Saturday, 15 February 2020

part 5 : The Bookstore: An AR story


Her best friend who was also her roommate was irritated and annoyed at her attitude. She had recited every poem he had uttered and had even tried to mimic his tone but failing miserably. The reason for her roommate's frustration was that she had failed to mention the bookmark to her for couple of days; also that she still didn't know the name of the stranger. She had tried to convince her friend saying that it really didn't matter to her. Knowing a person's name, his background, his job, might influence on her unbiased perception of him. At this point, they were reading each other in the level of blue prints where everything is raw and very clearly defined. The finished product which is presented to society generally hides minor flaws. It also hides fantastic foundation. Her friend however, had

Part 15 : I See You!

Armaan looked down at the sculpture that he had just placed on the table infront of him. He would've had to be blind so to not know it was his sculpture. Armaan turned around to leave but stopped as he saw Shilpa standing behind him and he knew that she knew.

Shilpa looked at the face of the man who had changed her life, changed her. She took a step forward closing what little distance there was between them. Armaan looked at her as she came nearer still and decided to distract her with conversation: Shilpa…(before he could continue shilpa placed her fingers atop his lips stopping him)

Armaan felt on fire as shilpa slowly glided her fingers across his lips, she then traced her finger tips across his cheek bones, down his jawline to sweep up across his brow tracing his eyebrows and nose. Armaan again tried to speak: Shilpa!

Friday, 14 February 2020

part 10: Krazzy for you

Ok listen I have messed up in the past ?.but please Matarani please make my Riddhima better!?  Man I messed up royally?heck I was anger and not thinking straight and just want her not to ever leave. I was desperate??? Dame it!

She be ok Armaan!? No Atul!! You never saw her covered in blood as I found her on the road driving looking for her and she lay so still. I never felt so scare in my entire life?Like some riped me apart from my heart? man Atul I close my eyes I still see her in the deserted road ? Why did I drive her away!  She was walking out I just blurted everything out!! I love her and Now I have killed her?

Armaan?? Oh Nani can I see her I need to see her

She?s blind!?  Ok dude control you?re self stop crying they?re nothing that can not be fixed?Just go to the office speak to the senior doctor

Part 14 : I See You!

Shilpa felt a head ache brewing behind her eyes but she needed to drop the manuscript of her book at the Malik Publishing. She was not going over to meet Armaan after the night she had she didn't want to meet Armaan. All night her dreams had been full of running after Ammy trying to find him but every time she found him the man she faced was Armaan.

So she was in no mood to meet armaan when she entered the Malik Publishing office building, when she asked about Rahul she was informed that he was in Armaan's office.

That piece of information made shilpa scowl: well as he I busy why don't you give him this manuscript when he comes out.

The receptionist whom shilpa was talking to, eyes widened in horror: no! no! ma'am plz go inside they'll meet you.

Thursday, 13 February 2020

part 4 : The Bookstore: An AR story


She was talking to one of her employee who was just leaving for the day. The two of them were the last ones left in the deserted bookstore. They heard the familiar tinkle of opening of the door and she could see that her employee was about to yell that the store was closing but it never came. She turned around to see that he was standing by the counter and she caught her employee was blatantly staring at him. The way he looked tonight, anyone with two X chromosomes would be staring at him. Dinner jackets had never looked better. He looked amused to see two women staring at him unabashedly. He placed coffee cups on the counter and waved a hello at her. She locked the door when her employee left and turned to see that both he and their coffees were missing. She found him standing by a window at the back of the store waiting for her. She thanked him as he handed her a cup.

"You have plans for tonight?" She asked him pointing at his attire.

Part 13 : I See You!

Armaan looked at girl standing infront of him, feeling guilty he approached her: I'm sorry Anjie! Its just that I'm very busy nowadays!(he cursed his mother who had actually made him feel guilty over the anger he felt towards Anjie. He scowled inwardly at women and their womanly instincts, his mother had latched on to him immediately after dinner asking what was wrong.

Ananya: Armaan! Did you and Anjali have a fight?

Armaan winced: maa! Where did a fight come up?

Ananya: if you didn't have a fight then why were you angry.

Armaan clenched his jaw and thought how was he suppose to explain to his mother that he was not angry at Anjali but angry on the fate. Now that shilpa was so near him he couldn't help but resent Anjali's presence in his life. He had managed to satisfy her with a response giving excuses of work but now felt guilty as he looked into Anjali's face.

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

part 9 : Krazzy for you

Tick TOCK!?.man he giving me the I-see-u-in-5-mins-I-want-you-look??? I am taking my time eating dinner here with everyone?.heck what I am I going to do?  Ridz you know what you have to do!  I know! We have practise all afternoon?.we have to be strong!

