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part 15 : my every breathe in ur name

Part 15 :The most waited day of my life

Armaan's POV

I was shocked at the person who stood at my door. "Sid? You here? This early?" I mumbled not expecting him at that time.

"Hi" said Sid with a smile.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't realize that I was blocking the way in. "Oh! Yeah come in" I walked him inside. "Sorry, I was a bit lost as few of my friends came to meet me after a long time." I tried to explain something.

"It's OK Armaan. I got the news of your wedding. Congrats Armaan. So happy for both of you." He hugged me. I was overwhelmed. I hugged him back finding it hard to speak. "Thank you Sid"

"Come let me introduce you to my friends" I said pulling him slightly along with me. But he hesitated.

"No Armaan. I'll meet them later. I want to you talk to you. Let's go to the lawn" he said stopping me from taking a step ahead. My heart started beating fast. Many random thoughts rushed into my brain, some good ones and some horrible ones. I shook my head and walked with him to the lawn trying to expect what he wants to talk with me.

All through the brief walk to the lawn, silence took its place between us. Sid didn't speak anything and I was a bit afraid to start a conversation. When we reached the lawn, no longer bearing able to tolerate the silence, I stopped Sid and turned to face him.

"Sid?" I looked at his face to make out something. But his face was expressionless with a brief smile over his lips. He didn't speak anything but handed me an envelope. "What's this?" I mouthed rather irritated and pulled out the papers in it. I glanced at the papers and was shell shocked. My heart skipped few beats at that moment. Tears made their way from my eyes before I could hold them back. I took my time to regain myself.

"Divorce papers?" I managed to let the words out and stared at Sid. Yes the papers are the deal for Divorce with mutual consent between Sid and Riddhima.

"I know Armaan. This is not necessary. But I don't want anyone to point their fingers at your and Riddhima's relationship. So I thought……." Even before Sid completed his sentence, I hugged him hard. 'How can I thank this person?' I thought to myself 'for giving my life back to me – for filling my life with happiness when I thought everything is over'

"Thank you Sid. Thank you for everything. I owe you a lot" said I holding on to him tight.

He patted my back slightly "You don't owe me anything Armaan. You deserve everything." He said and drew back. "You deserve to be happy – happy with Riddhima. Bye Armaan" saying so he walked towards the gate. He turned to look at me when I called him. "Our happiness at our wedding will be incomplete without you" I shouted in a voice so that it could reach him. He smiled and nodded, and left.

I stared at his retreating figure and closed my eyes. All the incidents in the past few days were alive in my eyes. But at the end I was happy that we are going to be together - Armaan and Riddhima – forever. That thought brought a soft smile to my lips.

I jolted back to present when I heard a voice shouting my name. God! It was Muskaan's. I rushed back into my house to join my friends back with heart full of satisfaction.


I found it very hard to walk. I tripped many times on my way but thank God, Abhi and Rahul were by my side to help me. I cursed Nikki and Muskaan under my breath for forcing me to wear a dhothi on my big day. Champ convinced me that he would be from the girl's side at the wedding. But I figured it out. It was Anjali's presence at Riddhima's place that pulled Atul to her side. Yes, Anjali reached Mumbai today morning and Atul was on cloud9.

Finally after lot of efforts, carrying my dhothi, I reached the ultimate destination and was overwhelmed at its sight. The small mandap was well decorated with red roses and satin pardas. How much I wished for this day to be true and finally it is and I wanted to live the moment. My eyes became moist as I slowly walked up to the mandap and the Pandit asked me to sit.

As insisted by me and Riddhima, the wedding ceremony was made as simple as possible with only close friends of us from Sanjeevani. I glanced around. I found everyone Abhi, Rahul, Champ, Muski, Anji, Nikki, Sid, Dr.Keerthi, Dr.Shubankar  and few other interns along with Dr.Shashank, Padma aunty, my mom and Dad. Yes, Billy and my mom were more thrilled than me at the news of my wedding.

But my eyes searched for one person, whom I was desperate to meet. I kept on searching for Basket all through the hall scanning all the faces. But to my utter disappointment, I didn't find her. The Pandit tried his best to draw my attention towards the pooja – but my mind wandered around the thoughts of Riddhima. 'How would she look as my bride?' I thought to myself and my patience kept on sinking.

Unable to bear it, finally I made up my mind "When will you call the bride? Please make it quick. You may read those poems later?" I pleaded the Pandit. The middle aged man shot a dirty look at me and continued with the pooja.

"Shut up Armaan. Sit straight and concentrate on the pooja." Nikki hit me on my head and warned me for umpteenth time. I wondered how she heard it. I glared at her while she bit her lips to suppress her laughter. I gritted my teeth at the Pandit, who ignored my pleadings to call my bride. I noticed Abhi and Rahul enjoying my situation and impatience.

I thanked God like never before when I heard the Pandit asking someone to call the bride. For the first time since three hours, the Pandit looked like my only savior. I thanked him and turned to the direction of Riddhima's entry. My heart stopped beating for a moment when I caught a sight of her. She looked utter beautiful in the red lehenga and red odhni. Her face lit with happiness and a twinkle in her eyes. She noticed me staring at her and her cheeks turned to deep red while I enjoyed watching the beauty before my eyes.

I didn't realize that I was staring at Riddhima with my mouth slightly open till Rahul came and pulled my chin up, to close the gap between my lips. "Close your mouth and stop staring at her. She is going to be yours all your life." Rahul whispered in my ears and I soon composed myself. But I found it almost impossible to avert my gaze from Riddhima.

Still in a trance, I put sindhoor on her forehead. While tying mangalsutra in Riddhima's neck, I noticed tears rolling down her cheek. I was worried about the tears but Riddhima looked up at me and cradled in my arms. "I love you Armaan. I waited for this moment so much" she whispered so that only I could hear her. Soon a sense of fulfillment replaced the worry in my heart and I hugged her back enjoying the moment.

Soon we took the saat pheres and blessings from the elders. Riddhima cried a bit while we were leaving to our house, but I could sense the happiness in her heart. I thanked God for getting us together, against all the odds, for umpteenth time.

Soon we took leave from Riddhima's parents and left for our home.


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