Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Part 3 : what Riddhima Gupta wants, Riddhima Gupta gets.(ss)

 "Now the Gresham's Law states that 'Bad money drives good money out of circulation'. It has it roots in human psyche and it was given by Queen Elizabeth's economic advisor who was also a trader by profession. But this law can only be applicable when Bimentalism is in operation". Riddhima bit her nails in anxiety as she pretended to listen to Professor Burton's lecture on the discovery of money. Armaan's basketball game was going to start in 10 mins and she had almost an hour more of her lecture to endure. If she would not be there before the game begins then she could say bye bye to a whole week because thats how long it would take her to appease him, not to mention all the things that he would make her to do and all the guilt that came with the package. The gymnasium was a 15 mins walk away but if she made a run for it then she could still be there in 8, only if ( and this was a big IF ) she could get out of class NOW.

"The Queen was a great reformer ( student's cough) She ushered in many reforms (cough, cough) in England during her regime (cough, cough, cough) ahem.................many reforms (cough) including reforms (cough) in currency (cough, cough). Miss Chaddha are you ok?" Professor Burton turned to Muskaan glaring at her for interrupting him. All eyes in class turned to Muskaan who smiled sheepishly and coughed somemore.

"Yes Sir *cough cough* sorry" Muskaan said trying to supress a cough.

"Maybe you should go see the nurse" Professor Burton suggested.

"No sir *achoo* I am fine, carry on *cough*" Muskaan mumbled stuffing a handkerchief under her nose.

"Miss Chaddha, I cannot teach with you sitting their coughing at my every sentence, I advise you to go see the nurse, now" Professor Burton said sternly.

Feeling embrassed Muskaan got up but wavered a little and Riddhima got up to support and keep her in balance. "Muskaan what happened?" Riddhima asked concerned. Muskaan just shook her head and rubbed her forehead as she leaned on Riddhima for support. "Miss Gupta take Miss Chaddha to the nurse and see that she gets proper treatment and rest, you both are excused from my class, take the notes from your friends later and see me if you have any problems" Professor Burton ordered waving them off. "Yes Sir" Riddhima answered and supporting Muskaan went out of the class.

As soon as they were out Muskaan stood up straight and made a run for it. Riddhima watched Muskaan's retreating back in surprise wondering what the hell just happened and ran after her. With immense difficullty Riddhima caught up with Muskaan. Out of breath she shouted at Muskaan,"What do you think you are doing? I thought you were sick, the nurse's room is the other way". Without slowing down Muskaan shouted back,"I was acting, those drama classes last year finally came into use". Riddhima looked at Muskaan who smirked at her in delight,"Where are you going, you crazy Panju?". "To the gymnasium, the game, have you forgotten? Armaan's game, remember?" Muskaan said as if it was the most natural and obvious answer. "All this was for the stupid game?" Riddhima shrieked trying to keep up with Muskaan. "Hey its your boyfriend's game, I thought you would be more grateful" Muskaan answered staring at Riddhima and still trying to run. "Then why the hell are you going?" Riddhima questioned although she knew the answer already.

Muskaan became quiet and concentrated on her running while Riddhima decided to let it go for now. After all she had got her out of Burton's class and saved her from Armaan's wrath. After a long run the gymnasium finally came into view and Riddhima and Muskaan turned left to go directly to the boy's locker. Opening the door with a bang they finally came to a halt and rested their body on opposite walls trying to regain their breathing. The locker room was mostly empty except for two players who looked up at the loud sound of the door opening and were now watching the heaving girls in amusement.

"You ran???" Rahul teased trying to hide a chuckle, his eyes twinkling.

Muskaan looked up and glared at him as Rahul burst into laughter while Armaan and Riddhima watched the pair in anticipation. "Ya well nobody did it for you, you dolt, it was all for Armaan" Muskaan said rudely. Armaan and Riddhima smacked their foreheads mentally even as Rahul stopped laughing and his face turned grim when he looked at Muskaan. Giving her his best death glare he walked away banging the door after him. Muskaan kicked the wall in frustration and exited the locker room in a huff.

Armaan and Riddhima looked at each other and sighed. "Well that could have gone badly" Armaan joked but stopped when he looked at Riddhima's angry face. Walking upto her, he held her hands in his own and kissed them,"Thanks for coming, it means a lot to me" he whispered to her. "You should thank Muskaan, I almost did not make it, if it would not have been for her I would still be listening to Burton" Riddhima replied smiling at him. "Fine, I will thank her after she kills Rahooool, hahaha" Armaan laughed winking at her. "Armaaaaan, shut up and all the best, now go" Riddhima said kissing him on his forehead and turning to go.

"See you after I win this game basket" Armaan called out after her. Riddhima just shook her head at him and blew him a kiss as she turned to leave.

