Monday, 3 August 2020

Part 12 : Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

The sun shone brightly and they rays fell on her face making her look more beautiful and especially that smile was the cherry on top of the cake. It was after so many nights that she slept so peacefully, maybe the first morning after so many days when she was not scared of her dreams and had a sweet smile playing on her lips and that was the best of all.

She slowly opened her eyes finally giving up on her efforts to beat the sun, she streched her arms and slowly got up and saw something unexpected which made her jerk and shout a bit but before she could call her whole family to her room, her mouth was covered by a masculine hand and as she realized who the person was she finally took a sigh of relief.

She removed his hand from her mouth

"armaan, mene tumse kitni baar kaha hai ese ek dum se mat aaya karo mai darr jaati hu"

"i am sorry basket par ab isme meri kya galti hai ki tum itni derr tak soti rehti ho...mai ab tumhe phone karke tumhari neend kharab karke tumhe bata kar aaunga to tum mujhe aane thodi na dongi"

"correct nahi aane dungi aur yaha rukne bhi nahi dungi to jao yaha se aur mujhe sone do"

"par kyu basket? dekho 8 baj gae hai ab kitna sougi?"

"armaan at least chutti ke din to mujhe aaram karne do"

"kya????  aaj tumhari chutti hai tum hospital nahi aa rhai?"

"nahi armaan"

"par basket ese to mai akela ho jaunga na...please basket nahi tumhe aana hi padega"

"armaan please mera mann nahi hai...ek to itni mushkil se chutti mili hai or tab bhi tum mujhe tang kar rahe ho"

"acha theek hai...good idea tum bhi nahi jao mai bhi nahi jaata or phir dono ghumne chalenge"

"or tumhe chutti dega kaun?"
"DR.kirti or kaun?"

"tum pagal ho gae ho kya?...bilkul nahi dengi"

before ridhima completes she saw armaan dialing a number

"hello" he said in a meek voice that made him sound  as if he was sick "DR.kirti...uhummm uhummm...vo actually DR.KIRTI mene aapko ye batane ke lie phone kiya hai ki...uhumm meri tabiyat bilkul theek nahi aap please meri duty thodi late kar dijie please...uhumm...nahi nahi ma'am...aap mujhe chutti dedegi to mere patients ka kya hoga? ma'am"

ridhima was stunned as doctor kirti spared him andgave him a day off.

"ab chale?"

"armaan...itni subah...tum 2 baje tak aana phir chalenge"

"theek hai par tum tayyar rehna"

and he jumped out of the window...making ridhima giggle at his cute action.


Her blush won't go away from her red cheeks, she didn't slept a blink the whole night...remembering the events of the previous night, that was the best moment of her life ever. She never thought ankit also loved her as much as she did. For her the morning seemed so different, it never felt like this ever before, she kept about thinking about previous night only and still was thinking about it...

She was facing the window of her room to look at the beautiful sun shining bright up in the sky never realizing the door of her room opened and ankit came in and saw his angel lying there on the bed looking so beautiful. He came from behind and hugged her from behind jerking her out of her thoughts and making her smile.

"good morning princess" he said nuzzling into her neck

"good morning...aur ye princess kya hai?"

"tumhara naya naam...stupid"

"awww...mai princess hu?"

"nahi...tum MERI princess ho" this line was said by ankit  followed by lavanya's blush

"tum puri raat soi nahi na?"

"soi thi na tumse esa kisne kaha?"

"acha jese mujhe nahi pata ki tum puri raat mere baar mai soch rahi thi"

"oh...please...tum hi reh gaye the jiske baare mai main sochu?"

"or kya...???...agar mere baare mai nahi to kiske baare mai soch rahi thi?"

"umm...ummm...umm...ha...mera favorite first ever crush...KARAN SINGH GROVER" she said making a dreamy expression. And got up to leave when he pulled her making her lie as close as possible to him.

She looked into his eyes and understood that he was not happy about what she said, she lowered gaze a bit scared of his intense gaze.

"tum sirf meri ho or meri hi rahogi, bas ye baat zindagi bhar yaad rakhna" he said very seriously.

She just nodded feeling that how serious he was. He looked at her innocent face that made him melt and he softened his gaze, she looked up into his eyes and couldn't remove her eyes from there. They were just too lost to even remember that they were getting late for the check-up. Before they even realized a knock on the door brought them back to the real world. They looked at the door first and at then at each and started laughing for no reason.



Ridhima opened the door and armaan was shocked to see that ridhiam was not yet ready.

"arrey basket tum abhi tayyar nahi hui?"

"ha armaan...vo...umm...actually mera bilkul mann nahi hai jaane  ka...please kabhi aur chalenge"

"par basket maine itna kuch socha tha...nahi tumhe chalne hi padega..."

