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Part 10 : Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

Ridhima's words couldn't stop the tears in his eyes, after all he was her dad but he had to be strong for his daughter. He took them inside and hugged her tight, only then padma came and seeing her daughter like this she got worried and asked

"arrey ridhima beta kya hua tum ro kyu rahi ho?"
Everyone was silent no one said a word, just ridhima's sobbing could be heard in the room
"tell me kya hua? Kyu ro rahu hai ye?" she again inquired from shashank by the time he could reply nani came in and as soon as she saw ridhima she asked armaan
"arrey kya hua meri bacchi ko armaan tumne phir tang kia kya?" but when she noticed the everyone was serious shegot hell scared"kya hua armaan bol?"

Ridhima was still i shashank's arms and was crying she came out of the hug and kept crying
"mumma...m...mum...mumma...vo aman, aman...*sob**sob*"
"kon aman beta? Or kya kia usne? Bolo?
"mumma...he...he...HE RAPED ME MUMMA"
padma sat there sileNt totally numb she couldn't believe herself. Her heart was thumping hard in her chest...her daughter was raped???? Her tears very flowing continously but still she was solacing her daughter as she knew she needed a lot of moral support from her family.

She takes ridhima in her embrace and hugs her as tight as possible"shhh...bas bas...sab theek ho jaega ridhima...chal bas kar chup ho ja...sab theek ho jaega hum sab hai na tere saath." said padma in order to console her child. Nani was really upset hearing what ridhima said but her grandaughter's happiness that mattered. So she said to herself that she has to do this for ridhima and never talk about such a thing.
"bas karo ridhima...bas ab chup...ab tum chalo apme kamre mai jao bohot thaki hui lag rhi ho, ummm...armaan tum ppease isse upar kamre mai le jao" said padma as she knew ridhima neede some time and armaan was some one who could take care of her.
"jii" and armaan take her with him.

Scene shifts to sanjeevani

He looked deep into he eyes and then at her beautiful tempting pink lips, he came closer to her and more closer letting there lips the inche apart from each other. It was the pefect moment for the couple when the heard a clearing of throat but ignored then again heard which was again ignore and finally the third on was a biggy.
"arrey yaar samica kya khaas kyu rahi ho baar baar? Saare romance ki esi ki tesi kardi"
"mai? Par mai to nahi khaasi mujhe laga tum khaase"
"mai? Nahi tum khaasi"
"nahi nishant tum khaase"
"wait gar tum nahi khasi mai nahi khaasa to kon khaasa" he said giving a though to it.
They both slowly turn their heads to their right and widened their eyes due to the presence of lavanyA
"guys bas kAro ye hospital hai"
"ha to hum bhi jaante hai ye hospital hai" nishant said in order to defend himself
"to hospital mai doctors patient ka ilaaj karne aate h romance karne nahi"
" Ye tum kya keh rahi ho lavanya?" samica said with shock.
Lavanya didn't say anything further and just moved her eys down a bit and when nishant n sam followed the direction of her eyes the realize that nishant's hand is still around samica's waist and they are standing damn close to each other and they suddenly move apart with a jerk.
"ummm...lav...lavanya vooo...ummm..." samica siad trying to think of an excuse but was cut by lavanya.
"ha ha bas bas...sab samajhti chalo you guys continue mai chalti hu..." she turned around to leave when she again turned around and said "and ya guys jab tum free ho jao i mean jab tumhara kaam ho jae to cafe aa jana" she said with a smirk and left the couple totally red.

