Sunday, 6 September 2020

Part 1 : what Riddhima Gupta wants, Riddhima Gupta gets.(ss)

 Armaan and Riddhima sat close to each other in the library pretending to read but truthfully they were busy whispering in each other's ears. But then who could blame them??? They were in love and could hardly find time to be together, what with them being in their final year at the university and on top of that they hardly had any classes together. If Armaan was free then Riddhima would be called in by a professor for a project and if Riddhima was free then Armaan would have an important lecture. Seriously it was enough to drive anybody crazy. So they had to make the most of their free time and still manage to study, so the library was the best bet. They could sit together quietly without anybody interrupting them and also take peeks at their books in the middle. Really it was perfect.

 "Oh cmon Ridzie, you have to come to the game" Armaan whined,"How would it look that the captain's girlfriend is not there to cheer him to victory".

"Seriously Armaan, you really should get off that high horse and learn to be a bit modest. The other team is just as good, there is no reason that...................." Riddhima started but was cut off by a hysterical Armaan.


"Riddhima!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't say that. You might jinx us, this is my last year and we have to win, moreover this year I am captain, I soooo cannot loose. WE.ARE.THE.BEST" Armaan said pointedly.


Riddhima rolled her eyes at him but refrained from further comment about his team,"Whatever Armaan, I still cannot come coz I have an Economics lecture then, and you know I can't miss it again. Professor Burton would skin me alive if I missed his class again and that too for a stupid game".


Armaan frowned at her,"It is not a stupid game Ridzie, and neways it is anyday better than that Burton's lecture you will attend".


"Armaan please, you know I want to come to the game but I......................".




Whatever Riddhima was about to say next was soon forgotten as loud voices broke the silence of the library. Armaan and Riddhima poked their heads towards the corridor and saw a scene which they had seen far too many times to forget. Their standing in the middle of the library with books all around them were their best friends, Rahul and Muskaan shouting all the curses known to mankind at each other.


"Ulle ke patthe, aankhein hain ki button, dikhta nahi hain??? Meri saari books neeche gira di, bewakoof kahin ka, junglee jaanwar" Muskaan rattled off glaring at Rahul.


"Aankhein teri kharaab hain, billee kahin ki, theek se chalna bhi nahi aata, chalti saamne hain, dekhti peeche hain, dimaag main barra sa hole hain tere" Rahul shouted back.


Oh no, it was not that they did'nt know English. Infact Rahul and Muskaan conversed with their fellow classmates in English only but when they came face to face, the mild English language was soon forgotten and Hindi or Punjabi was momentarily adopted. And besides both of them had realized that it was much easier to curse in Hindi than in English.


"Atleast mere paas dimaag to hain, tere paas to dimaag bhi nahi hain, bhagwaanji ne aise hi tujhe niche bhej diya, dharti ka bhoj" Muskaan retaliated.


"Kya kahan??? Main bhoj??? Tu jaise barri supermodel hain, mere se to zyaada tera weight hoga, gawaar kahin ki" Rahul muttered.


"Mr Garewal and Miss Chaddha, how many times do I have to repeat myself. This is a library, kindly lower your voices, you are disturbing everybody around you. Seriously everytime it is the same story, the two of you can't be together in my library without creating any disruption can you???" The librarian, Miss Julie reprimanded both of them. Seriously she had had enough of these two Indian students, she could'nt remember a single day when they had not tried to throttle each other to death and shouted curses in a foreign language. If somebody asked her to curse in Indian then she would pass with flying colours courtesy of these two.


"Sorry Miss" Muskaan apologized sheepishly while Rahul remained quiet. Satisfied for the time being the librarian walked away but not before glaring at both of them.


"Hi Miss, Sorry Miss, Bye Miss, Can I butter you up somemore Miss" Rahul mimicked Muskaan as soon as the librarian was out of earshot.


Muskaan's anger was already at her breaking point and Rahul's taunt was the final stroke. Picking up a book from the floor she started hitting him with it on whichever body part she could reach of his. Rahul shouted in pain and tried to block her as Muskaan started hitting him with more fervour cursing him at the same time.


"OUT, OUT, both of you out. Don't ever come back to the library until you learn how to behave. I said OUT!!!!!!!!!" The librarian shouted running back to them after hearing their loud voices.


Rahul and Muskaan were both thrown out of the library as the librarian heaved a sigh of relief closing the door after them. The voices in the library were subdued but people still continued talking in hushed whispers about the latest fight that had occured between Rahul and Muskaan. Armaan and Riddhima returned back to their seats, their earlier topic of conversation forgotten.


"I wish they would stop this unnecessary bickering and confess their love for each other" Armaan sighed as he sat down.


"I know, all I want right now is for them to be together" Riddhima muttered.


And what Riddhima Gupta wants, Riddhima Gupta gets.


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