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Last Part : what Riddhima Gupta wants, Riddhima Gupta gets.(ss)

 Armaan turned around to face his girlfriend who looked very proud of herself at that moment and he would have said something if only his mouth had been co - operating with him. But alas, his mouth preferred to remain shut as his brain tried to make sense of the events around him. "" was all that his tongue could come up with as he looked at Riddhima pointing at the absurd scene of Rahul and Muskaan who were smiling at each other now.

Riddhima tried to hide her smile as she looked at a tongue tied Armaan infront of her but it proved to be too much when he started waaving his hands towards Rahul and Muskaan as if accepting his sudden inability to speak. A small giggle escaped her which made Armaan look at her fiercely with his hands on his hips, his eyes demanding an explanation.

Happy at her successful match making, even if she had to succumb to some devious mischief to do it, Riddhima decided to torture her boyfriend a bit more if only for the fun of it, besides he looked tooo cute when he was confused and lost. "Yes Armaan?" she enquired in an entirely too innocent tone which did not fool Armaan one bit. He just pointed with his finger towards Rahul and Muskaan in answer.

"Rahul and Muskaan? What about them?" Riddhima asked as if them kissing and smiling at each other was a common occurence. "Riddhima" Armaan warned in a calm tone finally finding his voice. Ah! So the man can speak, Riddhima thought as she tried to adopt a mask of innocence but failed when she let out a loud laugh seeing Armaan's frustrated expression.

Armaan gave a loud sigh and led Riddhima to a bench in the corridors as she recovered from her spate of giggles. "Just what did you do?" Armaan asked as she finally quietned down.

"Nothing" Riddhima answered still smiling. "Like I am going to believe that, those two were ready to kill each other this morning and now look at them and why were Anjali and Nikita after me?" Armaan asked eyeing her suspiciously.

"My lips are sealed" Riddhima replied enjoying her torment of Armaan. "Riddhimaaa" Armaan groaned in frustration,"What did you do exactly? And how did it lead to Rahul and Muskaan being together?".

"Welll, I might have given them a teensy tiny push to help them realize their love for each other" Riddhima confessed as she turned to Armaan and prepared to tell him all that she had done.

Flashback (The making of the love story of Rahul and Muskaan by Riddhima)

Riddhima walked towards the library after successfully persuading Anjali and Nikita to keep Armaan away for atleast half an hour. She hoped that Rahul and Muskaan were already there and not late or worse fighting with each other.

Entering the library she went in search of either one of them and found Rahul reading a book near the entrance. Keeping an eye on him she searched for Muskaan and to her good luck found her flipping through some books on the other side of the shelf where Rahul sat, well within hearing distance. Perfect! The stage was set, now all she had to do was depend on Muskaan's legendary anger and her work was done.

Making sure that she could see Muskaan, Riddhima slid into a seat next to Rahul. "Hi Rahul" she greeted excitedly turning to him. A bit surprised Rahul turned to find Riddhima sitting very close to him and smiling widely,"Hi Riddhima, sorry I did'nt see you".

"Oh thats ok, never mind" Riddhima giggled flirtatiously as she noticed Muskaan's interest directed towards them. "Umm, Riddhima are you ok?" Rahul asked confused at her sudden behaviour and over friendliness.

"Oh Rahul, I am fine, thank you soooooo much for asking" Riddhima replied placing a hand on his arm. Muskaan's eyes widened when she saw Riddhima leaning towards Rahul, her hand on his arm smiling at him. An uncomfortable Rahul was mortified at Riddhima's weird behaviour and tried to take his hand back and shift his seat away from Riddhima's,"Ahh, well Armaan is not here, so umm I think he is in class, so ah bye".

"But Rahoool, I did not come to meet Armaan, I came to meet you" Riddhima said as she stopped Rahul from leaving by grabbing his hand tightly and pulling him down on his chair. Muskaan was dumbstruck when she saw the scene infront of her. She dropped the books loudly on the table hoping it would stop Riddhima's advances not knowing that was the exact response Riddhima was looking for.

"Me" squeaked Rahul trying to remove his hand from Riddhima's clutches who held on tightly all the time smiling at him. "Yes you. You know Rahul, I always thought that Armaan was a good basketball player but you............ooohhh seeing you play made me realize..................." Riddhima gushed but was cut off by an irate Muskaan who had had enough.

"REALIZE WHAT???" Muskaan shouted surprising Riddhima and Rahul. In one swift motion she had managed to disentangle Rahul's arm from Riddhima's clutches and was now glaring at her standing infront of Rahul who looked at her in bewildrement.

"Hi Muskaan" Riddhima greeted her happily ignoring her angry looks. Rahul looked at Riddhima as if she had gone crazy, if Muskaan had been looking at him like that he would be running as far away from her as possible. He had never seen her so angry before and this coming from a man who had seen Muskaan Chaddha angry more than anybody else on this planet.

