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Part 11 : Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

Ridhima's room

The sun  shone and it's shine reflected the sadness on the couple's face but still their hearts are happy as they have each other. Armaan's beautiful basket opens her eyes slowly just like a small baby, she opened them slowly and saw his life sleeping beside her hugging her but she felt bad that he was unhappy because of her. She caressed his hair, looked at him and felt really lucky to have and placed a tiny-winy kiss on his forehead which brought a smile on his face and he loved it this way.

"i am sorry armaan meri wajah se tumhe bhi bohot bura lag raha hai please mujhe maaf kardo. Par i promise you armaan aaj se mai tumhe udaas rehne ka mauka hi nahi dungi bas bohot ho gaya mai tumhe aur udaas nahi kar sakti" she was talking to herself as she was sick and tired of being sad.
"sachi?"he suddenly opens hi eyes happily.

"armaaannn tum uthe hue the mai to darr hi gai thi or tum sun lia jo mene kaha?"
"ha...sab kuch to basket ab ye batao tum kya karne ki soch rahi ho?"
"Armaan...ummm...mene decide kiya hai ki mai ek nayi zindagi ki shruat karne ke liye tayyar hu bas ab mai or logo ko udaas nahi dekh sakti meri wajah se"
"kya? Sach?"
"pheww finally ab mai naughty armaan mode pe aa sakta hu"
"matlab ye ki madam ab aap kahi nahi jaengi jab tak mujhe ek kiss nahi miltA"
"armaaannn!!!! Tumhe to aur kaam hi nahi hai...jab dekho kiss...ab bas bhi karo"
"basket mujhe baad mai daantna pehle kiss"
"armaan dekho koi aa jaega choro mujhe" armaan was holding ridhima very tight so that she can't leave "dekho armaan choro mujhe pleaseee, armaan..."
"basket please...!!!!"
"nahi armaan hato yaha se" she pushes him and runs away

(Armaan thinks) Mai jantA hu basket tum hum sabko khush dekhne ke lie ye sab kar rahi par andar hi andar vo baat khaae ja rahi hai. Tum keh rahi ho tum theek ho par tumhara dill abhi bhi udaas hai mai jaanta hu basket par i promise tumhara dill bhi jaldi khush ho jaega.

Scene shifts to lonavla

Ankit's room
Ankit is in his room and thinking about what sam said. He was confused and hell scared to face lavanya buthe had to, how long will he ignore her. Some day or the other he has to talk to her, face her.

"ye kya keh dia sam ne? Kya ye sach hai? Hum dono ko dekh ke lagta hai hum ek dusre se pyaar karte hai? Kya esa sach mai hai? Ab mujhe samajh nahi aa raha mai lavanya ko face kese karunga? Kal jo sam ne bola uske baad se mujhe to nahi lagta vo mujhse baat karegi. Par phir bhi mujhe usse baat to karni hi hogi, esa kab tak chalega? And besides i love her..." he was talking to himself when he realized what he said. He was shocked, like did he just actually say it? He himslef was stunned and he again started questions to himself. He was like did he just say it? Was it true? Did he actually love her? He kept thinking about it for almost half an hour and finally he knew that he actually loved her...yes he actually loved her but still somewhere inside he was scared what if she says no? But he didn't give it a crap and decided to talk to lavanya.

Ridhima's room
Ridhima comes out of the bathroom totally dressed up and all ready to go and seeing her getting ready armaan got confused.
"basket tum itna tayya hoke kaha ja rahi ho?"
"hopsital" ridhima replied coolly.
"par basket...tum hospital...mera matlab jo tumhare saath...hua...uske baad bhi?"
"armaan tum bhool gaye mene kya kaha tha! Mai apni nayi zindagi ki shuruat karne ke lie tayyar hu"
"armaaannn please"
"theek hai mai bhi chalta hu"
"iss haalat mai?"
"ha to?"
"armaan tum ghar jao or tayya hokar aao mai chali jaungi"
"nahi ridhima mai tumhare saath..." but ridhima cut him
"nahi chaloge..."
"theek hai...par tum theek to ho na?"
"ha armaan ab tum jao mai tumse hopitAl mai milungi"

