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Part 7 : Khwabon ki manzil

 Part 7 

Armaan n Ridz got seperated from the hug n riddhima wiped his tears.

RI: ab kyun ro rahey ho ab toh sab theek ho gaya hai na.

AR: ya u r right.pata hai aaj se pehlay mainay kabhi bhi is baaray mein baat nahin ki lekin aaj pata nahin kyun dil ne kaha ki tumhain apni saari bata doon.

RI: Armaan tum ek bahut hi qabil aur achey insaan hoon aur main bahut lucky hoon ki mujhey tum miley ho.ab dobara toh mera saath nahin chodogay na.

He hald both hands of hers firmly..

AR: kabhi nahin.

RI: acha fir tumhari us Nancy ka kya hua

AR: woh woh toh bas ek time pass thi dats it.school khatam aur nancy aur meri relationship bhi.tumhain woh zyada pasand nahin thi na.

RI: haan mujhjey uskay jaisi ladkiyan bilkul pasand nahin aur woh tumhari girlfriend thi yeh baat mujhey bahut pareshan karti thi.

AR: Riddhima tumhain nahin lagta ki tumhain apni feelings ko confess kar dena chahiye tha.

RI: nahin kyunki mainay pehlay bhi kaha hai ki main us insaan ko hi woh 3 words bolna chahti thi jissey meri shaadi ho.yeh sach hai ki tumhari har baat hamari har mulaqat ,tadpati thi mujhey har lamha ,saari raat lekn fir bhi main apni dignity aur values ko give up nahin kar sakti thi.

AR: tumhari yahi baat toh mujhey pasand thi.

RI: sach


just then they heard the bird chirp outside the room sitting on a wondow.

Armaan looked in the direction of the sound n then they recognised dat it was 5.30 am in the morning.

AR: subah kab ho gayi pata hi nahin chala.

RI: haan

Armaan then noticed that she was still sitting in the bridal attire wid all the jewellary n make -up.

AR: I'm so sorry Riddhima tum abhi tak is dulhan kay joday mein hi baithi hui ho.chalo change kar lo

She nodded.

She sat in front of the dressing table n started to take off the pins from her dupatta.a frown came on her face wen she struggled to accomplish her task.

Armaan felt his heart jump.He cud not help but 2 stare at her n then he went n sat near her on knees.

AR: main help kar doon.

she smiled n he carefully tuk off all the pins n removed her dupatta.

All of a sudden Riddhima becam too much nervous.Her heart started beating fastly n several shivers ran down her body.His piercing gaze was making her conscious.In a hurry she turned back such dat her back faced im n he smiled again seeing her shyness.

He went to the place where her suitcase was kept n tuk out a dupatta from it.

she was still standing still.He went closer to her n wrapped the dupatta round her body .His touch tantalised her skin n he enjoyed the effect he had on her.

she again sat on the chair n started taking off her jewellary.

AR: let me do it.

He then tuk of her necklace n ear rings.Each time his fingers touched her fragile skin she wud close her eyes n breath heavily coz of the close proximity.

Next Armaan tuk off her bangles one by one n finally she was free from all jewellary n her heavy dupatta.

She stud up n he turnedher to face her by holding her shoulders.

AR: tumhain pata hai aaj se pehley mainey kabhi bhi itni khoonsurat ladki nahin dekhi aur shayad tumsay zyaada pyara aur kuch ho bhi nahin sakta.mujhey pyaar par yaqeen nahin tha lekin tumhari deewangi ne mujhey yeh yaqeen dilaya hai pyaar is duniya ka sabsey khoobsurat aur important ehsaas hai.I want to fall in love wid u.

she looked up at him wid tears in her eyes.

AR: I know dat I'm a big flirt riddhima lekin aaj jo main tumhain batana chah raha hoon woh mainey pehlay kabhi kisi ladki ko nahin bataya.meri zindagi mein bahut si ladkiyan aayi aur gayi hain lekin mainey aaj tak kisi ko kiss bhi nahin kiya hai.believe me Riddhima I respect women a lot.par aaj mera dil kar raha hai main tumhain mehsoos karoon tumharay labob ko apnay labon se mila doon aur..........

He was stopped by her as she sealed his mouth wid hers.She kissed him wid utmost passion n desire that surprised even Armaan but soon he tuk the control n kissed her passionately .He caressed her back n kissed her again n again till they wree out of breath.Wen the broke riddhima was blushing deep red n he loved that look of hers.

