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Intro & part 1 : My new Journey

introduction ( THIS IS THE BAANAR  plz check it 

the malik family

 Dr Armaan Malik - u can call him angry young man he can get angry in one minute every one is afraid  of him and he can get angry on anyone except rahul and his badi ma he  gets angry but he loves and cares for everyone .he is a  senior doctor  at sanjivani . he is 24 years old he loves adventure  

badi ma or Dr  Divya  malik - armaan badi ma  head of the family and  sanjivani and there entire business .she is loved and respected by all is very  kind at heart but strict  armaan is afraid of only badi ma but still loves her a lot  head . 


Dr/Mr Billy malik 
armaan's and rahul's dad he really loves his family and try's to manage business family and sanjvaani all at same time he was a doctor but have to leave practice to look after business which was going in loss he is a haapy go luck guy 

dr naina malik 

armaan and rahuls mom she is a senior in sanjivani she is very strict in sanjvaani sometime more than badi ma or dr divya but at home she is a very soft spoken person and everyone can pour its heart in front of her and a very patient person (at home) bcoz of armaan and rahul pranks and trantrums 

Dr rahul mailk 
he is a very fun adventure loving person along with armaan they do everything they want to do it in spite of knowing its dangerous and then they end up facing badi ma and there dad (most lecture and wrath is face by armaan as rahul takes a back seat in front of them ) he is in love with muskaan but fights with her everyday no one knows about them except AR and  AA  he is going to start his intern ship in sanjvaani he is 22 years old 

           the Gupta family
riddima gupta - is a very  nice polite and bubbly girl loves to play prank but get sacred if someone talks in loud voice has family value and mostly wears indian wears she is 21 years old  and is starting her intern ship  in  sanjivani   
 shashank and padma gupta - parents of riddima and muskaan   love there famliy shashank is a business man  and padma a house wife 
muskaan gupta - (same as dmg) is ridzi elder sister and loves rahul . is 22 years old and is going to  start intern ship in  sanjivani 

anjali and atul joshi - married for 2 years are senior at sanjivani

the mailk and gupta know each other well 
part 1 

 malik  were at gupta house they came there for 
armaan ristha much against his will but he was not able to say sumthing in front of badi ma and his dad so he was sitting here wit his badi ma mom and dad and rahul (rahul have come to gupta house before with others so he knew this is muskaan house but armaan had come for the first time )
sh: here have sum thing billy u have not taken much (typical Indian father Tongue)
bl: no no its ok 
pad: u know naina the new padmani collection is very popular now a days 
N: i too heard about it we should go and check it sumtime
P: ya sure u will also come na divya ji 
D: absolutely i would love to come 
here rahul and armaan -> 
R:bro i am getting bored 
A:same here yaar first of all i was not willing to come here they forced me and now they dont even hurry up the things ConfusedConfused
R:someone is very exited to meet bhabhi TongueTongueTongue 
A:shutup rahul AngryAngry remember u have to report to me from tom 
rahul made sign s if he is zipping his lips and throwing the key away 

after sum time ->
sh: padma go and call the girls na 
padma goes up and tells muskan to bring ridima down 
rid is all nervous bcoz somewhere she also feels that she is not ready but is not able to tell anyone 
mus: dont worry ridz every thing will be alright 

ridz nods her head and muskaan takes her down coming downstaries all eyes are on ridima but armaan just takes a look at her and then looks away ridima is looking at her feets as if she found the most interesting thing and her cheeks are changing colour toward red from her white skin colour ridz come down take the blessing of every one and sits down next to naina as padma told her.everyone is talking to ridhima and are asking question armaan is just sitting there and talking with rahul and answering shasnak but unknown to anyone he is seeing ridz in between as he was stunned by her beauty . after some time padma and badi ma told armaan and riddima to go and talk in a room so that they get to know each other and give them there answer . riddima takes armaan to her room but were feeling akward and were trying to start a conversation 

ar- tumhe teddy bear bahut pasand hai na ?
r- yes par aapko kase pata ?
r-tumhara pura room teddy bear se bara hoa hai koi bhi guess kar le ga . (ridhima turn red on this because of embassement ) seeing here embassred armaan said looking at these  teddy 
  r- papa lathe the jab bhi mai koi medal ya prize jeethi thi school mai aur mhuje un medal se jada in teddy's ka intazar hota tha (armaan was lost looking at her while she was talking he was lost in her beauty and the innocent way she was talking and he also love the smile which was playing on her lips 
ar -same here mhuje bhi kabhi apne medal ka intazar nahi raha 
r- aapko bhi teddy's pasand hai 
ar- nahi mhuje teddy's ka nahi car's ka intazar hota tha 
r- apke pass konsi car hai ?
ar- phela tho mere pas suv hai lekin abhi ek aur car leni hai pass pasie bacha raha ho apni salary se uske liya 
r- aap apne papa se pasie nahi lathe ?
ar - agar ab bhi mene dad se hi pasie lene ahi tho fir mera job karne ka kya matlab hai . aur vase bhi i like to bhi independent (ridhima liked this very much because use bhi  independent hona hi pasand hai ) 
they kept on talking for one hour only when rahul came to call them they realised they were talking for so long 
they came down and saw every on was sitting on the dining table waiting for them they sat down and had there food in between normal conversation was talking place armaan and ridhima were seeking glances at one  another when the mailks left saying that they will call tomorrow and give there answer  

jab sab chale gaye tho gupta truned to ridhima for her answer riddima blushed and just nodded her head and ran to her room every one was really happy at gupta house 

when mailks reached there home they all asked armaan about his answer he also said yes and went to his room and slept think about ridhima  same was the case with riddima she aslo slept while thinking about armaan and there future together both the houses were filled with joy today 

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