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Part 6 & 7 : Jalan

part 6

Their bodies now swinging in the harmonious beats of soft romantic music, lost in each other's eyes unaware of movements of others surrounding them, unknowingly both spoke through their eyes. Words did not fit in the situation as both bodies were swaying in the same rhythm, his hands around her petite waist, hers around his neck just dancing delicately.

When loud noises caught their attention making them jump out of the position they were in, both blushing painfully, looking around the room to hide their embarrassment.  A louder noise made them realise that the crowd was calling his name out ' HAPPPPPPPPYYYYYY BIRRRRTHHHDAYY ARMAAAN' said the crowd when a girl slowly emerged in front of his gaze holding a big cake while a close friends of his came behind her holding a tray of vodka shots. He shot them a wide smile of his and began proceeding cutting the cake, a maid served others. After everyone finished eating the cake, Rahul a close friend of Armaan's grabbed several vodka shots presenting it in front of Armaan and Ridhimma, she looked at him in suspense not knowing what he was going to do. He just smiled showing his dimples and blinked to show that he was going to drink. She didn't know how to act or say, she just raised her eyebrows then smiled.

He began gulping down the shots in matters of seconds, the crowd got louder as he approached his 4th small glass when soft delicate hands stopped him from picking it up, he looked up to see Ridhimma shaking her head saying no , the crowd now silenced he just looked at her dazed by her beauty, happy to see Ridhimma care for him, he was about to nod in agreement when Rahul shouted ' RIDHIMMA' 'RIDHIMMA' the crowd soon joined, panic took over her face she put her hands up saying 'no no no'. The chanting got louder and armaan participated, she said a loud 'NO' for everyone to hear, the crowd got restless and began saying 'COME ON RIDHIMMA'.

 Armaan simply mimicked them 'ya come on Ridhimma' she hesitated, finally armaan said loudly 'I knew it Ridhimma; Tum FUN nahi ho' childishly, her eyes burning with Anger she said 'Main Fun nahi ho??', 'Haan TUM fun nahi ho' he bit back at her. She said 'MAIN FUN HOO', he said 'Nahi HOO', 'hooo' she said....this went in circles when armaan finally handed her a shot of vodka 'Stating AGAR Tum FUN ho toh yeh phelo', she was angry narrowing her eyes at him when she gulped down the vodka shot. Her head spinning, her throat burning as this was her first time she had drank.  At the sight of her first drink everyone shouted with joy, armaan just stood there in shock watching her gulp it down, he didn't think she had it in her but smiled at her as she was still narrowing her eyes at him.

She was about to reach for another one to shut him up completely when his hands stopped him, he said softly 'Ridhimma I was joking, you don't have to do this', her eyes moist now, she looked around to see everyone's eyes fixed on them, she shook his hand off and took the drink saying 'Main FUN hoo Armaan'. Guilt shuddered through his body; he didn't know what to do but let her be for now, by the way she was speaking, he knew she was slightly tipsy as he had figured this was her first drink. He sighed and let her take the other drink.

She now had successfully taken 2 shots of vodka, her eyes slightly red, her throat now burning heavier, her head hurting, she wasn't able to see properly, her images were slightly blurry but she resumed to dance wildly, at this stage everyone knew she was drank.

Armaan efforts to control her went in vain as she would jump to one end to another of the dance floor wildly swinging her arms and shouting 'MAIN FUN HOOO ARMAAN', he was just smiling and saying 'Yes Ridhimma tum Fun hoo but enough now', she stopped looked at him now making a sad face pretending to cry ' Noooo nooo Fun too shooroo hogay hai' once again picking up her bubbly confidence and dancing outrageously. This scene went throughout the party.

