Thursday, 6 August 2020

part 10 & 11 : Jalan

part 10

A heated hour of passion had passed by but no sight of slowing down was reached by the pair. Their warm naked bodies colliding against each other in desire, their crazed enthusiasm covered by a red thin silky fabric that seemed to toss at every turn their bodies made. Ridhimma completely breathless under his hot disorderly gasp that crawled along every corner of her skin, his lips ardently planting kisses at every position his eyes fell upon. Her hands grasped his back scratching him with sharp nails as he deepened himself inside her making her mourn in pleasure. His lips now brushing hers fervently, his body now aggressive completely turned on by her reaction, the bed shaked vigorously as their bodies became more violent.

The night conceded with rising passion and desire that was fuelled by their love for each other. She woke up with her eyes dreamy and dazed, his breaths stinging her neck as he was on top of her peacefully sleeping while his arms engulfed around her bare waist sending shivers within her, a slow smile crept in her lips remembering the nights events, she took sigh of relief that it was no dream.

She laid there imprisoned by his naked body that brushed against hers, unable to move a single centimetre in fear of waking him, her heart constantly beating louder as more detailed memory of the night rushed in her thoughts making her blush crimson, the heat of her cheeks doubled as she found his deep blue eyes staring at her with passion burning within them, she simply laid there hush as her heart began to race drastically. He neared his lips to hers only inches away from capturing her thick lips whispering 'good morning', without waiting for her reply he began to kiss her hungrily unable to restore control in himself until both ran out of breath, he made his way down to her neck pecking, chewing and softly biting her skin, she mourned in pain and began to say "aa armaan pl llease", he plainly smiled at the effect he had on her. His face and eyes reached hers coldly smiling at her as if he had won a trophy, he pecked her lip and placed his body besides her freeing her from his hold.

She grabbed the thin fabric closer to her naked body trying to cover herself only it to be pulled back by armaan, she turned around to see him grasping the material, a childish and mischievous smile sat  on his face, confused by his action, she blankly looked on wanting him to explain. He began pulling the fabric closer and closer forcing her to move along with fabric from the side of the bed she was adjusted to.

Her bare back colliding with his toned abs, he placed his chin on her shoulder while kissing it softly, determined to act as if she wasn't effected she began turning her attention at any direction, she was about to get out of the bed when his hands grabbed her waist pulling her back, he turned her body so she was facing him, her eyes lowered she found his hands on her chin trying to make her match his eyes. Their eyes meeting each other, her heart singing in delight, varied emotions shuddering down her body, she blushed red as she was left completely numb in his presence.

 His words huskily reached her ;' where are you going?' while nuzzling her neck with his lips. She was still blushing unable to speak she just sat there mute, wet trails of kisses were set on her skin, until he reached her lips he began kissing her feverishly, she slightly pushed him back knowing where it would lead to, she run grasping the fabric before he had a chance to catch. A victory smile sat on her face while directing her gaze at him until she reached the bathroom.

She walked of the bathroom, wearing her black nightie & her hair dripping wet, unaware of his company she began tiredly walking towards her closet cupboard. Her body completely worn out, she began to open the closet picking a deep purple shalwar kameez, she slowly closed the cupboard to walk away only to be blocked by his body.

Her eyes were lowered, his blue jeans clinging to his strong legs were her first sight, her eyes began tracing upwards to see him shirtless, she blushed instantly and slowly her eyes fell on his face with a million dollar smile, she faintly smiled back in hope he hadn't caught her blushing. He came closer to her face teasing and smiling at her with his charms before sucking the droplets of water resting on her lips, she protested at first but gradually gave in to his demands, and she opened her mouth accessing his tongue to fight with hers. He finally drew back after what seemed forever whispering tenderly 'I made breakfast, come down stairs' with that said he left the room.
As he left the room, her smile had not faded, he was making her crazy and madly fall in love, she felt at ease with his presence yet restless and nervous making her utterly numb at his every gesture of his  towards her but while all that always bringing a smile on her lips and happiness within her.  She dressed herself in the fitted purple shalwar and kameez and with great amount of hesitation to face him again she began walking downstairs.

There he was standing below her shirtless, resting his body on the wall his leg crossed over the other while his arms folded highlighting his muscled arms staring at her, she slowly reached the last step she managed to look at his direction, he was smiling at her crazily, yet again her cheeks began turning red, her focused guided towards the dining table where eggs, toast, tea and jam were neatly placed.

He was left in utter shock as he found her walk downstairs looking like a complete angel, his heart seemed to only come alive seeing her these past few days; he was beyond doubt in love especially when she keeps blushing like that, he sighed and thought to put her out of her miseries by making more comfortable about us at the instance another thought crept by; if there was a us.. shit Rohit remembering she is engaged, worry took over him in that illustration.

Ridhimma noticing his sudden expression wondered what had happened, she brought him back from his thoughts by quietly stating "breakfast karlae armaan?", he just nodded tying to control his doubts. He soon brushed off the thoughts by just living in the moment and staring at her while she served breakfast. She sat opposite him, both were gazing each other, completely lost within each other eyes.
part 11

The Sipping sound of the tea being drank caused a sense of awkwardness in the atmosphere, both were silent now, words exactly didn't fit within their situation, what precisely do you mention after such a heated night?  Ridhimma completely nervous as his eyes were not budging from her, she fidgeted in her seat somewhat trying to hide herself from his gaze, she knew her cheeks were the colour of tomatoes by now, he always had this effect on her when his attention was on only her.