"par armaan...mera bilkul mann nahi hai armaan"

As soon as she completed...he started coming forward slowly slowly making ridhima go back each step he came forward. He came forward and ridhima went more back but armaan pulled her close by her waist. He looked straight into her eyes and she also did the same...It always happened whenever ridhima looked into his eyes she couldn't remove her eyes from those beautiful blue eyes.

"to tum nahi chalogi?"

"" she said still lost in his eyes

armaan bought his face close to ridhima's and touched his head with hers and she drowned even more in his eyes.

"nahi chalogi?"

"n...nahi ar...armaan"

he left her and suddenly sat on the couch

"toh theek hai mai bhi yaha se nahi hilunga"

"par armaan...tum..."

"dekho basket mai yaha se nahi hilne wala tumhe mere saath chalna hi padega"

"theek hai phir bethe raho mai kahi nahi jaane wali" and she left from there...leaving armaan shocked

it has been an hour now and armaan had been sitting there and now he couldn't bear it anymore and ridhima too was adamant on not going anywhere so he went to her room. He saw her sitting on the bed and watching tv.

"basket ek ghanta ho gaya hai ab to tayya ho jao..."

"armaan mene kaha na mai nahi ja rahi"

"dekho basket agar tum tayyar nahi hui na"


" mai tumhe tayyar kardunga" she stood up with a challenging look

"hai tumhe itni himmat?"

"basket mujhe challenge karna theek nahi hoga to isliye mai keh raha hu tayyar ho jao"

"nahi hongi jo karna hai karlo"


He came close to ridhima changing that challenging look into a serious, scared one. He came extremely close to her and this time ridhima stood still there. His hand proceed towards her shoulder, he held her duppatta and slowly removed it from one side and then slowly removed it from the other side. Ridhima's breath became more heavy and armaan dropped her dupatta on the bed. He then suddenly turned her around making her back face him. Now his chest was touching her back, slowly he kept his hand on her wrist and slowly he slide it up towards her shoulder and the brought his hand to her back...ridhima was so lost in the moment that she closed her eyes feeling his touch. His hand proceeded towards the thread of the suit and he slowly he untied it and pulled her by the thread only making her skip a beat. He took his hand close to her waist and brought her lips close to her ear.

"basket agar mai isse aage gaya to log kya sochenge" he said huskily smirking a bit as he knew ridhima was embarrassed now. She came back to her senses and looked at him blushing and ran from there without uttering a word "oyye hoyye"

" sab kya hai? mujhe laga hum ghumne jaa rahe hai"

"ha toh...hum or kya kar rahe hai?"

"armaan tum jaante ho mujhe uchai(heights) se bohot darr lagta hai"

"ha toh mai hu na tumhare saath"

"par armaan..."

"tch...basket kuch nahi hoga...aur tumne kabhi para gliding nahi ki kya?"

She threw him the most deadliest look to indicate that she has never done paragliding.

"ha toh ab me basket bohot maza aaega daro mat"

"nahi armaan please..."

"sorry basket...par ab hum chalne hi wale hai."

oh yes armaan took ridhima for para-gliding with him because he knew ridhima would have never done such a thing and he wanted to do something really fun today...he wanted to do all crazy stuff today. And besides he knew somewhere ridhima was still disturb about the incident so he wanted to divert her completely. And as soon as it started ridhima tightly shut her eyes as she was hell scared at that particular moment. But when the cool breeze touch her face and every part of her beautiful skin it felt as if she was in some hill station or somewhere and she never wanted to leave.

She was loving it, she was so lost that she didn't even realize that armaan was just behind her, forgetting all her fears she slowly opened her eyes and looked around and she was stunned to see the beauty, it was a completely different world for her. All of a sudden she started enjoying it and her fear of heights was lost somewhere in these heights itself. Slowly a smile crept on her lips and she started hooting aloud.

Armaan was also shocked to see her like this, he expected her to close her eyes throughout this thing and hold him tight but here she was enjoying it like anything, armaan was also really happy to see her basket like this.

"wow armaan kitna maza aa raha hai na?"

"basket tumhe kya hua?"

"mujhe?...kuch nahi mujhe kya hona hai?...ho to tumhe raha hai'.tumhare haath kyu kaap(shiver )rahe hai?"

"n''.nahi to'..mer'.mere haath kyu kaape(shiver) ge?"

"kyaaa?" she shouted to hear what he was saying because it was getting really difficult for both of them to hear each other so they had to shout.