Scene shifts to ridhima's room
AR enter the room and ridhima stil lost somewhere didn't notica anything and just stood beside the window sharing her sad story with the beautiful wind. Armaan just had to make ridhima happy,her happiness is his life. He goes to his basket and hugs her from behind
"oye basket kya kar rahi ho?"
But she didn't reply
"basket vo baadal dekh rahi ho?"
"konsa?" she said in the lowest volume possible
"vo wala jo ek dill kis shape bana raha hai" armaan said as he could see a heart-shaped cloud and pointed towards it. Ridhiam tried find it and finally spotted it
"ha toh?"
"ha toh? Kya ha toh?dekho usse dhyan se."
"to uss bechare dill ke pass koi nahi hai jiska wajah se vo dhadhke par tumhare pass hai koi jiski wajah se tumhara dill dhadhkata hai to udaas to usse hona chahiye...meri sundar si basket ka chehra itna sad bilkul acha nahi lagta."
"hmmm" she gave him a dry smile"acha armaan mai bohot thak gai hu mujhe sona hai i think tumhe jaana chahie."
Armaan felt bad seeing ridhma's condition and he never wanted to leave her but he knew she needed some time alone.
"par bask..."
"nahi armaan or wese bhi tumhe hospital jaana hai"
"nahi basket aaj mai hospital nahi jaana chahta aaj mai tumhare saath rahunga"
"please armaan tum meri wajah se ye sab mat karo please"
"lekin ridhi..."
"armaan please tum hospital jao mere lie please and mene kaha na mai theek hu"
"pakka ab jao"
He never wanted to go he wanted to support her and be with her and was scared for her but for her he had to leave so went straight to sanjeevani.

Scene shifts to sanjeevani

Armaan reaches sanjeevani. He enters the hospital but not like the old armaan mallik, he entered without that charming smile that could make any girl fall for him. He entered but not with those sweet dimples which made girls hearts skip a beat. He entered without the shine in the deep ocean blue eyes in which the girls would die to drown. But all tha was booked for his love for life and her life was not at all happy so how could he be?

Armaan reaches his office and sits on his chairs he opens his file to decide the duties of the interns but couldn't go on with his work as he was lost in ridhima's thoughts that was she okay? what she must be doing right now? what is she does some thing worng? He hoped that priceless smile would someday come back on that beautiful face. He hopes the charm in those green eyes came back, he was lost in her beautiful thoughts but were interrupted by nikki.
"Armaan" she entered his office aware of the fact that he's alone as his basket is lost somewhere, her hapiness has gone away.
He looked up to see his best friend who understAnds her very well. She came up to him, he stood up with welled up eyes and armaan just hugged her tight crying out loud ajd nikki hugged him back as he needed some one at this point of time as he can't see his basket so sad.

"shhh....shhh....sab theek ho jaega armaan....sab theek ho jaega"
"kese nikki? Kese? Kese hogi meri basket khush? Sab meri galti hai, maine hi usse bachane mai derr kardi thi. It's all my fault."
"nahi armaan isme tumhari koi galti nahi hai" they came out of the hug "dekho armaan iss waqt ridhima ko tumhari bohot zarurat hai aur agar tum hi itne udaas rahoge to ridhima ko kon sambhalega? Or tumhe abhi uske pass hona chahie na ki yaha."
"darasal nikki ridhima ne hi mujhe yaha bheja hai vo akele rehna chahti."
"or log tumhe love guru kehte hai"
"mera matlab ye hai armaan ki ridhima tumhe apne pass hi chahti hai par ab tumse esa kahegi thodi na"
" theek hai nikki mai chalta hu biee"
"biee armaan"

He leaves from there to be with his basket. He reaches there to se a very sad padma open the door and he knew that he had to make her smile.

Scene shifts to ridhima's place
"arrey armaan tum? Kya hua hospital nahi gae?"
"arrey koi hi nahi hello nahi......aap bhi na saasu ma...."
"saasu ma?"
"ha sasu maa.....mai aapki beti ka boyfriend hu to aap meri saasu ma hi hui ma......and as a matter of fact hone wala pati bhi."
"pati? Kya?"
"ha ridhima ne aapko bataya nahi ki mene aapki beti ko shaadi ke lie propose kiya hai."
"kya such?"
"par armaan.....vo ridhima....."
"ha to mai konsa abhi shaadi kar raha hoo jab tak ridhima theek nahi ho jaati tab tak no shaadi ki baat"
That brought a smile to padma's face whuch reliefed armaan a bit and he proceeded to ridhima's room.

Scene shifts to ridhima's room
Ridhima just took a bath came out to her room in her bathrobe. As usual she wasn't fine, she was drying her hair when Armaan entered the room and froze there at the spot......he was stunned by her beauty, after such a long time ridhima still could make armaan mesmerized by her beauty.

