Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Part 4 : what Riddhima Gupta wants, Riddhima Gupta gets.(ss)

 "Cmon guysss, help me out here. Don't you notice the covert looks they give each other? Don't you think they are a perfect match? Don't you want to bring them together? This is your chance to play cupid" Riddhima gushed as she looked pleadingly at Anjali and Nikita.

"Oh yes! They are made for each other, specially their lungs" Nikita muttered rolling her eyes.

"Also it might bring some peace in the campus hopefully" Anjali remarked optimistically.

"So, you will do it?" Riddhima beamed happily.

"NO!" were the joint answers.

"Aaghh! Guyss, I thought we were moving forward here, all you have to do is one simple task.............." Riddhima started but was cut off by Anjali.

"Its not simple Ridz, you are asking us to distract and stall Armaan from going to the library for half an hour during his study period, how the hell do we do that?" Anjali asked.

"Anj, trust me, its very easy to distract Armaan, piece of cake actually" Riddhima said confidently.

"For you Riddhima, its easy for you coz you are his girlfriend" Anjali retorted.

"But if you don't do this, then my plan won't work" Riddhima huffed in frustration.

"Why don't you let somebody else do it then and you can just supervise, I am sure no other girl would mind" Anjali suggested.

"Noo, what if they mess it up and besides they will never expect it from me, it will be a total surprise" Riddhima replied.

"Ok then, you can involve Armaan in it? I mean Rahul is his friend, I am sure he will be happy to help you, and then we won't have to do anything" Nikita suggested.

"I can't trust Armaan with this, first of all, he might not agree giving me a loooong lecture on minding my own business, then if he does agree, he may mess up the whole plan, I mean cmon Armaan is a bit short tempered sometimes, not to mention easily jealous and then it will be all washed up, naaa I can't take that risk, so you both have to help me here" Riddhima explained.

Anjali and Nikita looked at each other and finally gave in. Riddhima jumped in delight and hugged both of them," Now remember, Armaan comes out at 3pm and heads directly for the library, so you have to stop him before he reaches and keep his occupied until 3:30 - 3:35pm, ok? Super! This is gonna be so awesome" Riddhima said happily before smiling at them and skipping away.

"Why are we doing this again?" Anjali asked watching Riddhima retreat.

"For Rahul and Muskaan" Nikita said,"And oh also World Peace".

With that the two of them went the other way smiling at each other and thinking of ideas that will help them complete half of Riddhima's plan to bring Rahul and Muskaan closer.

On the other side of the campus Armaan was diligently taking notes as he waited for the lecture to end so that he could catch up on his reading. The practice for the final game had taken a toll on his studies and he will have to give in double the effort to catch up with the class. Hopefully he will be able to get enough studying done for a few hours and maybe surprise Riddhima in her dorm with dinner.

Thinking of Riddhima made him smile, his girlfriend was surely one of a kind. Beautiful, kind, cute and stubborn as hell. He was sure even now sitting in some class, her mind was cooking up plots to get their best friends together. He liked that she cared about them, but wasn't too keen on her getting in on their love lives. He believed that if things were to happen, they would, just like him and Riddhima. As the professor exited the room, ending the lecture, Armaan hoped that Riddhima's last class would end on time so that they could have a nice quiet cozy dinner.

"Oh shoot, we are late, the class already ended, what if he is already in the library? OMG! Call Riddhima, MayDay, MayDay" Nikita rattled off.

"Hush Niki, there he is, look there, talking to Emma" Anjali pointed out.

"Saved! Ok, lets go" Nikita said walking ahead.

"Hold it!" Anjali grabbed Nikita's hand bringing her to a halt,"What are we going to tell him? We havn't decided on anything".

"Ummm, we will............we will..........YES!......we will ask him about a taxation problem" Nikita annouced.

"Taxation?" Anjali asked doubtfully as Nikita nodded her head,"Is Armaan even good at tax?".

"We are about to find out" Nikita replied dragging a half hearted Anjali with her.

"Thanks for the notes Emma, see you tommorrow" Armaan said as waved her goodbye. Looking at the large bundle in his hands, he frowned,"Seems it will be a late dinner, *sigh* well might as well get started". Tucking his bag under his arm he set off in the direction of the library for a loooooong study session.

"Armaaan, Armaaan, wait up" Nikita called out as she hurried to meet his retreating form. Turning back Armaan saw Nikita and Anjali running towards him. Coming to a halt he waited for them and smiled as Nikita reached him first smiling widely.

