Sunday, 9 August 2020

part 16 : Jalan

She couldn't do it anymore, she can't lie anymore, she can't hurt Rohit and Armaan time and time again, she has to put a stop to this, she can't keep dragging Rohit along she loves Armaan and he needs to know that. A tear dropped while her gaze was not removing itself from the door where Armaan left.

She turned her sight at Rohit who stared at her emotionless; a tear squeezed itself off her green emerald eyes, the music beating in the background creating more distress in her heart, she couldn't utter a word out, she just stared wanting to tell him everything but her throat was dry and her voice seemed lost, the only word that fought its way out of her was Armaan. She began shaking and crying hysterically, she held tight on him wanting all the pain to disappear, she couldn't help the shattering effect this may have on him but she can't keep him in the dark, she can't live a lie and he doesn't deserve this.

 He gently spoke back saying "sssshhh Ridhimma" trying to stop her from crying chaotically. She whispered back her head lowered, the tears streaming down "Rohit Forgive me but" her words were shaky and breaking apart, "Ridhimma go" he whispered cupping her face she looked up at his face immediately, her body quivering in shock, she was staring at him in pure disbelief, he came closer wiping the tears in her eyes, nothing made sense, Rohit knows everything? How? her mind kept questioning her heart again and again.

The shock running up and down her body, her eyes not budging from his, she spoke softly; Rohit? "Ridhimma your eyes tell me everything before you do" another tear fell not being able to comprehend or come to terms on everything that is happening around her and how her actions might've hurt him. "Rohit I am so sorry... I tried ... I tried... I Love him, I tried not to but I can't help it I am so soorrry Rohit", "ssssh Ridhimma" he whispered again and again trying to calm her down. She hugged him tight saying Sorry repeatedly while crying hysterically.

"Sorry Rohit", he withdrew from the hug, his hands holding her face he looked deep within her eyes, saying "Ridhimma bas!" The tears still running down her eyes, she stopped shivering  in pain and looked at him, he said " I am sorry Ridhimma" he was about to be cut in by her but he situated his finger on her lips continuing " Ridhimma I saw the regret in your eyes on our engagement but I became selfish, I am sorry for that, Ridhimma I saw the love for Armaan in your eyes but I ignored it, I am sorry for that, Ridhimma I saw the care in your eyes for him and yet again I became the obstacle in your happiness, I love you & I want only your happiness therefore I am finally letting you go, I... it...  it hurts ... a lot... but I am not sorry for this... go Ridhimma" he said choking back his tears that endangered to fall .

Everything seemed perfect and clear, the pain in his eyes evident and she truly felt sorry that she couldn't be the Ridhimma who loves him, that she couldn't be Rohit's Ridhimma. She wiped her tear, she finally felt at peace knowing her heart, mind, soul and now name belonged to Armaan, her Armaan. She closed the distance between them kissing his forehead, she said "Thank you" smiling through her tear stained face before letting go of his hand and running towards the exist.
She run, her dark black sari dragging itself on the floor while she run as fast as she could, her heart racing, her mind at peace, her body jumping in joy. The outside of Bella Hall was wide and lead to many paths she stood staring , wondering  which path will lead her to Armaan, she began panicking in fear of not reaching him, she felt her heart sank at the notion of him being alone at this moment.

 She glanced at a straight path where a bridge was positioned she saw a blurred image of a person that seemed to disappear in the horizon; at her heart she knew it was Armaan. A tinge of happiness preoccupied every corner of her shattering heart, everything was falling into place, she is finally and forever Armaan's, she run as her legs to took her to an extreme speed towards the bridge.

Water started to sprinkle on her making her smile widely, it became more ferocious as she became closer to the figure, she yelled his name numerous times but the figure was not affected by her voice or the name she uttered, he just continued walking. Her heart rapidly beating at a greater speed, she finally yelled a deafening "ARMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNN!" while running nearer to his figure.

He stopped, turning around, his face horrified at this site in front of him, his bright blue eye dazzling in horror, his thoughts thinking that Ridhimma running towards him could merely be a figment of his imagination, his eyes widened as she neared him at brutal speed.

The joy that constrained her at the moment was indescribable, she felt alive as the rain was sprinkling her wet and her black sari was clinging tight to her petite figure as she run closer and closer to his muscular build. She felt as if a life time of guilt and pain was shedding off her shoulders, at each step she took, she felt as if the chains the held her back was unlocking themselves, she felt free, she run closer and closer to him. He stood there ingrained in his spot unable to process the seconds that passed by leaving him mystified.

She slowed down as she neared him, her chest beating heavily, her eyes not budging from his, her breaths disorderly, the smile on her face rebellious, she dragged herself inches in front of his face, his eyes scanning her unable to recognize if this was really her. She came closer as the wind and the rain became more violent with each of her steps, no words situated itself in their situation, words weren't necessary, their actions spoke for them, she came closer pacifying her anxious heart as she hugged him tight while the rain drenched them.

He grabbed the iron steel of the bridge trying to balance their bodies as she was holding him tightly not allowing him to breath, his hand preserved her in his embrace questioning her existence he simply asked; Ridhimma? In response she held even more tightly to him, she whispered "Kuch na kaho Armaan, Is pal bas hum tum hai, let it be" he smiled holding her close to his heart.

He kissed her forehead pecking the water droplets that slid down her face, he slowly made his way down to her lips, pecking the waters that nested in her fragile skin, he reached her lips as he was about to lay a soft kiss on her rosy pink lips he asked "Ridhimma tum sach mai yaha ho?", his  hot breaths sending her in a frenzy, slowly a curved smile stitched itself on her face that glowed in happiness she nodded whispering " Ha  Armaan, hamesha e ke liye" that's all he needed to hear, his lips reached her kissing so passionately that their bodies burned in desire that flamed in each other's arms.


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