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part 12& 13 : Jalan

Part 12

14 hours later night had arrived making Ridhimma entirely discomposed. During the day, she had been going around the house keeping herself busy and away from his gaze, she had done odd jobs around the house and now everything had been neatly taken care of, she cursed herself knowing she no longer could hide from him.
The right thing that's what he should have done, he should have left and given her space and time to think but his heart took control of him before he knew it, words blurted out and his actions forced him to stay offcourse making him the happiest person on planet.  He knew she would be afraid more so nervous, especially now that her "chores" no longer could be used as an excuse to not be around him.

The formality of the night had dissolved as now dinner, desert and the washing was done, it was fairly late, the stars were twinkling and the moon shone brightly bringing a dim light into her small apartment.  He could see her figure sitting beside him in the brown faded couch uncomfortable and could hear her cursing herself, he chuckled seeing her trying to focus on the movie they put to pass the time in other words awkwardness.  
Devdas; the story of the tragic lover that lost all and all who lost him was in the final stages of being finished, she seemed caught up in the story, he could see the tears that had formed in her enchanting emerald green eyes when the separation of Devdas and Paro was taken place, he on the other hand had sat their quietly stealing glances of her, her every movement, her every emotion provoking him to hold her in his arms.
She could sense his gaze on her making her rather restless, she blushed in the remembrance of last night's events but soon poised the thoughts that crammed her mind, she shrugged of the feeling and tried harder to focus on the movie rather than his memories or him.
30 minutes passed by and the last scenes of the movie pre occupied her thoughts, she couldn't  help the tears that dripped seeing Devdas taking his last breath on Paro's name and that was it; their love lost and the movie finished. She was crying heavy hearted unable to digest the emotions the movie injected in her. Tears beaming down; the commands of her body to stop ignored, he neared her and soon his hand reached her face, slightly concerned he held her face wiping the tears away.
He whispered ' you know it's only a movie' smiling mocking her through his concern, her eyes shot up annoyed, she smiled and a minute passed by before a SLAP was placed on his left cheek, followed by an 'OUCH! Ridhimma what was that for?' holding his cheek, she laughed wiping her tears, replying ' It's ONLY a slap but it hurts aye?' he smiled at her wittiness.
He began caressing his cheek, stating ' Ridhimma, ouch', a pinch of guilt surfaced her face and armaan had seen it as he was about to console her, she reached closer to him taking hold of his face while cupping it, she mumbled  ' sorry' placing a kiss on the cheek  and the very spot she had slapped him. His head in lala land, if he had realized that a slap would divert her attention to him and shake of all her nervousness around him, he happily would have made her slap him earlier. The smile in his face plastered across with his eyes twinkling in delight.
She saw the danger in his eyes, recovering from what she done so carelessly, she pulled back immediately. Confused by her sudden withdrawal, he decided to give her space but he was in no mood to watch another movie, her silence slowly choking the life out of him, her reaction only made him fonder of her.
A few minutes of suffocation and countless seconds of silent torture flew by before Armaan finally thought to completely break the awkwardness between them, he simply stated 'I love you'. This was enough for her to completely transport her vision upon him in shock, she was breathing so veraciously that the beating of her frantic heart could be heard, she sat there in sheer embarrassment unable to get the words out of her lips. Her cheeks blushing, seated motionless while his eyes were on her waiting eagerly for a reply, she smiled in spite of herself & her heart , mind dancing in dilemma of what to do. She couldn't take his gaze any longer, she purely done what she always does; run away.
Her legs trembled as she slowly began standing up & off the couch, her body completely nervous, she began taking few steps when his sudden hold of her wrist violently landed her in his arms. Her body positioned on top of him staring deep into his blue eyes until he stated softly "Mrs. Malik I said I love you" while biting her earlobe as he whispered the words out, her eyes lowered, her cheeks flashing red, her heart beating in joy, she whispered back ' I ..I love you Armaan' with disorderly inhalation in utter nervousness.
He smiled kissing her on the cheek, she blushed even more he came closer to her ear and said " Oye hoye, itna blush mat kar, I won't be able to control myself' while nuzzling his nose of her ear, as the words settled in, her heart beat raised insanely, she placed her hands on his chest pushing herself off slowly but he tightened his hands around her waist, pushing her on his chest.
He whispered "are you going?' she nodded facing the other direction in order to not lose herself in his passionate eyes, he pushed her even closer to himself, her eyes fell on him, he whispered "don't go' while biting her neck, she gasped, lost in desire. He continued chewing and sucking on her nape until it was discoloured her attempts to free herself melted in his strong hold of her.
Armaan began Kissing, chewing and sucking his way to her lips, which were trembling , her eyes shut inhaling their heated moment, he licked her lips slowly before he started sucking on them which made her shot her eyes wide open in fear of what is happening to her, she tried once again to free herself from his hold but deterred as he violently leaped to take her into a heated kiss.
He turned her around so she was underneath him positioned against the dirty-brown couch, his body pushed against hers, his hands caressing her waist, their lips locked, their love entangled so deep in burning desire. She gasped in pain as he bit her lip, realizing she was pain he mumbled sorry while placing damp kisses on her lip, he smiled as he saw her fall deep into the kiss responding back with the same passion, his hands being wondering underneath her deep purple shalwar and kameez caressing her bare waist and body.

