trembled slightly when my lips brushed against her ears and I loved it.

Finally making sure that she stood right in front of the destination, I slowly removed the barriers off her beautiful green eyes. "Now open your eyes and look straight in front of you" I instructed her. She obeyed me as a kid, opened her eyes and looked at her gift in amusement. "Welcome home Mrs.Mallik" I whispered in her ears. She looked into my eyes while tears escaped her eyes. Wiping off her eyes, we both watched the small piece of stone at our door. It was a small piece of stone, yet conveyed everything. Riddhima slowly brushed the work done on the stone, stood on her toes and planted a kiss on it. Yes, it's a name plate of black marble with words engraved of silver "Mr. & Mrs. Mallik"

I lifted Riddhima in my arms, while she ran her arms around my neck and rested her face against my chest. I planted a kiss on her forehead and went straight to our bedroom.

As I opened the door of my bedroom, I was shell shocked at the sight in front of me and so was Riddhima. Nikki, Muskaan, Anji and Champ were playing some game on the bed, which was ofcourse decorated beautifully, while Rahul and Abhi were rested against the bedpost and were deeply engrossed in some conversation. I slowly put Riddhima back on her feet and went to them irritated. "Guys, what are you all doing here?" I yelled at them.

"Why? Do you have any work here?" Muskaan shot back. This irked me more "This is my bedroom." I waited for some response from them which I didn't get. "I want all of you to leave right now." I shouted.

 "But yesterday we slept here. So today also we will be here. You have any problem Ridzy?" Rahul tried to be very innocent while Abhi tried his best to suppress his laughter. I looked at Riddhima pleading for some help. She giggled and then blushed, which made me more impatient. "Come on Armaan, why don't you join us?" Nikki went a step ahead and invited me for a game. How badly I wished I had a chance to kill her, right then and there.

Finally I made up my mind. I understood that they are in no mood to leave. So took the charge myself and literally kicked all of them out from my room, closed the door and sighed deeply.

Still finding it hard to manage myself with the utterly uncomfortable dhoti, I rushed to the closet to change to something more comfortable, while Riddhima laughed at my condition. I quickly put on a track-suit with a white cotton shirt. I returned back to find the most amazing sight. Riddhima stood in front of the mirror, trying to remove her jewellery. Her face was lit with happiness, the silver moon light added to her beauty and her dark hair waving in rhythm with the cool breeze from the window slightly covering her face.

Quietly, I walked up to her and stood behind her. She was still deeply engrossed in removing her necklace with her head bent, without noticing me. I moved in closer to her and put her hair to one side, which provided me an access to her almost bare back except for few strings of her blouse. She shivered slightly when my cold fingers brushed her warm skin. "Armaan......" she whispered breathing heavily.

I removed the necklace off her neck and kissed the mangalsutra at the back of her neck. I noticed her green eyes closing slowly, in the mirror, and she giving herself in. I moved the strap of her blouse slightly down her shoulder and sucked at her bare skin along the length of her neck down to her shoulder. The soft moans that escaped her mouth drove me mad. But I reminded myself 'I have to be gentle.'

I turned her around so that she faced me. I supported her petite body against mine, holding her by her waist, when I sensed her going week in her knees. I felt proud at the effect I had on her. "Riddhima" I whispered and waited for her to open her eyes and look at me. When she did and looked straight into mine, I felt myself getting lost in them. I found immense love in those emeralds - love for me. I so wanted to get drowned in that love. I also noticed her coyness and timidity. "I promise you all the love and happiness Riddhima" I said in a slow whisper taking her hand in mine and kissing the tiny diamond ring that mugged her finger, never breaking the contact of our eyes. Soon her eyes became moist and a lone tear escaped her eye. I caressed her cheek with my thumb, wiping it away, while she smiled heartily - that one smile was enough to fill my heart with unlimited happiness.

While our breathing heavied, I bent down and kissed her eyes, her damp cheek before claiming her lower lip. It took me by a slight surprise when Riddhima immediately responded back sucking my upper lip. Delighted I parted her lips while she let me in. I wrapped my arms around her waist and her almost bare back pulling her closer. She ran her fingers in my hair and urged me to go on tightening her grip. My fingers found their way to the strings that held her blouse in place and started untying them. She trembled at my touch and managed to unbutton my shirt and get it out almost completely. I let her go off for a moment  to get rid of my shirt. I picked her up and walked to the bed.

When I placed her on the bed, her blouse moved off its place which exposed her waist a little. I bent down and kissed her waist, at which Riddhima moaned loudly. I moved up and captured her lips again. Meanwhile my hands slipped under her blouse while she dug her nails at my back urging me to go ahead. Finally she let go off me and I tried to get her blouse off her while Riddhima helped me to get it off her.

I moved up to her ears and whispered "I won't hurt you Riddhima" brushing her ears with my lips. She let out a moan and whispered back "I know you won't hurt me Armaan. I trust you" and pulled me close kissing my neck and chest while I settled on top of her.........................


I tried to turn in the bed but found something in my way. Nevertheless, I pulled 'it' close to me as 'it' felt wonderful - so soft. Slowly I opened my eyes to have a glance at the soft 'thing' beside me. When I opened my eyes, I was surprised for a moment to find Riddhima by my side. Soon the incidents last day flashed in my mind. 'Oh yeah, I am married to my basket' I thought happily covering hardly any place left between us. Soon I revived those passionate moments we spent few hours back and a smile appeared playfully on my lips. I planted a kiss on her forehead and mouthed "I love you Basket". A smile appeared across her lips and she snuggled onto me, resting her head against my chest, while I pulled the blanket up to her shoulders.

Hugging her tightly, I closed my eyes, feeling content and satisfied.


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