"Hi Nikita, whats up? Hey Anji" Armaan greeted as Anjali too caught up with them.

"Hi Armaan" Anjali answered and stood awkwardly looking at her shoes. Armaan thought of it a bit strange but didn't ponder, instead he turned to look at Nikita.

"Armaan, I have a problem, actually we have a problem, a taxation problem" Nikita answered his questioning gaze.

Armaan lifted his eyebrows at both of them,"And you came to me? Why? I mean, I really don't see how I can help you".

"Ofcourse you can help us, you are a brilliant student and so good at taxation, I mean it is your area of expertise" Nikita said buttering him up as Anjali rolled her eyes discreetly.

"Niki, I think you have it wrong, I am not that good, I mean seriously, I am just about average, you should go to somebody else" Armaan said a bit taken aback by Nikita's enthusiasm.

"Oh hogwash Armaan, you are too modest, really, Professor Mark told us how good you were and to come to you for all our problems" Nikita exaggerated as Anjali bit her lips wondering how best to shut her up without Armaan noticing.

"Professor Mark??? Niki, are you sure? I think you have got it all wrong, he can't have said my name, I havn't even been attending lectures, infact I am borrowing notes from people, see" showing her the stack of papers that Emma had just handed to him "I am sorry, but I really can't help you, why don't you ask somebody else, ok, catch ya later".

"But Armaan............." Nikita whined. "Sorry Niki, bye" Armaan said hurrying off in a rush wondering what had gotten into them, there was no way that the professor would have recommended him coz of hi recent absence, and still there were much better students than him in the class. Suddenly he heard a loud cry and whirled around to find Anjali clutching her leg as Nikita watched her in confusion.

"Pls work, pls work" Anjali muttered softly to herself as she bent down grabbed her left leg and gave a loud shriek twisting her face in agony noticing Armaan stop and turn around. Trying to convey her actions to Nikita through her eyes she saw Armaan running towards them and did an inner victory dance.

Armaan came to a halt near the girls as Nikita finally understood Anjali's idea and gave her a thumbs up behind Armaan's back. "Anjali what happened, kya hua? Are you ok?" Armaan asked crouching down near her with a concerned face.

Anjali felt a bit bad for taking advantage of Armaan like this when she saw his concern but heck it was for a good cause, and so brushing it off, she gave another loud cry,"Ouchhh, OMG, it hurts, it hurts so baaaaddd".

"Where? Where does it hurt?" Armaan asked frantically looking for any wound and then noticing her hand around her leg,"Your leg? Does it hurt?". Anjali nodded and whimpered a little as Nikita too got in on the act.

"Oh God Anjali, are you ok? Can you get up? Can you walk?" Nikita asked firing questions amazed at Anjali's acting skills.

"I don't think so, ooohhh" Anjali cried as she leaned on Armaan and Nikita who tried to lift her up. "Ouch, it hurts guys, I think I twisted my ankle" Anjali muttered, hand still on the leg.

"Ok Anji, try to get up, and I will take you to the nurse, ok, cmon, put all your weight on me, thats it, don't worry I got you, Niki can you pls bring my stuff while I support Anji to the nurse room" Armaan asked as he put Anjali's arm around his shoulder and supported her near the waist.

"Sure Armaan, right behind you" Nikita answered smirking as she picked up everything and checked the time, only 10 mins left.

Armaan supported Anjali as she hobbled through the long distance to the nurse room with Nikita right behind them checking the time now and then. Just as they were about to turn the corner to the nurse, Nikita shouted,"TIME" startling Armaan who stopped to turn and thus loosened his hold on Anjali.

Before he could comprehend what was happening, Anjali ran away on two perfect feet and Nikita soon followed her at lightning speed leaving all his stuff on the ground. A bit stunned Armaan stood perfectly still trying to grasp the situation until finally it dawned on him.

"Riddhima!" Armaan growled to himself and picking all his stuff up, stomped to find his girlfriend and some answers.

He searched the campus and after a good 10 mins his feet carried him towards the library. Opening the door angrily, he felt like screaming but stopped in shock when he saw the sight before him. His mouth opened and closed on its own trying to find words but none came to mind. He wanted to pinch himself and check if all this was just a bizarre dream but his hands would not lift, frozen at the scene going on infront of him.

There in the midst of bookshelves and tables were Rahul and Muskaan................kissing and that too each other.

Just when Armaan decided to make his presence known and open his mouth, a hand came up to shut it close and a tantalizing voice whispered in his ear,"Didn't I tell you............

What Riddhima Gupta wants, Riddhima Gupta gets".


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