Saturday, 1 February 2020


I'm not marrying anyone that I don't love!" Armaan repeated again. He was in another heated face to face argument with his dad. He didn't like his dad always trying to control him. "You don't even know the girl! At least get to know her!" his dad shouted back. "I'm not staying to see her face," Armaan exclaimed, beginning to walk away, but his dad grabbed him by his collar. "You're staying," he said through clenched teeth. For a minute they just stared at each other then he let go of his son. Armaan gave him a dirty look before he went up stairs to pack.
He stayed at his beach house in Goa, none of his parents knew about it. He usually comes here all the time, whenever he wants to be away from everyone. Armaan peeked outside; it looked like a really nice day to go swimming.

The shone brightly on her face, the moment she opened her eyes. Ridhima rolled into the shade, and helped her self-up. She was now fully awake when she couldn't think of anything. Where am I? And who am I? Those two questions seem to repeat rapidly in her head. She couldn't remember anything about herself and how did she get here? Ridhima eyes wondered around the place, it seemed deserted. Was she the only one on this beach? For a while she wondered around the place, hoping to find someone. But when she didn't, Ridhima abruptly busted out crying.

Part 1: I See You!

He sat in the shadows on the porch as saw as the twilight turned into evening. There was a drop in the temperature a bite to the wind as the evening shadows lengthened but he sat there in his shirt sleeves apparently oblivious to the chill. He took a puff of the cigarette he held between his fingers blowing out smoke through his mouth as he continued to stare at the stars which emerged as the sky turned dark after the sunset. The passerby who noted him saw a young man of 30 something dressed in pair of dark pants over which he wore a white dress shirt with sleeves rolled up to elbow. There was designer watch on the wrist and some very expensive shiny Italian shoes on his feet.

But all this was from far, on a closer look one could see the grin set of his full mouth, the slash of his eyebrows over eyes which changed color from grey to blue with hi moods. At the moment they looked like ice as the frown deepened the furrows on his forehead. The forearms that were exposed by the rolling of the sleeves showed tattoos in inexplicable shapes and language. The hand that clasped the chair was broad at the palm with tapered fingers but they didn't look soft as his appearance indicated money.

Friday, 31 January 2020

ARSH OS: Who's the boss?

"Armaan...please take her upstairs jana..yahan bohot pareshan kar rhi hai..." and as angel realized her mother was talking about her,she quickly ran to her father and wrapped both her arms around his legs in amusement...
"Yeah bacha...kya kar rhe ho aap? Mumma ko pareshan kar rhi h angel? Come baby.." he took her in his arms and started moving upstairs..
"Mummmaaa..." armaan looked back at shilpa for he thought angel was pointing at her, but when he saw shilpa busy in cooking, he looked back only to realize that angel had been pointing towards one of the photos hung on the wall besides the stairs. Angel tugged at his black vest in her tiny fists, to make him look at what she was seeing..
"Haan baby..mumma." armaan shook his head and moved upstairs to their bedroom.
He made angel stand on the bed whilst he switched on the tv and put it to their favorite thomas and friends. Angel started to run all over the bed,pretending to be a train engine like thomas and armaan stuffed all boundaries of the bed with pillows. He had hoped she'd fall asleep watching tv so then he and shilpa would be able to have their dinner in peace. Shilpa had already fed angel and now if she slept on time, would be the best thing to ask for. But just as he thought he saw her eyes drooping with tiredness, and he tried to shift her on to his tummy since that was her most comfortable bed, angel's eyes spat wide open disturbed by armaan's phone ringtone. He cursed it under his breath before getting up and taking the call...

Part 4 & 5 : Krazzy for you

"OK So What is going on?" Riddhima looked over at the statue holding up her aarti

"I mean you know everything…but last night was amazing! I actually danced and that to with a boy…I mean seriously is he the one or am I going to be disappointed?" come on yaar you can tell me…. Aleast give me some sort of sign?

"Riddhima beta!" Oh Baa…I have not seen you in ages… she so cute every time I come here she here …when she had that Astma attack and I helped her she adores me more…

Thursday, 30 January 2020


Shilpa brought a sleeping angel in the living room, where karan was watching tv and made her lie on the adjacent couch stuffing pillows all around her little baby before making herself comfortable on the other couch with her not-so-little baby…

"I was anyways coming upstairs…" karan said lazily changing the channels as he saw shilpa adjusting angel and then coming up to him…

"mujhe bhi tv dekhna hai…" she half leaned herself on him and put her arm around his waist from the front hugging him…

He caressed her arm, his eyes still glued to the tv..

