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part 14& 15 : Jalan

part 14

After that tragic day exactly two weeks ago, they barely kept contact and avoided each other at any cost, but it was hard; his memories haunted her during day and night no matter how hard she tried to run away from it. She began waking up lifelessly, rubbing off the dried tear that stained her face; she walked slowly towards the bathroom. After conducting her morning routine, she made a call to the hospital asking if Rohit was fine, they informed her that he would be able to leave the hospital in a week.

She dressed herself in dark green shalwar and kameez, and began driving towards the college, her mind only thinking about Armaan, she dreaded going to college after that day, her heart seemed to twitch in excite at the sight of him especially now that they are a part of the same group. This worried Ridhimma who was willing to move on, but his smile, his eyes, his gesture, he just made her weak. With his constant thoughts she arrived at the college, parking her car, she made her way to her first class.

Tring tringgg the bell rang; it was now recess, her face began going pale, she shut her eye's in pain as she was rooted to her chair knowing now she had to face him. She began walking towards the group with a fake smile stuck on her face, her eyes battled with tears, her heart seemed to drown in spent memories with him, she tried her very best to act normal around him. His piercing gazed followed her as they seated on the table, she placed her books down, her eyes lowered, his presence had left her in a nervous state where she didn't dare to look upon him.

 Sapna began making conversation that somewhat ended up in playing truth or dare, they spined the bottle for the fifth time, it pointed towards Ridhimma, she gasped in utter nervousness she looked up to see Armaan smirking she lowered her eyes again, his husky voice reached her ears "Truth or Dare", she took the easy way out, Ridhimma whispered "Truth", only to look at his eyes filled with mischief she knew very well what he was going to ask and rehearsed to herself to remain calm.

She looked up confidently at him ready for him to shoot the question, his blue eyes taking hold of hers she lost herself in them making her melt within with inner turmoil. He smiled knowing the effect he caused on her, he spoke saying "Do you love anyone?" he wanted her to confess, the thought of losing her had him test her time and time again to make sure she always remains his, as he spoke; the group said "ooooooooohhh" in delight, she glared at him ready to hurt him, she knew he still loves her and as much as she also loves him, she said "Yes ' My Fiance", she saw the glistening of happiness in his eyes disappear to be replaced by hurt, she hurt herself in the process, she needed to this in order to move on. 

The grouped gasped at the mention of fiance they all looked at her shocked, sapna and other gang members demanded to know he was, Ridhimma looked at Armaan, his eyes full of pain, he looked away she lowered her eyes and whispered Rohit and all the necessary details they demanded to know about him. Recess went on with playing Truth or Dare, Armaan's foul mood had caused a spark of suspicion within Sapna but she remained to push the thought away from herself. As recess finished they approached their other classes, Armaan and Ridhimma proceeded towards math class with Armaan in the lead and Ridhimma within a good distance away from him.

Ridhimma walked in the classroom to see Armaan already positioned in his seat, his eyes stuck on her, she felt her cheeks slightly add colour making her look away immediately, she walked slowly and slowly towards her desk beside Armaan's as she was about to put her books on the desk and sit there, a skinny girl pushed her away saying "ARRRRRMAAAN!" she looked at her in sheer disbelief but what shocked her was that Armaan smiled at her, greeting her warmly with a hug paying no attention to her what so ever, Ridhimma's eyes widened in disgust as she rubbed her body on his hugging him tightly, anger swished through her vein she felt like choking the life out of the girl at that moment, she glared at Armaan in absolute disgust and hate, she huffed and puffed away seating herself besides a spare seat next to Sid.

Armaan's eyes followed her, a confused face sat on him seeing her so angry, he hugged the girl even more so tightly as he saw her eyes on them again while sitting besides Sid, he looked at her in confusion isn't this what she wanted for him to move on? He asked himself. She looked at him in disgust before looking away, he chuckled seeing her so angry at his direction. He said "Nehaaa" before parting away from the hug.

As the words echoed down she felt so flawed, somehow her name whispered from his lips hurt her perhaps because it was the fact he spoke another girls name besides hers, she felt her eyes teary, her heart wanted to scream, she wanted to kill both of them at the moment.

