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part 11 & 12 : my every breathe in ur name

Part 11: Rediscovering the inner feelings

Riddhima's POV

As we walked towards the parking lot, I thanked God trillionth time for giving me Armaan back in my life. What else could I ask him for? After so many struggles I was back with the person I always wished to be with. The person who loved me unconditionally or rather madly. The thought brought a soft smile to my lips. I was very much aware of Armaan looking at me all the time, his arm around my waist. I felt so complete, being in Armaan's arms.

"What happened basket? Why are you smiling to yourself?" said Armaan after we were seated in the car, heading back. He slowly shifted in his seat to face me, moving his fingertips along the length of my jaw, looking straight into my eyes. God! His mere touch sent sweet shivers down my spine. I so badly missed his touch. I wanted to say to him how badly I missed him.

I was so lost in his eyes that I didn't notice a fat tear escaping my eye, but Armaan did. "Riddhima" he said with a worried look on his face, wiping the tear off my cheek. I smiled at him, assuring to him that nothing had happened. I moved closer to him and cradled in his arms, my face against his chest. I always felt secure in his arms. He planted a kiss on my forehead, tightening his grip over me.

"Ahem....ahem...." I suddenly jerked at the voice moving away from Armaan's arms. I realized we were in the car and the voice was Atul's. "Yaar, I know you have been away from each other for long and that love is in the air now. But please wait for some time, atleast until you are alone. Kuch toh sharam karo Armaan" said Atul playfully teasing us. Sid smiled and nodded at him in agreement.  I looked at Armaan embarrassed, but he just winked and said "Shut up Champ" slightly kicking Atul at his shoulder.

Armaan thought over something for few moments and said to Sid "Sid, can you please drop me and Riddhima at my house. We'll join you back at Dr.Shashank's place for dinner." And looked at me as if expecting my approval. I wondered whether Armaan could read my mind. I was thinking about spending some time alone with Armaan. I smiled at him. After everything that had happened in our lives, we need some time for ourselves. Sid didn't speak but nodded in agreement and Atul smiled back and said "Be back soon. Everyone will be waiting for you."

My heart was filled with sudden anxiety after stepping in to Armaan's house, in fact my own place. I always felt that I belonged there. I was there many times before, but this time it was special, special for many reasons. I felt his presence right behind me but there was an awkward silence between me and Armaan which worried me. I didn't speak neither. Breaking the silence, Armaan hugged me form back and whispered in my ears "Welcome home Basket. I missed you so much." I did not know what to answer. Tears rolled down my eyes as I thought how much I had hurt him for the past few weeks and yet this person only loved me more.  I turned back to face Armaan, not moving away from his arms "I am so sorry Armaan. So sorry for putting you through immense pain. I never wanted to hurt you but I was helpless Armaan'..I.....I love you so much'''" I did not understand why but I felt like letting him know how much I loved him.

He cut my words saying "Sshh. Enough Basket. You need not tell me. I knew it." cupping my face in his hands, wiping away the tears with his thumb. "I love you too Basket." He said kissing my eyes. I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. I felt better in his arms. "How do you love me so much Armaan?" I asked really wondering how he did. He pulled me even closer with his arms around my waist. "You make it easy, basket" he whispered, kissing at my forehead. We stood there for sometime.

Armaan bent over to my ears still holding me tight in his grip and whispered "Basket, shall I tell you one thing?" "Hmmm" said I still enjoying the pleasure of being in my man's arms. "I am sure there would never be any water scarcity in our home after we get married." Said Armaan drawing back "Your tears would fill the tanks of not only our home but also the entire colonies" and bursted out into laughter.

I was expecting something entirely different from him and was surprised at his words at first and joined his laughter after a moment. This was the Armaan I loved, for what he was and what he did. I was so glad to see my Armaan back. I missed his naughty pranks so badly. "Armaan, you will never change. Will you?" said I walking towards the kitchen to find something for us to eat. I realized that we had not eaten anything since morning. I was shocked at the sight of the kitchen. It was hell lot of messy. I found a lone noodles packet after checking out everything in the kitchen and asked Armaan to freshen up till I prepare the noodles. I first decided to clean up everything. He nodded at me and went to his bed room.

