Saturday, 11 January 2020

part 68: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

He move away from them while kissing Muskaan slightly on her cheek which was not noticed by Riddhima and Armaan and they were busy in their eye lock.

“Ridzi,,,,, c,,chale, is ladke ka dimag kharab ho raha hai” Muskaan shooked Riddhima and she regain her senses back while Armaan already started moving downstairs and Rahul was smirking like a fool giving “it was my way” look to Muskaan.

“Ha chalo”Riddhima replied and they left.

“Rahul bhaiya aap v aa jao, apki v shadi hai” Nikki shouted from downstairs and he showed his teeth moving down.

AR FF part 20 : "and then she said it"

A Sudden Speed-Breaker

As I sat gawking at her, my eyes ready to pop out of their sockets, she returned me a small smile. It was not one of her sweetest smiles that I am used to find on her lips but that of a sultry and mischievous ones. And for the first time in my life of 27 years, I felt utterly embarrassed – partly out of my own deed and partly out of her knowledge of my deed and most importantly due to the fact that she revealed it to me. And it was a wonder that my heart didn't suffer from any cardiac arrest at that question of hers because I surely had no idea that I could stay alive after knowing what she was capable of doing. That only left me with one more question. What else was locked up in that mysterious heart of hers?

"Tell na!" She whined tugging at my shirt.

But I was in no way having this conversation with her and the fact that she was drunk didn't make it any good either. "Riddhima, you are drunk. Its better you go to sleep." I didn't intend it to come out as a snap, but she flinched and jerked away from me at once. I put the bottle in my hand on the table beside the bed and turned to her to find her looking at me warily.

Chapter 5- Soul meets soul ARSH ss

Dinner with armaan at his place

The next day was a holiday for the school as the students had to get over with the tiredness of the previous day school fest. But shilpa couldnt rest, she left for the cafe. Her boss asked her to change in the dress, armaan had selected for her. After wearing it, all the maids praised shilpa...she was really looking pretty, as if the dress ws meant for her n only her. shilpa smiled unknowingly...n resumed her work. When she enetered the kitchen, she was left shocked. Armaan was standing there...n he was COOKING!!!

omgg shilpa thought...y is he here? n y is he cooking? where r the normal maids who cook here? but the food smells good..should i ask him or should i ask boss?

she was brought out of her thinking world when she heard armaan speaking to her

"prezz...the normal cooks here have taken a leave...n ur boss was tensed n didnt noe wat to i offered to cook for today."

"you can cook??"

Friday, 10 January 2020

part 67: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Riddhima reached downstairs and stopped for some moment regaining her heart beat back, she was blushing hard remembering the moments she spend with Armaan upstairs.

Armaan stands back at terrace smiling on her words for some moments when Rahul’s voice gather his attention, he looks back at him who was asking him to join them.

Armaan nodded and left the terrace when Riddhima joined them.

“Aaiye Bhabhi, hame to laga aaj aap free hi nhi hone wale ho” Nikki pouted and she smiled.

“Bas wo sab log baatein,,,,,,,” Riddhima tried to say when Rahul cut in between looking behind her.

“Koi baat nhi, abhi aap baithiye hamare sath, Ammy v aa raha hai” Rahul said and Muskaan pull her downwards so that she can sit beside her.

AR FF part 19 : "and then she said it"

 Appearance is deceptive !!

I watched silently sitting on the bed as Riddhima got ready for her first day at our office. It was the orientation for new hires today and she would be joining the company from next week. And as far as I had noticed, she didn't sleep a wink last night. She had been tossing and turning in the bed. Also, she woke up in the wee hours of the morning. And to add to that, she woke me also. As I watched her trying out different hairdos, I couldn't help but smile at her.

Mom, uncle, aunty and Muski left for Bangalore a day after our reception party. I was surprised when Riddhima bid them bye happily. Though she shed few tears at the airport during their departure, she had been visibly happy ever since our reception. My heart fluttered at the thought that our little moment late at that night might be responsible for her elated self. The mere thought of that kiss we shared that night pumped blood into my veins at full speed. I never knew that a kiss could give rise to such powerful feelings. But then, I had never kissed Riddhima before, did I!!

Chapter 4 - Soul meets soul ARSH ss

 School fest

School fest was the time when students from other schools visited Seika high...this fest was conducted at every school...this gives the oppurtunity for the students to know each other n also to know more abt other schools. each school had only one make their fest the best one so tht more n more students enroll. Seika high hasnt been able to make a good image..n thus...there werent many new comers at school...n also there was less girl population. However, this year Shilpa promised herself to make the school fest the best one...n encourage more n more girls to join in next year.