2 hours later, with the winning cup in their hands Armaan and Rahul were carried on the shoulders of their team mates as they celebrated their victory. Riddhima and Muskaan sat in the crowd cheering them and clapping vigirously. After the team left to clean up, both of them got up to get ready for the victory dance in the evening. Riddhima and Muskaan were in their dorm room contemplating what to wear when Muskaan burst into Riddhima's room, with two dresses. "Ok choose, this one or this one?" Muskaan asked holding both the dresses against her body for Riddhima to decide. "Ummm, I think the left one, the colour definitely suits you more" Riddhima answered. Muskaan beamed at her and turned to leave when Riddhima stopped her,"Wait wait wait, now my turn, the red shoes or the black ones???". "Which dress are you wearing?" Muskaan asked as she looked at the shoes, Riddhima held up her dress,"Ahh, go for the black one, you have already worn the red shoes with this dress once". "Thanks yaar" Riddhima answered and started getting ready.

Sometime later both of them entered the function hall looking around for famaliar faces. While walking through the crowd somebody bumped into Muskaan,"Oh I am sorry Miss, I was not watchi.................." Muskaan looked up when she heard the voice and came face to face with Rahul who looked just as surprised as she did. Rahul stared at Muskaan in awe, she was wearing a white strapless dress with her hair in a loose bun and a few locks falling out over her face. He had a sudden desire to run his hand over her face and then gently put the locks of hair behind her ear. Muskaan shifted nervously under Rahul's scrutiny. "Mu..........Muskaan?" Rahul asked huskily. Muskaan looked up at him and then immediately bowed her head down when she met his gaze. "You...................you............look......................." Rahul hesitated trying to find the right words. Muskaan looked at him in expectation while Rahul tried to speak. "Gorgeous" Armaan who was standing right behind him whispered in Rahul's ear trying to help him out.

Rahul jumped when he heard Armaan's voice and as if a spell had been lifted looked at Muskaan and said,"Ya ok, I mean...........bye" and went away quickly shaking his head. Muskaan's face fell and she went the other way, depressed. Armaan looked at Rahul's retreating back and shrugged his shoulders, turning around he found a very angry girlfriend with folded hands, tapping her foot glaring at him. Armaan could swear he saw smoke coming out of Riddhima's ears,"What did I do?". Riddhima smacked him with her purse,"You fool, why did you have to go talking in his ear?". "I was just trying to help him" Armaan defended himself. "Well do me a favour and stop helping, urghhh" Riddhima cried walking away leaving a very confused Armaan behind.

Riddhima spent half an hour looking for Muskaan but it seemed that Muskaan had either gone back or was just avoiding her. Defeated she sat down on one of the bar stools. Tonight could have been so lovely, Rahul had been so polite to Muskaan, they could even have gotten together, if only Rahul had not backed away. Ofcourse she knew that it was wrong to blame Armaan, after all the poor guy was only trying to help, it was not his fault that his idea backfired. And now she felt terrible, for Rahul, for Muskaan, and mostly for Armaan. Today was a big day for him, and she ended up shouting at him. Feeling sad she got up to go look for Armaan, apologize and make up to him.

After asking around she found him in a corner sitting on a sofa but not alone as she had hoped but instead with the last person on the planet she wanted her boyfriend to be with - Stella Johnson. She started walking upto them and saw that Stella had half her body on top of Armaan and was running her hands over his chest as Armaan tried to get away. "What the hell is happening here?" Riddhima asked with her hands on her hips glaring at them. Armaan jumped when he saw her and finally pushing Stella away forcibly came and stood behind Riddhima. Stella pouted at the loss and winked at Armaan who visibly shuddered,"Hello Riddhima dahling, I was just entertaining poor Armaan, he was getting so bored with you all busy and everything".

If looks could kill, then Stella Johnson's family would have been planning her burial,"Listen to me Stella, for I will tell this to you for the last time, Armaan is mine, only mine, so hands off" Riddhima warned the woman and turning around pulled a surprised Armaan for a kiss for greater emphasis. Armaan wrapped his hands around Riddhima's waist as he deepened the kiss while Stella cursed at them and walked away angrily. After a while Riddhima backed out breathing heavily and rested her head on Armaan's chest.

"Have I ever told you that I love it when you get possessive about me" Armaan asked as he hugged Riddhima and nuzzled his face in her hair. Riddhima looked up and smiled at him when an idea occured to her and her eyes widened. Her mouth opened in glee and she looked at Armaan smiling widely which made him very suspicious. "OMG Armaan, you are the best, I love you" Riddhima cried happily jumping up and down. "What are you going to do?" Armaan asked her apprehensively. "Get our two best friends together, and prove to you that.............................

What Riddhima Gupta wants, Riddhima Gupta gets.

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