The class went in routine practice of Armaan and Ridhimma glancing in each other. She couldn't help herself checking on them, "neha" was sitting in her seat slouching her body against his, she gave him a disgusted look at every chance she could. Armaan was getting confused "why is it every time he looks, she give a him a evil eye but damn she looks cute" he repeated to himself each time he caught her staring.

As the class finished, she gave a last glance at Armaan before walking out, she felt sick and disgusted at the thought of that girl touching Armaan, "how dare she?" she kept asking herself, she was walking along the corridor before a hand grabbed her waist pushing her to an abandon room, she was about to scream, the man's hand placed itself on her lips, she closed her eye tightly in refutation, she couldn't see his face but at his touch her heart felt safe only one person could give her such peace; she whispered Armaan.

He took his hand off her mouth and distanced his body from hers, taking out a lighter that brought light in the murky room. His blues eyes swayed her emerald green eyes making her heart beat frantically, her breathing became disorderedly as his steps came closer to her, and she gasped as she was pushed behind a shady brown wall in the small room.

His soft breaths crawled on her skin as lips were inches away from hers. Her conscious and senses jumping all over the place making ever more nervous, her knees began weakening, her heart shaking, she found the littlest courage fighting for survival, she whispered "Armaan, w w what are you doing?" to her disbelief he came closer to her pinning his body with hers saying " what's wrong Ridhimma? What's with the stares?  what do you want?" while nuzzling her neck, she grabbed on to him for support as she felt herself weaken at his touch.

She felt at peace in weeks being near him but with that thought she also remembered the events that caused their separation and offcourse who could forget Neha she murmured in her thoughts before pushing him of herself.

Anger began creeping into her again, she spoke " What do I want?", he said "yes Ridhimma what do you want?" she glared at him in anger saying "I want you to stay from THAT CHAPLIKI NEHA", Armaan's widened as he realized she was jealous he suppressed his laughter seeing her so mad but too late Ridhimma had caught him, she spoke again "Oye MISTER it's not funny!" she clicked her fingers at him, he replied "kyun Miss Attitude, Kyun what's wrong with Neha; shes hot & sexy!" coming closer to her " Hot or sexy teri MA!" she said  in absolute shock at his words, her face burning red in anger.

He replied " Oye Ma ki barey mai kuch mat kaho" dramatically, she looked at him feeling guilty, she apologized he smiled at her cuteness, he tried to lighten the mood " You haven't answered my question"  she said " BAS KAHA NA ARMAAN.... Please stay from her?" too quickly knowing that she had no justified reason to why he should do that such thing, while stepping back. He said again "You still haven't answered my question" coming closer. She backed away, "um woh ah bas kaha Armaan" she said irritated, he smiled.

She looked to see joy sparkle in his eyes, she was baffled before she knew she had hit the wall again while his body was protecting hers, his smile grew wider as her eyes shot up in realization of their position, her hands were placed on his chest pushing him away which dissuade as it was no use in doing so, he came closer, her heart seemed to stop beating for a while, her breaths were in held in as it was in weeks she felt his breaths on her, she blushed instantly remembering the times she shared with Armaan.

She lowered her head, her eyes shut in order for heart to bring itself in place, his eyes were stuck on her and he stepped back slowly and slowly, she opened her eyes as she felt his presence stepping back, she looked at him, he smiled saying " I got my answer"  before he walked away.

part 15

She was walking along the corridor, nurses and doctors rushing about the place in hurry. The smell of the hospital had a sickening effect; she made her way towards room 302. Rohit she called softly aware of the fact other patients were there as well, he signalled with his hands for her to come towards his bed. He was dressed in jeans and a tight white t-shirt; he was standing, putting on his black jacket and he bent down getting his bag, smiling at Ridhimma.

She smiled back nervously she asked ready to go? He nodded, the doctor approached them handing a discharge paper to which Rohit grabbed on quickly. They walked out of the hospital and towards their car in silence; both were outlining different things in their minds.

