Saturday, 22 February 2020

part 4 & 5 : Is_It_983*****80??(SEASON 1)

PART - 4

She called her MR. 983*****80.

On the very 1st ring he picked up the call.

Hello Miss.. Aap?? Itni raat ko??

mm.. wohh... (she was hesitating in nervousness).. actually i juz wanted to thank u..
Thank u?? 4 wat?? (he was confused as its him who disturbed her nd here she was calling him at this time to say thank u :O )

woh.. aapne yaad karke mujhe bataya.. na.. ke muskaan safe hain.. is liye.. (he smiled...sweet girl.. he thought)... woh kya hain na.. i was worried for ur sister.. aur itni tension mein neend bhi nahi aa rahi thi.. (he smiled widely hearing her cute talks)

That's so nice of u, miss!! (she smiled)

waisey ek baat kahoon??

haan.. kahiye na!!

Part 22 : I See You!

Shilpa felt she was floating, her skin hummed wherever armaan's hands skimmed over her body, when he started kissing the side of her neck she felt her body flush. Her heart thudded in her ears with her eyes closed she clung to armaan as felt dizzy with all the emotions running through her. Lost in their world she didn't realize when they were no longer alone, it was the voice filled with disbelief and horror which made shilpa jerk in response: ARMAAN!

Shilpa opened her eyes and looked at armaan's face as they both straightened in surprise, which has gone blank at the sound of the voice. Armaan turned around keeping an arm around shilpa's waist who tried to hang back.

Armaan looked at the shocked faces of his parents: Maa! Dad! (next to him he felt shilpa stiffen more as she tried to hide behind him unsuccessfully)

Friday, 21 February 2020

part 1 to part 3 : Is_It_983*****80??(SEASON 1)

PART - 1

Tring !! Tring !!!

Gosh... abhi main ph. kaise uthyun?? :(
a beautiful gal said pouting looking at her mehendi filled hands..

Its okkey princess.. main pakarta hoon.. tu baat kar..
A caring guy said warmly.

Thank uuu bhai..

He smiled nd picked her mobile from the side table. Pressing the green button, he hold the cell near her ears. She blinked her eyes smilingly nd her brother returned her smile warmly.

Part 21: I See You!

Armaan glanced at his watch for the hundredth time willing the hands to move faster. Seeing the time was still the same 5 minutes to 1, he gave the dial a tap to see whether the watch had stopped working. He frowned and looked up at the guy giving the presentation and pretended to listen, his gaze landed on the wall clock which to his annoyance showed the same time as his watch.

Armaan glanced towards the office windows which looked out in the hall to make sure shilpa wasn't there already. Atul who was sitting beside him gave him a pointed look making armaan frown again a she tried again to concentrate on the presentation. His mind wandered to the morning interlude with shilpa and he couldn't help but smile. He was brought out of his reverie as Atul slid a paper infront of him. Armaan glanced at Atul who had gone back to listening the presentation, he slid a glance towards the paper.


Thursday, 20 February 2020

OS : True Love is Beyond Everything

"excuse me sir.. kya aap bata sakte hain ke andheri jane ki bus jaa chuki hain ya nahi??"

she asked panting highly.. the fat bellied baled hair middle aged person looked up at the source of interruption irritatingly nd sternly replied.. "no.." just one word nd again he immerged himself into his daily morning newspaper. Poor girl sighed hearing his monosyllabic reply but that's not enough to suppress her panic.. so, she tried her luck once more..

"mm.. actually.. aaj meri office ka pehla din hain nd I'm already quite late.. kya aap bata sakte hain yeh bus kitney bajeh iss stoppage se pass hoti hain??"

she asked as politely as one could but as soon as that strict eyes looked at her direction more annoyingly than before, she juz gulped the lump in her throat nd quickly apologized..

"sorry.. I should wait for the bus by myself.."

Part 20 : I See You!

Shilpa opened her eyes to see the sun streaming through her bedroom windows, she closed her eyes again to hold on to the dream she had been dreaming. She smiled dreamily as she recalled in the dream she had declared her feelings to armaan what had followed was what fairytales are made off.

Her eyes flew open as her mind woke up to recall that the wonderful dream had in actual been reality. She sat up in the bed as she recalled how they had played in the rain last night. Shilpa pulled up her knees as her cheeks tinted pink, it wasn't the first time they had played in the rain but somehow things had changed last night. Previously each touch had been innocent and full of fun, but last night, shilpa couldn't help but blush thinking about it.

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

part 7 : The Bookstore: An AR story(Last part)


She wasn't sure if getting formally introduced to each other was an ending to a fantastic anonymous journey or a beginning of a new adventure with a man named Armaan. Currently she was in that gray area where the stranger transformed to Armaan. But after last nights events, which was drinking coffee till they were thrown out of the cafe, she found out that there were very little things that were different between the man she knew all this while to Armaan. After coffee, they had parted for the night and he had promised her to meet at the book store next evening. Being Sunday, they were closing the store early and all the employees had already left. She lifted her head up when a cup of coffee and a muffin was placed in front of her. It was him, grinning at her. Even though she was expecting a visit from him, it still surprised her when he showed up.

"You had a busy day?"

Part 19 : I See You!

