Saturday, 15 August 2020

part 4 : Life Behind A Camera (ss)

Ridhima went over her lines in her head as she looked at the set being prepared in front of her; the fireplace. Taking in a deep breath, Ridhima tried calming her nerves. She was a professional, she could do this. She had been acting since she was a kid, had acted with some renowned actors and had found her calling in this TV show. She could do this. She had to.

"Ridhima, we are ready when you are" Mohit called out as he glanced around at the set, ordering to a few set-designers to add in a few touches.

'Here we go' Ridhima thought, as she took a few steps towards the fireplace. This was the scene. She could do this.

Taking in a deep breath, Ridhima concentrated on her character and the noise around her faded into the background. Releasing the breath slowly, Ridhima opened her eyes and felt the character of Jennifer envelop her.

Her body froze as her eyes met a pair of piercing blue eyes. They were focussed on her, and suddenly Ridhima felt herself warm over. She felt as though he could see through her. She felt as though he knew exactly what was going on in her head, the turmoil within her.

Quickly averting her eyes, Ridhima quickly adjusted her dupatta, turned her back to him, and took her place on the steps of the fireplace.

"Where is Sid?!" Mohit shouted as he looked around wildly, the dark circles now more prominent, and the wrinkles on his forehead deepening as he looked around in frustration.

"Sorry! Sorry!" Sid shouted as he came from his dressing room, his hands at his jeans doing up the button and zipper as ran towards the set. Ridhima let out a small laugh as she saw Sid stumbling about, trying to do his zipper.

"Sid! What the hell yaar!" Mohit said as he ran a hand through his hair, making it stick out at odd angles.

"Sorry dude! A guy has to go, when he has to go!" Sid muttered as he took his place outside the door of the fireplace, checking himself in the reflection of the mirror.

Shaking her head in amusement, Ridhima once again slipped into the character of Jennifer, and sat down modestly, staring at her knees as a troubled expression rested upon her features.


Jennifer sat on the steps, the day's events replaying in her head over and over. What would she say to Karan? How could she explain her relationship with him?

Taking in a deep breath, Jennifer clutched her dupatta in her fist as his memories kept replaying in her head. Why did he come back? Why couldn't he leave her alone?

Feeling a warm presence behind her, Jennifer stiffened slightly. As she felt arms wrap around her waist and the person took their place next to her on the steps, Jennifer visibly relaxed as she realised it was Karan who was sitting next to her.

Giving her a wide smile, Karan pecked her cheek and said, "what's up babe? You were acting kinda...weird" Karan said, as he tried to find the appropriate words to express her behaviour.

Jennifer felt her cheeks heating as she thought back to how obvious she was being about her displeasure about the situation. Bowing down her head, Jennifer tucked the strands of hair behind her ear and tried racking her brain to find a way to approach the subject.

"Um Karan..woh..mein.." Jennifer started as she felt the panic seizing her up from the inside. She could feel her stomach tightening into knots and her heart flip-flopping ever second.

"I have something important to tell you" She said, wringing her hands together, and staring at the steps, refusing to look at Karan. She could feel Karan's full attention on her, and her heart contorted painfully as she thought about the amount of hurt he was going to experience once she told him the truth.

That her and KSG had had an affair. That the affair was left unfinished. That KSG and her had gotten engaged, and then he had left her without a word. That she still secretly pined for her first love.

"Jen?" Karan prodded, taking her hands in his, and providing her with some support. She wanted to shout at him, tell him to hate her. She didn't deserve so much love. Especially from someone whom she was going to hurt eventually.

When KSG had left, Jennifer had taken extra precautions to make sure that no one in the hospital uttered a word of it. It helped that Sunaina and Pankaj had helped the whole staff keep their mouth shut, which is why when Karan had joined the Sanjeevani team, he had remained absolutely oblivious to the harrowing events that had taken place before his arrival. And when he had started showering her with attention, it was only after the prodding of her friends that she had stated reciprocating, albeit slowly.

"Karan...woh.." Jennifer tried again, finally looking up into his eyes. She had to do it. He deserved to know.


At that exact moment, Karan's pager pierced through the silence, and Karan quickly checked it and got up.

"Sorry Jen. I have to go, it's an emergency" Karan said as he raced out of there.

Giving out a huff, Jennifer, dropped her head on her knees and ran her hands through her hair. When was she going to be able to tell Karan? When?


Ridhima gave out a sigh, and rubbed the tiredness out of her eyes. These scenes were taking a toll on her. It almost seemed that the confusion that her character was facing, was an exact mirror to the confusion Ridhima was facing at the moment.

As the make-up people came to do more touch-ups, Ridhima scowled as she thought of the next scene. That was one she was most definitely not looking forward to. And as her stomach once again tightened in nervousness, Ridhima was convinced that by the end of the day she was going to get stomach ulcers, thanks to Armaan Malik.


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