Saturday, 18 January 2020

part 75: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Arey Mom, Dad, log aa gaye kya hamse pahle?” Rahul murmured.

“Seems like that” Armaan also said, halting the car in front porch.

“Arey wow,,,, yaha pe abhi v decoration hai” Muskaan said coming out of car.

“Ya but ye different hai pahle se” Riddhima noticed.

“Ha yarr,,,, Chachi aaj kuch hai kya?” Muskaan asked Prerna.

“N,,,,,nhi to,,, aj to kuch v nhi hai” She replied.

AR FF part 27 : "and then she said it"

 What I did For Love

I groaned and frowned when I heard the shrill ring of something, close to my ears. I tried to turn to my side, but something seemed to hold me down. Sleepy and disoriented, I groped for the source of the noise, stretching my arm towards the bed side table, when my sleepy brain somehow processed it to be my cell phone.

"Yeah?" I drawled into the phone, my eyes closed.

"Rahul here, are you awake?" I heard his voice and sighed.

"Hmmm" was all I could manage.

"Shashank uncle, Padma aunty and Raji aunty came here last night." He said worried.

"Hmmm" I repeated.

Last Chapter - Soul meets soul ARSH ss

Its been two years now...since armaan and shilpa got together...they were what u called perfect...couple made in heaven...yes they still fought like kids but thts the beauty of their relation...even their fighting would make u say "oh my god...they r so in love"

About carter...armaan had very well taken care of him...he was forced to leave the city forever...armaan stepped back from spoiling his career only cause his lady love told him to do so...

Life couldnt b anything but perfect for the two of them...they were in a bliss...feeling complete around each other...when they kissed or hugged...the sparks went flying around...they forgot the whole world when they were was just them n their growing love for each other...

Armaan's family were against this relation at first...but armaan couldnt care less...his family was never there for him n now wanted to steal his girl away from him? NO! NEVER! he couldnt let that happen...He n Shilpa together showed his family how much they had been ignoring him n depriving him of his family love...after about 6-7 months his family gave in...they accepted shilpa whole-heartedly

Friday, 17 January 2020

part 74: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Chalo, intezar khatam karte hain tum dono ka” Anurag smiled.

They smiled as soon as he said those words and turn towards the direction he was looking for.

“Armaan Rahul, idhar aana beta” Before they could see their respective wives, billy called them out of somewhere.

Anurag giggled and they left sighing.

“Ji Dad” Armaan look at him because crowd was so much for him to block Riddhima.

“Beta, meet Mr. Sighaniya, he specially came from New York to attend your reception” Billy smiled.

AR FF part 26 : "and then she said it"

Into her heart...

I never expected myself to be standing in this situation. But now that I am, I didn't understand what I am supposed to do. Riddhima was clinging to me, her eyes searching mine and when I turned to look at the guy standing infront of us, I didn't understand if I was shocked or surprised. He was looking expectantly at us with a normal smile on his face. Should I comfort Riddhima first or should I deal with her past first? If I was able to with stand one part of her past, it should not be that difficult to confront the other part, should it? All I have to do is keep my nerves under control. Taking a deep breath, I decided to handle both at a time. I put my hand around Riddhima's waist and pulled her almost limp body against mine and turned to face him.

I didn't know when his expression changed but he was staring at us in confusion.

"Hi, I am Armaan Mallik," I introduced myself, in a formal tone. "Riddhima's husband." I couldn't help but add.

Chapter 11- Soul meets soul ARSH ss

Next morning

Shilpa's room

Shilpa's alarm rang but was she in the mood of gtting up?? naa after a wonderful blissful night who would want to get up?...
Hearing the alarm shilpa's mom(SM) entered the room
SM:shilpa...get up...its time for school
S:mom 5mins
SM:no shilpa get up now!!
n she dozes off
"whats wrong with her?? she never sleeps like that" thought shilpa's mom
oh god shilpa get up!! u will b late!!! she screamed at her daughter
when ntn seemed to b working she got an idea
"ok fine..go to sleep" she turned n then pretended to b shocked
"armaan ...u?? here?"

Thursday, 16 January 2020

part 73: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Chalo ab” Billy said and they moved forward towards their car.

Riddhima and Muskaan step out of mansion and bid a heartfelt bye to their families.

“Padamaji, Shwetaji, ham beti leke ja rahe hain, isliye kabhi ye soch k pareshan mat hoiyega ki wo akele hain, aur apka hamesha swagat hai Delhi me jab v apka dil kare” Ananya hugged them and they smile nodding in yes.

Vansh was looking at Riddhima and Muskaan when something strikes his mind.

“Arey Tauji hame abhi Bhaiya log aur Bhabhi log ko ek aur surprise v to dena hai” Vansh said looking at Billy.

AR FF part 25 : "and then she said it"

 Facing the unexpected

"Armaan, how many shirts shall I put? 4 or 5?"

I heard Riddhima ask for fifth time that evening and let out a loud sigh. She had been packing and unpacking the same bag for the last one hour. It was Wednesday evening and I booked for a late evening flight to leave for Darjeeling. She had been hyper active since the last two days and her enthusiasm is almost infectious; so much that even Rahul started fretting over our packing. If left to me, I would allow her to put three pairs each. Hell, I would prefer no clothes at all!

