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Part 3 & 4 : Khwabon ki manzil

 part 3 


tumhain toh poata hai na ki tenth mein hamein ek bhi din holiday nahin milta tha.sundays ko extra classes hoti thin.15 days ko chod kar poory summer hamnay extra classes attend ki hain.

well summers kay baat toh sundays wali extra classes better hi lagi theen.ghar par poora din thoda bore hojatey they.sab ladkiyan jeans top skirts etc pahenti theen lekin mkain main hamesha suits prefer karti thi.pata nahin kyun but I felt most comfortble in suits.Nidhi toh kehti thi ki main woh din ka wait karegi jab main usey western outfit mein nazar aaungi aur main bolti ki aisa kabhi nahin hoga.He used to wear very gud dresses.I luvd his style of dressing.He lukd gud in anything he wore.I liked his vilolet shirt n black jeans a lot.White shirt n blue jeans also suits m\him well n many more.uff kya kya bataun uski toh har baat nirali thi siwaye us Nancy chipku kay.

Well ab aaya month October ka.chaar saalon kay bad annual function ho raha tha 20th december ko.FRom the beginning only the preparations were goin on but the flow comes only wen the date approaches.So as I usual I was in the group song n national anthem.

Daily practises in the zero period at the end of the day began.It seemed like a festive wen the preprations were made all around.Sumwhere dance practises were goin while the other places were occupied by the group songs.skits.tableu,etc etc.Not only the elders but even the kg students n primary group students were also engaged in several programs.Nidhi was in group dance.

sach mein zero period mein kitna maza aata tha .ek din mujhsay meri english grammar ki teacher ne class mein poocha ki main kisi program mein toh nahin hoon?obviously I told dat I was in group song.Later I found her telling me dat she was gonna put me amongst the anchors.I also discovered that Peter is doin anchoring.Damn!!I cud have given up 100 such group songs just to say few lines wid him onstage .shayad bhagwan ko hi hamara saath manzoor nahin tha.

kabhi kabhi thodi bahut baatein ho jati thiin hamari.achi baat yeh thi ki merey saarey programs ko introduce usnay kiya tha.I was really happy for this.

Finally the annual function came.

We had to wear a light creamish yellow shirt n skirt till knees.this was the same attire we had put upon for an interschool carol singing competition on 18th of december in Goa n to our luck we got the first prize.pata hai mainey goa mein Peter ko bahut miss kiya.kash woh football khelnay kay bajaye piano bajata toh woh bhi hamaray saath hota na.

Peter had changed his dress thrice doing the whole programme of 4 hours.First he wore a black suit wid white shirt inside.omg he was lukin soooo much dashing n hansum.His blue eyes were just soooooooooooooooooooo cute.Next he wore white shirt n black jeans for the introduction of a skit.

Before our group song he wore a blue sherwani.He lookedlike the man of my goodness he was just looking so n so handsome dat I really wanted to give him a peck on his cheeks.

Anyways our performance was good n was appreciated by everyone.He himself came n appreciated me.I complimented him for his attire n he smiled saying thanx.

I still remember wen the function ended by our national wnthen n we came bak to the first floor.I immediately tuk my belongings n kept in a bag.pata hai us din main Nidhi se sirf ek hi baar mili.jaisey hi main stairs se neechey utarnay ki soch rahi thi pata nahin kahan se Peter aagaya.hum donon ne har step ko saath hi paar pal kio main aaj tak nahin bhool payi.uskay saath jab baatein kartay huey chal rahi thi toh mujhey aisa laga ki kash yeh safar uskay saath hamesha hi chalta rahay.bas main aor woh!!!mera yeh sapna bahut hi jald toot gaya jab stairs khatam ho gayin.

he said" Riiddhima hum neechey aagay bye"

I: " bye gud night take care.aur haan tum ab bhi bahut achey lag rahey ho"

P:" thanx waisey aaj tum kaafi different par achi lag rahi ho"

He said n went away.

I was blushing .I was smiling thinking abt todays events.Oiutside I saw mom n went to her n then we went bak.On the way back homeI just recollected all wat happened today.A sweet blush came on my face as I realised dat he was talkling abt the skirt .I was wearing long stockings but yet I felt a shiver running down my spines.

The 20th december day was one of the most memorable ay of my life.

Now it was time to be serious.diary pata hai na saarey practical records 30th december ko submit karnay usual main aur Nidhi sabki help kar rahey they.kuch apnay kaam kiye aur kuch doosron kay.We also talked abt the memorable annual function.