"what are you watching?" she mumbled…

part 3 : Krazzy for you

'Please be gentle!' omg the wax is hot  Jai sherwale mata diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

'Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!' Sapna don't scream so loud? I know it hurts

'That will be 30000 rupees doctor!' OMG NANA does she want my kidney im sure on the black market she get double price' Dame I have to pay Sapna as well she giving me im a little short expression'. There goes the Ridz Car trust fund!!

'But Bi clothes?' Oh Ridz what have you said!'

'T for Trust' you don't trust me doctor?' No really as we both been in hell for 3 hours getting our hair, facial and body wax ' Plus we standing in bathrobes and you're asking for money! What do you think?

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

AR os :Destiny's Plan

"God this damn car!Isse bhi band hona tha..Is sum sam raaste pe..Raat ke 11 baj rahe hai..Mom is gonna kill me now..Mere late nights toh band.." Riddhima cribbed and hit the car with the her leg and hurt her self instead "Owww'stupid car!..Yaha toh lift bhi nahi milegi..aur milegi toh koi hoga stupid sa banda jisse sirf ladkiyo mai sirf ek hi cheez dekhti hai..." She made a face..and sat in her car..praying to god to start her car.."Bhagwaan ke naam pe chalu hoja pleasseee'" she prayed for one last time but no luck.."STUPID CAR!Aise time pe band hoti hai DUMMMZIEEE!!" Riddhima yelled'

part 2 : Krazzy for you

'Hi Riddhima!' AWWWWWW Easy tiger!! Sapna I need this arm to hold Armaan'.dame you have sharp nails

'Hi Rahool!'  NOOO that seat is for Armaan'Uff

'Hi Sapna!' Oh god she is going to faint at the way you are looking at her ' what is happening today.

'Hi!' OH that dimple smile just melts away' boy that a lot of food? Shhh he a strong strapping man he need energy' God you have a one track mind.

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Part 28 : True love never dies

Armaan mujhe tumse Baat karnii hai
Armaan: Haan bolo kya hua?
Shilpa: armaan Papa ne
Armaan: kya Papa ne kya
Shilpa said with worried tone
Armaan me Soch rhi thi ki kyu na Papa ko hamare bare me bata de
Armaan me abhi ni bata Sakta Shilpa wo ni manege
Shilpa: toh jab batayenge
Armaan: me Keh ni sakta Shilpa ki kab bata sakte hai but abhi toh bilkul ni agar abhi bataya toh hamari Jo Baat Hoti hai wo b ni hogi
Hum Milne se pehle hi alag hojayenge
Shilpa: but armaan mujhe LGA tum mujhse shadi Karna chahte ho
Armaan: of course me tumse shadi Karna Chahta Hun baby but abhi MERI career ki shuruaat hai me kya kahunga tumhare Papa ko me kya Karta Hun

OS : Love

I heard the rain drops splatter across the surface of my window. Smiling, I sat up on my bed, and walking towards my window, I opened it wide, letting the wild wind, scented with the perfume of fresh mud and grass, caress my face.

I shut my eyes, and just like a scene from a lame Bollywood flick, spread my arms wide out, letting the drops of rain fall on my face. My smile wouldn't leave my face. I had never enjoyed rains  as much before, had never really paid heed to that happiness you got when you felt that fresh, wet breeze tickle your senses.

All this, was because of one person, that one person, around whom my life now revolved. Because of that one feeling,which would turn your world upside down, make your head spin, give you that rush, make you go on a high, make you weak in the knees. All this, was because I was in love.

prologue & part 1 : Krazzy for you

She let out a sigh and looked over at her lab this was her world and where no one told her what to do'. She looked at the time and smiled 'ring ring'

'Ma?' omg why did she always do this emotional blackmail me to get married. Me with a Man' they spread nothing but disease I cant stand them'Uff

'You listening to me? How is your Mamaji?' Kansi mama the man who made my life a living hell him and the ugly Gupta sisters.

Monday, 27 January 2020

Part 27 : True love never dies

Phir BHI mujhe abhi BHI Lagta hai ki tumhe abhi BHI shayed thodi hesitation Hoti hai mujhse pata ni Kyun but I understand ye tumhara Naya life Ka badlaav hai me samjh sKta Hun me ek min me Ata Hun 

Shilpa nodded 

Armaan went in the mean time for having some cold drink all went outside for going their respective homes 

After two min armaan came tum Kuch logi?

