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Part 13 : Dill Ki ye dhadhkan





"kya hai armaan?" ridhima shouted on top of her voice with a frown on her face.

"swimming pool hai basket"

"ha armaan vo to mujhe bhi dikhta hai"


"toh'..kya toh armaan mai itni upar se kese kood sakti hu?"

"koodna nahi hai basket dive marni hai"

"armaaan'..tum jante ho mujhe iss sabse darr lagta hai"

"arrey basket tum para-gliding karne se pehle bhi yahi keh rahi thi par tumhe kitna maza aaya tha remember?"

"ha armaan par'.."

"par war kuch nahi basket chalo"

Before she could say anything armaan snatched her to the board from where they were supposed to jump in the pool. Armaan actioned her to move forward but she refused by nodding as she was really scared and her heart was also racing due to fear.

"come on basket ab chalo bhi ab"

"nahi armaan please" armaan came close to her and cupped her face.

"basket'dekho idhar'..tumhe mujh par vishwas hai na?"

"ha armaan apne se bhi zada"

"to bas itna samajh lo ki mere hote hue tumhe kuch nahi ho sakta"

"par armaan''."

"basket'." He gave her a 'you-can-trust-me' look and she tried to overcome her fear and moved forward. She was moving slowly and steadily but still her heart was beating so fast so that she herself could hear it beating. She reached the end of the board, she was damn scared and didn't wanted to go. She thought to just go back and not do this but before she could think of anything armaan just pushed her.

She shouted out loud as she never expected something like this and before she could even close her eyes she touched the water which splashed on her face and she just kept going down till she got control over her weight.  Quickly swimming  back up to the surface she saw that armaan was already in the pool and was beaming at her.

She was hell scared right now and she just hugged armaan tight and was breathing heavily. Armaan was shocked at her action but soon wrapped his arms around her. Thy didn't come out of the for another five minutes as they  didn't realized what they were doing. Suddenly ridhima remembered that she was pushed down.

She came out of the hug ad glared at like 'oh MR. mallik you are so dead'

"armaan' tumne hi mujhe dhakka diya tha na?"

Armaan's eyes popped out listening to her question as now he knew ridhima wouldn't forgive him so easily. He thought of what to  do now?

"kya'.? B'bas'basket, tumhe or dhakka or mai?...y'ye tum kesi baate kar rahi ho?"

"dekho armaan jooth mat bolo mai jaanti hu tumne mujhe dhakka diya tha"

"okay fine I am sorry'" finally he gave up as he knew no one can fight ridhima gupta "'.maine he tumhe dhakka diya tha, par basket tum jaa hi nahi rahi thi toh mai kya karta?"

Ridhima was damn annoyed and without saying anything she stromed out of the pool with that frown on her face with armaan following her to apologize. He followed her the whole way but she entered the girls changing room and armaan had no other option than talking to her when she comes out.

Scene shifts to sanjeevani (canteen)

Abhi and nikki were sitting and sipping their coffee when they heard  loud noises nearing them and they looked at each other perplexed as to from where these noises were coming. When they saw Rahul and muskaan entering the caf shouting at each other.

"abey jaa na, tu kya vo case handle karegi? Tera patient bechara kese tereko jhelega mujhe uski tension ho rahi hai." Shouted Rahul.

"jhelna use hai na problem uski hai, tujhe itni fikar kyu ho rahi hai?"

"kyunki vo mera patient hai."

"Correction mr.garewal patient hai nahi tha"

"ha'.or vo bhi teri wajah se"

Rahul was about to open his mouth when abhi and nikki interrupted the two.

"kya hua guys? Tum phir ladh rahe ho" asked nikki irritated

"nikki ladh mai nahi rahi, ye kankhajoora ladh raha hai."

"ha '.par hua kya?" asked abhi

"tu iss chorni se hi kyu nahi puchta?"

"oyeee''.tu na'..zada bol mat'nahi toh'."

"kya karlegi ha'.? Kya karegi?"

"guysss''" niki shouted on top of her voice "'.tum ladna baad pehle ye batao tum log ladh kyu rahe ho?"

"nikki isne mujhse mera case cheen liya"

"matlab?" asked abhi a bit sceptical

"matlab ye ki'..mai apne patient ko dekh raha tha aur ye madam tapak padhi aur apni chabar chabar shuru kardi'.doctor kirti ne mujhe isse baat karte hue dekh lia or mera case iss chor ko dede dia"

"what''.? Muskaan tumhe esa nahi karna chahie tha" said abhi supporting Rahul.