Everyone had now left the Malik mansion or was leaving it, however Ridhimma still was dancing uncontrollably shouting out outrageous things such as "Armaan tum ROHITTT se Ache hoon", " Muje khota pasand nahi hai" and " MUSSSSKAAAN Loves RAHUL". He just observed her awkward behaviour laughing at the state she was in. When unexpectedly she sat down crossing her legs now pouting, armaan copied her position lying opposite her. She didn't utter a word out, he went near her and whispered 'Ridhimma aaab Baas, let's go home.' His breaths on her skin made her eyes wide open, she was affected by him, and was scared of her feelings towards him would deepen, She just nodded.

He helped her stand and was supporting her, when they reached outside making their way towards his car, when sudden sprinkles of water sprayed their bodies. Ridhimma looked up in the sky with the widest grin in her face which made Armaan smile at her. Her headache seemed to be cured, she ran in the street with her hands wide open and going in circles enjoying the rain. Her long dark hair now dripping wet, soft sprinkles of water now playing in her delicate face, her smile seemed to grow deeper as the rain got heavier.

Armaan was just mesmerised by her beauty stood there watching the scene, entirely captivated by her, he slowly started walking towards her; desire to hold her in his arms now burning. He couldn't take it any longer he grabbed her arm making her crash against his chest. Water dripping from their bodies, both completely lost in each other's eyes. She was about to speak when his finger sat on her lips, varied emotions towards armaan seemed to burst in her chest at the sight of his eyes. He caressed her face removing the single strand of hair in her eyes that appeared to irritate her and placing it behind her ear. Her face the colour of tomatoes now, she lowered her lids now blushing and he just smiled at her innocence.

He held her face, with his fingertip now making her face him, she raised her eyes once again lost in the oceanic coloured eyes, his lips now slowly reaching for hers, she closed her eyes in approval. As his lips touched her soft pink lips, they seemed to be in their own world. His lips against hers, made her tremble with desire, she slowly began to open her mouth allowing his tongue to search for hers. They embraced each other losing control of their senses and emotions, her hands now circling his neck and caressing his hair, his grip tightened around her bare waist sending shivers down to her spine. Their kiss deepened as the rain got louder, now both utterly lost in each other.
part 7

Their lips locked together passionately satisfying their hunger for each other, every gesture of theirs was enlacing them further into the kiss. Her eyes closed due the burning desire increasing in her, their tongues fighting both entangled in their insanity. He broke the kiss, lowering his lips to her neck licking the drop of water nesting in her skin and biting the same place softly, she gasped clawing onto his black t-shirt, he pulled her closer holding onto her wet skin, he moved down to her shoulder taking off the piece of damped fabric covering her, kissing it softly.

The rain now pouring in it's heaviest peak adding to their cravings, encouraging them further. Armaan made his way up to her lips once again pecking softly the droplets of water dripping on her skin until he reached his destination, her eyes still shut holding him tightly wanting more, and he began easing his way into her mouth demanding all of her. His hands began working up on her bare body, this instance her eyes shot wide open feeling his soft touch on her skin realizing their actions, she immediately let go of him pushing him off aggressively. Her body shuddering with guilt not regret, her eyes now fixed on his face, the realization of what they were about to do dawned on her, tears streaming down her face she muttered " RRRRhoit" consistently closing her eyes in pain each time she replayed his name.

Seeing her in that state shattered his heart now traumatized by her reaction to the kiss, the guilt of his actions speeding on his veins, his hands going over his dark locks wondering how to fix the situation, how to make her stop weeping, he began approaching near her to control her tears and to make Ridhimma calm, he reached his hands to rest them on her shoulders to justify the event.

She paced back at the sight of him nearing, shaking her head, the guilt in his baby blue eyes evident, she wanted at the moment to run away; away from all these emotions awake in her, away from these thoughts building in her mind, away from her feelings for armaan, away from his gaze and away from him. She could no longer take the guilt suffocating her, her legs began running  to its maximum endurance, as each step she took in the wet street images of the kiss flashing in her mind.

