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part 8 & 9 : Jalan

part 8

Her eyes did believe what she had seen or felt, to reassure herself she pulled herself out of the hug and muttered "Rohit?", her eyes on his face, those dark blue eyes staring her down, she knew he was there but it felt like an illusion. An illusion she wished was never there, not now at least. The smirk on his face grew wider into a smile; he just pulled her into another hug, holding her tightly, he just said "Yes, Ridhimma.... surprise" cheerfully. Her body shaking hysterically in guilt, Rohit's hold of her didn't seem the same anymore, in his arms she felt flawed now that Armaan's scent was sealed in her every breath. She wasn't herself; she wasn't the Ridhimma Rohit loves.

She couldn't seize the tears that fought to come out of her green eyes. Salty transparent tears plummet on his t-shirt, unable to process all of her thought's that was shouting at her, she wiped her tears from falling on him again and plastered a slight curved smile on her lips. She couldn't believe in matter of seconds that the one she thought she loved now felt like he never belonged to her. He finally withdrew from the hug smiling excitedly; the joy in his eyes sparkling, his happiness could be sensed so much that it broke her heart, knowing what she had done to him.

She just stood there, fighting with her memory, thoughts and emotions, her face completely emotionless, the guilt on her shoulders unbearable, she just stood lifelessly looking at him blankly. His words snaked in her mind disturbing her inner battles, she realised he was directly looking at her asking her a question, she asked him politely to repeat it.

Ri: Sorry Rohit, kya bhola?

Ro: Tum teek ho Ridhimma? You just look umm, lost, Tum teek ho na Ridzi??.

Ri: umm wohh  uh I am fine, uh um woh tum yaha? She lied through her teeth.

Ro:  SUPRISE! He laughed sheepishly, um woh actually Tum neh bohot miss kya, he scratched his head hiding his blushing cheeks.

Those words wounded her heart in unbearable torture, her fault constantly flashing in her mind. She didn't know what to do now.. her mind telling her to maintain her relationship with Rohit after all he has done so much for her, she can't hurt him; not in this way. Her heart however shouting Armaan's name in every beat, she could no longer run away from the fact that she had feelings for armaan. She just stood there helplessly forcing a smile at Rohit.

ARMAAN! What have you done??? You lost her friendship for forever now!.. NOOO I can't live without her! his Mind yelling at him. He could no longer could take his own mind tormenting him, he decided to visit her at her house ad settle all this between them.

Ridhimma's conflict between her mind and heart hadn't quietened down but she played along and acted like everything was fine. For Rohit's sake, she settled on preserving her relationship with him, so she thought. She had now made tea and calmed herself down, they were seated opposite each other, talking (he was doing all the talking while she just merely nodded lost in her thoughts.)  His dark blue eyes pointing at her direction making her more tensed, she had never felt like this in his presence before, she thought maybe it is because of what she had done. His full attention to her wasn't enough for her heart and mind aching for Armaan's name and image. She felt guilty and flawed; she couldn't take the pain it was giving her; hurting Rohit.

A knock made her jump, while Rohit smiled at her antiques, Ridhimma minds yelling about ten million unanswered questions at her at the speed of lightening, her face taken over by panic. What if it's ARMAAN?? noo noo not now, please don't be armaan! Her mind shouting at her. The worry lurking on her face didn't go unnoticed by Rohit, he had now realised something was bothering her, this was seen in her awkward behaviour around him. He decided that he was going to answer the door to make her less edgy.

As he neared the door, Ridhimma began getting more anxious by the passing second. Her heart knew it was armaan, that budding feeling seemed to peak again; this only happened when Armaan was near, her mind however wished and prayed that it wasn't. Rohit began opening the door, Ridhimma's eyes were closed in refutation that this was happening. She slowly began opening her eyes, walking behind Rohit to see who it was, her heart was trembling nervously.

As armaan knocked apprehensively, his mind and heart shouting in nervousness, he didn't know what to say; perhaps saying 'sorry for kissing you' wasn't good enough for her he asked himself. He didn't exactly know what to say or tell her because he himself doesn't know what takes over him when he is near her. His heart flips over seeing her, his mind becomes dazed, when she smiles, he gets happy, when she cries, it hurts him; he didn't what this was called and his actions tonight does not help him in any form of finding what has happened to him but never the less he can't bare losing her friendship, it means to much, his knocks became aggressive.

What he saw shocked him out of his wits, at first he thought he was at the wrong apartment but seeing the Ridhimma behind this well built blue eyed man reassured him that he was at her apartment. Her face spoke horror, her eyes slightly moist and then it jumped out at him that it's the same guy in the picture; it's Rohit.

Her gut feeling was right, right there stood Armaan, the guilt and the memory of the night washed over her making her shake in fright, tears began whelming in her eyes, knowing there is a chance of Rohit finding out. She stuck frozen in the same spot, she didn't what to say or do, she just looked at him trying to not cry or breakdown, the stress and pressure was to overwhelming. Rohit looked back at Ridhimma questioning her through his eye's, she just lowered her lids stating "Armaan, tum yaha?" fighting with her tears.