"oh'.hello'.isme iski kya galti hai?" questioned nikki

"of course iski galti hai yahi toh iske paas gayi thi"

"ha toh'.? Isne thodi na doctor kirti se case cheena tha"

"par phir bhi Rahul ka toh case gaya na?"

"dekho abhi mujhe gussa mat dilao'.nahi toh"

"nahi toh'nahi toh kya nikki?..." and this led to a fight between abhi nikki which went on and on for a long time.


Scene shifts back to AR

AR are in the car and ridhima is still angry with Armaan.

"basket pleaseee mujhe maaf kardo please please please'.i am sorry" he said with a cute pout holding his ears.

"armaan'.tumhe pata hai mai kitna darr gayi thi."

"par basket dekho tumhe kuch nahi hua na'?"

"par agar ho jata toh?"

"okay fine basket ab toh maine apni galti maan li ab toh maaf kardo"

"theek hai'.fine maine tumhe maaf kiya ab chale?"

"chalo'.." said armaan happily "wese basket sach sach batan'.tumhe maza toh bohot aaya tha haina?"

Ridhima tried hard to control his smile but couldn't and they both broke itno fits of laughter.

"acha armaan chalo sham ke 7 baj gaye hai ghar chale?"

 "actually basket ek last jagah hai jaha jaana baaki hai'."

"kya?...armaan please bas ab or nahi"

"par basket'.pakka last and I promise tumhe ye jagah bohot pasand aaegi"

"okay fine chalo"

They reach a particular place where there is no one around and ridhima is really confused that where are they? Suddenly armaan closes her eyes with a cloth.

"ar'armaa'.armaan ye tu'tum'kya kar rahe ho?"

"shh'.basket surprise hai"

She was extremely curious to know what was coming up next? But she just prayed to god that it was not something like the other "SURPRISES" she had got during the day. She could now hear the voice of the water rising and  splashing, and that voice made her realize that she was near some river or something.

Armaan slowly removed his hands from her eyes and soon as she opened her eyes, she was literally stunned. Not that she had never got such surprises from Armaan but this was completely different. A candle light dinner on the beach by the river, that was armaan's surprise to her and she loved it.

She seriously couldn't believe the beautiful sight in front of her and that too there was no one on the beach it was totally silent. And she just wanted to hug armaan tight at that very moment for such a beautiful gift and she did hug him tight.

At first armaan was taken aback by her action but later responded the hug.

"armaan, thank you so much, tum nahi jaante aaj tumne mujhe kitna khush kiya this is simply perfect" she said still hugging him.

"okay bas basket ab bas bhi karo, I know ki mai bohot hot hu aur tum mujh par fida ho par control basket" he joked.

She came out of the hug and smacked him on his arm.

"oye basket tumhari aakhon mai aasu?" he cupped her face and asked her as he could see the tears in her eyes.

"buddu…..yeh khushi ke aasu hai" she said like a small baby.

"khushi ke ya gam ke aasu toh aasu hai na"

"armaaannn!!!! Shut up"

"okay" he agreed like an obedient kid.

Then they had their dinner, talked, laughed, made fun of each other, walked and in all ridhima enjoyed a lot.

Finally tired they both lied down their on the beach itself and stared at the beautiful night sky.

"armaan…..yaad hai jab hum pehli baar mile the basketball court mai?"

"hm….mai kese bhool sakta hu jab mai……" he stopped in his tracks as he realized what he was gonna say but ridhima completed his sentence.

"mujhse haare the" and she broke into fits of laughter.

"basket mai haara nahi tha, tie hua tha…"

"dekho armaan jooth mat bolo, tum haar gaye the."

"nahi basket tie hua tha"


"okay okay fine meri maa tum jeeti thi khush?"

"or basket tumhe yaad hai jab……tumhe……"

"goli lagi thi?" he wondered how every time she knew what was on armaan's mind, sometimes he thought that was because she knew him too well or sometimes he just freaked out "….yaad hai ache se yaad hai."

"pata hai basket mujhe laga maine tumhe kho dia, kisne kaha tha tumhe mujhe bachane ke lie?"

"mere dill ne….."

"toh aajse apne dill ki baate sunna band kardo"

"DR.mallik agar dill baat na suni hoti toh aaj hum yaha saath nahi hote"


"dill baat sunni tabhi toh tumse sach bolne ki himmat aayi, tumse apne pyaar ka izhaar karne ki"

"kesi himaat pehle aath baar tumne mujhe i hate you hi kaha tha remember?"