Shilpa walked through the corridors monitoring every class n every work going on. Each class was setting up something n it was her duty to go around n see if they needed anything n also help them by giving her advice n opinion. She was instructing the class who was setting up a cafe on how to treat the guests, wat kind of food to be on the menu...etc, etc. Everyone were shocked n kept asking her how come she knew this very hide the truth...she said that her little sister was interested in all this stuff n was working at a cafe. Everyone believed her n she sighed in relief.

Thursday, 9 January 2020

AR FF part 18 : : "and then she said it"

 Could I have this, forever ?

I cursed the traffic for the umpteenth time in the last few minutes. I didn't understand why the traffic was at its peak today. It was as if, all of a sudden, the number of automobiles in Hyderabad was doubled. Or maybe it was my eagerness to get back home, a thin voice in my mind whispered. I couldn't admit it wasn't true after all.

In the last two weeks, Riddhima had completely changed my life style for good. I always wondered how guys transformed themselves into homely husbands after their marriage. But when it happened to me, I couldn't even recall how it had happened. But I wasn't complaining. Infact I was glad. Because that brought Riddhima a lot more closer to me on an emotional stand. The hesitation that I used to find in her when she wanted to talk to me reduced very much and I could feel her much more comfortable with me around her. But she was still mysterious.

OS - You Are My Rain

"Don't fall for me Armaan. I am stone hearted." the girl said trying to wave off Armaan who was trying to lure her in his love. 

"That would work in my favor ridhima. You see I can engrave my name on your heart and no one can remove it rub it off then" he replied making her shocked. She have never expected someone can even look at it that way.

Unable to say anything in words she kept staring at him. "Ridhima I know you had a past. I am not forcing you. I may not know what your past hold and I am not asking you to tell me anything. I respect you and love you for what you are. You keep showing that you are the most heartless person one can meet, people see only what you show them but I see what you try to hide."

"Why you do that Armaan. Why can't you keep away? Is it too much to ask for." she said looking at him wanting him to leave.

Chapter 3 - Soul meets soul ARSH ss

Am i being unfair??

Since the day,armaan helped shilpa....she hasnt been able to stop thinking abt him...she keeps wondering why is he helping her so much? Vivek n his friends have not said anything to anyone but instead they too joined armaan in coming to the maid cafe everyday n requesting me to b their maids. They have changed....they say they are in love with me...n would do anything to win me. All armaan does is...glare at them when they say such things n they immediately shut up.

Shilpa:"uhm...oh rahul...tell me what happened?"
Rahul:"Shilpa actually...I....uhmm"
Shilpa:"wat is it rahul??"
Rahul:"Shilpa look dont b angry ok...i cannot do the work u've given of calculating the expenditure on school fest. M sorry something is going wrong....n besides m in hurry...i have a date...soo...hmm....u understand right??"

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Chapter 2 - Soul meets soul ARSH ss

My secret is revealed to more people

Shilpa goes with muskaan n anjali to check wat the problem was. When she reaches the spot,she sees a sand bag kept on the stairs blocking the path to reach the terrace. She gets angry n asks "who the hell brought this here?"
Anjali says some guys from the boxing club brought it here. They said they would remove it later but...
Shilpa tries to remove the bag...she is able to lift it but only a bit.
Just then Armaan passes by n sees the scene. He offers to help.Shilpa accepts thinking if she behaves rudely with him...he might leak out her secret.
Armaan in one swift movement carries the sandbag n throws it out of the school.
The girls thank him n he goes.

Chapter fourteen(Last Part): 25 With 18

            "I must say this is by far the best year I have seen, I would like to present to you the speaker of the graduating class of 2013 at Yale University." The dean of the University said as he made way for Ridhima to make her speech.
            Ridhima like all the other students was wearing a black gown with a tassel on her hat. The only difference was that she was graduating at the top of her class.
            "Thank you every one, I would like to say that as the years go on we will remember the moments'" Ridhima trailed off on her speech as she noticed someone walking down the aisle of where the graduating class was seated. It wasn't just Ridhima who was staring at the man; everyone all around was staring at Armaan Khanna!

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Chapter 1 - Soul meets soul ARSH ss

 The school president is a MAID!!!!

Girl's voice: " How many times do i have to tell u?? Your hair should b black...not coloured...earings are forbidden for guys.You must wear a belt...only the first button of ur shirt can be left open. Cant the rules just get inside ur head???...ur not allowed to enter this school untill u dress up GO!!!
She closes the front door...n the guys who she just scolded were left out. They stared at her as she went

This is Seika High. n the girl is non other than...the school president SHILPA MALHOTRA.

Seika high used to be all boys school in the past...its been only 3 yrs since it has become an co-ed school. As a result, 80% of the school population is of males. Shilpa is the first girl president n the reason as to why she wanted to be the president is she wants more girls to join Seika for which she needs to teach guys a lesson on how to behave with girls.