"Do you think two sweaters are enough?" Riddhima asked once again, her cheerful voice cutting through my line of thoughts.

"When I am with you, do you think you need sweaters to keep you warm?" I drawled out and that caught her immediate attention. Her sweater came with jet speed and kissed my face an instant later. I lay back on the bed and chuckled, mentally recalling all the things I would like to do for the next five days.

Ever since I showed her the tickets a month back, Riddhima had been literally counting days. We made the hotel bookings and hired a car for the local travel through an agent. She jumped in delight when she told mom and Muski about our trip. My heart warmed immediately watching her happy. Oh how much she missed happiness for the last 24 years! I was determined to give her all that she deserved: happiness and my love.

Chapter 10- Soul meets soul ARSH ss

The next day Shilpa went to school...with thoughts full of armaan. She wanted to see spend time with him...maybe then she could identify her feelings for him. She entered the school gates n took a deep breath. 'Omg the air feels so blissful' she thought n closed her eyes.
"Morning Miss.President"
Shilpa opened her eyes n stared at his blue eyes.
"Good morning Armaan", she replied smiling.
"Wow, is today my lucky day? Shilpa Malhotra herself smiled at me n wished me Good mornin??"..said armaan sarcastically with a smirk
"Oh shut up armaan!! i am just in a good mood!!!"
Armaan came closer n whispered in her ear.
"Why shilpa? had some thoughts about me in ur mind thts making u so chirpy and happy?"
Shilpa closed her eyes feeling his warm breath.She wished to hug him n stay like tht forever. 'Argghh!! shilpa get out of your trance!! wat the hell is wrong with u!!!' Shilpa scolded herself in her mind.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

part 72: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

"Chalein beta, le liya saman apne?” Shashank look at her.

“Ji Dad” Riddhima replied.

Muskaan look at her with a mishchievious grin and she ignored it totally knowing that she will tease the hell out of her.

“Bye Bhabhizzz, kal mite hain” Nikki hugged them.

“Aur ham apko Delhi le challenge ab” Vansh said being the excited one.

“Ha bhai,,, hamesha se inko Delhi le jane ki sabse jyada excitement Vansh ko hi hai” Prerna smiled saying that.

AR FF part 24 : "and then she said it"

Up to the moon!

I was surprised to find her still asleep when I stepped out of the washroom after shaving my stubble. I looked at the watch and found it was little past 8 am. Moreover, both of us have to reach office by 10 am. However, her position on the bed caught my attention and a smirk replaced the surprise look on my face.

Riddhima lay on her stomach, her hair completely covering her face and the pillow. The bed sheet was pushed down, revealing her bare back. She used to put on her clothes after we made love, before going back to sleep. But lately, she hadn't been bothering with that. With the passing days, I realized that she enjoys deep and sound sleep whenever we made love late night. She would be practically dead to the world until she woke up.

Moreover, she had put on some weight recently. And with her curves filling in properly, I couldn't help being drawn towards her. So it resulted in us utilizing the privacy of our bedroom regularly at every opportunity offered. After all we were newlyweds! But for some reason, she urged me to go on last night until it was something around 3 am. She had been surprisingly active and cheerful, which only gave me all the more reason to love her more.

Chapter 9 - Soul meets soul ARSH ss

Shilpa makes her way out of the party...reaching the garden she searches for armaan but is unable to locate him...her heart knows he is there somewhere
near her...but where??...
Shilpa moves ahead...she calls out his name...but he doesnt respond...she turns back when she hears him say
Armaan:"searching for me??"
She turns around n see him coming out from behind the trees
Shilpa:"yea...u jus disappeared"
Armaan:"did i?? didnt ur heart tell u where i was"
Shilpa's heart skipped a beat hearing this...she looked up oonly to find him very close to her...she looked into his deep blue eyes...there were so
many emotions in them...she tried hard to look away...but failed to do...his eyes were captivating...
Shilpa whispers softly " Armaan..."

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

part 71: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Now comes the twist in tale” Vansh said.

Everyone was watching it like a movie.

“Riddhima beta, tumhare liye rishta aaya hai” Shashank said to Riddhima and she looks down.

“Armaan beta tumhari shadi karni hai” Billy said when Armaan reached home while he look at him being shocked.

“Kya hua?” Ananya asked.

AR FF part 23 : "and then she said it"

 Snapshots of the past

"I am home!" I declared happily when I entered home, to be greeted with a pillow in my face. Bewildered, I yanked it off my face and found Riddhima chasing Rahul while he jumped on and off the sofa, dining table chairs and others which were in his way. Though shocked, that they didn't even notice my presence, I took a step ahead when she tripped and landed in my arms.

"Whoa!! Easy, easy!!" I helped her to her feet but she leaned on me, gripping me for support and panting heavily. "What's going on?" I asked turning to Rahul when I realized she was in no position to speak.