After cleaning up the kitchen and preparing noodles, I decided to take it to the bedroom when Armaan did not turn up. As I entered the room, I was surprised to see my pictures that still filled his entire room. 'Why should I be surprised? It is my Armaan after all' thought I to myself putting the tray in my hand on the stool that laid beside his bed. Just then Armaan came out of his bathroom in white Kurta and Pyjama, fine droplets of water still dropping from his wet hair. White is always his color. He looked like the Greek god. I felt a sense of pride filling in my heart. 'He is mine' I thought to myself, smiling against the tears in my eyes. Noticing me staring at him, he threw his towel across the bed and came towards me with eyes full of love while I still kept staring at him.

"Basket, even if you kept staring at me, it's always you who blushes. Your cheeks are turning to sauce-wala red." said he moving closer to me with his eyes full of passion and desire. I stepped back and he forward never breaking the contact between our eyes. He cornered me to the wall, pressing himself slightly against me. "You are so beautiful" he whispered in a husky voice, the voice which would make my heart skip few beats. He raised his hand slowly to my hair and pulled the clip that was binding my hair together, while the other wrapped around my waist. I placed my hands over his chest, slowly moving them upwards binding them together around his neck.

He ran his fingers along my jaw line and I closed my eyes feeling the raise in my inner most feelings. This person always ignited my senses that were buried deep in myself which I never knew they existed. He pressed himself against me even more, brushing his lips along the length of my neck. It sent a shiver down my spine but I enjoyed the pleasure. He kissed my neck, sucking in it. I felt myself going limp in his arms. He moved upwards and placed a kiss at my earlobe. I was surprised at a low moan escaping my throat. I moved in further closer to his body not wanting even air to pass through us. I can only listen to our erratic heartbeat, synchronized as always. He moved his lips to my face kissing my eyes, nose cheeks, slightly brushing them at the corner of my lips, never meeting them. I moaned his name in pleasure, wanting more.

I opened my heavied eyelids to meet his eyes. There was a smile across his lips and he was looking at me in amusement. I felt my cheeks aflaming and closed my eyes quickly not able to meet his eyes, awaiting the most precious moments in my life.

Putting an end to my wait, his lips met mine. I felt a flush of pleasure running all through my blood, boiling it to the core. I realized my fingers running through his hair, clasping some in my fingers. He was mostly gentle at first before his passion took over him. Then he was more urgent, urgent for wanting more and I responded back with equal zeal. I felt my lips answering his unasked questions, moving in rhythm with his. He parted my lips slowly and I let him in and I knew nothing after that. I landed myself in my dreamland with Armaan only Armaan and me.

I came back to present when he broke his contact of lips on mine, breathing heavily. I noticed myself panting. "I love you Basket" he whispered across my lips with a smile and placed his head against my neck trying to calm his breath and I supported myself against him, still his arms wrapped tightly round my waist and mine around his neck. A sense of belongingness filled me. 'I belong to this crazy man' I laughed to myself with mere satisfaction filling my heart.

I suddenly realized his body going stiff and his grip over me loosening. He slightly drew himself back and looked at me worried. "I'....I am sorry Riddhima......I didn't mean to.........I mean I should have controlled myself......." he hesitated with a sense of guilt in his eyes. I realized what he meant and didn't understand how to let him know what I felt at that moment, the pleasure, the happiness, the satisfaction that I never went across. He lowered his moist eyes and looked down.

"Armaan" I said raising his chin so that he met my eyes "I don't regret anything that took place. Infact these were the most precious moments in my life. You make me complete. I belong to you- forever. I love you." looking straight into eyes, praying that he understands what I am going through at the moment. He didn't speak anything, just smiled and took me again in his arms and I was relieved.

