Monday, 7 September 2020

Part 2 : what Riddhima Gupta wants, Riddhima Gupta gets.(ss)

 It was supper time, the various cafetarias were buzzing with people in them while a few delivery guys were roaming around delivering food to the various dorms in the campus. Riddhima snuggled in her thick overcoat, it was starting to get chilly in London. Armaan brought her closer to himself and rubbed his arms to bring her relief as he walked her to her dorm. Riddhima smiled gratefully at him and leaned into him further. Placing a light kiss on her forehead, Armaan asked,"You sure you don't wanna eat first??? We could grab a bite at Paulo's, it wouldn't take too much time".

"No Armaan, I am not hungry, I will just have some soup and go to sleep, its been a long day" Riddhima mumbled as she suppressed a yawn. Armaan looked at her and smiled realizing how beautiful she looked to him even now, with strands of her hair falling out of the ponytail she had tied in the morning, her eyes droopy with sleep, the end of her nose turning red due to the chill. He came to an abrupt halt and turning her to him kissed her on the nose saying,"I love you".

A bit surprised Riddhima looked at him in confusion but blushed when he kissed her nose. It must have turned red thanks to the cold and the intense rubbing she kept doing to stop herself from sneezing. She looked at him as she touched her nose,"Its red, isn't it???".

Armaan nodded happily at her,"You know I love it when your nose turns all red, it makes you look sooo cute, just like a small kid, and then you rub it with your fingers while frowning and muttering to yourself, you know you never look more beautiful".

Riddhima looked at him in disbelief,"I look beautiful to you when I am in pain".

"You are not in pain baba, its just a small cold, and neways you have it whenever it gets a little chilly" Armaan said pinching her nose lightly. Riddhima rolled her eyes at him and continued walking, trying to ignore him. Armaan caught up with her and hugged her tightly to himself as he rubbed his face over hers. Riddhima giggled when she felt the famaliar tickling due to his light stubble.

"Hehehe Armaan, don't do that, you know it tickles" Riddhima said trying to stop him.

"First say you are not angry with me" Armaan asked as he continued to rub his face over her cheek.

"I am not angry with you, now stop" Riddhima relented.

"Say you love me" Armaan asked again as he rubbed his face over her neck.

"Hehehe Armaaaaaan, not there, yes I love you, now stop, hehehe" Riddhima answered as she tried to back out from his tight hold.

"Say you will come to my game" Armaan asked again hiding a mischievious smile.

"Yes I will, now stop" Riddhima agreed. Armaan stopped and looked at her as Riddhima realized what she had agreed to,"You, you, tricked me" she accused pointing a finger at him.

"Everything's fair in love, baby" Armaan said kissing her pointed finger and half dragging her back to her dorm before she could protest. Riddhima crossed her arms in frustration as she looked at him smiling in truimph. She should have realized that he wouldn't give up easily and find some way or the other to convince her to come. Sometimes she seriously wished she could be stern with him and not give in so easily to his charm. "I hate you" she mumbled as they reached her dorm. Armaan looked at her, amused the way she was pouting at him, just like a kid whose favourite toy had been taken away. It amazed him how she could be mature one minute and act like a petulant kid the next. She still retained a small child inside herself and he wished that she would always have this quality in her.

"And thats why I love you" Armaan said kissing her on the cheek and winking at her. Riddhima graced him with a small smile before waving him goodbye and entering her dorm.

"Hey Muskaan" Riddhima greeted her dorm mate as she took off her heavy overcoat, grateful that the heater was running. Muskaan looked up at her,"Its cold outside, isn't it???" making it sound more like a statement than a question. Riddhima shrugged her shoulders,"Ya a bit, why???".

Muskaan simply pointed to her nose while hiding a small smile. Riddhima hmphed at her and went to her room muttering things like,"Calls herself a friend". Muskaan shook with silent laughter and followed Riddhima to her room. Riddhima glared at her and pretended to ignore her as she picked up a book to read. "Sooooo important game coming up huh???" Muskaan said trying to divert the topic.

A bit surprised Riddhima looked at Muskaan in confusion wondering since when had basketball games interested her. And then it dawned, this year Rahul was playing too. Ooooh this was too good, maybe she could set them up during the game, she would talk to Armaan and see if there was a private spot where these two could be left alone for sometime. Acting innocent she asked,"Game??? What game???".

"You know the basketball game" Muskaan said gritting her teeth. Sometimes Riddhima could be really irritating when she didn't know what I am talking about or just having fun at my expense, Muskaan thought.

"Oh that one, ya whatever, its just a game, Armaan is excited" Riddhima said casually as she flipped the pages of the book enjoying herself.

