Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Last Part : Khwabon ki manzil

 Armaan was missing riddhima badly.He was just waiting for the evening wen he'll go n get back his love.

Just enjoy the song while the love birds are away.

Yeh dooriyan

Yeh dooriyan

Yeh dooriyan

In raahon ki dooriyan

Nigahon ki dooriyan

Hum rahon ki dooriyan

Fanah ho sabhi dooriyan

Kyun koi paas hai

Door hai Kyun koi

Jaane Na koi yahan pe

Aa Raha paas ya door mein ja raha

Janu na mein hoon kahan pe

Yeh dooriyan

In raahon ki dooriyan

Nigahon ki dooriyan

Hum rahon ki dooriyan

Fanah ho sabhi dooriyan

Yeh dooriyan

Yeh dooriyan

Kabhi hua yeh bhi

Khali Rahon pe bhi

Tu tha mere saath

Kabhi tujhe milke lauta

mera dil yeh khali khali haath

Yeh bhi hua kabhi

Jaise hua Aabhi

Tujhko sabhi mein paa li

Tera mujhe kar jaati hai dooriyan

Satati hain dooriyan

Tarsati hain dooriyan

Fanah ho sabhi dooriyan

Kaha bhi na mene

Nahi jeena mene

Tu jo na mila

Tujhe bhule se bhi na

Bola na mene chahun fasla

Bas fasla rahein

Ban ke kasak jo kahen

Ho aur chahat yeh aur jawan

Teri meri mit jaani hai dooriyan

Begani hai dooriyan

Hat jani dooriyan

Fanah ho sabhi dooriyan

Kyun koi paas hai

Door hai Kyun koi

Jaane Na koi yahan pe

Aa Raha paas ya door mein ja raha

Janu na mein hoon kahan pe

Yeh dooriyan

In raahon ki dooriyan

Nigahon ki dooriyan

Hum rahon ki dooriyan

Fanah ho sabhi dooriyan

Finally the evening came n Armaan went to Riddhima's house.

He was sitting in the hall talking to her parents wen she walked down in a maroon saree.HE just forgot to blink his eyes n was completely mesmerised by her beauty.she was looking extremely gorgeous in that saree.

Riddhima's cheeks heated up wen she found a pair of eyes fixed at her.

Anjy whispered: Armaan toh gaya aaj.dekho kaisey deewanon ki tarah dekh raha hai tumhain

Riddhima blushed a little.

Then after the dinner AR drove back home.In the mid of the journey Armaan stopped the car in front of an ice-cream parlour.

RI: ARmaan yahan kyun gadi roki

AR: tumhain ice-cream bahut pasand hai na isliye

RI: haan lekin tumhain kaisey pata

AR: bas pata hai lets go.

Wen she came out he held her hand n walked in.A chill ran thru her body as he caressed the upper part of her hand wid his fingers.She instantly looked at him n so did he n she found a new emotion in his eyes.She cud not make out wat was it .His eyes had a longing desire of sumthing.They ate the ice-cream in a joyous mood wid few cute converstaions n then came back home.

Wen ridz entered the room she found it completely dark.

She moved back wid fear but Armaan held her hand.

As she walked in wid him the lights were on n she found the whole room to be decorated wid beautiful red n pink roses.

The bed was covered wid rose petals n was decorated for a newly wed couple.Armaan locked the door.She turned to him.

RI: Armaan yeh sab

AR: acha laga

RI: bahut acha par

He bent down infront of her.

AR: u know wat riddhima mujhey nahin pata tha ki pyaar hota hai lekin jabsey tumhain mila hoon tumhain jana hai tabsey tumharay alawa yeh dil aur kuch nahin sochta.har waqt sirf tumharey paas rehnay ko dil kehta hai tumhain mehsoos karnay ki aarzoo jagti hai.tumhari deewangi ne mujhey bhi paagal bana diya hai.I love u I really really love u.I can see myself growing old wid u.I can see u cradling our child in ur arms.I can see us being happy forever n forever.

Tears flew down her eyes.this was wat she had waited for soooooooo long.She was hapy very very happy.She bend down n hugged him

RI: I luv u too Armaan .pata nahin kabsey yeh sunna chahti thi tumsay.jab meri shaadi fix hui toh laga ki shayad yeh hasrat lekar ab mar bhi jaungi par ab jab tum mere paas ho main kitni khush hoon main bata nahin sakti.mujhey bhagwan se ab aur kuch nahin chahiye.tumhara pyaar aur tumhara saath hi meri zindagi hai Armaan.