"kuch nahiii" ridhima again couldn't hear him so turned head around to look at armaan

"kya keh rahe''." Before she could complete she saw that armaan was too close to ridhima, she looked at him and their eyes got locked to each other.

Both of them forgot that they were high up in the sky and got lost into each other's eyes. They love each other so much that even at such a height they can forget about the height but can't stop themselves from getting to lost into each other's eyes.

Scene shifts to lonavla

Everyone was busy in their check-up but nishant was not there and this didn't went unnoticed by samica she went inside to check where he was and why was he not there for the check up?

She checked his room he was not there she checked her room even you see there were a lot of chances of him being there. She checked all the rooms of the orphanage but couldn't find him anywhere she got really tensed. Finally she exit from the back side of the orphanage and sees nishant sitting there in  the garden she heaves a sigh of relief and walk towards him.

But she stopped seeing nishant's head hung low that worried her she thought what had happened to him she could guess something was really wrong as she had never seen nishant like this ever before. She still walks over to him and sits on the bench beside him with a big smile.

Nishant feels that someone was there he looks to his right and saw samica sitting there and samica also looked at his face and suddenly she noticed the tears in his eyes she was extremely shocked she had never seen nishant crying.

He quickly turned his face to the other side and while wiping his tears he talked.

"arrey sam tum yaha?...kya hua kuch kaam tha?"

"huh'..? matlab ab mujhe tumse milne ke lie bhi reason ki zarurat hai?"

"n'.na''nahi ''es'.ese koi baat nahi'.t'.tum'.jab chaho aa sakti ho" he was stammering as he was unable to speak due his sobbing.

"wese ek baat puchu?"


"kya hua'.??? T'..tum''.ro'.kyu rahe ho?"

"m'..m'.mai'..nahi toh mai kyu rounga?"

"nishant''" she makes him face her and was stunned to see his bloodshot red eyes "a'.arrey'.nishant kya hua? Please batao mujhe?"

He looks at her and suddenly hugs her and she was really scared as she thought something really bad was coming up she hugged him back but kept quite and didn't ask anymore questions just hugged him as she knew he was really upset about something and crying was the best thing he could do to relief himself''.after a lot of sobbing he becomes a bit normal and comes out of the hug and again looks down towards the green grass.

"sam'.maine tumhe ye kabhi nahi bataya actually mene ye kabhi kisi ko nahi bataya par aaj mai ye tumhe batana chahta hu" she looked at him perplexed and also felt a bit happy that he trusted her enough to tell her something he never told to anyone. He continues.

"um'..wo actually sam'..m'.m'mer'meri ek'.b'b'.behen THI"

Her eyes literally popped listening to "THI" and several questions came to her mind but she kept quite and let him complete his story.

"hum ek doosre se bohot pyaar karte the, matlab jab bhi mujhe daant padh rahi hoti wo mere liye aake maa se ladhti thi,agar mujhe chot lag jaati toh mai ek aasu nahi nikalta par vo'..vo'.toh ganga jamuna baha deti thi'.."he smiled a bit with tears in his eyes "'..or phir meri chot pe bade p'.pyaar se patti baandti thi bohot pyaar karti thi mujhse or mai bhi usse utna hi pyaar karta tha. Aur jis tarah vo mera khyaal rakhti thi koi nahi keh sakta tha ki vo mujhse do(two) saal choti thi."

Till now samica had tears in her eyes as she knew that something wrong did happen. He again continued with the story.

"wo pandrah(fifteen) saal ki thi or mai satra(seventeen) mai uss din apne dosto ke saath ghumne gaya tha or jab mai wapas aaya toh mene dekh ki uski tabiyat bohot kharab thi'..hame laga normal flu hoga or usse dawai dedi par jese jese din beet te gaye uski halat or kharab hoti gayi wo din bhar din weak hoti gayi or phir hum usse hospital lekar gaye aur jo doctor ne kaha vo ek esi cheez thi jo mene kabhi socha bhi nahi tha hoga''''''." He stopped and tears rolled down like water from his eyes ans same was with sam she was also crying but quitely. She waited for him to speak he turned his face toward her.

"BLOOD CANCER''.LAST STAGE" sam was really taken aback by what he said and that was enough she couldn't stop crying at all but she tried to control the tears.

"or'..aaj hi ke din exactly  10 saal pehle mai school se direct hospital gaya usse ye batane ki mai class mai first aaya hu kyunki mai nahi chahta tha ki agar wo jaye toh udaas jaye mai uske aakhiri din bhi khushiyon se bhardena chahata tha par jab mai waha pohoncha toh'''..ummm'..wo'..bohot der ho chuki thi samica bohot derr''.wo chali gayi mujhe chor ke hamesha ke liye'.hamesha hamesha ke liye"



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