Saturday, 1 August 2020

Part 1: Jalan

It was a beautiful Monday morning; Monday, the day everyone dread's. The sun was piercing through the window disturbing an angelic Ridhimma's sleep, unable to withstand the intense shine on her face making her utterly uncomfortable, she opened her almond green eyes now awake from her dreams. Disappointed to see the morning had come after all today was the day she had feared; her first day at a new college. She looked at her time, happy to know that she had successfully woken up at 6.30am, she was never a morning person but today she needs to make an effort if she was to be accepted by her peers into the college. She took a quick shower slipped into a beautiful red shalwar and kameez, her long dark hair out and in soft waves, her makeup simple only consisting of eyeliner, mascara and lip-gloss. With her daily morning routine done she began to drive to Cardige College, her heart beating faster by the second as she got closer to the college, the sickening feeling of nerves and doubts  was now swimming in Ridhimma's stomach, and she took glances of herself in the mirror now self conscious of her image.  Only few more anxious minutes til she reached the college.

Meanwhile in the college, the heartthrob of many girls the famous playboy Armaan Malik had now arrived in his red and black motorcycle, the girls now whispering among themselves praising his looks, he offcourse noticed the attention and greeted them with a sweet smile making the girls go in aww in front of his eyes, he smiled at their stupidity he decided to greet them formally, just as he was about to greet them a loud beep approached his ears leaving him in absolute shock, he turned around to see who dared to disturb Armaan Malik, the lights of the car were on, blurring Armaan's image making him impatient to see who this unfortunate person was. BEEEEEP BEEEEP went on continuously, an angry person seemed to come out of the car, her black high heels were the first thing he noticed, a smile crept in his lips thinking 'this is going to be fun', her longs legs covered in tight red kameez followed by a fitted red shalwar accompanied by a red dupatta, her long dark hair seemed to be pushed back by the wind, her dark green eyes fumed with anger, she was now approaching him leaving him mesmerized by her beauty making him dazed. She stood near him filled with anger she began to say;

Are you blind? Can't you see your blocking the Car park?? Move your Bike! She said in an angry tone.

As the words sank, he came back to reality now hurt by the tone she spoke to HIM, to ARMAAN MALIK!

Don't you know who I am? YOU'RE TALKING TO THE ARMAAN MALIK. He said arrogantly showing his dimples.

Ridhimma now enraged by his words, thought of something to shut it him up.

I don't care if you're THE king or Prime Minister and I surely don't give a damn if you're whatever you said your name was, now move your bike. She said fuming with anger.

As she said this, the people who were around them observing the scene was left in utter shock almost numb about the fact that someone would speak to Armaan in that tone and manner let alone a girl. Armaan's mouth was wide open incapable of speech, he stood there narrowing his eyes at her, at that instance luckily the bell rang forcing armaan to move his bike unwillingly making way for no other than Ridhimma to park her car.

The crowd now restless about not knowing who she was, it was the talk of the school, some chose not to believe such thing as it was unimaginable for a girl to speak to "Mr Cool ;Armaan" in such manner.

Ridhimma now fused by anger was walking towards her first class, images of the scene kept playing in her mind, and just the sight of his face would disgust her let alone his personality, she wished to never see him. As she was so furious she failed to notice the beautiful scenery surrounding her, Cardige College was stunning with open views of the beautiful garden, long corridors and wide classrooms. At the picture of the College her anger faded  forgetting the incident as she was always quick to forget and forgive, her eyes fixed on the garden when a sudden force landed her in strong arms on the ground, her eyes closed due to the fall, she could feel his breaths on her skin making her uncomfortable she slowly opened her eyes only to be staring into cold light blue eyes gazing at her somewhat lost in her eyes, his hands tightened around her waist, she was on the bottom, it took her a while to realize it was no other that low- life scumbag she had encountered earlier.

 Her body language immediately changed and her angelic voice made him come out of the trance. She stated an angry 'Get off me!' which made him jerk off her instantaneously. He lend her his hand to help her stand but she refused and stood by herself adjusting her clothes, he picked up her books and handed it towards her, she looked at him surprised by his actions, she had been rude to him but he insisted in helping her? She took the books and stated a low 'thanks' not meeting his gaze.

 He smiled at her simplicity, he hadn't forgotten about the incident that happened earlier but he wasn't the type who would take things to heart especially said by a girl. He knew he was at fault in the morning and somewhat the episode made him respect Ridhimma because she had been perhaps the first person who treated him in such style. He nervously began to say ' Sorry woh aa woh for the morning' taken back by the state he was in front of Ridhimma as he was never nervous near a girl but convinced himself that it was because that she had treated him differently.

  She looked up at his condition and smiled, it was her first day and she didn't need or want to start it off badly with anyone therefore she said 'It's Ok and I am sorry I should've not yelled.'  He met her gaze and said it was all fine and that he dealt with worse but not with a girl he mumbled. She smiled and began walking away as soon as he replied as she was late for class, armaan chased behind her baffling with words at this point Ridhimma turned around annoyed and said 'Do you need anything?' for a second there he was lost in her eyes but found the courage to say 'Friends?- I am Armaan Malik' presenting his hands towards her she looked stunned but agreed gladly while smiling she shook his hand saying ' Ridhimma  Gupta', a sudden electric shock was sent through their bodies, making time stand still while they were lost within each other's eyes, she was afraid by the sudden change in her body and took her hand away swiftly breaking the eye lock.

They both smiled and walked their opposite ways as their classes were located at different places. Armaan now compelled with happiness, a sort he never experienced but did not read into his feelings deeper, Ridhimma was also happy that she had a friend, a friend?  She asked herself but pushed that notion away as soon as it came in her head.


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