Armaan was touched

AR: itna pyaar kaisey kar sakti ho mujhsay

RI: pata nahin .bas itna jaanti hoon ki main tumharay baghair ab aur nahin ji sakti.I love u I love u very very much Armaan.meri zindagi tumharay naam se shuru hokar tuharay naam par hi khatam hoti hai.

HE cupped up her face n sucked off all her tears.

AR: kya merey liye dobara meri dulhan banogi plz.I want u too see in that dress again.

She nodded while blushing.

He smiled n went out of the room n came back half- an hour later.while he was out Miki asked him.Niki was his cousin sister.

NI: hey bro aap yahan kya kar rahay ho. aapko toh bhabhi kay saath bedroom mein u know

AR: u know ki bacchi bahut badi ho gayi hai tu.ek baar teri shaadi ho jaye fir batata hoon.

Ni: tab ki tab dekhengay abhi toh aap apni biwi kay paas jao.bechari aapki raah dekh rahi hongi.

Armaan ran behind her but she was fast enough top reach her room n close it on his face.

Wen Armaan came back he saw Riddhima sitting on the bed.

He slowly walked towards the wardrobe n bought a packet.

He sat near her n said: yeh main tumharay liye laya tha tumhara wedding gift lekin us raat baaton baaton mein hi saara time nikal gaya .acha hua ki mainey tumhain yeh tab nahin diya.aaj main isey tumhain apnay kay saath de rtaha hoon aur haan mainey us gift ko kal change karkay tumharay liye yeh specially banwaya hai.

HE opened the box infront of her n she found a platinum chain wid a diamond studded AR in it.She touched it n said:its beautiful.

She had tears in her eyes seeing that.

AR: n so are u.

He wiped off her tears and kissed her eyes.

She blushed.

She opened AR n found their pictures inside it.

RI: Thanx a lot!!!

AR: thanx a lot meri zindagi mein aanay kay liye aur ismain pyaar kay rang bharnay kay liye.

He tuk the locket n put it round her neck.He also put the ear rings.

HE first tuk a photo of her in his mobile n then went closer to her.

She clutched the bedsheet wid her toe as he moved closer n closer.

He held her hand n kissed it.

She shivered n looked at the other side.

He held her chin n made her look into his eyes.

AR: I love u a lot riddhima aur main aaj hamaray is relation ko tabhi poora karoonga jab tum comfortable hogi.agar tum thoda aur time chahti ho toh I can wait.

She put a finger on his lips

RI: mainey bahut intezar kiya hai Armaan is pal ka.inhain sapnon mein imagine kiya hai ab aur intezar nahin hoga mujhsay.

He smiled n leaned his face upon hers n kissed her lips wid utmost passion n desire.She pulled him more close nn responded equally matching his passion.

Her hands went to his hairs n ruffled them while his hamds opened the pins of her dupatta.

He moved her dupatta n looked at her wid hungry eyes of luv n passion.

She felt a bit shy n nervous n crossed her hands round her chest.

AR: can I make love to the most beuatiful woman on this earth.

She smiled n nodded.He then removed her hands n buried himself in her hairs.

They stretched on the bed n he showered her face wid numerous kisses.She worked upon the buttons of his shirt n tore them apart as she was also as aggressive as much as he was.HE removed his shirt n she shifted a little.Her back faced him.Removing all the hairs from her back he kissed her neck at the back n removed the chain from her neck.Kissing her ear lobes he removed the ear rings.

HE opened the hooks of her blouse n caressed her back making her shiver badly.She held the pillow more tightly .Her heart was out of control.she was shivering wid this intimacy thoroughly and he simply enjoyed the tremors that ran thru her body wid each touch of his.He kissed her back n kissed her waist by moving down.Unable to hold herelf more she turned to face him n he kissed her tummy.He moved up n kissed her jawline-her neck passionately.She also rolled upon n showered his bare chest wid numerous kisses.He again kissed her taking the control n slowly moved the blouse down her shoulder kissing every inch of every body.Her legs were entagled by his as she tried to protest a little.He cud feel her thudding heart.she tried to resist him a bit but he interwined his fingers wid hers n broke a few of her bangles.He kissed and caressed her body till she was desperate in his passion.

HE gave her the love bite at numerous places n slowly moved down .They explored each other the whole night as this was the night wen they both united to become two bodies n one soul.


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