He opened the shiny black door for her to enter; she sat on the passenger seat while he took place in the driving seat, he whispered a shy "Thank you" before starting the machine, he put his hands on the steering wheel ready to move but her words made him stop, she said "what for?", he smiled sheepishly at her comment, he turned off the engine and turned towards her, grabbing her hands saying "For standing by my side, for taking care of me, for being there 24/7 ... Thank you for everything Ridhimma".

His words planted a seed of remorse and shame, she had made of fun of Rohit's Love and she will never forgive herself for that, she couldn't help the tears that fell out of her eyes and soon, her cries became more violent as she found herself hugging him tightly and whispering "Sorrry Rohit.. I am soo sorry" he dropped a tear before wiping it and patting her back for support he whispered "ssssh sssh Ridhimma" she went on saying " I am so sorry ... I am sorry Rohit I never-" she stopped as she realized what she was about to confess, he just held her tight not uttering a word.

She pulled back still crying but smiled weakly as he signalled a smile with his hands, he started the machine and began driving, the trip was a silent one. The car jerked at a stop in front of her apartment.  She wiped her tears and made her way out of the car and towards her apartment, following her was Rohit.

He placed his bag on the corner of the apartment and walked towards the kitchen opening the fridge, as he was incredibly hungry for real food as supposed to the food they served at the hospital. Ridhimma smiled before she could comment the phone rang.

Hello... Sapna?..... oh... haan, 20 mins.. haan ... Bye. She was completely confused to what to do now, she promised Sapna and how is she supposed to break this to Rohit? Rohit seeing the confused face she was pulling, he asked "Ridhimma, where are you lost?" his voice snapped her back to reality she lowered her head "Rohit, I forgot to tell you, That tonight our College is holding a dance party, I know you just got out of the hospital, I can call sapna and cancel-"  she was cut in by Rohit who brightly said "Let's go!.... Ridzi go & hurry up get ready you said 20 mins to sapna" she looked at his happy face surprised at the fact he called her ridzi; it had been years he has called her ridzi, he always used pet names such as babe or honey, still confused, she nodded and headed towards her room to change.

She dressed herself in a black saree with silver sequenced embodied on the end of the fabric, her hair out and straightened, her eyes outlined in dark liner and her lips rosy. She walked out of the room to a dazed Rohit, she asked if they could go now. He just stared and nodded.

Arriving at the Bella hall; the college decided to arrange the dance party at. It was big and beautiful, the dance floor was wide, the music was pumping, laughter and voices bubbling in happiness could be heard. Ridhimma's heart was going through a thousand and one emotions, she was nervous, sacred, and worried about setting her eyes on him, her thoughts were involved in Armaan when Rohit nudged her holding her hand they went inside the hall.

Her eyes searching for him at every possible direction, he stood there in the bar dressed in blue jeans and black t-shirt his hair pulled back, every girls direction and gaze at him. She dropped her gaze immediately once his eyes were on her; she tightened her grip on Rohit's hand, wanting to run at that moment.

Following everyone's gaze it lead him to seeing her in a black saree, his eyes were frozen on her, her beauty had him hypnotized, his thirst to see her was broken, she looked beautiful but then his eyes followed her linked hand to Rohit, his grip on his glass tightened, he felt a rare spark of violence erupt in him, he looked away, hurt.

Sapna approached towards Ridhimma and Rohit dragging them towards where everyone was standing including Armaan, they all greeted each other warmly especially to Rohit. They talked about everything and nothing, admist all this Armaan and Ridhimma stealing glances of each other, unaware of the fact that Rohit noticed.

Soon enough Amit- Sapna, Sid- Tamaana, Yuvi- Naina, were dancing leaving Armaan, Ridhimma and Rohit alone. Armaan and Rohit began chatting from where they left off, Ridhimma was on edge about what Armaan would tell Rohit, her heart was racing from the moment she saw him now him being near was unbearable.

Armaan seeing her stressed, smiled at the scared expression she held on her face, throughout the 10 minute conversation, Armaan and Ridhimma exchanged very few formal words. Sapna came dragging Ridhimma and Rohit to the dance floor. The crowd was big and only couples clinging to each other could be seen, her eyes turned towards Armaan who stood there alone, she felt a hand on her waist and looked up to see Rohit smiling, she hesitantly placed her hands on his shoulders.