Shilpa: ni it's ok 


Armaan: Haan bolo 

Shilpa: wo me puchna chahti thi about Maya inspector ne tumhe kyu bulaya? Jail me for enquiry 


I could sense my cheeks wet. But I made no attempt to wipe off my tears…I knew he would do that for me…I would prefer it that way only…my vision was becoming hazier and the noises around me fainter and fainter…but I paid no heed…I drove as fast as I could…yet I couldn't circumvent the dreadful considerations that my brain worked up on…what if he had left? What if I couldn't get to him in time? What if….we never meet again? I couldn't leave room for that possibility… I shrugged my thoughts…that was not even a possibility…I wouldn't let that happen…I couldn't leave him alone…I had promised him once that I would stand by his side in all weathers and now I couldn't back off from my promise…my car came to a halt as I realized I had made it to the airport…I still have no idea where I left my car but I just remember scuttling like fanatics inside the immeasurable antechamber…I glanced all over the horde…there were so many people…with their loved ones…I could hear them amused and giggling…I knew they were laughing at me…coz they had people they loved and I did not…I did not have him…I looked around hurriedly with a ray of hope in my heart…I wished badly that I could see him…even if it was only for the one last time…I looked everywhere

Part 4 : Being Together

Armaan slowly held her hand and trace his knuckles on her bare arms, upto her shoulder and tracing her neckline he turn her around,,,,, Riddhima closed her eyes as his touch was doing something to her which was new. He slowly traced her cheek and rubbed his thumbs over her lips softly “How to hold myself back” he whisper almost on her lips making her open her eyes and he left after watching his effect on her with a mischievous smile.

"What was that" Riddhima murmured.

Riddhima was controlling her racing heartbeat to normalize it before Anjali comes back.

“Hey Riddhima chalein?” she asked and they move downwards.

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Part 26 : True love never dies

Shilpa and armaan came in college
Atul was reading book Rahul was in his thoughts tabhi Anjali ATI hai and asked Rahul hello kya hua? Seems lost?
Rahul: ni Kuch ni
Anjali: are but Kuch toh hai na pehle Tu muskaan se bahut ladta tha or ab ek dum se shan't hogya wo toh wesi ki wesi hai m asking tumhe kya hua
Atul noticed this Atul: Anjali shayed wo ab samjhdar hogya hai
Anjali: what u mean Atul wo pehle se samjhdar hai
Armaan entered and saw all sitting and chatting so aaj kis Baat par charcha horhi hai
Anjali: tumhare best friend par
Armaan: oohh raool kya hua tujhe armaan kept hand on Rahul s shoulder
Rahul smiled lightly Kuch ni Bhai
Armaan: ahan Lagta toh ni hai utne me muskaan ATI hai


             part 1

The excruciating soreness in her eyes..the tears that were on the brink of gracing her cheeks'she could snivel any moment..i could see that in her eyes'her lashes flickered frequently as if to keep the dam of her tears in check'she was in pain..and I was the reason behind it all'I was the one who broke the promise'I was the one who backed off'her hands were clasped together but there was a constant movement in them'I knew she was miserable.. she was scared'however strong she portrayed herself to be,  I knew' and yet I couldn't do anything about it'I had put her in it'I had left her alone when she needed me the most'she saw me'her expressions changing from surprise to anguish in a split second'she turned around to leave and my heart thumped vigorously somewhere in the left side of my chest'I wanted to go to her and squash her in my embrace'keep her there forever and never let her go. Never.

Part 3 : Being Together

"Nhi maine aisa nhi kaha, matlab us tarah se jaise,,,,,,” Padma was saying when Ananya interrupt her.

“Matlab agar ham us tarah se Riddhima ko le aaye ghar me to?” she asked.

“Matlab?” Padma was confused and getting her point she said “Armaan” and Ananya nodded “Kya kahu, abhi to uske bare me kuch socha nhi, padhai khatam hui hai, dekhte hain use kya karna hai, agar uske papa bolenge to shayad maan jayegi, lekin ham kuch time baat ye sab baatein karenge, abhi nhi. Abhi unhe thoda apni zindagi me cheejon ko samajhane ka time dete hain” 

Both were agreed to this and decided not to talk infront of anyone. But these mothers start assuming them as her daughter-in-law and son-in-law.