He looked at that beautiful figure standing there still and drying her hair, her wet her flying along as soon as she took them in the towel and left them. Armaan was there and admiring her. He closed the door behind him and came in forgetting everything. His mind wasn't working that time and he just came closer to ridhima. As soon as he came extremly close to her ridhima could feel some one's presence and she knew that was armaan.

She didn't move or turn around as her heart beat really fast she knew that his armaan was with her. He came more closer and wrapped his hand around her waist and pulled her close. Ridhima just jerked up a bit and got a bit nervous. He moved her hairs from her shoulder and put them aside, his lips proceeded and he kissed her on her neck and then her shoulder and ridhima's heart and her breAth just lost control, her heart was beating fast and her breath was also really fast. She just closed her eyes and as soon as she did that, visions from that night came in front of her eyes, her mind told her that the man standing behind her was not his armaan, she suddenly turned around and slapped armaan hard.

Her action shocked armaan and ridhima herself was shocked that what did she do? She was scared, she never wanted to that but her mind and all the images from that night forced her to. Ridhima was damn shocked and armaan also felt guilty of his actions. He thought that he knew she was not fine and still he was trying to be close to her.

" mai vo.....t...tum...tumhe....vo thappad" ridhima tried to defend herself when armaan cut her in between.
"kuch nahi hota ridhima mai samajhta hu tum par kya beet rahi hai, mai jaanta hu tumne esa kyu kiya"
"par arm.........."
"kuch kehne ki zarurat nahi basket ye meri hi galti thi"
She came and hugged him and armaan hugged her back
"i am sorry armaan i am sorry"
Before armaan could say anything ridhima's mom called the couple down for the lunch
"armaan ridhima beta khaana lag chuka hai aao khaalo" she shouted to call them down
"basket tum tayyar ho jao mai neeche hi hu"
"nahi armaan mujhe bhookh nahi hai....tum jao mera mann nahi hai"
"please basket thoda sa to khaalo"
"armaan please mera bilkul mann nahi hai"
"par bask........"
"armaan please"
Dissapointed armaan nods his head and leaves the room.

After the lunch armaan again goes to ridhima's room with a plate for her and when he opens the door he sees her standing at the window by herself.
Armaan goes to her and gives her the plate.

"basket please thoda khaalo"
"armaan mujge bhookh nahi hai"
"please mere lie thoda sa khaalo please"
"pleasseeeeeeeeeeee" he makes a puppy dog face as he knew that always works with ridhima.
"theek hai par thoda sa"
And armaan makes her sit down on the bed, and feeds her. Seeing armaan taking care of her like this ridhima got emotional and her eyes welled up.
"armaan mai bohot buri hu na?"
"nahi to.....esa kisne kaha tumse?"
"kisi ne nahi par mai jaanti hu ki mai bohot buri hu.......tum mujhe khush karne ki itni koshish kar rahe ho or mai hu ki tumhare saare efforts bekaar kar rahi hu"
"esa nahi hai basket balki tumhare sad rehne se mujhe pura din tumhare saath spend karne ko milta." he tried to joke so that she would smile and she didn't
"par armaan......tum...."
"bAs basket tum buri nahi ho and ab chup chaap khaana khaalo"
"I LOVE TOO BASKET" and leaves a small peck on her cheek.

Scene shifts lonavala

Lavanya,ankit,samica and nishant were sent here the day before as a part of their internship.
It's evening time samica and nishant are as usually busy with their lovey-dovey talks which makes ankit and lavanya puke and they laugh like asses at them. Yes, ankit and lavanya had stopped fighting and become very good friends after the party.
"hahahahahaa,.......guys bas bhi karo jaha jaga milti hai shuru ho jaate ho" lavanya said laughing mAdly at the couple and ankit too joined her.
"ok bas.......bohot has lia now bas" nishant said trying to defend themselves.
"or wese bhi tum hampe haste rehte ho kabhi khud ko dekha hamesha ek dusre ko dekhte rehte ho clearly dikhta you guys love each other" samica said without realizing what she was saying and as soon as she realized she bit her tongue and ankit and lavanya became alert and looked at each other shocked.


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