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Part 14: Dill Ki ye dhadhkan

She lied down in her bed thinking about his prince charming and waiting for him to come very soon as she cannot wait more. She has been dying for him to come and talk to his dad but Armaan is Armaan he can never be punctual and she knew that very well. She thought of calling him but then stopped thinking why would she call him? He is late he should be calling her.

 Now she was getting angry and angry Armaan was already half an hour late and now she was getting impatient. It was about their marriage and Armaan was again late and that pissed her off. But when another half an hour she was getting tensed bad thoughts were popping up in her mind. She was getting heck scared. She no more could wait. She fetched her phone and started dialling his number when suddenly she heard the doorbell.

She ran outside her room and ran to the main door and as she opened the door she heaved a sigh of relief. Finally Mr.Armaan mallik was here. She just hugged him tight and started sobbing quietly.

 "kaha the tum? Naa hi koi phone, na koi message, pata hai kitna darr gayi thi mai."

"woah woah woah basket, tum bhi na ek number ki darpok ho, tumhe pata hai na tumhara mangetar kitna strong hai, mujhe kya hona hai?"

"shut up Armaan!" she commanded and Armaan reciprocated to her hug.

"basket chalo bas ab andar bhi aane dogi ya nahi?"

"oh''I am sorry" they both came out of the hug and Armaan went inside.

Armaan walked down the hall along with Ridhima holding her hand, a bit nervous and he didn't even know why? Because there was no reason to be worried. Finally they reached Shanshank's study and entered.

"papa''" called out ridhima in her sweet voice, making him turn around to see who it was?

"ahhh''Armaan beta tum yaha aa gaye, but let me tell you are late, par kuch nahi hota aao betho." They sit down and Padma, nani and anjie too came.

"wo ac'..actually sir'.." before he could complete shashank cut him in between.

"Armaan please sir nahi Papa."

"wo'.sir'.i mean Papa wo darasal mai aapse''um''apni aur Ridhima ki shaadi ki baat karne aaya tha"

"beta''hum toh tayyario ke bare mai bhi sochne lage aur tum abhi bhi baat karna chahte ho"

Hearing this Armaan's face lighten up "what?..." he shouted in excitement.

"haan'..maine tumhare parents se baat karli hain aur wo kal tak aa jayenge aur phir hum saari tayyarian shuru kardenge"

"sach?...i mean thank you so much si''.mera matlab papa" and they hug and with that RIdhima leaves the room to hide her cheeks which turned red as she was blushing like anything and it can never happen that when Ridhima is blushing Armaan doesn't pull her leg. And he follows her.

Scene shifts to sam's house

"O MY GOD! Nishant tum yaha kya kar rahe ho?"

"kuch nahi tumse milne ka mann hua toh aa gaya"

"haan toh''khidhki se aane ki kya zarurat thi? Darwaze se bhi toh aa sakte the na tum!"

"haan''wo actually mai na hamesha se yeh try karna chahate tha, kisi ladki ke room mai khidhki se ghus ke kesa lagta hai"

Yes''Nishant entered sam's room through window, early in the morning before leaving for sanjeevani although she lived alone and there was no one to be scared off. But Nishant was and will always be the same.

"huh''? Nishant tum na pagal ho"

"haan wo toh mai hoon, tumhare liye" suddenly his expression changed from happy to serious and stared right into her eyes, moving closed and closer to her which made her move backward. And he suddenly pinned her against the wall, due which her heartbeats rose and now they were just inches away.

"nishant" whispered her meek voice. Finally the words came out which weren't before due to the closeness between the two.


"ye' t'.tum kya kar rahe ho?"

Kya kar raha hoon matlab kya? Iss chand se chehre ko nihaar raha hoon"

"what? Chand se chehra?" she shouted finding his cheeky lines extremely lame.

"god sam, kya hai tumhe ek toh mai yaha romantic hone ki koshish kar raha hoon aur tum ho ki''"

he couldn't complete his sentence as he felt something on his lips and he was stunned as he realised that Sam was kissing him. He never expected this from her as she was all this shy type of girl. But soon he got lost into the moment and responded to the kiss equally. They were kissing madly when they slowly came out of the kiss and Sam stared right into his eyes and moved her face a bit closer to his, slowly kissed his cheek and then his ear lobe and whispered sweetly.

"isse kehte hai romance''." She whispered but came back to her normal voice "naa ki tuhari cheeky lined marna."

He was shocked by her sudden action, he could not believe Sam actually did that, he couldn't move from his place, unable to get out of the shock he kept on standing there like a man-e-quin. It was completely unexpected for him. He was surprised by her girlfriend's guts and even proud that she was scared of anything int his world.

Scene shifts to Ridhima's room

He hugged her from behind and placed his head on her shoulder.

