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Part 2& 3 : Jalan

part 2

Class was now done and lunchtime had come, she was observing the place when her eyes landed on a familiar scene; Armaan Malik chatting up some girls she smiled and laughed at him, he simply doesn't give up she said under her breath remembering the mornings incident. She looked around the place and did not know anyone close enough to her that she could hang out with, saddened by this fact she missed her friends closing her eyes she remembered ' Muskaan, Angali, Niki, Abhi , Rahul , Atul and especially Rohit' she smiled to herself just thinking about them, when she opened her eyes she was frightened to see a man right in front of her smiling she soon realize it was Armaan and sighed. Everyone was chattering about them as soon as they sighted them together thinking they would cause another scene but surprised by the fact that they were talking in a friendly conduct She could hear them whisper.  "Her name is Ridhimma she is in my Medical class" said one, while others would just stare at them awkwardly.

She was tensed now as she wasn't used to this much attention, she whispered to Armaan "Why are they staring at us?', he smiled at her and said "they are here to see if we are going to cause a scene" she laughed at his comment, he stared at her amazed "Did I say something funny?' she was still laughing but managed to say 'no no no, it's funny because they care what a scumbag like you do?' jokingly, he smiled unable to control himself seeing her look so beautiful ,he grabbed her tightly towards him gently twisting her hand behind her back making her stare into his eyes, now  locked at each other's gaze, she was  amazed to see such honesty and purity chained behind those eyes that could see through hers she began to blush at how close they were, she looked away now uncomfortable closing her eyes, he went near her ear and whispered ' maybe not what a scumbag like me but I am sure they care what a beautiful girl like you does' she didn't how to react to the situation, the schools eyes were focused on them and on top of that she was now facing close- approximately with Armaan which made her shiver, sensing her uneasiness he let her go.  Embarrassed by his actions in front of everyone, he looked at Ridhimma her eyes were closed, her face distressed he felt bad for losing control of himself, he said ' Ridhimma' which immediately made her open her eyes in horror she yelled 'ROHIT?' automatically without thinking.

A burst of jealously sparkled in his eyes, she didn't notice as she was consumed by embarrassment, he didn't surface his emotions as he wasn't able to digest it, he acted cool and ignored her last comment saying ' Sorry Ridhimma' she simply walked away, hurt. He began chasing her 'Ridhimma I am sorry Baba' he said pleading. 'Ridhimma please stop' he held her arm, she turned around and a SLAP was placed on his face. Before he had a chance to say anything she was furious at him saying      ' You know what Armaan, at first I thought you were just a flirt but a decent guy, now I realized how wrong I was – your just a low- life spoilt brat' she said tearfully. His heart was crashed at the sight of those tears, he was wounded by the fact that he had caused them, he came closer and wiped her tears off saying 'I am sorry Ridhimma, I didn't mean to..' as he was about to continue she pushed him away and said angrily 'Mean to embarrass me in front of the whole school? Mean to make me the laughing stock? DOES IT GIVE YOU PLEASURE TO HURT SOMEONELESE??' He looked at her with sadness written over his face this made Ridhimma sympathize with him but she ignored that feeling. He merely shook his head ashamed to meet her eyes, he managed to say a confident 'No Ridhimma, I A-' ,  'Baaaas Armaan, Enough!' she interrupted and walked away leaving him destroyed.

As she was walking away, tears automatically approached her eyes, knowing the real reason behind it. It wasn't the fact that she was embarrassed in front of the whole school; it was the fact that Armaan made her feel like that angered her. He was meant to be her friend but he let her down, this time she was determined to not forgive him and rather ignore him for the duration of her time in college.  She wiped her tears off and went in class as lunch was over, a forced smile sat on her face while few people in class spoke to her. 'Hey I am Sapna' a girl said softly to Ridhimma with a smile.    'Hi I am Ridhimma' she said smiling. The girl introduced few of her friends 'This is Amit, Raj, Tamana and Sid' they all greeted her she simply smiled and said 'Hey'. The professor now angry told them to shut up and pay attention.

On the opposite class, Armaan sat there uncomfortably as the images of Ridhimma appeared in his mind making him absolutely sad. Those tears in her eyes hurt him, confused by his feelings towards her he questioned himself. 'Why am I sad when she is the one crying? It isn't like I haven't made girls cry before maybe it's because I care about her... I mean our friendship? He convinced himself' I have to fix this he said to himself and a plan struck him, he smiled and mumbled 'Ridhimma'.

College was finished for the day and now she had arrived at her small but beautiful apartment decorated wonderfully, in different shades of colours mainly blue and purple; her favourite colours. She went into her room placed her bag on the bed and sighed 'What a Day' she was glad it had finished.  One person kept reappearing in her thoughts and that was Rohit, how she wished he was here, he always shielded her from pain and constantly managed a smile out of her but she was brought back out of her thoughts when a sudden loud knock on her door caught her attention.