RI: hmm main change karkay aati hoon.

Wid this she immediately grabbed a gown from her bag n rushed to the bathroom.

AR: Man!!! She is driving me crazy.

He ruffled his hairs n changed in the room itself into his vest n pjs.

She came bak after washing away all her make-up n was feeling shy to go infront of him in a gown.He well understood his hesitation so he said

AR: ab tum yeh sab merey saamnay pehen sakti ho after all I'm ur husband.ab aao aur kuch der araam kar lo.

she slowly walked to the bed n sat on the opposite side of the bed.

Armaan lied down on the bed n asked her to do the same.She hesitated a bit but wen he forced she gave up n lied next to him.

He snuggled a bit closer making her little bit nervous.

AR: u r very beautiful riddhima not lookwise but as a person too.I'm such a fool to waste soooooooooo much of time living widout u.

She smiled happily n looked into his eyes.

They both were facing each other n had an eye-lock!!!

Wen the eye-lock broke, Ridz got embarassed n then turned towards the other side.

They both had a short sleep for a while.

She woke up again at 8 am n was soon surrounded by her sister in law Nikita.she was Armaan's cousin sister.

She kept teasing her about the last night n soon it was evening-the time for reception.

The whole day Riddhima was busy wid his mom ,sister n other relatives.Armaan wished 2 be alone wid her but he cud not get time to do so.Suddenly his world has starting revolving around Riddhima.all the time he was preoccupied by Riddhima's thoughts.His best friend Rahul n his wife Muskaan also tried 2 ask him his problem but he didn't give them a proper reply.

Now in the evening he was thrown out of his room by Nikita ,Muskaan n sum other girls as they needed 2 make ridz ready .He curssed them as they tuk the mere time he was willing to get alone wid Riddhima.

He wondered wat was happening to him.

He was ready in the blue sherwani n was looking very handsome.

in the hall he was taking to rahul wen suddenly Niki n Muski brought riddhima down.He 4got to blink his eyes .She was looking extremely gorgeous in the pinkish purple net lehnga.The exquisite jewellary,the make-up all added beauty to her physique.She was looking like an epitome of beauty.

Riddhima's cheeks heated up wen she found a pair of eyes fixed on her.

Muski: woh dekh tera pati kaisey tujhey aankhein phad phad kar dekh raha hai.yeh toh gaya kaam se.

Riddhima blushed more n more.

finally the couple was sitting on the stage n the rest people greeted them .It was their reception after all and all the people blessed the couple.

Armaan was stealing glances at her now n then.

He tried not to look at her but cud not keep a control on his desires.He felt proud wen people told him that his wife is very beautiful n well-mannered.

After the ceremony the couple was finally alone in the room.

Riddhima was heading towards the washroom to change wen he caught her hand

She turned around to ask the reason

AR: kal ki tarah main aaj bhi help kar doon plz.

She blushed n nodded.Making her sit infront of the dressing table he first looked in the mirror which reflected their image together.

She also looked in the mirror n seeing him looking at her, wid sumthing different n new in hsi eyes which she has never seen before, she looked away.

Sometimes their hands touched and other times they had an eye -lock.The whole night Armaan kept thinking of Riddhima while she slept peacefully as she was much exhausted after 2 restless nights.

Today ridz had to go for pagphera.

atul n Shashank had cum to take her.Armaan felt unhappy but managed a smile on his face.

Last time wen she came in the room he said

AR: jana zaroori hai

RI: haan

AR:I'l miss u

RI: me too

she said n went away.

while ridz had a full blast at her father's home day n night ,Armaan was feeling bore n lonely.He recollected all the time since Riddhima had re-entered his life.

Wid several introspections he finally knew wat he was feeling for her.Yes he had fallen in love wid her.He was in love wid her simplicity,beauty,innocence n a golden heart.He wondered how can she love him sooooooooo much and  waited for him soooooooooo long . He thanked God to fulfill her wish.He knew all his happiness belonged to her.

Wen she was wid him he was much confused but now wen she is away he has finally realised wat he feels for her.He cud not wait longer to tell her n confess his love for her.He knew dat he'll have to wait for tomorrow as he wud go to fetch her tomorrow evening.



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