"ha toh….? Bol toh dia na, khair choro in sab baton hum saath hai aur ye sabse important hai"

"hm….." armaan faced ridhima by turning towards her and they both looked into each other's eyes. And everyone knows what happens when AR stare into each other's eyes, there is no breaking their eye contact till they regain their senses.

They kept on staring into each other's eyes, armaan started coming closer to ridhima slowly, he came close, more close, and even closer. He wrapped his arm aroung her waist and came extremely close to her. Ridhima slowly closed her eyes feeling his touch and his hot breath.

Now there was no distance between the two and his lips came very close to hers. They were so lost in the moment that they forgot everything, only thing they were aware about was the moment in which they both were. Armaan went closer and placed a kiss on her neck.

He came back close to her face. His eyes looked so drunk, at that moment. And when it comes to those green eyes armaan has no control over himself. But suddenly he jerked up as he felt the cold water hit his face so suddenly and he realized that ridhima splashed water on his face and started running.

He followed her and they kept on running for a while and soon ridhima realized she couldn't go that far so she ran towards the river and armaan even followed her their. She had run so far that the water almost reached her waist and now she couldn't go any further and seeing that armaan was proceeding towards her slowly, she thought of an idea and then started throwing water on armaan, he defended himself with his hand but he failed. He kept on walking and finally caught her and again their eyes got locked, he pulled ridhima a bit behind till they reached the shore and suddenly his feet slipped and they fell on the shore itself with ridhima on top of armaan. They both were completely drenched now.

"apne aap ko bohot smart samajhti ho?"

"correction samajhti nahi hu MR.mallik hu"

"oye ye mera dialogue hai"

"sorry but maine chura liya…..acha armaan ab chale bohot der rho gayi aur papa ko pata laga na to wo hum dono ki jaan lelenge"

"abey yaar ye sasurji bhi na kabab mai haddi bante rehte hai"

"armaaannn!!!...wo mere papa hai hai."

"ha ha jaanta hu, chalo"

And finally they left for home after a long tiring day.


The rays of the sun were shining brightly up in the sky disturbing his sleep that brought a cute frown to his. To ignore the harsh sun rays he dug his head deep in the pillow but the fragrance of strawberry made him realize that it wasn't a pillow he opened his eyes slowly and looked up and saw that he was sleeping on samica's shoulder which brought a smile to his face because she was looking immensely beautiful and super cute as she was sleeping like a small baby.

He planted a sweet kiss on her cheek and she slowly opened her eyes feeling something soft on her cheek. She turned and faced nishant.

"good morning baby" nishant whispered very cutely.

"mai tumhari baby hu?" she also replied like a small baby and was looking very cute.

"na………tum meri baby nahi ho"


"tum…………..tum………..na………meri……na…….jaan ho"

Samica was so happy with his cute comment that she just hugged him tight. After getting out of the hug, nishant looked at samica and gave her the naughtiest look ever that made samica a little sceptical about his intentions and what his…..what we would call….his 'khurafati' brain was thinking.

"kya hua?" without saying anything he made a cute pout and closed his eyes expecting a kiss from her. At first samica was perplexed but then she understood what he was trying to do.

For a while he kept waiting for the kiss but slowly he opened his eyes and his eyes popped out on not seeing samica and he realized that she escaped leaving him a bit embarrassed. He turned his head to the right and then left and finally saw her running on the wet grass.

He ran behind her shouting her name but she didn't stop and ran faster laughing her ass out. They both were actually acting like nishant was buttercup from powerpuff girls and sam was mojo-jojo. Finally nishant  got caught of her hand and he suddenly pulled her due to which they both fell on the ground with nishant on top of samica.

They stared into each other's eyes and they just couldn't stop staring. Slowly with his finger nishant pushed aside a strand of her hair on her face but still their eye-lock was unbreakable. His lips came closer to her making her nervous and she closed her eyes, she could feel his warm breath on her lips. His lips came a bit more closer and he was about to kiss her when samica came back to her senses.

And to escape from his hold she suddenly tickled him which made him jerk and fall back down on the ground. Before nishant could even realize sam was running at a very high speed and he just smiled at her cuteness.


Scene shifts to lavanya's room

"lavanya utho na"

"kya hai ankit sone do na"

"ab kitna sona hai kumbhkaran already aath baj gaye hai aur hum 10 baje nikalna hai yaha se."

