Saturday, 25 January 2020

Part 2 : Being Together

Yes M’am” she agreed.

After like 30 minutes,

“Hmm, so I think I’m done, wait wait wait, Aunty just come here” Riddhima saw Ananya near the door.

“Beautiful” Ananya just whisper making Anjali open her eyes slowly.

Riddhima make her ready in minimum make up as she have to apply haldi, but she make her wear beautiful floral jewelries which was giving a princess like look. She had done it perfectly, no other word than this.

“Thanku so much Riddhima” she hugged her and Riddhima smile.

Friday, 24 January 2020

AR os :I came back for you

"Riddhima?",his voice startled her , but she still smiled wide at him.
It was the obvious Armaan Mallik-style entry and there was nothing but him she wanted in her life.She needed him.Right then.And Forever.
Slowly,but hesitantly,he put his arms around her,and sighed.
"I can't believe we're here,Basket...I mean-I've never...Felt so..Nervous before..."
She laughed a shaky laugh to hide her own nervousness," Armaan Mallik..And Nervous?"
" Oh,Come on...You're talking as if its my 10th wedding suhagraat..!!"

She now withdrew his arms from her waist and  looked at him," Is it?"
He rolled his eyes," Ya,ya..Go on,tease me..let me get off this nervousness..then you'll see I'll take my revenge..Heehaa..",he gave a evil laugh.

"Okay,get to the point Mr.Supercool..What are you exactly nervous about?"
He stayed silent. She continued again,"About the night?"

Part 1 : Being Together

A combine school fest was going to conduct and all the schools connected with GM Foundation gather with their students. Although there were so many games, skits, debates and other things were going on but few plays specially made considering an elder age group. Kids were asked to practice their role as it was assigned a day before.

Armaan and Riddhima were also from different schools studying in class 5th and they were allotted a play with the role of husband wife, although it was a small play considering the students so they just need to deliver few lines together. Since, Armaan don’t know the girl and vice-versa but they were asked by teachers to perform so they did.

They meet with other friends and students for rehearsal, Armaan move towards Riddhima as teacher told he had to perform with her.

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

AR os : our Love Story

Dear Riddhima,Sid and Shilpa ,

I know you guys are terrified seeing my house empty and must have guessed that I left Sanjeevani and Mumbai..Quite shocking I know.Now comes the reason why I left the places I loved the most..Well I had no choice..I couldn't just live here..I didn't feel at peace here…I dunno why but it's just that I felt I couldn't live here any more..I miss all my buddies and all the memories keep rushing back in my mind and don't let me happy…I love all of you and will cherish all the memories I had here..Please don't try finding me cause I am giving up medical and trying my hand on some thing else..So if you go in all the hospitals of the world I won't be there..Shilpa you're a great girl..Seriously I love your care free attitude..Take care of yourself and take care of my bike which you stole.LOL! Sid I'll miss you man..You're a like bro to me..After Rahul and Atul you're my bestie..Take care and be the happy go lucky person you are.Riddhima….All I wanna say is….just be happy..

AR FF Epilogue : "and then she said it"

Few months later...

"Armaan, Riddhima went into labour. Come to hospital. Get Rahul too." Muskaan said hurriedly into the phone, while walking briskly towards the maternity ward with a flask full of coffee and a carton of orange juice.

Riddhima had gone into labour about noon, when they were sitting at their house in Bangalore lazing around. Armaan, Riddhima and Rahul had taken transfers to the Bangalore office and owing to Riddhima's slightly complicated pregnancy, they were granted one without any fuss. Ankit had made sure of that.

When they had moved to Bangalore and started living together, Muskaan had sometimes felt difficult to identify with Riddhima. The Riddhima she knew was very reserved and quite in-my-shell type of girl. The Riddhima now was more or less the same, but she seemed to be more at ease around her people. She seemed to be more in control of herself and quite confident of the relationships around her. In fact Muski was left gaping at the couple when Riddhima had fought with Armaan frequently about the baby's nursery, while Rahul just winked at her. She didn't understand what brought it about completely; nevertheless she was happy for her friend. She had taken a week off from her work at their hospital to keep a tab on Riddhima as she was nearing her due date. And the little one seemed to be very punctual.