The last day of working hours was 30th december.We submitted the practical records.actually pooray school kay toh holidays they except 10th and 12th.I hate 12th class.I had gr8 elders there but u know coz of 12th class the tenth class students don't get a farewell.This was very much disappointing.

haan last day bahut hi unusual se events huey.records submit karnay tab sirf itna hi hua tha ki Peter kay chin par chod lag gayi thi aur khoon beh raha tha.I was much worried but Shobhit helped Peter n now he was ok.

Then we all had to go to the practical lab of Physics for a minor revision but in few numbers n also according to the sections.

We were in B section.

hamara no. toh der se aana tha.mainay dekha ki Peter aur Nancy kuch baatein kar rahay they aur hans rahey .uskli khushi ko main adore kar rahi thi.Nancy se mujhey koi problem nahin thi bas woh Peter ko deserve nahin karti thi.tabhi ek ladka bahut hi pareshan haalat mein Peter kay paas aaya aur jo usnay kaha uskay baad Peter,Nancy aur class kay baki sabhi boys kaafi tension mein aagaye.

Wen I found out at was goin on I Was also a bit shocked.An ex-boyfriend of Nancy had cum in groups wid his friends to kick of Peter n teach him a lesson.

Nency went in the class wid her friend n Peter went to the terrace id others..mujhey aisa laga jaisey mere pairon taley se zameen khisak gayi.mainey Nancy se baat kio toh usnay kaha: ab Peter ko maar paday ya bach jaye usey koi farq nahin padta.she had crocodile tears in her eyes n at that moment I recognised how much inhuman Nancy was.

I went to Shobhit n he told that if Peter agrees to go home wid a boy named Chirag of our class nothing wud happen to him but that stupid was showing attitude at an improper time.Peter didn't agree to go home wid anyone.HE told dat he wud be goin alone coz he didn't wish 2 see anyone else in danger coz of him.

all the boys tried to make him understand n this convo lasted for a long time .Meanwhile we had to go to the lab n revise the experiments.Nidhi joined us now n I cud not tell her wat was happening as earlier she was wid maths sir discussing sum problems.We revised the experiments quickly n were set free .Now we had to give preboards from 15th till 28th of JAN.Well we were in the ICSE boards where v have 11 subjects.

Coming bak to the class the problem reverted back.

I saw Peter coming from the corridor end n dat tooo alone I almost rushed past him saying that " tum chahay akelay jao ya kisi kay saath jao us Nancy ko koi farq nahin padta"

It was very difficult for me to talk to him like dat but I did for his own good.actually jahan se Peter aaraha trhawoh corridor ka end bhi tha aur stairs bhi wahin par theen.ek ladka un seedhiyon par baitha tha.mainey Peter se bas chaltay chaltay bat ki thi taki koi mujhey Peter se baat kartay note na kar paye.but Karan [the guy sitting on the stairs]did.He asked if I wished 2 save him.

I answered to him normally: sirf woh hi nahin class ka koi bhi ladka hota toh main tum sabko uskay saath rehnay kay liye kehti.tum sab bhi uski help kay liye ready ho lekin pata nahin kyunki Peter ka hi dimag kharab ho gaya hai ki woh kisi ki bhi help offer karny se inkaar kar raha hai"

Karan smiled coz he was also my classmate n I guess dat he knew about my feelings for Peter.

tabhi mainey papa ko spot kiya.woh abhi abhi aaye they mujhey leney ky liye.stairs se attchedwall par windows theen dats why I ucd see papa.

Then I came bak 2 the class bid goodbye 2 everyone n went home.

In the preparation time I was much n much worried for Peter n finally wen the preboards begun I asked sghobhit abt his well being n of Peter's also.shobhit smiled n informed me dat later Mr. Attitude agrred to go wid other boys n reached home safely.har paper mein main toh end time tak books liye rahti thi aur uska intezaar bhi karti.uskay aanay kay baad usey chupkay chupay dekhti thi aur revise bhi karti thi.

Paper finish karnay kay baad kabhi kabhi discuss bhi kar letey they.main aur Nidhi zyada discuss nahin kartay they par haan thoda bahut toh zaroori the.kuch papers mein hum achey ladkon se bhi discss kar liya kartay they like Anshul,Peter,Devesh ,Karan etc.

