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Part 4 & 5 : Jalan

Part 4

The next day began just as bright as the previous, the only difference was that this time Ridhimma woke up with a big smile on her face knowing today she had a friend with her in college. She got up in a jiff with thoughts of yesterday of how her and armaan instantly became great friends in no amount of time, this gave her security, she didn't know why but his existence had all of sudden became a necessity for her, she was smiling listening to her thoughts when she was disturbed by a sharp sound she soon realized it was her phone she immediately run to it.

She flipped open her sleek black phone, it was a text message, she opened it:


                                                            Missing you as always,

                                                    Hope you settled well in college.

                                                                       Call me, Rohit.

A steady smile played on her lips then a wave of guilt washed over her as for the first time in 2 years she thought of someone else before Rohit. This instant thought made her nervous; she began doubting her feelings towards Armaan but concluded that she was reading too much into it. She pushed both thoughts about Armaan and Rohit out of her mind and began to get ready wearing a dark purple shalwar and kameez, finishing her daily morning routine she made her way towards the college.

The text message kept appearing in her mind making her smile crazily among herself, people in college were staring at her awkwardly as she was holding her books tightly near her chest and smiling to herself illogically and uncontrollably; they eventually ignored her as she was in her world and hadn't noticed them.  She was in deep thought when Armaan appeared and nudged her saying 'Ridhimma kya tum pagal khana seh ha yeh ho?' cocking his eyebrows at her, she got worried and said ' Nahi, toh, kyou poocha?' her facial expressions made him burst out laughing in between his breaths he stated   ' it's just that your laughing to yourself like a crazy person' she smiled lightly at his remark and hit him playfully on his chest. Armaan replied with a 'AHWWWW' Pretending it hurt, he said 'what was that for?' she immediately replied ' ARMAAAAN plz SUBAH SUBAH IRRITATE MAAT KARNA' pouting.

His heart melted at the sight of her face, he just smiled and replied 'OK, only if you tell me the reason why you're smiling insanely today'. She smiled to herself just thinking about the text, she just replied 'no reason, today is just a beautiful morning'. He didn't believe her but didn't want to push her buttons, he just nodded and both went their separate ways as class was beginning.

It was lunch again, her eyes automatically searching for armaan when she felt strong arms hold her waist tightly she turned around to find armaan, she was shocked by his actions and tried to break away from his grip, he refused to let her go finally she said coldly ' Armaan Let go off me!', he smiled and shook his head sideways, she was getting irritated and said ' ARMAAN!', still in his arms he began to say ' Birthday Boy ko Hug nahi karna hai tum ko?' her eyes jolted up as soon she heard the words birthday boy and with no second thought she hugged him tightly taken back by her sudden reaction he just smiled. They hugged each other for what seemed forever when armaan broke the hug, her eyes were shining with happiness and her wide smile seemed to be glued on her face, she began to say happily ' HAPPPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY ARMAAN' and pulling him into a second hug, he just laughed at her cuteness. They broke apart and were smiling continuously at each other when her smile began to fade away and a pout appeared she questioned him 'Why didn't you tell me earlier? Now I have no present to give you' he just smiled shyly at her. He said 'Ridhimma did you really think I wouldn't ask you for anything?' she simply nodded joking around with him. 'Well in that case Missy your wrong, just be at my party at 8 ok, I will send you my address' he said as he was slowly walking away, she was confused; why is he walking away and what is with this party thing? She thought. She yelled at him 'Where are you going???' impatiently, he just smirked and replied ' Detention', sadness compelled her , once again she had to spend her lunchtime alone she thought to herself.

When suddenly she heard her name in distance being called out by a voice she failed to recognize, she turned to every direction possible from her view when  someone lightly tapped her in the shoulder, turning around she found Sapna there holding a coke can, Ridhimma smiled at her, sapna began to say ' Ridhimma I have been calling you for the last 5 mins' Ridhimma now understood who was calling her ' Sorry , couldn't find you' she replied ' No problem, come hang with us' Ridhimma gladly said ' sure' with a wide smile.

Sapna's gang consisted of 'Sid, tamana, Yuvraj, naina, raj and amit', some who she hadn't met before, they were now sitting there comfortably making Ridhimma feel as if she had known them for years, the group reminded Ridhimma of her's, the jokes and masti that they had seemed to be identical to her friends, she just smiled, everything seemed to fit in her life now.

She bid farewell to everyone as lunch was over and now she was approaching her last class; her math class, the one that she feared and hated the most. She stepped in the classroom, everyone eyes began to follow her, she saw armaan sitting at the last seat behind everyone else she smiled at him and began approaching him.

Armaan eyes were glued on her, he couldn't understand what was it about her that made him so compelled by her, maybe it's her body nah, maybe it's her beauty or maybe it's her smile; the one she is showing me now definately! OMG Armaan Control yourself she is coming towards you.. control!

She stood near him, there was a desk beside him and she asked him politely if anyone was sitting there, he shook his head smiling, she sat there comfortably and then the professor began giving his lectures when some weird noise caught her attention.


Ridhimma faced armaan and shook her upwards indicating what.

Armaan: You're coming to THE ARMAAN MALIKS party right? Parties are for FUN people and I know you will feel out of place... but kya karu dosti ki hai nabana to pargi he smiled arrogantly teasing her.

Ridhimma: what so I am not FUN? She said raising her eyebrows annoyed.

He simply nodded showing his dimples, her eyes were in rage right now she replied:

Ridhimma: Armaan ka baacha! I will come and show you "THE ARMAAN MALIK" what FUN is all about, she said poking her tongue out.