"oyye basket, tum kitna sharmati ho, socho agar shaadi ki baat sun ke haal hai tohh'''." He stretched 'toh' and stopped in between.


"k''kuch nahi b'.basket."

"Armaan toh kya?" she him, one of her deadly looks.

"maine kaha na kuch nahi basket"

"theek hai mat batao" she frowned and looked away. And now Armaan had no other option because if he doesn't tell her she would be extremely annoyed.

He went closer to her ear and said softly "toh''suhaagraat par kya hoga?"

Ridzi's eyes shot up listening to what he said and her hearbeat rose'.."um'..Armaan'su'.suhaa'suhaagraat?"

"haan'.kyu? kya hua?"

"vo'..kuch nahi'."

"dekha'..islie nahi batana chahta tha tumhe, par wese basket ye sochne waali baat toh hai, agar tum itna sharmaogi toh mera kya hoga?"

"Armaaannn!!!" and she smacked him on his arm.

"basket''" he said pulling her closer by her waist.

And they again got lost into each other's eyes but this time it was different because from now on ridhima wasn't his fiance, she was he would-be-wife. Well that is the same thing but still it felt different this time to both of them, he came closer and closer to her still not looking away from those dark forest and she just stood there in his arms.

She slowly moved her hands closer to him and slowly started wraping them around his neck, she came closer and they hugged each other. It felt so good this time, the world seem so beautiful to both the love-birds and they stood their in each other's embrace feeling the love for each other.
Ridhima sat amidst the group of ladies in a beautiful plain blue saree, with a little make-up and a simple hairstyle, she looked extremely beautiful. It was her mehendi night and her excitement knew no limits, in a matter of three days she will be married to her Armaan. The smell of henna reached her nose and she smiled remembering how much Armaan hated it.

Mehendi was being applied on her hands with beautiful textures and designs but her mind was busy thinking about him.

"Ridzi''" she heard a loud shriek and looked up to see who it was.

"Nikki? Muski? Finally tum dodo aa gayi, kaha thi itni derr tak?"

"are tu wo chorna ye sab ridzi, wese tu badi hi sundar lag rahi hai, wese kyu nahi lagegi aakhir choice kiski hai? Mere hero ki, acha toh lagna hi hai'.. Wow Ridhima tumhari mehendi toh kitni achi lag rahi hai, kherr ye sab chaddho tu ye bata mai kesi lag rahi hoon or''." And muskaan went on with her continuous blabber making the two of them snore. Finally when muski was done the three of them along with Anjali talked for a while.


Ridhima's mehendi was completed and it looked simply beautiful. Before she could even look at it for a minute she was snatched to the dance floor. All of them were enjoying themselves when Ridhima excused herself and went to her room. She sat on her bed and looked at her beautiful mehendi, she was mesmerised and could not stop looking at it when all of sudden she heard a sudden knock on her window and she turned around to see who did that and it was none other than Armaan.

"A'..Armaan'..tum yaha kya kar rahe ho?" she wasn't shocked that he was here as she had become used to it she was shocked that he was here on her mehendi night when there were so many people down stairs.

"tumse milne aaya hoon, andar nahi aane dogi kya?"

"nahi, Armaan dekho tum please jao yahan se koi aa gaya toh ho gaya kaam"

"haan toh aane do, hamari shaadi ho rahi hai" and he entered the room without her permission.

After he entered he looked at his basket and he was mum, a smile unknowingly crept up his face and he once again fell for his basket. He walked towards her ignoring whatever Ridhima was saying. Ridhima could see the look in his eyes and stopped talking as her nervousness rose. He moved closer and she moved back, he moved even closer she again took a step back but before she could move behind, Armaan pulled her by her waist, loosing himself in the deep forest.

Even Ridhima lost herself in his eyes. His face moved closer to Ridhima's and he softly kissed her on her forehead than he moved a little downwards and kissed her on her nose and then came closer to her lips, closer closer and even closer but moved towards her ears and whispered ever so softly.

"Aaj tum bohot khoobsurat lag rahi ho basket"

She opened her eyes which she closed feeling his hot breath on her lips and blushed profusely. He looked at his 'blushing beauty' and only two words escaped his mouth.

"Oyye hoyye'.." and that cute smile of his with the extremely cute dimples made her blush even more "'..oh hello madam ab yahi khadi sharmati rahogi kya?" he said bringing out of her dream land.

"Armaaan!" she was about to hit him on his shoulder when she stopped in mid way looking at her hand as she didn't want to spoil her mehendi "'..Arre mai toh bhool hi gayi, kesi lag rahi hai meri mehendi?" she asked showing her mehendi to Armaan but was confused seeing the frown on his face "Kya hua achi nahi hai?" she asked ever so cutely.