"Who all are playing???" Muskaan asked casually wanting to confirm what she had heard recently.

"Umm well there is Armaan, ofcourse, then James, Bobby, Benji, Sam......................and................I am not so sure. You know how the players keep changing always" Riddhima said forgetting an important name smiling to herself. This year she was gonna get these two to confess no matter what.

"Oh..............umm who's the vice captain this year???" Muskaan asked getting frustrated with Riddhima's useless answers.

"I don't know Muskaan, why don't you ask Armaan, I am really sleepy, ok, goodnight" Riddhima whined as she kept the book aside and laid on her bed pulling the blanket over her head to cover her silent laughter over Muskaan's obvious distress. Muskaan wanted to snatch the blanket away from Riddhima but decided not to push her luck too far. Riddhima could be really cranky if she was disturbed when asleep. As for getting the answers to her question, there was no way that she could call Armaan, knowing who his dorm mate was.

Armaan lay on his bed listening to music as he shuffled through his notes when Rahul came in looking serious. Armaan looked up and raised his eyebrows at him in question. Rahul seemed to hesitate a bit but then turned to Armaan,"Is Riddhima coming to our basketball game???".

A bit surprised at the question, Armaan nodded in a yes wondering why was Rahul asking about Riddhima all of a sudden. Rahul asked again,"I mean she is coming with...................umm you know I mean she is coming right, Riddhima I mean???".

"Yes Rahul, Riddhima is coming" Armaan answered vocally hoping that it would be enough for him. Rahul seemed to dither a moment but then thought better of it and decided to go away. When he was near the door Armaan called out in a concerned voice,"Rahul, you ok???". Rahul turned to look at him and sighed in a yes and then walked away. Feeling a bit odd Armaan pondered on Rahul's actions for a bit, but thinking it to be nothing serious went back to his work.

The next morning at breakfast when Armaan was caught deciding between Coco Pops or Rice Doddies, Rahul came upto him and told him,"Ok go over there, and ask if Riddhima is coming". Momentarily distracted during his choice of cereal, Armaan looked at Rahul in confusion and turned to see where he was pointing to. A few tables away he saw Riddhima and Muskaan sitting on the table eating breakfast and talking.

"When did they get here???" Armaan asked wondering how he had missed his girlfriend.

"When you were goggling at your food" Rahul cried exasperated at Armaan,"Now go over there and ask Riddhima".

"Dude whats wrong with you, I already told you that Riddhima is coming" Armaan said clearly wondering if Rahul had gone mad.

"Armaaaaaaan, I said go and ask Riddhima if she is coming" Rahul said gritting his teeth and nudging his head in their direction. Armaan rolled his eyes at him and grabbing the first cereal that came to his hand went to Riddhima and Muskaan's table. "Hey sweetheart" he greeted as he bend down to kiss her on the cheek and placed his tray on their table sitting down near her. Rahul followed him with his own tray and smiled at Riddhima while ignoring Muskaan. Muskaan stiffined when she saw Rahul and got up with her tray.

"Pehle se moti hai, aur khaane se pata nahi campus main reh payegi ki nahi" Rahul mumbled as he sipped his juice. Riddhima and Armaan closed their eyes feeling the onset of a fight. Muskaan whipped around when she heard him and banged her tray on the table. The whole cafetaria became silent as Rahul and Muskaan glared at each other.

"Tune....................tune..............mujhe moti kaha" Muskaan said.

"Sach hamesha karwa hota hai" Rahul said softly as he finished his juice.

"Main moti nahi hoon" Muskaan shouted poking Rahul on the chest fiercely.

"Sirf mote log yeh kehte hain, ki woh mote nahi hai" Rahul answered calmly testing Muskaan's patience to the limit.

"RAHUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Urggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tu mota, tera dost mota" Armaan looked shocked at this"Tera room mota, tera poora khaandaan mota, hmph" Muskaan shouted ruffling his hair making it a mess. Rahul looked shocked when she touched his hair. Feeling it, he realized what a mess she had made to it and also the time he had put in to manage his hair. "Tune mere baalon ko chua???". Feeling the threaten in his voice Muskaan made a run for it closely followed by Rahul. The whole cafeteria shook their heads and continued to eat after the pair had left while Armaan looked at his girlfriend in astonishment wondering how in the world would she manage to get those two to confess their love for each other and also bring some peace in the campus. Riddhima shrugged her shoulders at him, biting her nails wondering if her plan would work or not, but one thing she knew........................

What Riddhima Gupta wants, Riddhima Gupta gets.

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