Armaan leaves and ridhima goes for breakfast
"good morning ma, good morning papa" she pecks both shashank and padma and sits down for the breakfast. Padma and shashank are confused and shocked that what happened to her? Till yesterday night she wasn't even ready to come out of her room and now she was all happy and stuff.
"ma khaane mai kya hai?"
"ridhima tu kaha ja rahi hai" padma asked concernend
"hospital ma or kaha jaungi?"
"par tu iss haalat"
"ha vo maa...actually mene decide kiya hai ki mai purani cheezo ko bhool kar ek nayi shuruat karungi...ab bas mai or udaas nahi reh islie mumma no rona-dhona" ridhima gor up and hugged her mother. Her parents were really happy seeing her so happy finally.

Scene shifts to sanjeevani
Ridhima reaches sanjeevani and her friends are shocked to see her here. Ridhima was happy from outside but the flower which is shining so brightly outside still is the same damaged flower from the inside. Ridhima says she's fine but still her heart is not over the incident, and all her friends family and armaan knew that she wasn't fine and seriously appreciate how brave she is trying to act. But how long will ridhima be able to hold to her pain inside her?

"arre ridhima tu yaha?" asked muskaan shocked at seeing her here.
"ha kyu ghar chali jau wapas?"
"nahi mera matlab vo...umm..."
"muski tujhe kya ho gaya hai? Tu hi to kehti thi ki purani baato ko bhool jaana chahie"
Muskaan understood that ridhima was trying to move on and felt really nice that her friend was trying to do this. Muskaan hugged ridhima tight.
"ridhima, tujhse zada brave ladki mene aaj tak nahi dekhi"
"thank you muski...acha chal ab mujhe jaana hai"
Ridhima proceeds to her office and as soon as she steps inside, she just freezes at the spot, her office reminds her of that night because this was the only place the most horrible night of her life took place. She was scared, her eyes welled up she couldn't move any furthed suddenly she felt insecure, she felt scared, she just wanted to run away but she stood still. She felt something on her shoulder, she suddenly turned around and saw armaan standing their.

"basket tum theek ho?"
"ha...ummm...ha...armaan mai theek hu mujhe kya hona hai?"
"basket agar tum chaho to tum mera office le sakti ho mai idhar aa jaunga"
"nahi armaan...m...mai theek hu tumhe meri tension lene ki koi zarurat nahi hai"
"par basket..."
"armaan ab tum jao mujhe bohot kaam hai" and she pushed him out of her office.

Overcoming her fear,she walked toward her desk and sat there, agin the visions came back an tears just flowed down her cheeks.


Ankit finally decides to talk to lavanya, he's nervous but still he goes up to her room. He knocks for a while but gets no answer, he opens the door and goes inside closing the door behind. He checks her room but finds her nowhere, he looks outside the window to check if she was outside and when he didn't saw her he decided to go.

As soon as he turned to go, he sawthe most beautiful girl ever. He felt that he has seen her for the first time ever. Lavanya stood there, scared and feeling a bit akward. She was wearing black ganjies and a pair of white shorts, and her hair were open and wet as she just took a bath.

Scene shifts to sanjeevani
Ridhima is in her office still upset when armaan comes to call her for coffee, she goes with him to the cafeteria.
"hey ridhima" said rahup nikki and abhi in an harmony.
"hi guys" she said and plastered a fake smile on her face, but still she was disturbed. Everyone was enjoying their coffee talking to each other except for ridhima she was again lost somewhere.
"um...ridhima" called out nikki seeing her so lost in her own thoughts. She looked at them.
"kya hua basket?" asked armaan concerned
"umm...guys mai abhi aai" and with that sad face, the poor soul just went away. Everyone felt really bad seeing her like this but armaan was the one really hurt.