"ha ha theek hai uth rahi hu, by the way tum mere kamre mai kya kar rahe ho?"

Suddenly ankit thought of pulling her leg "kya kar raha hu matlb kya? Tumhe kuch yaad nahi kya?"


"wahi kal raat jo…..hamare beech"

Lavanya's eyes popped out listening to what he was saying "kal raat kya nishant?"

"c'mon lavanya tumhe kuch yaad nahi kya?"

"mujhe toh bas itna yaad hai mai kal apna kaam karke apne kamre mai change kara or so gayi."

"ha dekho sab yaa toh hai"

She smacked him hard on his shoulder "ankittt……….tum bhi na daara diya mujhe you idiot. Moron."

And she went  the bathroom to freshen up.
She sat on the comfy black chair in her office with a file in her hand but her mind somewhere else, she couldn't stop rewinding the beautiful memories of previous night she spent with Armaan, her Armaan. Sometimes she felt so lucky to have Armaan in her life. Actually Armaan only was his life.

She was completely lost in her thoughts when she was jerked out of her Armaania land by a voice.

"mere baare mai soch rahi ho na?"

"uh'..um'.armaan tum?...tum yaha kya kar rahe ho?"

"kuch nahi apni basket se milne aaya tha, koi problem?"


Armaan came inside and was staring at her with his naughty grin flashing his dimples in which ridhima could sink any time. And this made ridhima a bit perplexed.


"basket tum mere hi baare mai soch rahi thi na?"

"um'..mai'..n'nahi, Armaan tum bhi din mai'..sapne dekhte ho"

"basket mai sab jaanta hu zada smart banne ki zarurat nahi"

"acha? Sab jante ho? To kya poof hai tumhare pass ki mai tumhare baare mai soch rahi thi?"

"p'.proof, proof''..hai'.hai na proof"



"rehne do Armaan jaanti thi mai, dekha'." And she turned to leave but armaan held her by her arm and pulled her close to him which made her bump in his chest. And there eyes got locked together and Armaan knew that ridhima loved those ocean blue eyes and completely lost herself.

"toh, tum mere baare mai soch rahi thi ya nahi?" Armaan asked ridhima still staring right into her eyes. And poor ridhima, Armaan's eyes just bound her to him and she just completely lost herself in his eyes that she unknowingly blurted out the truth.


"hahahahahaha''" Armaan left her and broke into fits of laughter "''dekha basket maine kaha tha na, ab toh proof ki bhi zarurat nahi."

And ridhima's anger was on top, her nose flaring with anger and she gave him the 'OH-YOU-ARE-SO-DEAD' look and Armaan knew he was in danger. Poor soul was so scared that he became completely mum and stood quietly like a small kid who was being scolded by his teacher.

"Armaaannn'''.." Ridhima shouted on Armaan angrily and she started moving close to him, and Armaan ran to save his life and Ridhima ran behind him and they both were running in the whole office like small kids.

"ruko, Armaan, tumhe to mai, chorungi nahi, ruko''ab tum gaye"

Finally tired of running Armaan stopped in front of Ridhima's chair and Ridhima never realized that he stopped so she came running towards him. Unable to control her speed she bumped into Armaan and they both fell on the chair. And they again lost themselves in each others eyes.

After a long eye contact Armaan came to his senses.

"Arrey basket mai jis kaam ke liye aaya tha wo toh batana hi bhool gaya"

"kya?" Asked Ridhima frowning a bit and turning her face to her left but still she was on top of Armaan and his hand was around her waist.

"um'..wo actually basket, aaj shaam ko mai tumhare ghar aa raha hu"

"sorry mai tum jaise gande logo apne ghar mai nahi ghusne de sakti, you are not allowed to come"

Armaan pushed her away and stood proper and coolly looking the other side said.

"acha theek hai phir mai tumhare pitaji se tumhara haath maangne nahi aaunga"

Ridhima's eyes popped out listening to what he said, her mind took some time to digest Armaan's words.

"kya?...t'.tum aaj papa se mera, haath''."

"haan, par ab tum nahi chahati toh nahi aaunga"

"nahi nahi'..Armaan mai'..mai'..toh Mazak kar rahi thi'..Armaan tum bhi na"

Armaan looked at her innocent face and melted that time only, and both their lips broke into a long smile and they hugged each other.

"I love you Armaan"

"love too basket"

Scene shifts to canteen

AR enter the canteen together to break the good news to their friends but as soon as they entered the canteen they were highly confused seeing their friends as Abhi and Rahul were sitting on a different table while, nikki and muski on the other and they weren't even looking at each other.

