Saturday, 8 February 2020

Part 7 : Krazzy for you

"Krishan Riddhima is now my Ammy's Ammant!" HUH WHAT this can not be happening?

"Ok Riddhima beta! I see you in the morning at the mandir come a little early I want the pandit to do a little pooja for you and Ammy… Nazar ki!" OK now why is everyone laughing and Nani you have all been suckered in!!… Man that guys is using his sweet little grand mother as well!!

"Sure Ba I make sure she there Nice and Early!" Don't TOUCH ME NANI! I cant believe you agreeing to this as well. …ok cool BA has left the building.

"Nani?"  OMG How many people are going to hug me today?

Part 8 : I See You!

Shilpa twisted the strap of her wrist watch as she sat in the doctors hospital office waiting for the results of the innumerable tests. Armaan had brought shilpa to meet with the Dr. Manan who was the eye specialist, he had gone through shilpa's case file and had asked shilpa to go through some tests.

 Dr. Manan: the tests are to judge the damage your eyes have gone through, the cornea, your optic nerves etc.

 Shilpa had agreed to the tests not knowing what to expect, she didn't know what to feel. Throughout all the tests armaan was at her side, the silent vigilante, looking after her, running interference.

Now they were back in Dr. Manan's office waiting for the results, she was anxious and knew she had lied to herself when she had said that she didn't care about the results. She cared, she cared very much because she wanted to see again. She forced herself to sit still and control her body's jerky movements.

Friday, 7 February 2020

part 1 : The Bookstore: An AR story


She was taking an inventory of latest dispatch to her book store when she heard a soft rap on the door. It was a dreary Monday evening, complete with unexpected autumn showers lessening the in flow of customers. It had given her time to catch up on inventory and go through the accounts for past months in detail. She co-owned this quaint little book store which had a touch of old-fashioned library to it. Any book lover would immediately fall in love with the store; at least that's what she always thought.

"We are closed", she yelled. The book store closed at eight everyday and it was already few minutes past the deadline.

Part 7 : I See You!

Armaan stood stunned as he looked at the sculpture shilpa had created of him. It felt almost like looking at himself in the mirror, he looked critically at it, she had combed his hear back from his forehead. The style was not something he had been keeping since he had come here but was a usual for him in the business world.

Shilpa waited for him to respond as she stood there with her hands clasped behind her back. Not able to take the suspense any longer: Ammy! Say something!

Armaan glanced at her: its unbelievable!

Thursday, 6 February 2020

Part 6 : I See You!

Shilpa was in love and she was having the time of her life spending it with the object of her affection.

Shilpa gave bogart a final rub: good boy! Sit! Sit! Such a good boy! Here you go! (she gave him a treat which he took from her). Shilpa stood up to go back inside when bogart pressed his head against her leg showing his affection. Shilpa had no defence against such unconditional love she again sat down and rubbed his ears: wanna come in with me bogart? Will you be a good boy?(in response bogart gave her a wet sloppy kiss making shilpa laugh as she gave him a hug)

Shilpa: ok bogart!(she stood up) come along! Here come with me!(bogart came on her side so that she could place a hand on his head as they moved inside) today bogart we are going to do some sculpting! Its going to be messy as I'll be working with clay but it will be fun!

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

OS : One last Breath

Another day has come. It was yet one of those previous stressful days for Armaan Malik , painstaking and miserable.
He opened his eyes.

"Wonderful sunlight.." He remained laying on his hospital bed.

"Would I live for this entire day?" Armaan asked himself with his eyes fixed at the view which the open window had bestowed, typical morning light that he had learned to appreciate.

"Could I pass this 24-hour-suffering? Again?" He managed to verbalize another question like a cold stereotype. But deep inside.. repeatedly, those questions bombard his head like needles piercing through his cranium. They made his sick self even worse.

Part 5 : I See You!

Shilpa sat infront of the computer where the system was waiting for her voice command, she had switched it on half an hour ago but her mind just wasn't concentrating. She couldn't help but think about the previous week, the week after her almost accident in the rain. She pushed her hair back from her face and pulled her feet up on the chair and pondered over the events of the week.

True to his word Ammy had been with her each step of the way, not once did he leave her side. The first time she had stood outside on the sidewalk she had a death grip on Ammy's hand, she was so scared. Shilpa thought in amazement that Ammy hadn't done anything he had just stood beside her letting her take that step forward. His quiet presence had filled her with confidence, his strong hands that she had gripped so tightly had infused her with his strength.