There was utter silence in the room that I almost jumped at Armaan's mobile ringing. He laughed at me releasing me from his arms and went to attend the call. I closed my eyes for few moments, taking in my heart full of pleasure that I just experienced. I then adjusted my dress and went to the stool where I put the tray. "It's Padma aunty. She asked us to come there." He said sitting beside me. I looked at the watch. It's already 5 pm. I handed him a bowl of noodles and took the other.

After eating, we headed back to my house.


Part 12 - On the way to destination


Riddhima's POV

We reached my house by 6.30 pm. Throughout our drive, I noticed Armaan lost in his thoughts. I wondered what he was thinking so much. I tried asking him, but he just skipped the topic. Afterall he had gone through so much in a short span, so I thought he might need some time to regain himself. Yes, he was all alone himself in the tsunami of hurdles. My family was there to lend me support, but Armaan – he suffered alone but never made any complaints. My heart twisted in pain to watch Armaan so calm, so lost. My heart urged me to take him in my arms and make him realize that I am there for him and I gave in. When he was about to get down from the car, I stopped him and hugged him tight. "I love you Armaan. I will always be there for you." said I burying my face in his chest. He did not say anything, just planted a kiss on my forehead and this worried me even more.

We got down from the car and while walking towards the entrance, Armaan stopped me by my arm. I turned to face him. He looked straight into my eyes. I noticed that his eyes were slightly moist. "Basket, while driving I was thinking….." he stopped without completing his sentence. "Hmm Armaan" I waited for him to continue. He did not speak for a moment.

Then he slowly stepped back by a foot and kneeled down, holding my arm in his. "Basket, Will you marry me?" he asked in a low voice. I did not know what to speak. This was the moment I wished would be true with all my heart. A flush of happiness shook me. Tears rolled down my cheeks while I stared at the man who bowed in front of me with his heart in his arms – offering it to me. The man, inspite of all the pain I have given him, only loves me more in turn. "I want to spend my entire life with you. Infact I don't know how to live without you. I promise you all the happiness in the world. Will you be my Basket forever?" said he while tears escaped his green eyes which are full of love. I voice got stuck in my throat. I nodded my head in agreement, not able to speak in tears of unlimited happiness. He stood up and cupped my face in his palm. "So I take it as a yes" he whispered, wiping the tears off my face. He then took out a wonderful diamond ring from his pocket and slided over my finger. Finally, my dream came true. I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him hard, not wanting this moment to go and he responded back pulling me even closer to him. "Yes Armaan. Yes. I want to be yours – forever" I spoke fighting back the tears, cradling in his strong arms.

We stood there in each other's arms for few moments. Armaan slightly bent over to reach my ears and whispered "Basket, I guess this is the third time I am proposing to you. I hope this would be the last time. I'll get bored if have to, once again". I was startled at his words and moved back from his arms to look at his expressions. But he only had a wide grin across his face and winked at me. "Armaan" said I pushing him slightly away from me, joining his smile. We moved forward towards the front door. I felt so satisfied, so content and so happy.


Armaan's POV

I am on cloud9. Finally I am at my destination – with Riddhima – forever. As we reached the door, I rang the bell. Within few moments, the door was opened by Padma aunty. I felt so glad meeting her after a long time and my eyes became moist. Padma aunty had always been like my mother. I was emotionally bonded to her. While I kept staring at her, Riddhima moved in and hugged her mother.

Padma aunty's call brought me out of my thoughts. I immediately moved in to the house and took her into a bear hug. "I missed you so much aunty" said I fighting back the tears. She patted at my back and said "I missed you too beta." I drew myself back and we all moved to the living room, while I put my arm around Riddhima's waist and the other around Padma aunty's shoulder – two beautiful and the most important women in my life.

We seated ourselves in the sofa, while Dr.Shashank approached us. I stood up and wished him "Good Evening Sir". "Ahh. No formalities Armaan" he said, hugging me. I am relieved that he accepted me. Padma aunty went into the kitchen to get us some snacks.