"nahi wo baat nahi hai par basket'..tum jaani ho na ki mujhe mehendi ki smell se kitni nafrat hai?"

"oh'..sachi? Toh iska matlab maine ese hi tumhare naam ki mehendi lag wayi?" making a sad face she tried to trick him and indeed he got tricked by her cuteness.

"um'.nahi'.wo basket esa nahi hai, ummm''"

"acha toh batao na kesi lag rahi hai?" she shrieked happily taking her hands close to his face making him block his nose.

"b'.bohot achi hai" he said with his nose blocked making himself sound like Himesh reshamiya(sorry don't know the spelling of his name :p).


"Kya?" he shouted with his eyes wide in horror "Yaar dekho guys mujhe na isse koi problem nahi hai par agar Ridhima ko patah chala toh wo meri jaan lelegi"

"arre tu uski tension mat le use nahi patah chalga" said Abhi

"haan aur Armaan teri shaadi hone wali hai bachelor party yoh banti hai" said Rahul

"nahi Armaan ye sab galat hai aur agar Anjali ko patah chala toh tu janta hai na ki wo tu mujhse baat hi nahi karegi aur wese bhi aaj meri Sheila ka birthday hai tum log uski party mai nahi aaoge?"

"shiela?" the three asked in unison.

"haan mera podha patah hai aaj wo 7 saal ki ho jaegi."

"Chup kar yaar Atul" said Rahul.

"dekh Armaan hamne saari tayyari kardi hai hume nahi patah tujhe chalna padega" said Abhi


"kuch par war nahi'..tujhe chalna padega toh padega" said Abhi. And pushed him to get ready.


"t'.tum'.jhooth bol rahi ho na?" asked a tensed Ridhima

"Arrey Ridzi maine apne kaano se unhe ye sab kehte hue suna tha" said Muskaan making her believe that she was not lying.

"Muski are you sure?" confirmed Nikki.

"tum logo ko meri baat par yakeen nahi hota na? toh ek kaam karo mere saath chalke hi dekh lo" said Muskaan.

The four agreed and went to check on the guys. Yes, Muski had heard the conversation and told the girls about it. And they left for the club.


The guys entered the club and were dazzled by the decorum, they were so ready for getting drunk and partying hard, like maniacs but Armaan was still unsure as he felt that he was somewhere betraying Ridhima. But before he could do anything her felt someone pulling him, and suddenly he saw a beautiful girl dancing with him and trying to make him dance along with her.

At first Armaan was a bit uncomfortable but soon he started swaying along with her and started dancing.

Cha cha cha chikne
Chikne mujhse phisal gaye..
Ka ka ka kitne
Hai kitno ki dum nikal gaye..
Hai toba kya hoga
Jo hoga so hoga
Sab mujhse poochte hain
Tu kaun desh se aayi (Naam)

Naam jalebi bai (Aha)
Jalebi bai (Aha)
Jalebi bai'
Jalebi bai

Deewano ne hai dekh li  the girls finally reached the club wearing beautiful dresses and were looking undeniably sexy.
Dekhi meri khari ghari as they entered the wore the eye-masks that they had brought with them so the boys didn't recognise them.

Haan deewano ne hai dekh li   Ridhima saw Armaan and her jaw dropped seeing him dancing like that with the girl.
Dekhi meri khari ghari     other girls were not less stunned seeing their guys dancing along with girls  and Nikki and Muski had already started abusing them like anything.
Zulfon se raat mein niki
Chehre se chandni khari
Koi aage koi peeche
Koi upar koi neeche
Sab mujhse poochte hain
Tu kaun desh se aayi

 (Naam)              now even the girls joined the guys dancing along with them but they didn't realise who they were as they were wearing masks.

Naam jalebi bain
Jalebi bai           
Jalebi bai'
Jalebi bai

Jalebi bai
Jalebi bai
Jalebi bai' (Jalebi bai)

Poocho yahan sab se poochlo
Deewano ka mein fashion

Poocho yahan sab se poochlo
Deewano ka mein fashion
Sab ki zubaan par hoon main
Love ki main definition
Koi dekhe koi choo le
Jo choo le wo jule
Sab mujhse poochte hai
Tu kaun desh se aayi (Naam)

Naam jalebi bai (Aha)
Jalebi bai (Aha)
Jalebi bai'
Jalebi bai

Jalebi bai
Jalebi bai
Jalebi bai'
Jalebi bai

Jalebi bai
Jalebi bai
Jalebi bai'
Jalebi bai

All of them danced and as soon as the track got over they got down from the floor. Rahul  came to Armaan and whispered something in Armaan's ear which was audible for the 'Chugal-khor aunty' Muskaan.


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