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

OS : You belong With me

 Maya stood there, her glare vicious and her lips tilting slightly upwards.
"This shall teach you to be such a wh**e and not stick with Armaan!" She finally spoke, spitting the words out slowly.
Riddhima leaned against the wall, not daring to utter a sound. She didn't want to admit it, but she was petrified.
She turned to laugh with Sasha.
She looked at Riddhima with mocking eyes, and went closer to her. "You're so pathetic." she said, a hint of smile as her hand went up, ready to hit Riddhima .
Riddhima shut her eyes tight, waiting for the slap to come. It wouldn't matter much; not when she was tortured like this already. "Stop." a gentle voice with thundering dangerously came and Riddhima realised the slap never came. She opened her eyes slowly and found Armaan holding onto Maya's

Part 4 : I See You!

Armaan sat back on the park bench lounging with his legs stretched out and arms slung over the back of the bench. He had his head tilted back as he enjoyed the afternoon breeze with shilpa sitting beside him. At the thought of shilpa he couldn't help but smile she was a enigma to him its had been week since they had actually become friends, they had met everyday. If armaan was honest with himself he would have to admit that he actually looked forward to their meetings everyday.

All they did was talk, their conversations ranged over different topics from reading interests to movies and songs. Armaan shook his head in amusement as he recalled the discussion they had about the classic Wuthering Heights.

Armaan: I don't believe this!

Shilpa: seriously I'm telling you both of them should've been committed.

Monday, 3 February 2020

one shot : the heartbeat

The ivory keys on the piano beckoned her, closer and closer until her long fingers were on the wood. Her hands were positioned to play, her fingertips putting gentle pressure on the smooth, almost slippery surface. She felt a song flow through her, and just seconds later, the notes were floating flawlessly through the air, the aesthetic melody ringing off the walls of the empty room. As her emotions rose, so did her notes, her playing; the piano's sounds were not flooding the area, overflowing it with the beautiful music of the song. Her hands acted as her mouth, her translator from words to another, more beautiful language.

Part 3: I See You!

Armaan sat on the park bench with a cigar clenched between his teeth as he looked on the scene infront of him. He blew the smoke out and looked at the kids laughing and playing football but that was not what held his attention. He looked behind the kids where a lone figure sat staring away in the space for all intents and purposes. In reality she was not staring at anything because she could not see anything or that was what everyone said. He took a drag of the cigar as he thought to himself that over the past week whenever he had seen her he had no reason to doubt her.

If he was not wrong she had also tried to avoid him whenever she had become aware of his presence. He let his gaze wander over the park enjoying the game being played but his gaze was pulled back as he heard her laughter floating across the park to him. He saw the kids calling out to her in response to which she waved back at them.

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Part 2: I See You!

Armaan looked down at the girl whom he held by the arms, pulling back so that he could look at her properly. He was not a cynic but he was a realist he knew his worth and recognized that people stoop to any level to be seen in his company. The face that turned towards him was not an ordinary face, creamy complexion offset by dark hair which fell straight down her back ending at her waist. Small nose balanced over a nice mouth but the most arresting feature on her face were a pair of moss green eyes framed with dark lashes with dark arched eyebrows. She had a slight smile playing on her lips as she pulled back as Armaan's hand slipped off her arms both standing silently.

Armaan took in her unfocused gaze, she was looking at somewhere over his left shoulder. Feeling irritated he spoke again: why don't you watch where you are going?


Her beautiful wedding dress fitted perfectly shaping her beautiful curves. The accessories making her look elegant and her smile which made her face glow with happiness.

"Ridhima it's time." Her dads smiled and lead her out of the dressing room. Linking their arms, ready to walk her down the aisle. Taking a breath before entering through the double doors. He pulled her veil over his daughters face and went in.

Everyone's head turned toward the doors watching both of them.

Ridhima was absolutely breathtaking. Side by side, until the very end. They reached the groom. Her dad let go of her arm, smiled weakly, and retreated to one of the booths his wife was sitting at.

Armaan held out his hand to help up the steps. As the priest was doing his thing, both Ridhima and Armaan couldn't take their eyes off each other. Holding their hands together tightly, as if never wanting to let go.