Yahi haal boards ka bhi tha.1st march se start huey aur 21st march ko last paper tha computer ka.100 marks ka practical aur 100 theory.practical ki bhi achi yaadein hain mere paas.Peter hamesha hi meri typing speed ki tareef karta tha.

anyways last day mainey kitna try kiya usey bye bolna ka par main nahin keh payi.woh kaafi jaldi chalal gaya tha aur shayad usnay bhi kisi ko properly bye nahin bola.Main Nidhi aur kuch aur students har teacher se milnay gaye aur ek doosray ko acha wala bye bhi kaha.

us din kay baad se mainey Peter ko dobara kabhi nahin dekha.


Part 4 

Diary pata hai woh last day tha mera basil's mein.mera result leney bhi mom aur dad gaye they kyunki min Delhi chali aayi thi.

Nidhi toh Basil's mein hi thi par main Delhi chali aayi.

aur fir duniya hi badal gayi.nihi se mainey ek cheez seekhi thi ki agar tumhain koi cheez buri lagay toh uskay against zaroor bolna hahiye.My personality had really developed a lot.I still wear suits only but am a smart, naughty,decent n bold daughter.ab mujhey kisi se dar nahin lagta siwaye bhagwanji dad ki main respect karti hoon.di se bahuuuuuuuuuut pyaar karti hoon.woh tph meri favourite hai.di mujhsay 5 saal badi theen aur woh bhi meri tarah doctor hi saal pehley unki Atul jiju kay saath shaadi hogayi hai.

Diary pata hai Peter se door honey kay baad bhi mujhey aaj tak yeh jhoothi ummeed thi ki kahin woh mujhe kabhi kisi jagah miljaye.main sochti thi ki aksar logon kay saath co-incidence hota hai kya pata mere saath bhi hojaye?

kabhi woh mujhey .kisi market mein,railway station mein,airport par,ksis function mein, net ya fir kahin bhi ,mil jaye.lekin aisa nahin hua mera intezaar poora nahin hua.

Suddenly the window poane made a noise bringing riddhima back to the present.She was shaken completely.she felt like she has woken from a deep sleep.she saw here n there n then found herself sitting on her study table wid her diary n pen.She looked at the pages dat contained the sweet spicy meories of her incomplete love.Her gaze then felt on her mehndi laiden hands .she remembered dat today is her marraige.

Oh yes the sun has risen n its 6 am in the morning.

She wondered how long it tuk for her to pen down her thoughts.

A chill ran thru her body realising that after today this house will no longer belong to her.She wud be bound 2 live wid her in laws n husband.

Riddhima's soliloquey[ a person speaks to himself].She even wrote her feelings again in her diary putting the heading as: MY WEDDING!!!!

aaaj meri shaadi hai .har ladki ka sapna hota hai ki woh dulhan banay aur ussey pyaar karnay wala usey doli mein bitha kay le jaye.lekin mujhey toh kloi feeling he nahin aarahi.bees din pehlay papa ne poocha ki kya main unkay ek bahut hi achey businessman friend kay betey se shaadi karoongi.mere intezaar ki koi limit nahin thi .socha ki toh kya hua agar main khush nahin rahoongi lekin meri family toh khush rahegi na.mainey haan kar i aur shaadi ki tayyariyan shuru ho gayin.sab kuch itni jaldi jaldi mein hua ki main apnay honey waley husband se mil tak nahin payi kyunki woh mew york mein than aur chaar din pehlay aya hai.hamarai engagemnet bhi nahin hui directly shaadi.suna hai woh bahut badi software company ka owner hai jisey usnay khud apni mehnat se banayi hai .apnay dad se usnay kuch nahin liya.I think he must be well effficient tabhi dad ne usey chuna hai.Diary batao na kya kisi kay sapnay pooray hotay hain?kya kisi ko milti hai uskey KHwABON KI MANZIL??????

Peter merey khwabon ki manzil hai par shayad mere saarey adhooray khwab aaj peechey choot jayengay aur aaj ki shaam se shuru hogi ek nayoi zindagi .....

Just then she heard a knock at the door.

She immediately put her diary in the drawer carefully locking it n answered the person.

It was Padma who came here to just check if she was sleeping soundly but to her surprise her daughter was awake.she asked ridz if sumthing was bothering her.Riddhima immediatel hugged her mom n cried a lot.Padma misinterpreted it thinking dat she is also goin thru the insecurities whih every girl faces before her marrige.she consoledb her daughter n managed to bring a smile on her face.Wen she was goin back to get the breakfast for her she sadi:

Riddhima beta Armaan Malik ek bahut hi samajhdar ladka hai.mujhey poori ummeed hai ki woh tumhara poora khayal rakhega.

Riddhima just nodded.

She only knew dat she was goin to get married to Armaan Malik.she has heard a lot of appreciation for him from almost every person's mouth.


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