Ridhima was walkin in the corridor when she suddenly bumped into someone and it hit her hard. She put hand on her head and looked down.
"ohhh i am sorry" said the guy she bumped into. Ridhima thought she knew this voice she had heard somewhere. She slowly looked up and was surprised to see ATUL standing there.
"arre ridzi tum...i am sorry tumhe lagi to nahi?"
"nahi...tum kese ho? Or di kaha hai?"
"vo bas abhi aa rahi hai..."
"to kesa tha tumhara tour?"
"arre ridzi humne itne maze kie itne maze..." before he completes he's interrupted by a voice.
"Atul...!!!" ridhima follows the voice and is really happy to see her, she ran to her and hugged. She asked them how was their tour? Actually, they were sent to sanjeevani in different parts of the world for inspection.
"ummm...ridzi tu theek to hai na?" anjali asked ridhima as she cale to know what happened to ridhima, when first ridhima heard this she was confused but soon realized what she was talking about and the smile on her face just disappeared she looked down to ignore any eye contact which anjali
"ummm...ha...ha...di mai to bil...bilkul theek hu mujhe kya hona hai?"
Atul understood that what they were talking about and tried to lighten up the mood.
"arre anjali tumne ridhima ko bataya nahi?" asked atul.
"kya atul?" questioned a perplexed anjali.
"arre wahi wali baat...!"
Anjie understood what he was saying and warned him from her eyes that they didn't wanted to tell ridhima about this so soon, he understood and thought of an exuse now.
"kya di?" asked ridhima
"ummm...vo kuch nahi...ummm ridzi tu chor na ye sab bata sab log kya hai?" asked anjali trying to change the topic.
"ha di sab cateen mai hai..."
"chal theek hai chal"
"nahi di...vo ummm...aap jaie mai abhi aai, mujhe kuch kaam hai
Anjali realized that ridhima needed some tima alone and nodded her head saying yes and let's her go. She felt really nad for her and was thinking what could make her happy?

Scene shifts back to lonavla

He was moving slowly slowly towards her, her heart was skipping beats alternatively (ek ek beat skip hogi to mar jaenge na islie alternative:p) she got a bit more scared and was thinking why is he looking at her like this? Why is he walking closer to her? She vgot more nervous.

Ankit was now really close to lavanya, and he himself wasn't realizing what he was doing. He stood in front of her looking in those beautiful grey eyes. His hand slowly came forward and remove the strand of hair from her beautiful face and his touch made her shiver, his other hand also moed forward and he held her by her waist and pulled her close and lavanya got lost in those eyes. His lips slowly-slowly moved forward, forward and more forward His lips came close to her face-very close, lavanya's eyes were closed as she wanted to store this moment in her memory forever.

She also didn't know why she wanted to do so. He got closer and his lips softly touched her cheek and hee neck, then on her shoulder. Suddenly ankit realized what he was doing and thought this was the right time, right time to confess to her.

He moved up a bit his lips went closer to her ear, he softly planted another kiss on her ear lobe and sweetly whispered in her ear...

She was stunned to hear what ankit said. She suddenly opened her eyes in shock, she never expected something like this to happen. Ankit further continued still speaking in her ear.
"...and i always have and always will, i don't know when did this happen, how did it happen but all i know is that i love you, and love you more than my life"
She still stood the same and tears streamed down her face because she always wanted to hear something like this. He stood straight and waited for her reply with questioning eyes but she didn't reply, she turned her face and he thought thay she said no and decide to leave.

Scene shifts back to sanjeevani

Ridhima was on rounds when her pager rang, falshing children's ward on it's screen, she went to the children's ward.

Ridhima reached children's ward and saw something really new their. The whole ward was decorated with red and white heart-shaped balloons. Their were rose petals all around in the room, some stuck to the wall, some here and there...etc.etc. She was confused as to who did all this?