Armaan stood at the beach looking out at the waves which crashed against the shore spraying the salt water all over him. The wind tugged at his clothes and hair blpowing them into disaaray but he didn't care. His mind was occupied with Shilpa, he kept wondering whether he should stick to his word or go barge into her house and demand that they talk. Staying away this time had been tougher than before but he had stuck to his word hoping that she'll come around but as he stood there looking at the raging sea alone he was not so sure.

He ran a hand through his wind tousled hair his face a mask of disgust, disgust directed at himself. He had been so sure, so confident and then he had the stupid idea of sending those letters to keep her aware of him. Even if he was not going to meet her he wanted her to think of him always. He loved her was that so wrong, he wanted her in his life forever and he was going to convince her one way or another.

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

OS : Can't I Get a Happy Ending ??

She placed the dress over her nd looked at the mirror.. "sauce wala laal.. maa ka favorite" . she whispered under her breathe nd smiled. Finally she got a dress of her choice for her birthday nd dat too of her mother's fav color.. she made her mind to buy the dress wen she heard an excited voice..

"di?? Wow' kitna achcha salwar-suit hain.." she took d suit from her hand excitedly nd placing over her looked into the mirror.. "mujh pe jaach (suits) raha hain,na di??" she asked still admiring the dress..

As usual she smiled nd said lovingly.. "aab meri behen hain hi itni sundar.. uss pe toh sab kuch achcha lagta hain.."

Her sister turned nd hugged her in joy.. "main yeh le loon di??"

She put her hand ovr her head nd said.. "haan.. bilkul.."

Part 18 : I See You!

Shilpa glanced around set where the interview was scheduled to be recorded but there was no sign of armaan. She tried to relax as the make up person kept repeating to her and tried to concentrate on what muskaan was briefing her about. When her gaze wanderd the set which was set up in a garden with lush flowers and greenery muskaan stopped waiting for shilpa to come back.

Shilpa looked back at muskaan: what?

Muskaan: he's not here yet

Shilpa: who? (her face turned pink as she realized muskaan had noticed her preoccupation)

Muskaan just cocked a brow: he'll come coz he had promised that he'll be here, so you know stop fretting and get down to business.

It was on the tip of shilpa's tongue to ask if he was alright but she controlled herself and just nodded her head.

Monday, 17 February 2020

part 6 : The Bookstore: An AR story


It was a busy Saturday evening with store brimming with lots of customers. She was running a few employees short and it was showing; she was completely stressed. She preferred being on the floor rather than at billing as she liked interacting with people who were browsing for books. She wasn't that good with people but she was great when it came to talking to people about books and helping them out to buy the right one. She had helped an elderly gentleman who was looking for books on biplanes when a voice stopped her.

"Need any help around here?" His voice sounded amused. He was surprised when she dragged him by the hand and shoved him inside a room at the back of the store. She gave him a T-Shirt that bore the name of her book store and looked at him expectantly. It tickled him to see her this way. He shrugged and changed his T-Shirt. She uttered him a hurried thanks and asked him to help around to whoever who needed help; be it her employee or any customer.

Part 17 : I See You!

Shilpa sat infront of Rahul in his office and didn't understand a word he was saying he could have been speaking gibberish. In her mind all she could see ws Armaan and that girl hugging and smiling at one another. Unable to control herself she turned her head to see through the window only find the drapes pulled across Rahul's office windows. Shilpa frowned as she turned back to face Rahul while muskaan gave her a quizzical look.

Rahul also puzzled: Shilpa is something wrong?

Shilpa startled out of her thoughts: no! of course not! I was just thinking, you were saying(she tried to look attentive)

Rahul gave her a doubtful look but continued: well after tomorrow's interview, you are scheduled for a publicity tour. You'll be leaving day after tomorrow, the first stop would be Pune.

Shilpa surprised: day after tomorrow? Just like that

Sunday, 16 February 2020

part 11: Krazzy for you

You look fine! Stop fidgeting!? Atul man I am so nervous?.Stop grinning like you won an Ocsar!! No Yaar Priya Bhabhi deservers that she moved the wedding forward by a week?. I swear I so under estimated her and she secretly paid for Riddhima dress and stuff as I paid the hospital bill and booked her to see a Specialist for her eyes?.in Delhi before we leave for Shimla?

Ok Atul you have the Jai Mala Right there all coming our way??  Dude don?t mess this up!!  I know WOW she looks gorgeous!! And Sapna sorted this all out as her good for nothing cousins did not even lift a finger to help her??

Part 16 : I See You!

By the time armaan reached back home it had started to rain, armaan made it inside and then stood looking out the windows. He stood with his hands clenched into fists as in his mind he kept seeing the hurt in shilpa's eyes. His eyes closed against the pain he himself felt on the pain he had caused her. His mind kept going over ways to explain things to her but nothing made sense as to how he was going to make her understand.

How long he stood near the open bay windows he had no idea and was startled when heard the noise behind him. He turned around and saw his mother standing there: Maa! What are you doing up ?

Ananya walked upto armaan and smiled: I couldn't sleep!

Armaan looked at his mother closely: is something wrong?

Ananya pulled up a chair and sat down still looking at armaan: that's what I want to ask you armaan. Whats wrong?