 Ok deep breath?. Just knock on door?. WOW look he pushed the single beds together and the candles?.OH MAN?

Hey its like 10pm!? WHAT IS WITH THE TEMPER?

Look this is not easy for me?so I think i should leave?.? Head for the door!

Part 12 : I See You!

Armaan quickly strode away from the meeting room walking directly to his office he called out to the secretary and Atul who was hovering: hold my calls!

He entered his office closing the door behind him, he walked further into the room not sure what he wanted to do. Feeling confined he took off his jacket and threw on the chair and walked into his bathroom and shut the door. He unbuttoned his collar and loosened his tie as he stood in the spacious bathroom looking at himself in the mirror.

He placed his hands on the sink and stared at himself in the mirror not sure what he wanted and then the anger and the frustration that he had buried somewhere deep came erupting. His hands tightened around the sink basin as a cry of anguish came from deep within him: Arrgggh!!(he shook the sink, loosening a few screws)

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

part 3 : The Bookstore: An AR story


He was surprised to see the bookstore in total darkness. He wondered if he was very late and she had closed the store for the day. He didn't expect anyone to respond when he knocked the door but was surprised to hear a muffled voice saying ' "It's closed."

"It's me." He said. At that moment he realized that they had not yet introduced themselves. Till that moment it had not mattered much to him. When he thought about, it really didn't matter at all.

"Hi, it's you!" She whispered opening the door. Only then he realized that there were no lights burning in the store. She had a candle in her hand which was giving her an ethereal look.

"Yes, it's me." He whispered back.

Part 11 : I See You!


 A girl with a mass of curly hair, bright eyes and a cheerful laugh was talking on a cell phone which was pressed to her ear by the help of her shoulder as she juggled with the flowers and the bag in her hand to press the elevator button.

 She huffed a little but continued talking: I'm telling you! She's brilliant just brilliant! I can't decide whom I like better Shilpa the writer or Shilpa the person. You are going to fall on your knees and beg me to marry you. You are so going to love me.

 A masculine laugh floated across the line: I do love you muskaan! And on last check I did ask you to marry me but you keep putting me off.

Monday, 10 February 2020

Part 8 : Krazzy for you

OK stop looking at him like that I mean its been like 15 minutes since you felt his tongue down my throat…OMG I go my first French kiss!! Hello stop blushing!!  with a jerk who is doing all this as a bet!! Oh yeah now why the heck do you have to remind me of that little detail!! OMG IDIOT!! U R GOING DOWN BECAUSE OF HIM…. Girl let me enjoy it Ok I mean he was so sweet and…..omg listen to me? What am I saying!!

"Hey Jaanu you ready for tonight?" HUH …OMG if he think I am going to sleep with him…SAY YES!! NO

"Tonight?" OK deep breathes and my god why is he so close to me?

"We're all coming over for Dinner!" PHEW Dinner…ok I was thing something else!! Yeah I know what? YOU WERE THINK!! YOU NOT MARRIED TO THE MAN!!

Part 10 : I See You!

Armaan looked down at shilpa's face and saw her bottom lip tremble as the nurse took off her bandages. Without a word he took her hand making shilpa hold on to him tight making armaan comment: just relax!

 Shilpa tried to smile: I'm okay!

On the Dr. Manan insistence he let go of shilpa's hand and came and stood at the foot of the bed. The doctor instructed shilpa to open her eyes slowly and try and focus her eyes on her surrounding. Armaan felt his breath get stuck in his chest as he waited for her to say something. He saw her lashes lift the deep green of her eyes trying to focus as she blinked her eyes and then he saw the realization in them. He felt his heart elate when he saw the dawning shock and then the happiness when shilpa exclaimed: I can see! I can see!

Sunday, 9 February 2020

part 2 : The Bookstore: An AR story


Her roommate had badgered her relentlessly for information about the stranger who had visited her bookstore on a rainy Monday evening. She had gushed about the things that they had talked about and had felt very shy when she confessed to her roommate that she was mildly attracted to that person. When her pixie roommate had asked for a name, her face had become blank. Over the past few days, she had rerun that conversation with the stranger more than she liked to admit. The two of them had not bothered for an idyllic chit chat or formal introductions. It surprised her to realize that it didn't matter at all. Every evening when clock turned eight, a discreet nervousness settled in her stomach and an unexplainable disappointment when she had to lock the store without a visit from him.

Part 9 : I See You!

Maasi: I wonder what is taking him so long!

Daija: he'll be reaching any moment! I'm sure! (both of them looked at their respective watches)

Maasi: thank god they took shilpa for some tests otherwise she would've asked about him.

Daija: I know!(sounding worried she was thinking of calling when her brow cleared as she saw him striding down the corridor towards them)