She went towards her door and slowly opened it, shaken by who was standing there she immediately tried to close the door but the person was too strong, he pushed the door open and rushed inside before she said anything he closed her mouth by placing his hands in top of her lips, pushed her back to the wall and closed in the distance between them. Her eyes met his, those blue eyes now staring at her in silence reading her thoughts, she was nervous and afraid, afraid to think, afraid to speak, her heart racing quickly, her knees began to tremble, he sensed her feelings,  'I followed you here' he said softly as if he hadn't done anything wrong. Both frozen in the same condition without thinking he said ' Look Ridhimma I am truly Sorry, I never meant to hurt you', 'In fact  I was hurt by own actions myself, I know I shouldn't have treated you that way in front of the whole school,  I lost control but I promise I will never let you down again'. She was in shock, her anger towards him discoloured as she saw honesty in his eyes, he took his hands of her lips and took a step back allowing her to speak she looked at him, her mind and heart at battle now trying to adjust what she should do now, her heart won. She smiled & raised her hand 'Never again?' he placed his hand on top of hers and said 'never again' smiling.  He took his other hand behind his back holding a small teddy bear with a love heart pillow with the words 'Sorry' in graved in them, she was amused by his gestures and took the teddy bear uncontrollably smiling at his cuteness, she hugged him leaving him frozen by her touch, she said 'Thank you'.
part 3 

Ridhimma broke the hug realizing his sudden body language still smiling, she said 'get yourself contented while I make tea for you' he nodded and jumped on the sofa, Ridhimma just smiled to herself. He was getting himself comfortable when something caught his eyes, on the table they were few pictures of her and her family. He stood up and went near it taking a closer look, she looked amazing in every photo which caused a smile to appear in his face, his smile grew wider as he saw a whole family picture, he knew this by the way they were positioned, one photo in particular made him stunned when he saw her hugging a well built man, he had dark blue eyes, dark brown hair and a wide smile, the way they were hugging made him think that he could be something more than a family member, his smile dropped and disappointment took over his face with a hint of jealousy.

Ridhimma had now made the tea and placed on the table, she came behind him, he felt her hands in his shoulder which made him came back to reality controlling his emotions he smiled and said ' Who is this?' pointing at the man in the picture, a smile crept in her lips, armaan noticed this which made his blood boil, he was jealous. She whispered 'Rohit', he curiously asked ' Rohit??' almost shouting she said 'Yes how do you know him?' surprised by his reaction, he said ' I DONT its just today you mentioned his name when ahh woh ahh you know' embarrassed to mention the incident.

She smiled at him as he was looking adorable finding it hard to mention the incident, she said ' OHh'. Still curious who Rohit was to her, he asked gently not sounding to interested ' Who is this Rohit?', she smiled and blushed at the mention of his name ' ummm woh ahh' before she could answer his question the Phone rang, she excused herself and went to answer the phone.

R: Hello

M: Hello Ridzi?


M: Yes, everyone is fine and why are yelling yaaar? She said laughing.

R: sorry, it's just that I misssssssssssssssed you guys so so so sooo much!

M: we missed you too RIDZI especially Rohit she let out a cute laugh

R: What Rohit Muje Misss kya? Impossible! She said laughing aaacha yaar Rohit teek hai na? All worried now.

M: HAAN woh to bilkul teek hai, chenta maat kar ridzi we all are fine

R: she was smiling when she noticed armaan about to walk out but she didn't want him to leave..

At the mention of Rohit's name, just the way she said it caused a spark of jealousy within him, un- able to take the torture he was about to leave when a hand pulled him, the sudden force made him land on top of her, both now breathing heavily, nervous by how close they are, staring at each other, she found comfort in those blue eyes, he tried moving but his body failed him, her eyes were hypnotising him, controlling him. A loud voice disturbed their eye lock.

M: Ridzzii? Are you there???

The phone still in her hand while armaan on top of her, she blushed painfully unable to control herself she stared deep into his eyes, he returned the attention,  Mm Muuskkan I aaaahh will call you tomorrow she hanged up before Muskaan could answer, she managed to speak under his intense presence, his gaze was choking her, her heart racing when he slowly  began coming closer and closer to her lips, she closed her eyes somewhat willing for him to kiss her. He was inches away from her lips when he remembered her concern for Rohit, he stopped himself forcing his body to get off her. He softly asked if she was ok, she opened her eyes realizing the situation, her face pale and now cursing herself under her breath, she got up now in deep thought; why is that she feels this way when he is near her?, her mind forgets everything when he stares at her, her heart races heavily when he is close, he is nothing but a person she had met just today, why does he make her feel this way? But fought any doubts and confined within herself that they were just and only friends. As she was questioning herself, her facial expressions were changing, she was so lost in thought that she hadn't realized the whole time armaan was watching her.

He smiled at her cute expressions baffled by what she was thinking, he interrupted her session saying 'Ridhimmma tum teek ho'. The husky voice made her jump, she let out a loud ' AAAAhhh'  soon become conscious that armaan had witnessed every action of hers, her face began to change into a deep pink colour as the thought of them about to kiss appeared in her mind. She began to fumble with words ' haan armaan, woh woh call... muskaan,  rohit, sub teek hai  aur per fall' she said nervously not realizing her words didn't make sense.

 She sensed awkwardness in the air and decided to change the topic ' Armaaan, umm CHAI!' she almost yelled when she found a subject to change to, she smiled praising herself, he was just looking intently at her cuteness and made a puzzled face, thinking he didn't understand what she meant, Ridhimma justified her answer, ' umm Armaan your Tea is getting cold, sorry for the call and leaving you, I didn't want you to leave therefore I held your hand and sorry that I made you fall on me, please stay. Sorry armaan' she said in one breath, he just looked with the biggest smile plastered on his face unable to take it off, the words ' I didn't want you to leave' just circled in his head making him absolutely smitten for the first time he didn't want lust from a girl, he genuinely was interested in her. Unable to understand the depth of his feelings for her he just smiled and shrugged the thought off, whatever this feeling was, it was making him happy just being in her company that's all he needed to know and understand. He just nodded with a smile and went near the table where his tea was placed.

They talked about everything and nothing; his presence was suffocating her but at the same time giving her a sense of comfort that she hadn't felt with anyone including Rohit. Big smiles were stitched across their faces just taking pleasure in being in each other's company. In no amount time; Armaan and Ridhimma had been through a wave of emotions such as hate, anger, disappointment, happiness and now trust all in less than 10 hours resulting into them being close friends as if they known each other for forever not  1 day.

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