 Completely swallowed in the moment she had no objections to his actions. He broke the kiss as both entirely had run out breath, his lips damping every inch of her neck making her pant in pleasure, she grasped a hold of the couch as he kissed and bit her cleavage, he smiled at the effect he had on her, he began going down kissing her abdomen that was protected by her clothing, making his way back up again while kissing her in every secret place.
part 13

He made his way up to her lips, locking them passionately, his hand sensuously went down her body sliding up and down, his hands reached her back, his finger tips slowly opening the zipper at this instance Ridhimma immediately sat right up pushing him of her abruptly.

*Thud*, there he laid on the floor completely horrified to what happened he just looked at her in supreme amount of shock wanting for an explanation. Her eyes shot open, she looked only to see Armaan staring her in rationalization, she immediately lowered down to the floor apologizing immediately " Sorry woh Armaan sorry", he just stared at her in aww while she was still apologizing  " Armaan I am sorry. You're not hurt are you? Sorry Armaan" she said in a shaky voice while a tear silently pinned to the floor, his hand found her face his knuckles wiping her tear away he replied  "ssshh Ridhimma, I am sorry" another tear fell, he stated " Bas Ridhimma, mai mar jahunga" wiping her tears, she just looked to see honesty shinning through his deep blue eyes making her fall into it.

She said "um Armaan ... woh Rohit", everything fell into place, her actions justified, her worries surfaced, her guilt triggered, he felt completely shattered by his actions "how could he be so low and careless?' he questioned himself again and again. Ridhimma seeing his culpability and shame drawn on his face, reached her hands to console him she said "Armaan, ya Galat hai, Rohit bohut acha hai, woh ..." before she could complete her sentence Armaan squeezed her hand on his face in assurance whispering " I know Ridhimma & I understand, Please Forgive me, I don't know what happens to me when I am around you... sorry Ridhimma", she immediately hugged tight.

Breaking the hug, he kissed her forehead while his hand reached to her bare back, making her shiver instantly; she closed her eyes, her body shivering at his touch. *Zip* and his hands left her, making her eyes jolt up only to realize he was closing her zip that he earlier had opened, her eyes drawn to him in absolute love for him.

He smiled meekly and began to slowly stand up, giving her a hand, they reached the door and he hugged her tightly again apologizing for his behaviour, she hugged him securely in response. They bid goodbye to each other unwillingly and then he left closing the door slightly peaking glances of her when he left.

Zooomm zooomm could be heard as his engine had left the presence of her house, at that moment she felt a bitter loneliness that dig its way to the corner of her heart, making her weak. Rohit's thought and concern filled the air of her apartment, she knew she had done wrong with Rohit after all he is done so much for her, she sat on her couch, with her hands on her face crying dearly for everything that had to happen in her life, she would never forgave herself for hurting Rohit in this manner and so brutally.

Her crying session disturbed by a sudden knock, she looked up the watch 12.50 puzzled to who it could be, she made her way up to the door, firstly fixing her condition, she plastered a fake smile before she opened the door.

Two man in Police uniform standing at her door, she was filled with concern now "what could have happened?" was the only thought that run around her mind.

~*1 week Later *~

 Armaan had arrived in college looking dull and the worst he ever has looked, the old Flirt & happy go lucky Armaan was nowhere to be found. His thoughts only occupied with Ridhimma, his questions remained unanswered, he was walking along the long corridor thinking deeply " Where is she? I have looked everywhere!?"  Anger, concern, sadness, guilt & bitterness was the only emotions prone to Armaan now, it has been a week and he hasn't seen Ridhimma, he has madly searched everywhere from her apartment to every place that existed in a map, called her a thousand and one times but  found nothing and no one. He had promised himself mentally that if he hasn't found her by the end of today, he would go to the police station and file for missing person, he was reluctant to inform anyone in fear of people judging their relationship and would associate names with her.