Chapter thirteen : 25 With 18

  Ridhima woke up the next day alone. Armaan wasn't there, and honestly it was probably wise of him. He leaving her home in the wee hours of the morning and getting caught would be a lot worse than getting caught at night. But it was a good thing he did not get caught.
            Ridhima felt odd without clothes on under her bed sheets. It felt so free and yet so weird. Like every morning Ridhima went to her closet and picked out her clothes and like always her choice were jeans and a t-shirt.
            The morning was like every morning, of every day. But yet it was different. Armaan in one night, one moment, made her a different person. Before he came in her world she was shy she never spoke to anyone much, and in a way she was still like that but with him she could speak, she was able to be open and free with him. To ask him questions to that of which she could never ask anyone else.
            After getting dressed Ridhima walked out the house in a long journey to school. She could only seem to think of Armaan in her head. He had been with her, so close to her. He had seen her in a way that no other man had seen her. He had become one with her and only her for that one night.
            She felt complete for once. All those things the other kids in school talked about, about their boyfriends or girlfriends, she finally understood them. Ridhima finally understood why everyone out there in the world went through so much pain to find love. It was because love itself was so filling. Love was the only thing that could fill that empty space inside.

Monday, 6 January 2020

Chapter twelve : 25 With 18

            NUMBER ONE THING I WILL NEVER BE WHEN I GROW UP IS A LAWYER. Ridhima and her aunt Sheena had been listening to Armaan's Three Lawyers for hours. Detail after detail. Each one of them had Ridhima tell her story at least fifteen times. And each time they would ask for more and more details on stuff that really did not matter to Ridhima.
            Apparently the lawyers all wanted to try as hard as they could to keep the news out of the papers. And so far it was working. They had paid off the three reporters with a good sum of money, well Armaan paid them off. And now the lawyers were going over details and details of lines and comments of what Ridhima was to say, act, and feel to keep the story from moving all the way to court.

part 17 AR FF : "and then she said it"

part 17.  I wanna take care of you...

We took a cab after landing in Hyderabad. It was 4 am in the morning when we reached our flat. Throughout the drive, Riddhima struggled hard to keep her eyes open while I passed the time stealing glances at her and Rahul readily dozed off. I left Hyderabad 10 days ago as a carefree bachelor and now I landed again as a husband who had to look ahead for his woman. I looked at Riddhima beside me. She turned to me as if feeling my eyes on her. She smiled and so did I.
"You stay far away from the airport?" She asked.

"A bit. The airport here is in the city out skirts." I told her. She nodded and looked away hugging herself and I noticed she was feeling cold.

I asked the driver to switch the ac off. Her face was slightly pale with her nose pink. She appeared kind of cute. I touched her arm to check for any temperature. It was slightly warm. I rummaged my bag and pulled my jacket out. Placing it around her shoulders, I moved closer to her wrapping my arm around her. She went stiff for a moment and then relaxed. I mentally made a note to talk to Shashank uncle and ask for an antibiotic if her temperature persisted.

Sunday, 5 January 2020

Chapter eleven :25 With 18

            Saturday morning was a bore. More then a bore, Ridhima had already finished her homework that was due on Monday, and she had already finished her studying for all her test and quizzes for the rest of the week.
            She felt like more and more of her life seemed to revolve around Armaan Khanna than it did around everything else. Before she used to think about just school, she walked talked and breathed school, but with Armaan around it was different. Because of him for the first time in her life she had gotten a ninety four on her test, never in her life had she made a grade below ninety five.
            Ridhima was in her room just lying in bed thinking of him, when she heard a knock on her bed room door. Her aunt Sheena's voice boomed through "Ridhima, there are reporters outside waiting on you" Ridhima was confused. What could reporters have to do with her when…

part 16 AR FF : "and then she said it"

part 16. Awkward beginnings.

I opened my eyes to the sound of the banging on the door. Blinking my eyes to adjust my vision, I groped for my mobile. But in that process, I realized my left hand seemed to be held down by some weight. Disoriented and frustrated with the knocks that were still persistent at the door, I fetched the mobile and saw the time. It was 4.30 am!!

Groaning, I closed my eyes again ignoring the sound at the door. I pulled the bed sheet closer to my face with my right hand. Inspite of the summer, the room turned chilly due to the AC. Feeling cold, I snuggled into the mattresses. I heard someone calling my name. The voice seemed to come from the other side of the door. I wished one could shut the ears just like the eyes.

"I am not gonna wake up till 10." I yelled at the door and turned to my side pulling something that blocked my movement, closer. I had barely slept in the last 48 hours. And it was the same 2.30 in the early morning when I finally dozed off. It had been just two hours that I closed my eyes, my sleepy brain calculated.