Armaan: Cool I will pick you up at 8, he smiled.
part 5

She just simply nodded; at this point the professor had enough and slammed down the maths text book on the table saying 'MR ARMAAN MALIK CARE TO SHARE?"

Armaan jolted up when he heard the text book being slammed down he replied cooly 'NO' with the same tone mocking him, everyone started laughing at this point, the teacher slowly came near him and said " YOU THINK YYOUR SO COOL AND FUNNY LETS SEE HOW FUN DETETENTION WOULD BE TOMORROW LUNCH'. With this said he walked back to his desk and proceeded with his teaching.

Armaan just rolled his eyes and began day dreaming as if he didn't have a care in the world. Ridhimma however seemed to be shaken up by what happened she resumed to sit there quiet and paying her full attention to the professor til the very end of the class.

.......Ridhimma's Home.........

She was sitting in her living room now contended with what she had decided to wear after few confusing and painful precious hours she had solely wasted on picking out an outfit for tonight. It was a deep bruised red simple saari, her long thick hair out in soft romantic curls, her makeup simple. She was nervous, not knowing what to expect, the only thing she knew was that Armaan was going to pick her up any moment now and she knew nothing more.

It was 8.00 O'clock, her heart seemed to be jumping endlessly and it was a different feeling locked inside her, one she wasn't used to. She didn't know how and when this feeling got in her, it certainly wasn't there when she is with Rohit, it seemed to only peek when Armaan was near this baffled her, she gave up not finding a suitable answer. She was still arguing with herself when she heard a knock on her door, she immediately jolted up now swelled with fear, she took one  last glance at herself in the mirror convinced she looked ok, she made her way to the door, slowly opening it. The shock in her face was obvious she wasn't certainly expecting Armaan to look so dashing wearing a black shirt with few buttons on top open showing his muscular toned chest and a pair of blue jeans. Her heart began pouncing heavily, Muscular physic hadn't raised a care for her before but she was totally fascinated by Armaan, she turned her face slightly to the side blushing; now cursing herself once she got hold of her thoughts.

The moment she opened the door, Armaan swore he missed a heartbeat, never has anyone looked so angelic wearing a saari and that in his favourite colour, she seemed confused and shocked, he didn't bother to utter a word out, he was in a world of his own, her beauty, her silence spoke thousand words. His eyes focused on the softness of her face, when she slightly tilted her head now blushing, a grin formed on his face softly laughing at her antiques. He didn't want this moment to end, he was happy to stay in this position observing her for the rest of his life.... what Rest of my life ARMAAAN MALIKK WHAT R U THINKING!? His thought disturbed him and moved his eyes from her.

He didn't listen to his thought rather ignored it. They were still frozen in the situation where words were not spoken, the silence was dumbfounding, and it was getting more and more intense as awkwardness could be sensed in the air as the seconds passed by.  When finally Armaan had enough of the suffocation and shattered the silence, 'ummm Ridhimma ready to go?' he said controlling his emotions, her eyes risen, glad about the fact he had spoken, she nodded and both walked out of the apartment making their way down the stairs, both deep in thought when Ridhimma missed a step and was about to fall when armaan caught her. Their eyes locked, no sound was heard but their increasingly heavy breaths, his blues eyes lost in her almond green eyes, she had entirely lost all her senses as his hands tightened around her waist, her breathing got louder at his touch, her mind yelling at her with facts but she chose to look deeper into his eyes when she collected her reason to back away... Rohit!, she jerked at the thought of him, She knew it would be best to back out now before it went any further she said 'Armaan' whispering, he still was lost in her eyes in the same passionate position, she said a slight louder 'Armaaan'. Which forced Armaan to recollect himself, he let go of her making her stand on her own two feet. They said nothing and made their way to the car; Mercedes.

The car began to move, Ridhimma now facing the window avoiding his eyes, Armaan entirely trying to focus on the road ahead of them but stealing glances of Ridhimma, Silence filled the car. Both said nothing until they reached the Malik Mansion. Standing in front of the house, Ridhimma  stunned by the beauty in front of her eyes, she looked at Armaan in confirmation that this is his house he merely shrugged and nodded, as the they went inside the house, it was buzzing with people everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves which caused a smile on his face.

They were involved in a conversation when three girls wearing short western dresses revealing themselves in un fluttering fashion came whispering to him and basically attaching themselves to Armaan, their hands running along his body making her angry, armaan could see the tension in her eyes and meekly smiled helplessly, the girls began pulling him to the dance floor, he agreed reluctantly leaving Ridhimma behind.

Few minutes had passed, At the Malik Mansion music was loud, colourful romantic tunes were carried throughout every corner of the mansion, people were enjoying themselves either indulged in dancing , socializing or eating however at the mist of this party there stood Ridhimma lost in her thoughts. She wondered how long does she have to stand there while Armaan would return to her from dancing with those s**ts, these thoughts trailed of as her attention was diverted to the dance floor where she saw Armaan dancing with close approximately towards a different girl wearing a hot pink short western dress basically throwing herself at him which by the looks of things he was enjoying this enraged Ridhimma as she stood watching. Her eyes widened with disgust, her face red with jealousy and with no further thought she raced to Armaan giving him an evil disgusting look which seemed to work when Armaan immediately gave his full attention to Ridhimma leaving the girl to dance alone. 

She didn't understand why she was feeling jealous.. JEALOUS I AM NOT JEALOUS !, It's his birthday and he can do whatever he wants, see if I care she said in denial, She was about to walk away when a hand pulled her back to the dance floor crashing her frame against his chest, she looked up it was Armaan holding his ears and mumbling sorry. She smiled at him he replied 'You smiled, I am of the hook'. Ridhimma just laughed at his childish acts unaware that their bodies are swaying along with the soft beats of the music.

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