Children ward
She didn't know what was happening! Before she could think who was it a bunch a of kids came running to her.
"ridhima didi...ridhima didi" shouted those small devils "chalo na kuch khele"
"beta mai nahi khel sakti mujhe kaam hai"
"nahi didi...plz thodi derr please didi"
"par beta..."
"agar aap nahi kheloge to humari aapse katti."
"acha theek hai par sirf thodi derr"
Ridhima started playing with them and soon she started having fun, she felt really happy actually and those kids were also really happy as they all were really attached to ridhima and vice versa. After such a long time she laughed whole heartedly she felt really happy. They talked, had fun, played sang songs and ridhima was so happy that she didn't realize the whole time that the whole scene was being captured by the whole gang and they all were really happy to see her like this and especially armaan.

It was his idea only as he knew that how much ridhima loved kids and he was on cloud 9 after seeing his basket so happy. He was dying for the smile and to see that twinkle in her eyes. Suddenly the whole gang came in hooting happily.

"tum sab?" ridhima asked confused.
"ha kyu koi problem hai?" asked muskaan
"nahi...vo bas..." she widened her eyes as it clicked her "ek minute ye sab tumne kia hai?"
"ha ridhima par idea hamara nahi armaan ka hai" said abhi
Ridhima looked at him affectionately and armaan too. And without caring about anything or anyone she quickly hugged him tight with tears.
"tum itne ache kyu ho? Meri itni parwaah kyu karte ho?I love you armaan i love you"
"i love you too basket"
They come out of the hug, ridhima looked at everyone and they all hugged each other[miss the group hug :( ]

Scene shifts to lonavla
She turned her back to him and he understood her answer was no, he was leaving when lavanya held ankit's hand and stopped him. She walked over to him and they both were now face to face. She looked into his eyes, went closer to him and again they both were very close to each other. Her lips proceeded towards his cheek and she planted a small peck over there, then she proceeded more forward kissed his earlobe softly and did the same thing... She gently wisphered in his ears.
"I LOVE YOU TOO" and a small smile appeared on her lips.
Listening to this ankit to gave a teary smile and she looked at him, they stared into each others eyes. Their lips came closer to each other and suddenly ankit pulled her by her waist, that made her nervous he came closer and kissed her on her lips. They kissed each other for quite some time but it was soft and sweet kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and wished that this moment would never end, she knew that she would treasure this moment forever and ever.

Scene shifts back to sanjeevani
Everyone's work's over and all of them are going back but dr.keerti calls all of them to her office.
Dr.keerti's office.
"doctors aap sab to jaante hi hai ki sanjeevani mai har saal koi na koi charity event hota hai. To iss baar hum ek play hi kar rahe hai."
"kiss tarah ka play ma'am" asked nikki.
"wese hum pehle romantic play kar chuke par iss baar mai chahati hu ki aap ek funny act kare."
"hehehehehe..."interupted atul.
"dr.atul koi problem?" asked keerti with her killer-gabbar looks
" nahi dr.keerti mai soch raha tha hum to pehle hi joker jese hai hume dekh kar to log wese hi haste hai...hehehe"
As he saw that no one was laughing and keerti was looking at him he stopped laughing and stood straight.
"and doctors aapka director to aap jaante hi kon hai...nana wo kal subah aa jaenge, so now you all can go"
They all went back home.

AR in the car
"armaan, thank you"
"vo jo aaj tumne mere lie jo kia"
"vo children's ward..."
"arre basket isme thank you ki kya zaroorat hai? Isme to ek kiss ki zaroorat hai"
"armaan Please"
"dekho basket agar mujhe meri kiss nahi mili hum yaha se hilege nahi"
"armaan please baccho jesi baate mat karo"
"basket mai baccha hi khush at least tumhari tarah buddha to nahi hu."
She opened her mouth in shock"tumne mujhe bhuddi kaha?"
"ha kaha...bolo kya karogi?"
She started hitting armaan madly
"ouch ouch ridh...ridhima ye kya...kya kar rahi ho?"
But she kept hitting him, before she could hit him anymore he held her by hand and pulled her close and they are lost in each others eyes.
"basket agar tum bhuddhi bhi ho jao tab bhi mai tumse itna hi pyaar karta rahunga" said armaan making ridhima blush.


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