"So… When do you want to get married?" I was startled at Dr.Shashank's straight question that I literally jumped in the sofa. I looked at Riddhima. She blushed and nodded at me. Suddenly I felt myself at the top of the cliff, above all – in happiness. "Armaan? " Dr. Shashank's stern voice brought me down to the ground. "Sir…. I….." I searched for words. He looked at me expecting some answer. I was so lost in the thought of marrying Riddhima that I blurted out "As soon as possible sir. May be tomorrow." Now it was Shashank's turn to get startled. I immediately realized what I just spoke and looked at Riddhima. She turned to deep red and was biting her lips to stop her laughter. I was embarrassed and after a few moments of silence, everyone including Padma aunty, who just came with the snacks, bursted out into laughter. And I joined them.

"wow… Why are all so happy?" a voice came from the entrance. It was Atul, who entered with a big smile on his face. "Good evening Sir, Mam. Hey Armaan, Ridzy" he greeted everyone in his own style and sat beside me on the sofa.

"Hie. Beta" Padma aunty greeted him back and said "Armaan just confessed his eagerness to get married to Riddhima in a surprising way and that's why we bursted out into laughter" and started laughing again. He too joined us and I wondered how the time just passed so quickly when Padma aunty called for dinner.

While we started eating, Dr.Shashank spoke again "Ok Armaan, I'll talk to the Pandit and get the date fixed. I hope you can wait for few days." he said with a big smile on his face. "Yes… Yes sir." I agreed and looked at Riddhima. Her eyes had a spark of happiness in them I loved it. I took her hand in mine and squeezed it slightly. She blushed slightly enjoying our contact. But I also noticed that she was a bit nervous. I understood the reason too.

"Dr.Shashank, I just want to say something" said I. Everyone's eyes were focused on mine as I spoke again "I want the marriage to be simple – only with close friends from Sanjeevani and few close relatives". I recognized the surprise in their eyes as I finished. Riddhima looked at me puzzled and I nodded at her. I knew she was a little uncomfortable with the idea of marriage. She is Riddhima afterall and I understood the reason behind it. Her features became normal and so were everyone's. I was glad that they understood what I meant.

After finishing the dinner, I stayed for some time. Atul, Riddhima and I enjoyed the precious moments f our being together remembering all the past memories. Then finally came the words from Dr.Shashank, I prayed not to come. "Armaan and Atul, it's getting late. I think you should get back to your houses." He said in a stern voice. I cursed him under his breath 'Why does Dr.Shashank has to be the way he is? Why can't he let me enjoy some more time with Riddhima?' "Yes Sir…. Yes. It's time" saying so I and Atul got to our feet. We wished Padma Aunty Good night and moved towards the entrance while Riddhima escorted us.

"Bye Ridzy. Good night" Atul said to Riddhima and turned to me "Let's go Armaan". "Yes Champ. Let's…. You start the car. I will come in a moment" said I giving him the car keys. He smiled at us and left.

"So Armaan. Good night" Riddhima said, blushing. "Oye… Hoye… Basket I love you when you blush" said I moving closer to her. But she pushed me away pointing her finger towards the car in which Atul was waiting, saying "We will meet tomorrow Armaan, at Sanjeevani." I gave a dirty look at Atul when I heard the horn and turned back to Riddhima "Fine Riddhima. Good night" said I in a disappointed tone. Riddhima smiled at my expressions and pulled me back to her and planted a kiss on my cheek and whispered "Sweet Dreams my future hubby". I liked her word "Hubby", pulled her closer by her waist and kissed her lips passionately. 'She is mine – only mine' I thought to myself. She responded back with equal fervor.

She pushed me away gently noticing the horn of my car and ran inside the house, waving at me. 'I love you basket' said I to myself and went to my car to join Atul. He was grinning at me. I avoided meeting his eyes and said "Let's go champ. Why don't you stay today at my place tonight? It's long time that we talked properly." His face lit up at my words and agreed immediately.

We drove back to my house. Atul kept on talking about the fun we had at Sanjeevani and something else. But I am lost in my own thoughts remembering the time I spent with Riddhima and heart full of plans for my wonderful future with my love - Basket.


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