Her body shaking with fault, not his but hers, how could she do this? Her heart, mind, body and soul already committed to someone else how could she be so careless? Her mind and heart in dilemma of what to do now? Her saari weighing in with the guilt she was carrying on her, she couldn't possibly Love Armaan? No no..... She began reviewing the scene in her mind again and again as she was running towards unknown directions of the street with uncontrolled tears in her eyes. The world seemed to be crashed on her feet, her desires and hopes crippled by her own actions, she couldn't rewind what happened she simply had to live with the fact. The fact she wished that remained a mystery to her forever was revealed to her; her feeling's creeping inside of her for Armaan. She fought with the notion again and again, her heart not justifying with her reasons...

Seeing her run beyond any limits, hurt him significantly, he began chasing after her, calling out           "RRRRRRIIIIIDDDDHHHHIIIMMMAAA", her distant figure seemed to blur into the heavy rain, no response from her was heard. He was still chasing her, his heart overflowed with new feelings arising for her; Love perhaps.

His husky voice echoed down to her, flooding her mind with denial that she had feelings for him, she chose to ignore and run as fast as she could. His voice seemed to near her by the second.. she can't face not now at least, her mind yelling at her, picking up her pace when she noticed a rickshaw in the street.

She run towards it, her feet splashing water on his direction, she immediately sat in the rickshaw blurting out her street address without further delay the rickshaw began to speed towards her destination. She could see him run behind the rickshaw calling her name out, she could see the worry preserved on his face, she could sense his guilt but she can't anything about she thought. This is best everyone; her, Armaan and Rohit. 

Her head rested on the back of the rickshaw, tears without fail managed to drop endlessly, images of her and armaan making her weep constantly. The immediate jerk of the rickshaw made her walk out of her thoughts, she handed his money to him and walked towards her apartment; her shelter away from the mess developed. Walking up the stairs, the scene continuously running in her mind, cursing herself again and again for failing to manage her feelings; she began going pale seeing Armaan's face in her mind, her body now lifeless .

She opened her apartment door, with tears on her moist eyes, closing the door behind her she slid down on her door unable to hold the guilt within her, she began to sob. "How could you Ridhimma, what about Rohit?" her thoughts began questioning her, making her cry louder in pain.

"RRRRRIIIDDDDHHHIMMMA" his efforts went in vain, he saw her hoping onto the rickshaw, he began chasing her, the rickshaw went in great speed, he couldn't reach her in time, he began running towards his car filled with great amount of concern for her while he proceeded near his car to chase them, but a sudden notion stopped him from doing so; images of her crying. He realized that she wanted to be away from him, this hurt him. "You can't leave her in that state!, But she wants to be alone, well you can't leave her alone ARMAAN.. just call her" his mind argued he settled on her calling her.

Trrrriiinngg Trrrrinngg, her phone rang numerous times, she knew who it was; Armaan. Ignoring the constant sound of the phone, she convinced herself that it was mistake, she got from the door and walked into her room, changing from the dripping wet red saari into her pyjamas , wiping her tears she promised not to shed one more, she laid on her bed with the lamp by her side, turning it off and on while presuming to think about what just happened. Guilt layering inside her.

Her efforts to forget the images alternating in her mind, while her phone continuously ringing in the background seemed to deter, the harder she tried to forget. She couldn't stop imagery of the kiss and his face popping in her mind again and again.  A tear shed on her face breaking the promise she made earlier.

 A Knock disturbed her thoughts, "who could be at this time?" she asked herself and thought it was Armaan. Fear lurking on her face, her legs began trembling at the thought of seeing him. Wiping her tear off she got out of the bed to clear out what happened tonight, she proceeded towards the door with intentions of telling Armaan she wants nothing to do with him.

She slowly began opening the door, the face she saw shocked her, no emotions could be seen in her face, it was pale and fragile, her eyes worried. The tall well built handsome man began coming inside hugging her immediately. She stood there frozen not knowing what to do, she closed her eyes and whispered Rohit.

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