Seeing her speak his name brought him back from his thoughts, nothing seemed right at the moment, the awkwardness could be sensed, he acted fast knowing something is wrong, "um woh Ridhimma, just wanted to know that do we have the lecture tomorrow?". Her eyes shot up at him suprised that armaan had understood without her saying anything.

Rohit bursted out laughing, seeing the situation stating "You came here to ask her,if you have a lecture? You could have called her." He presented his hand towards armaan holding a cute smile on his face. Armaan looked at Ridhimma then back at the man, he shook his hand saying Armaan Malik and yeah I didn't think of that.Rohit responded saying "Rohit Raichand- Ridhimma's Fiance". As the words sank in his ears, he swore that he could hear his heart shattering, right then and there he realised he loved her.
part 9

He just looked at Ridhimma, the shock clear on his face, observing her face she seemed so pale at the moment, her eyes slightly moist, and everything seemed to fit the puzzle. His questions answered, facts were that she belonged to someone else therefore she ran from him. This hurt him more than he thought possible, the thought of her engaged seemed to flicker constantly in his mind while just standing there confused to what to do next.

Rohit offered Armaan to enter the house to have tea with them, Ridhimma stood there wishing everything would be normal again, she didn't like the idea of armaan joining them but never the less she supported Rohit's idea to deter any suspicion Rohit had confirmed, she stated " yes, come in armaan' with a smile on her lips.

Armaan at the brink of rejecting Rohit's offer when her tender voice caught his attention, he just looked at her completely surprised and confused at the notion of them having tea together with her fianc after so much had happened between them, slight traces of anger built inside of him while thinking 'had the kiss meant nothing to her?? Nothing at all!' not knowing what to do, he just nodded.

All were seated in the guest room, armaan opposite them while Ridhimma and Rohit on the same couch, Rohit's arm around her waist, claiming her as his. Armaan and Rohit talked about everything, they seemed to share similar interests, while Ridhimma just sat quietly lost in her thoughts, at times she would glance at armaan unknowingly, his eyes seemed to be fixed on her and Rohit making her utterly nervous, she wanted to run from his tempting eyes that displayed a thousand emotions while looking at her making her more uncomfortable, she couldn't think properly she wanted to hide.

Seeing Rohit's arm around her waist, made his blood boil, the thought of someone touching her made him instantly murderous, right then and there he wanted to hit Rohit, the thought appeared every second or so as Rohit would sometimes caress her waist. The close approximately of Rohit and Ridhimma was unbearable torture for him but he had to remain cool, for her sake. He just nodded and pretended to be interested at his talks while his eyes were glued on her, wanting her to tell the truth, wanting to ask her a thousand questions.

Tring Tring Tring, rohits mobile rang, he excused himself and spoke. As he cut the phone, he had to leave town for few days. He broke the news to Ridhimma while Armaan was listening, Armaan couldn't help the building smile on his face, while he observed Ridhimma's reaction, her confusing reactions made him confused, it went from- sad-happy-nervous and finally to sad again.

She replied " Rohit, Please don't go", he bent down and kissed her forehead and said " It's only for two weeks, hun I will be back before you know it" while holding her hands in assurance. The smile on Armaan's face faded witnessing the scene, he felt genuinely sad seeing her in that state, he wanted to take all the sadness from her, and he couldn't see the tears that had formed for Rohit's news on her face, she glanced at armaan, sadness written on his face which made Ridhimma slightly surprised expecting him to be happy, secretly wanting him to be happy. She again focused on Rohit who was just looking at her, he kissed her on the cheeks collecting his coat and walking towards the door while armaan following them to it, he bid goodbye to Ridhimma and Armaan.

Rohit: Goodbye sweetheart while kissing her on the cheeks, the tears that was battling to fall and finally slid down her face. He cupped her face while wiping off the tears; he just kissed her cheeks once again saying bye and hugging her tightly. Armaan turned his face to the other side, hurt.

Ridhimma: Please Rohit don't go  she said while holding his hands almost begging, she was shaking in nervousness knowing she will be left alone with Armaan and she didn't have the answers to his questions.

Rohit: babe, I am going to be back before you know it plus you have Armaan hai na?

She nodded silently.

Rohit: he approached Armaan and just shaked his hand saying bye yaar, take care of Ridhimma to which Armaan just nodded.

Armaan: I am going just now, I need to ask her something, and don't worry I will take care of her.

Rohit: You don't have to tell me if you are going or not, I trust You and Ridhimma.

As he said the words, guilt suffocated both Armaan and Ridhimma who just looked each other with forced smiles on their faces, the guilt seemed to triple as they realized how nice Rohit was. As Rohit left and the door was shut leaving both Armaan and Ridhimma alone.