"Just what do you think you are doing Riddhima?" Muskaan demanded angrily. "I was talking to Rahul before you came and interrupted us so rudely" Riddhima answered still in that calm tone. "You were not talking, you were flirting with him" Muskaan corrected her. "So what if I was?" Riddhima asked as if it was nothing.

"You cannot flirt with him" Muskaan said gritting her teeth. "Why not?" Riddhima demanded. "Because.................because.........uhh...............because Rahul does not like it" Muskaan answered. "Oh please Muskaan, why won't he like it?".

"Because I love Muskaan" Rahul answered automatically.

Both the girls stood in shock when they heard his reply. Muskaan whipped around to look at Rahul who himself was a bit surprised that he had finally said it. Riddhima beamed at them and crossed her fingers, hoping nothing bad occured now when they were so close.

"You what?" Muskaan whispered. Rahul rubbed the back of his neck as he looked down at his shoes cursing his big mouth. Glancing up he found Riddhima nodding at him and Muskaan looking at him with anticipation.

That one look, that one look from Muskaan gave him the guts to say it again, to pour his heart out to her, without caring about anything else in the world, he whispered softly,"I love you".

A large smile erupted on Muskaan's face and she lunged at Rahul hugging him tightly knocking the wind out of him. Rahul stumbled with the sudden force but balanced himself as he tried to hold onto the beautiful girl in his arms. Breaking into a smile himself, he hugged Muskaan tightly and buried his face in her neck.

Riddhima breathed a sigh of relief and walked away giving them their privacy.

Backing out of the hug, Rahul held Muskaan's face infront of him and for the first time, instead of anger, he found something else. A desire. A desire to love and be loved. "Muskaan" he whispered still looking at her eyes. Muskaan gave him a small smile and ducked her head in his chest. "Just say it once, please" Rahul begged.

Muskaan bit her lip when she heard him, suddenly shy, looking up at his eager face she knew she could not deny him, not this one little thing that he had asked of her,"I..........I lov.........I love you" she whispered in a hurry and hugged him again.

Rahul beamed with happiness and hugged her back. Kissing her forehead he whispered,"Thank you, thank you so much Muskaan, I love you, I love you so much" and captured her lips for their very first kiss.

Flashback ends.

"Wow!!!" Armaan exclaimed when Riddhima finished her narration. "I know, isn't it superb? All they needed is a push and whoop they are together, it so perfect" Riddhima said as Armaan chuckled at her.

"You madam are Miss Interfering" Armaan said making a serious face,"And I never want you to change" breaking into a smile, he nuzzled his face with Riddhima's making her giggle and hugged her.

Just then a loud commotion was heard from the library and Armaan and Riddhima got up to see what had happened. In the library Miss Julie was making her way towards the crowd that had gathered around Rahul and Muskaan when they had resumed kissing,"Just what is happening here? Why are all of you standing and blocking the way?". Just then her eyes fell upon the kissing figures of Rahul and Muskaan and she came to an abrupt halt, all the books that she had been carrying fell down as her mouth opened and closed, trying to find words,"".

Rahul and Muskaan stepped away from each other as if finally realizing they had an audience around them. They turned to look at Miss Julie who was still struggling with her words and smirked. Miss Julie was flabbergasted,"Umm...............yes...........oh..............out.............I mean.............both,".

Rahul and Muskaan exited the library quietly and the crowd around them dispersed while Miss Julie still stood in shock with books all around her.

So, Rahul and Muskaan continued to be thrown out of the library albeit for a completely different reason now, and all those who thought that they would stop fighting were sadly mistaken. I guess somethings never change like the sight of Rahul and Muskaan fighting like cats and dogs, the only difference was that by the end of the day, all fights would be forgotten and they would cuddle up together in Muskaan's dorm room throwing poor Riddhima, their cupid, out in the cold.

Riddhima with two heavy bags in hand trudged upto Armaan and Rahul's (although the amount that Rahul spend in her room, she should just call it Armaan's) dorm room, knocking with her foot and trying to balance both bags.

The door opened almost immeiately and Armaan took in the sight of his exhausted, angry girlfriend. Stepping aside he took both the bags from her,"Again??? I am so sorry baby. What did they do now?".

"What else? Fight, make up then fight again. Aaargh!!! Its so irritating, how the hell do they expect me to study when World War 111 is going on around me?" Riddhima answered as she took off her jacket and shoes.

"Well, atleast they are together and happy, right?" Armaan asked hugging her from the behind.

"You know, right now I really want them not to be together so I can be comfortable in my own room" Riddhima mumbled unhappily.

Ooooh beaware coz What Riddhima Gupta wants, Riddhima Gupta gets.

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