They moved a bit forward.

"arrey ye sab kya ho raha guys, ladkiyan alag aur ladke alag kyu bethe hai?" Asked Armaan from all four of them, and they all threw  dirty looks at each other.

"guys, tumhe kuch sunai nahi de raha ya tum sunna nahi chahte?" Asked ridhima.

"Arrey ridzy tu humse kya puch rahi hai? In khotte de puttaro se puch." Shouted muskaan.

"ha hum hi batate hai tum ladkiyan toh hamesha ki tarah jooth hi bologi." Said abhi.

"oye''tum kehna kya chahte ho ki hum ladkiyan joothi hoti hai?"

"or kya'." Was rahul's reply.

"oye Rahul tu toh zada na bol, nahi toh teri haddi pasli ek kardugi"

"oh''jese mai dar gaya" Rahul said rolling his eyes, and muskaan unable to control her anger, stood and walked away followed by nikki. And abhi and Rahul also left. And Armaan ridhima stood there still confused, as they didn't even got the chance to ask for what they were fighting.

"inka kuch nahi ho sakta."

"kuch hoga bhi kese hamare dost jo hain" Said Armaan and they both laughed bit.

Scene shifts to the fire escape

Armaan was sitting there all by himself lost in his thoughts, when ridhima sees him and goes inside and sits beside him.

"kya hua Armaan? Tum yaha akele kyu bethe ho? Aur itne pareshaan bhi lag rahe ho?"

"uh''ba'.basket, n'.nahi, mai kyu, pareshaan hone laga?"

"yahi toh mai puch rahi hoon batao na"

"wo, actually b'.basket, mai aaj tumhare ghar aa toh raha hu, p'.par' mujhe pata nahi mai tumhare papa se kese baat karunga? Matlab mai unse kya khaunga? Mujhe bohot dar lag raha hai basket"

As soon as ridhima heard this she burst out laughing making Armaan a confused spirit.

"O my god, matlab Armaan Mallik ko bhi darr lagta hai'..hehehe'." and she continued laughing and Armaan frowned at her and was about to leave when she stopped laughing and held him by his shoulder.

"Armaan, acha I am sorry, galti ho gayi. Aur Armaan tumhe mujh par bharosa hai na?"

"Apne aap se bhi zada"

"ha toh bas, apne saare darr bhool jao  mere lie, apne lie, hamare lie. Aur papa konsa tumhe kha jaenge Armaan, daro mat sab theek ho jaega" she cupped her face and kissed his forehead.



"jab hamari shaadi hogi na, tab, hum''.um'.."

"bolo basket?"

"tab hum'.um''h'hon'.honey'.honeymoon ke liye kaha jaege?"

"oyye hoyye miss basket tumhe badi jaldi ho rahi hai honeymoon ki kya baat hai."

Armaan teased her

"Armaaannn!!!" she smacked him on his Arm.

"acha sorry, tum batao tumhe kaha jaana hai?"


"kya? PARIS?" ridhima nodded her head in yes.

"kyu koi problem hai?"

"nahi'..basket mujhe koi problem nahi par mujhe laga tha  tum India mai hi kahi jaana chahogi."

"nahi Armaan maina hamesha se Paris jaana chahati thi"

"okay fine agar tum kehti ho toh Paris hi chale ge"

"wow!!!, I love you Armaan"

"acha basket'.?


"Agar mai tumse kuch manguga toh tum dogi?"


"pehle promise karo?"


"tum, please mujhe kabhi bhi chor kar mat jaana hamesha mere saath rehna, jab mai boodha ho jau tab bhi mujhse bore ho jao toh mujhe chorkar mat jaana please, kyunki agar tum chali gayi toh mai, jee nahi paunga" As soon as  Armaan said this Ridhima covered his mouth.

"Armaan''khabradaar jo aisa kaha toh, aur tumhe kya lagta hai mai tumhe chordungi, never mister sapne dekhna chor do, hamesha tumhari jaan khaati rahugi" till now they both were in tears "''tum mere ho sirf mere, or mai tumhe chorkar kabhi nahi jaungi'.jaante ho kyu?"


she cupped his face "kyunki''.mai  tumse bohot bohot bohot pyaar karti hu aur Armaan ke bina uski Basket bilkul adhuri hai.

And he hugged her tight very tight. And they cried in each other embrace for sometime.


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