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

AR OS part 2 : Back To Square One

He shifted his hand around her tiny waist…….. claiming it in a side hug from behind…..he sucked her earlobe slowly…. biting, licking it down to her collar bone… he moved up and sucked her lower lip than upper lip….she moaned and threw her face away from his lips.. ..When she felt his hand cursing her thigh from above the lehenga….. Armaan placed wet kisses over her neck and then moving down he kissed her throat licking up till her navel…. She hissed and gripped on his hairs.…He moved his hand on her back and opening the thread of her top …his hand snapped and opened the clips of her inner wear, she panted and groaned feeling his warm palm pressing and caressing her bare bre**** …..She tilted her head back more when his hands removed the top from front and his lips sucked the ti** in his mouth…He continued putting soft kissing at places. ….he rolled his fingers around her navel he felt her shuddered in desire…..Armaan moaned feeling her hands touching his front while opening the buttons of his shervani...he pulled her lehenga up and went down…..kissed her navel … she moved her hand in his hair. ..she felt his hand caressing her inner thigh her breath hitched feeling hot inside her…she cried feeling his finger inside her,…. she moved along the way with his finger…adoring his touch……delighted with the pleasure he was giving her….

AR FF Last part : "and then she said it"

...and then she said it! 

When we returned back later that day from the hospital, no one asked me any questions. Riddhima seemed slightly dizzy due to loss of blood and mom made her sleep in our room. Her eyes sought me out throughout the day but I was too ashamed of myself to come infront of her. Rahul seemed to be communicating non-verbally with mom and uncle. I have seen them blinking their eyes and nodding their heads at each other one too many times and the fact that they didn't even try to hide it from me confused me as to what was happening around me, but I cared less.

"I booked our tickets for the flight at 7.30 in the night." Rahul announced sitting beside me on the couch, uncle and mom following him close behind.

I squirmed when they started staring at me. "I asked the doctor again. She said that it is fine for Riddhima to travel." I mumbled nothing else to say. "I talked to her HR and managed to get a leave for a month until she is fine." I added.

"Does Riddhima know?" Uncle asked me.

"I am sure she would be happy to come to Bangalore." I said, in a small voice.

"Armaan, don't you think its high time assuming what she would be happy with?" Mom said in a deathly calm voice.

Monday, 20 January 2020

AR OS part 1 : Back To Square One

A girl running without even thinking where….

I looked around while running like a manic……what the F*** …how the hell I landed up on beach??? Wasn't on the road???

She looked around in panic…..this wasn't she had planned …I mean... who plans to run away on beach????

AR FF part 29: "and then she said it"

When I said it...

"Sir, your flight booking is confirmed. It's at 6 in the morning."

"Thank you." I replied and cut the call. I sighed, yet again. For the last few days, I was trying to book a flight ticket back to India. Due to the weather, most of the flights were getting cancelled and there was high demand for the tickets making it impossible to get one. So I called some travel agency that my colleague here recommended and as expected I got the ticket.

"Mr. Mallik?"

"Yes?" I heard someone knocking the door of my cabin. "Phill, please come in." I walked up to him and shook his hand.

"Oh, well I just came to thank you personally. I heard you are leaving tomorrow." He smiled politely.

"Yeah, I think the payroll system is back on track, perfect this time. So it's time that I get back." I said, both of us taking our seats.

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Os : Love can Heal Anything

Girl pov 
I was sitting on the couch doing my office work in the laptop when
The front door opened, and My little princess stormed past me and down the hall. She was six . Her hair are brown , an even light, was twisted into a messy bun; Armaan had done her hair for school this morning while I was at the office.
“Amira?” I called as she slammed her bedroom door. The fact that anjali teaches at the school and amira, anvi attend makes my life easier, anvi is anjali and atul daughter and amira cousin and also her best friend...
“Leave me alone!” she cried out. I stood up,. Armaan came out of our bedroom with his shirt off and tight black jeans hanging low on his hips.
“Kya hua meri Princess ko ?” Armaan asked.
I shrugged. Our little amira looked as sweet as her mom, but she had her father’s attitude. It was a combination that made our lives very interesting.

AR FF part 28: "and then she said it"

The Grey hues

"Is everything fine, Riddhima?" I asked as I noticed her standing near the closet staring at something in her hand for the last few minutes.

Riddhima jumped startled and in her hurry, shut the closet door on her fingers and yelped in pain.

"Shit Riddhima! Be careful!" I ran to her concerned and took her fingers in mine for examining the cuts. The delicate skin on her fingers turned reddish purple but I was glad that there wasn't any cut or bleeding. "I think an antiseptic ointment would do." I mumbled, searching for the tube in the closet.

When I didn't hear any response from Riddhima, I turned to her and was surprised at her smiling at me. Now that smile wasn't a normal one, it was the one I realized she saved only for me. There was serenity in that smile but there was also a pinch of shyness and something else which was deep and captivating.