He was walking and thinking deeply, his forehead wrinkled in worry, his eyes moist, his heart broken into pieces, when something caught his eye he looked, his image blurred by the tears, he wiped them and there she was; in a dark blue shalwar and kameez, her hair out; straight, she looked beautiful but her smile was missing, she looked shattered holding her books close to herself hiding from familiar gazes. Without missing another second he reached up to her pulling her into an abandon room attached to the corridor.

She gasped in astonishment, she had been pulled so dramatically that she wasn't able to gather her thoughts properly to what actually had happened, it took her a mere second to realize it was Armaan. He veraciously began kissing her every inch of her face, his tear smudging on her, she felt helpless, her books dropped out of her hands, Armaan paid no attention, hugging her tightly and stating " Ridhimma where were you?", " I love you Please never do that again" he began tightening his hug.

Her tears on his shoulder, made him aware that she was crying, he loosened himself off her, she whispered "Armaan... Woh Rohit" then and there his eyes fell on her shiny diamond ring that was clinging tight in her marriage finger, his body shook in denial. He looked at her almost pleading her not to tell him she chose to stay with Rohit. She closed her eyes and a tear dropped, she turned around not facing him; she didn't have the courage to look him in the eye.

She began saying with her voice stringing along in apprehension "Rohit" she said in tears, this was enough to bring tears in his eyes, he whispered back "Rohit?"

Ri: Armaan Muje Maaf Karo, Main woh uh ....Rohit

Ar: Kyun Ridhimma?

Ri: the tears dripped like a waterfall of her eyes hearing the words, she announced " Armaan tum Jante ho Jab Angad muje chor  kar chala gayye tha. He cut in saying

Ar: Angad?

Ri : Angad, my little Brother, When he left, there was no one to support me, she turned to see a glimse of him saying " Tume yaad hai woh family picture jo tumne deka?"

Ar: He nodded listening patiently to what she had to say, she continued...

Ri: That picture was taken a month before Angad died in a car accident, My family was so Happy, we had everything & that one night changed my & my family's life. Mum and Dad never smiled from that day on, they were so shattered that they neglected me in their pain, I had no one Armaan... No one Armaan. She broke down completely sobbing uncontrollably, she slid down on her knees with her hands on her face crying. He neared her trying to console her, he whispered.....

Ar:  Ridhimma

Ri: she looked up to see him in tears, she wiped hers and said Please Armaan Please let me explain, I am Sorry Armaan. He nodded.

Ri: Armaan...I had no one Armaan and then Rohit came in my life, held my hand where all left me alone, he made me smile, he made me laugh, he protected me, he loved me and then one day he proposed and I said yes foolishly thinking I loved him but that day he put this ring in my hand, I realized I never Loved him only Cared for him but it was too late, I was in too deep, that day I saw a faint smile on my parents lip. She cried even more.

Ri: Armaan main bahut buri hoon, armaan took her face cuping it and shaking his head sideways telling her no.

Ri: Nahi Armaan, main hoon! Or jab when I thought I can like him, you came in my life & from that moment I realized I loved you. But Armaan know when you left the apartment. Two Police officers came into my house telling me Rohit has been in accident and that he laid lifeless in the hospital asking for me. I realized that day He loves me very much or main kitni bhuri hoon.

She stood wiping her tears, Armaan followed her up. She turned her face back, stating

Ri: Armaan Muje Maaf Karo, but I can't leave him alone not when he needs me the most, Armaan I am sorry I know that have toyed with your emotions Please do believe me that I do love you.... Always & Do Pal ke liya main na socha that we could have an happy ending but I can't do this to Rohit... he doesn't deserve this.. or jo hamani key a thaw oh galat tha, Armaan Rohit meri Fianc hain.

Armaan was taken back the realization of the situation, words would not come out of his mouth, he felt like shouting but his breaths had stopped knowing their distance. She continued

Ri: Rohit bahut acha hai Armaan, he has done everything possible for me to stay happy and what did I do? I gave him sirf dard & dhoka ....

Ri: Armaan... Main Rohit ko chor nahi sakti, uska Dil toot nahi sakti she said as the tears in her eyes fell.

Ar: or mera Dil? Were the only words that fought to come out of him, he stood there motionless as the life out of him was being taken.

She turned around to see his blood shot eyes, she could not say anything, she had no answer for his question, she just looked at him as her tears slid down her face, his pain choking her silently.

 Ar: thordi ya.

 He neared her wiping her tears with his finger, hugged her tightly, she was shaking and crying holding to him tightly, he whispered in her ear "Stay happy Ridhimma" then kissed her forehead as his tears fell on her cheeks. He slowly retreated back to the long corridor where his friends awaited him while Ridhimma, dropped down crying hysterically.


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