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Part 1 : My every breathe in ur name

Part 1 - A-R in Lonavla

Armaan's POV

(Sitting in his room in Lonavala Orphanage)

I looked into her eyes. All I can understand is that she is not comfortable with me. The feeling hit my heart very hard. I know I am the person who is hurting her the most. But why am I not able to suppress my feelings for Riddhima? Will I be able to live without Riddhima once again?

"Armaan Bhaiya! Armman Bhaiya!" Tamanna's screams brought me back to reality and Riddhima and I turned around to Tamanna. She was crying.

"What happened Tamanna?" Riddhima tried to console her.

But Tamanna came running towards me and hugged me hard still sobbing.

"Why are you crying Tamanna? What happenend?" I asked caressing Tamanna.

"Armaan Bhaiya, me and my friends are playing hide and seek in the garden." She managed to tell still sobbing. " I asked all of them to hide in the bushes. But you know Sravan went deep into the bushes to hide and now we could not find him anywhere ." She stopped crying and continued " Balu said that he had seen Sravan go into the forest to hide. Sravan did not return till now. I am afraid of Sravan. Bhaiya! Please go and find him. Please go! Sravan is afraid of darkness Bhaiya." She started crying again.

I am worried. I looked at Riddhima. She was equally worried for the kid.

"Tamanna, please don't cry. Look, he will be fine. I'll go now and find him. Please don't cry. Just tell me which way Balu has seen Sravan going into the forest" I asked Tamanna. Tamanna showed me the direction and I went into the bushes leading the way into the forest.


Riddhima's POV

I watched Armaan walk into the bushes. I hope Armman finds Sravan soon and both of the return safe.

"Dr.Ridhima!" someone called me. I turned to see Mrs Dikshit, the warden of the orphanage rushing towards me.

"Mrs Dikshit, is Pavan (the boy who is in bed) fine?" I asked.

"Yes Doctor. He just opened his eyes." I was relieved to hear those words. I rushed back to Pavan's room and found him staring at us.

"Pavan, you will be fine in few days. You can again play with all your friends." I said understanding the meaning of his stares.

I changed the Saline bottle near his bed, gave him an injection and was about to come out of the room, then I saw through the window few people coming towards the orphanage.

I and Mrs Dikshit came out and asked them who they are.

"Doctor, we have just seen another doctor going into the forest. We tried to stop him but he said that he has to find a boy in the forest. But doctor its very risky going into the forest at this night time. It's not safe as there are wild animals in the forest." I was dumbstruck hearing those sentences.


Aramaan's POV

"Sravan, Sravan" I shouted with my full voice. All I can hear is the echo of my own voice. I went further deep into the forest. Suddenly I heard a noise from the bushes behind me. I thought it might be Sravan and turned back quickly. But in my attempt to reach the bushes quickly, I lost my balance and fell into the wet and muddy bushes.

I was soaked in mud when I got back to my feet. My shirt tore into two pieces. I took the shirt off my body and shouted "Sravan, where are you?". Then I identified the blood oozing out of my elbow and shoulder. I wondered why I am not feeling the pain. I then understood that the pain I have undergone for the last few weeks is much higher that these slight pains and that may be the reason why I don't feel any pain of the wounds.


Riddhima's POV

I was afraid for Aramaan and Sravan. I did not know what to do. All I understood is that I should do something for their safety. I took out my cellphone and dialed Armaan's number. It was switched off. I tried again and again but in vain.

"Doctor, there won't be any signals in the forest" said one of the persons standing before me.

I rushed outside to find for some help and in my hurry bumped into a kid and he fell down. I helped the kid to stand up and looked at him if he was hurt. But to my utter shock the kid was Sravan. I was happy to see him back and my eyes searched for Armaan but he was not there.

"Sravan, where is Dr.Armaan? He came to find you in the forest" I asked Sravan worried of not finding Armaan.

He looked confused at me and said "Riddhima didi, I don't know what you are talking about. I was playing hide and seek in the garden and suddenly Tamanna stopped the game and came towards you. So I am coming to call Tamanna back to resume the game. I did not go into the forest. I don't know where Armaan Bhaiya is." He said still thinking about something.

My heart skipped few beats listening to his words. I was worried about Armaan. I thought why Tamanna told lies but realized there is no time for thinking about it. I started running towards the forest.

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