 Seeing the pair and their bodies swinging in harmony, the scene splashed back all the memories Armaan shared with Ridhimma, he immediately turned towards the bar man unable to swallow the sight in front of him, he ordered Vodka, he turned to see them smiling at each other, he gabbled the drink in a swift while eyeing them, he turned back ordering another drink, he took that one in a matter of seconds, he banged the glass on the table....

Laa Laaalaaaalaaaaaaa  mmmmm mmmmm ooooooooohhhhh laaaaa laaaaaa mmmmm

Tu pyaar hain kisee aaur kaa
tujhe chaahataa koee aaur hain
tu pasand hain kisee aaur kee
tujhe maangataa koee aaur hain

Armaan turned around holding his glass filled with vodka, he sang loudly, his attention focused on Ridhimma, his words causing everyone to smile and resume dancing at close approximately. Ridhimma completely surprised with his chioce of song stared at him, her heart heavy she hestantily danced with Rohit.

kaun apanaa hai
kyaa begaanaa hai

His eyes slightly moist while his gaze fixed on her; he drank the vodka quickly, while making his way towards the dance floor.

kyaa hakeekat hai
kyaa fasaanaa hain
ye zamaane mein kisane jaanaa hain

He circled around Ridhimma and Rohit while placing his hand on Sid's shoulder who happened to dance with Tamaana next to Ridhimma and Rohit, Armaan lowered his head on his shoulder singing..

tu nazar mein hain kisee aaur kee
tujhe dekhataa koee aaur hain

Ridhimma turned to see Armaan's eyes on them again, his lyrics causing her heart to break; she was battling with tears seeing him hurt like that.

pyaar mein aksar ayesaa hotaa hain
koee hasataa hai
koee rotaa hain
koee paataa hain
koee khotaa hain

He moved around the couples stumbling all over the place.

tu jaan hain kisee aaur kee
tujhe jaanataa koee aaur hain

He stopped in the corner of the dance flower taking a red flower from his pocket, he glanced at Ridhimma then back at the flower smiling he began moving towards her...

Tu  pyaar hain kisee aaur kaa
tujhe chaahataa koee aaur hain
tu  pasand hain kisee aaur kee
tujhe maangataa koee aaur hain

He handed the flower to her while singing the above lyrics and then making his way towards the door to exist.

mmmmmm mmmmm oooooooo aaaahhhhh mmmm aaahhh lalaaaaaaaa

Seeing him near the door, her heart sank she began singing while stretching her and Rohit's arms towards where armaan stood, his eyes widned in shock seeing  her singing..

sochatee hoo main
choop rahoo kaise 

dard dil kaa ye main sahoo kaise

She began cutting the distance between her and Rohit, her hair flew back, her heart racing, she faced Rohit but looked at Armaan displaying her hidden emotions.

sochatee hoo main
choop rahoo kaise 

dard dil kaa ye main sahoo kaise

She grabbed Rohit's hand placing it near her heart a tear placed in her eyes, she gazed at Armaan who was standing behind him.

kashmakash mein hoo
ye kahoo kaise

She neared Rohit who had a blank expression on his face, she hugged him while gazing at Armaan.

meraa humasafar bas yek too
naheen doosaraa koee aaur hain

Armaan began stepping backwards,  his eyes not moving from hers, he dropped a lone tear before turning his back and walking out of the hall, singing.

Tu  pyaar hain kisee aaur kaa
tujhe chaahataa koee aaur hain
tu pasand hain kisee aaur kee
tujhe maangataa koee aaur hain

laalaaaa laaaa laaaaaaa lalalaaaaaaa

Seeing him turn and go, she couldn't stop the tune that escaped her lips, she was swinging in Rohits arms while her gaze was following armaan, she at the moment wanted to stop and run after him, the emotions that displayed in his eyes were bruising her heart, she felt herself choking out of breath while her eyes became teary.


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