Read at your own risk * 16+ *
As Rohit left, silence prevailed the room, she couldn't think properly, she didn't know where to start, she didn't know what to tell him, she done the only thing she could do, run away from the problem, she turned around to go when a forced pinned her against the wall, his blue eyes staring at her anger and passion seemed to flash adding to her nervousness. She stood there silent, her heart racing erratically as he came closer and closer, she whispered Armaan pp Pl lease. His fingers sat on her thick glossy lips, he filled the distance, his muscled toned body pressed against her delicate petite figure, he whispered 'Do you love him?' sensually. Tears slid down her face, she just resumed with her protest, Armaan! she yelled he tightened his grip on her pulling her hands up and pressing them against the wall he whispered again " DO YOU LOVE HIM?" he pressed his words while nibbling his nose of her neck,  she said " Armaan Please" she softly sobbed, he looked up to see her tears, he softened his tight grip his hand let go of her arms, his hand reached her face wiping the tears, he added " Ridhimma JUST tell me that you love him and I will go away for forever" as he said this she cried more loudly, tears just resumed out of her eyes, he again wiped them, his words echoed in her ears, this made her more upset than ever, the word forever crashed her heart, the thought of not seeing him  hurt her deeply, she just sobbed.
She managed to say "Armaan PLEASE", his tightened his grip again, he replied " DO YOU LOVE HIM!?" he whispered slightly loud. She gave in without thinking she yelled " NO!" he immediately let go of her arms, distant himself, trying to recollect her words, she slid down the wall, crying hysterically. He bent down trying to console her, he said "Ridhimma", she yelled " NO ARMAAN I DONT LOVE HIM!" she cried again, hugging him, surprised by her reaction he decided to soothe her, rubbing her back softly he tried to calm her down she went on saying " I don't ARMAAN.. I don't!"    " I want to but I can't! I Never have.. Armaan" he just stopped her by putting his finger on her lips, he wiped her tears and whispered "That's all I Needed to know" a smile crept on her lips, she hugged him tightly displaying all of her hidden emotions.

Both now gazing at each other at a forceful eye lock and the realisation of what just happened tonight sank in. Armaan hugged her 'I Love you' he said. She looked up only to see honesty in his eyes, she placed a hand in his cheeks just nodding  unable to hold her feelings any longer, his hand on top of hers now squeezing it gently, she let him continue coming towards her lips.

Silence drowned the room as armaan had taken Ridhimma into his arms and now was kissing her overpoweringly, the joy of being in his arms expressed her happiness making tears drop from her pure green eyes he stopped and looked at her somewhat surprised at her state, she was in his arms crying, she said nothing but he could see everything in her eyes. He smiled at her to whom she blushed, both said nothing, he wiped her tears stating 'No more tears' and slowly approached her lips licking them gently making his way to her mouth now indulged in kissing her, this time she didn't hesitate, she couldn't lie to herself anymore, she knew she only ever loved Armaan from the moment they met, denied it again and again but she couldn't do it anymore.

He held her in his arms and began walking towards her room, her heart racing she was panicking she knew she wasn't strong enough to fight her feelings this time; she closed her eyes in hope that this is a dream but soon immediately opened them as she felt herself lying in a bed. Light baby blue eyes that seemed so cold before now looking affectionate and loving was prcising through her gaze, her heart skipped a beat. He came closer and began kissing her forehead, her eyes, her nose, her lips and then began making his way to her cleavage which made her shudder with pleasure. His hand began caressing her body slipping her clothes right off her, her eyes were closed she didn't know what had taken over her but this is what she wanted all along ; his touch , his fragrance ,him.

 She was lying naked in his arms lost in passion she slowly began unbuttoning his shirt, her hands running through his toned muscled chest making him sigh her name' Ridhimma' biting her earlobe. Both now making out passionately when Ridhimma started to bite Armaan's lip which made him moan in pleasure he said slowly ' careful there' he smirked, her face lost in confusion but ignored his comment and continued kissing him keenly. Armaan stopped and looked at her he sensuously saying 'Ridhimma, tell me to stop, I have enough control to walk out that is if you want me to?' she looked at him now blushing, words wouldn't come out but her actions proved that she is sure, she started to kiss his chest making her way to his lip hurtfully biting them, he smiled at her naughtiness and shrugged of his pants gradually one last time looking at her in assurance to which she nodded not meeting his gaze.

He was on top planting heated kisses on every corner of her body making her dive in a pool of pleasure, their hands grasped together when he gently entered her making her moan 'ARRMAAAN' now their bodies moving in slow passionate slight movements both imprison in pleasure, armaan whispering in her ear a low mischievous 'you mean the world to me' encouraging her. She wasn't entirely sure about how to describe the feeling that had taken over her body, soul and mind when armaan touched her, but it was driving her madly in love. ARMAAN this word, this name had driven her crazy....


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