"Your wedding album" Rahul mumbled, slightly breathless, holding up the album which was in his hand. I raised my brow at that while he looked at her in wary, as if getting ready to run if she made a slight movement.

Chapter 8 - Soul meets soul ARSH ss

our dance 1

A month later

Shilpa was at the cafe. Sh was waiting with the other maids for her boss to come...boss had said there was an important announcement to make...Shilpa wondered what it was...
Her boss enters the room

Boss: k guys i noe u must b thinking why have i called u all here...i have a good news for u all...we have gotta contract of serving in a grand party hosted by the of the best companies in the world...Its a ballroom party...n ya big ppl from all over the country r gonna come...i want everything to b perfect...i want all of u to come there n for this u will b getting three times ur r u guys with me?
 all: yes ma'am

Boss: good...we have lots of things to decide...the party is what are we waiting for...lets get started guys!!

Monday, 13 January 2020

part 70: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Ye Nikki to,,,,, theek hai jao” he sighed.

Riddhima smile and left him to rush downwards as everyone was there planning secretly about Sangeet function.

Nikki was asked to keep Muskaan and Riddhima busy in some or other work so that they don’t get any hint of Sangeet function while Armaan and Rahul was being called by Anurag in a room to discuss some business work which was not the part of plan it was an emergency work they need to do that day.

“Riddhima beta, tumhare aur Muskaan k liye kuch dresses nikal k rakhe hain, Muskaan k room me, tum dono dekh lo shaam k liye” Shweta informed them.

AR FF part 22 : "and then she said it"

 It had to be you

"Riddhima!! Hurry up, fast!! We are getting late." I shouted from the dining room, stuffing pieces of parathas into my mouth.

"Stop it, Armaan." Mom smacked my head. "Let her get ready in peace. And you eat in peace." She reprimanded.

"Mom, it's cloudy. If we don't start early, it might start raining." I added, to my defense.

"Aunty, what he meant is that: the earlier they start, the more he gets to spend time with her." Rahul added with a grin accompanied with a wink.

Mom smiled at us, ruffled my hair and excused herself. "In that case, I'll go and see if she needs help."

When mom left, I kicked his leg from under the table and glared at him. "What! It's written on your face!" He exclaimed.

Chapter 7 - Soul meets soul ARSH ss

He is always der for me 

Armaan and shilpa reached city hospital...they went towards the reception
Shilpa:excuse me miss...
Shilpa:a new patient,mrs.malhotra has been admitted just few hrs ago...which room is she in?
the receptionist was about to answer when an inspector comes towards them
Inspector:what relation do u have with mrs.malhotra?
Shilpa: m her daughter...shilpa malhotra...
Inspector:plz come with me...ur mom is in a very critical condition but who is he?
Armaan: m armaan mallik...I am her school friend
Inspector: ok...plz come with me soon
Shilpa looks at armaan scared...he holds her hand n squeezes assuring her tht he is there with her...Shilpa gains strength n moves with the inspector

Sunday, 12 January 2020

part 69: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan was walking towards the room where Shashank indicated and Rahul was too sleepy to notice anything thus he lead towards the room to sleep. Armaan shook his head moving behind him, he was passing by Riddhima’s room when some unknown force stops his steps.

He turn towards the room then look back at Rahul who was entering inside the room yawning.

Armaan smiled and stops for a moment while entering inside.

“Should I go inside, Riddhima nhi hai to fir aise uske room me jana” Armaan thought for a moment then smile thinking soon she will be his wife and he stepped inside.

AR FF part 21 : "and then she said it"

 Shadows of past

"Who is it?" I mumbled into the phone as I took the call.

"Armaan, it's me, mom" I heard the voice and blinked my eyes slowly. They hurt like hell as I forced them open.

"Mom? What happened?" Though half dazed, I felt my heart racing slightly. I switched the light on and checked the watch. Its 5 am in the morning.

"When are you coming to Bangalore? Did you tell Riddhima that you would be coming late?" Her questions made sure I am completely awake.

"Riddhima? Why?" The mere mention of her name gave rise to some panic at the pit of my stomach.

It had been three days since she went to Bangalore. And she called me plenty of times the next day she went there. But I was tired and emotionally exhausted then. Acting in haste, I cut all her calls. She didn't call me after that and neither did I. I was strangely relieved. I needed some time to sort my mind and the next two days gave me ample time to calm me down.

Chapter 6 - Soul meets soul ARSH ss

he loves me!!

Shilpa left her home n started walking towards skul...she was thinking about her conversation with her mom...she was thinking abt armaan...tht name did something to her...she was definately attracted to him...but do i love him? she shilpa neared the skul she saw a crowd gathered infront of the skul gate...tht made her walk she neared the crowd she could hear voices...she knew some1 was fighting...she made her way through the crowd n saw two of her school guys beating up two guys from another school...she instatntly leaped into the fight n separated the two males...she glared at them n said sorry to the other school guys...armaan was also present at the scene...he was watching wanting to what shilpa would do now.Shilpa demanded her skul guys to apologize
guy 1: prez we are not gonna say sry to these bas****s
guy 2: he is right wasnt our fault