His words broke the ice much to the relief of Ridhimma, he whispered a slow "so" while putting his weight on the chair with a relax expression on his face, her eyes summiting his, wondering, lost and confused, she just whispered "so? ", his relax expression turned into a cheesy grin." So when are you getting married?"His words choking her silently, flashes of Rohit began shattering in her mind, in Armaan's presence she had forgotten she was engaged, she could feel the lump of guilt stuck on her throat as it was completely dried now hurt by his words. "Did he really want her to get married to Rohit after last night?" she lowered her eyes immediately knowing tears were fighting to come out, she didn't want to look weak and heartbroken not in front of him.

She began to get up from the chair slowly walking towards the kitchen holding her cup saying "um Tea?" her back facing him, she was fighting with the tears that needed to come out, everything from the moment they met to his last words splashed in her face, her heart struggling with guilt and the new found love that was buried side by side next to each other. Making it hard for her to deal with situation.

Meanwhile Armaan saw her reating figure that struggle to hide the hurt written on her face, his doubts answered; a smile began to form as he followed her to the kitchen. Her back was facing him, he knew she was hurt by his word's, he placed his hands on her waist, hugging her.

In the kitchen, she felt devastated, the fulfilment and joy she had gained from last night shattered by few simple words; the truth. She had committed perhaps the biggest mistake of her life; hurting Rohit in such manner, she didn't how she was going to tell him. The tears slid down her face as she felt his protective hands on her waist, she jerked up not meeting his eyes releasing his hold, she was about to walk away when he held her wrist and slowly making her face him by pulling her towards himself.

Tears couldn't be stopped by her as she felt herself weaken at his touch, she tried to jerk his hand of her face, he didn't hesitate wiping her tears slowly off, she being to sob softly in between her hiccups she began saying " armaan...... woh..... shaadi",  the smile dancing on his lips grew wider looking at her look so cute, he simply forwarded and kissed her gently.

Taken back by his reaction, she didn't respond pulling herself out, blushing painfully; her efforts not to deterred in front of his eyes, a word was about to slip of her lips when his index finger stopped her, his eyes meeting hers, he neared her lips, she took a step back but he began tightening his hands around her waist pushing her closer. She could feel his breaths inches away from her lips, her spine was tingling in excitement, she knew her feelings were taking hold of her conscious and she had no control of it.

He whispered softly " Do you really think I am going to let you marry Rohit?". Completely shocked by his choice of words, she knew even if he had no objections she wouldn't be able to become Rohit's Ridhimma again. He just came closer to her intimidating her seductively by his male charm, no words were coming out, the harder she tried to speak, the harder the words took time to come out.

He came even closer, no distance between their bodies were made, his toned chest was forcing itself on her delicate petite figure, she gasped at the closeness, he smiled and whispered in her ear " I was talking about our marriage",  knowing exactly what her mind was processing. He slightly distant himself from  her to take view of her , her eyes wide , her mouth open in shock and her body stiff, he couldn't help but let out a small laugh seeing her condition, she looked adorable.

Her breathing had increased, he could feel it on his skin, her heart beat had risen, he could hear it. He decided to let her breath and compose her reaction by distancing himself completely off her therefore he let go of her waist & took a step back. She just stared at him in utter shock, unable to think, her mind and heart singing different tunes. Her heart swelled in joy and happiness while her mind shouting only one name "Rohit", he could see the battle that she was fighting by her forever changing expressions.

He knew the mess they created had to be first sorted out before taking such action. So he came near, holding her hands in assurance he spoke confidently,     " Ridhimma, I know we have to sort out things first, I will give you all the time you need in the world, I will wait for you". Her eyes coloured with love touched by his care towards her or perhaps now their situation. She whispered "Thank you", he smiled gently kissing her hands and backing away from her. She followed him slowly as he began reaching her room, collecting his top & other materials that he had left during the nights embrace, he began making his way towards the door, she knew this had to be done for their and Rohit's sake.

She reached near the door as he slipped on his white t- shirt that perfectly highlighted his toned figure, a smile of fulfilment assembled on his face, he was glowing with happiness this made her smile. He was standing there just vividly sketching her face in his memory, his mind told him to leave while his heart would not budge. Both staring at each other, forcing themselves to move but unable to move an edge this is when armaan stated" bye I am going" while his legs were rooted to the very spot, she nodded , he again stated "I am going?" she whispered yes slightly smiling at his antiques,  he opened the door dishearteningly and said "I am going" she smiled and nodded saying "yes armaan" sweetly.

His response brought happiness in every corner of heart and soul, he merely stood there closing the door shut stating rather than asking " Ridhimma , I am staying whether you like it or not" with a cute pout, she was very much happy but decided to shift and play with his emotions to see how he would react. No Armaan she stomped her feet crossing her hands and began to pout.

Kyunnnnn??? He said childishly, she smiled but hid it she simply said 'armaan go or' in pretend annoyance, "OR what MRS Malik?"  stretching the word Mrs. She clicked her finger pointing at his face saying " Look Mister, I haven't said YES yet so watch it or" she said with great difficulty to keep the smile out of her face while the words Mrs Malik crept in her mind. "Or what" he said huskily closing the gap between them pushing her lightly on the wall as his body touched hers.

Dazed by his eyes and the close approximately, she closed her eyes expecting him to kiss her, his breaths stinging her lips, he knew the effect he had on her and with no further delay he began to capture her lips sucking on her upper lip, delighted by her response he began to entrench the kiss for awhile before breaking it softly he whispered " Now that's decided, what do you do here all day?" He said in a serious tone while pushing himself of her and walking around the apartment. Somewhat annoyed for the torment he played on her, she opened her eyes knowing defeat was hers.


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