Saturday, 29 February 2020

part 15 & 16 : Krazzy for you

Part 15 


"Riddhima honey!" OUCH STELLA PINCHED MY ASS!! ….

"Armaan?" HUH Dr Kirti… she giving me a look as she leading Riddhima in the lab….i swear Bhabhi!!

"Dr Shanshank called and wanted to see Riddhima …." Ok thank Bhabhi I got her from here…

Part 29 : I See You!

It was his absence which woke shilpa, she extended her hand on the side of the bed which was empty but held a little bit of his body's warmth. She lay on her side  trying to hear if he was in the room but in her heart knew he had already left. When the door opened shilpa smiled: Hi maasi!

Maasi came in and dropped a kiss on her head: how are you feeling beta?

Shilpa: I'm fine! But you didn't have to come here so early

Friday, 28 February 2020

part 13 & 14: Krazzy for you

Part 13 

"Armaan im totally trusting you with this!" TRUST ISSUES!

"Don't you trust me?" looking guilty now well up better.

"Ok but im going to get Priya Bhabhi to check you done it right…" Sure….Now keep still!

"Armaan your hands are cold!….you making me laugh!" hmm I found a ticklish spot!…she has the sweetest laugh…

"Jaan keep still or im going to get this stuff on my trousers…" Ok now who she picked up the pillow and giggling through that..

Part 28 : I See You!

Shilpa felt she was floating under the surface of the water, she could feel rising thorugh the layers. The sensations getting stronger, the sounds getting louder and suddenly she was on the surface. She lay there wondering and trying to recollect where she was slowly it started to come back to her and the ache that she had forgotten for a little while came back to reside in her heart. She must have made a sound of distress because even before she could open her eyes she heard maasi's voice near her.

Maasi: Shilpa beta! Calm down I'm here, right here with you.

Shilpa lifted a trembling hand: Maasi!(she tried opening her eyes feeling weighed down)

Maasi: tell me beta! Whats wrong?

Thursday, 27 February 2020

Last part : Is_It_983*****80??(SEASON 1)

He quickly removed the cell from his ear to check the number... nd his heart beat fastened to see the screen which is still flashing "RIDDHI"... nd he slowly whispered looking at his cell...

"iska matlab RIYA HI RIDDHI HAI ..."

Armaan was shock.. or shock was an understatement. His brain was saying that "yes.. riya nd riddhi r identical" but his heart was protesting.. "no..this can't be possible..riddhi can't do this to me.."
He was still sitting on his bike staring at his mobile nd fighting with his mind nd heart... he couldn't understand what was the need of all this..
"why riddhi, why?? Why did u do this to me?? Itna bada mazak?? Tumne humare rishtey ko mazak banake rakh diya.. u've to answer now.. kyun kiya tum ne yeh sab??"
he got down from his bike nd cutting the call, he kept the cell in his pocket nd turned to the spot where he left Riya juz a few minutes ago..
He found her standing with her back facing to his direction.. He started walking towards her with lots of questions, complaints, doubts in his mind. He was feeling cheated, he was feeling betrayed, he was highly hurt.. he still can't believe the girl whom he loves unconditionably can play such a prank with him.. he was feeling terrible at this moment nd finally standing juz a few feet away from her he said with questioning tone..

Part 27 : I See You!

Her hands trembled as she dialed the number again and heard the bell ring, a sharp pain lanced through her as the call went to voice mail. Not wholly able to control her voice shilpa left the message: Armaan! Its me! Call me when you get this!

She cut the call and looked at her watch noting the time to be 12 noon and decided to wait for armaan to return her call. She waited two hours, the time dragging even though she tried to keep busy. As two hours expired shilpa felt her eyes fill with tears as she acknowledged that armaan had not called her back, he had not even replied to her through sms. Fighting to keep the tears from falling she picked her cell phone and dialed his number again after the second ring the call was cut. Shilpa stared blankly at her cell unwilling to believe that armaan had not taken her call. She continued to stare for a couple of seconds and then crumbled to the floor her breath came out in shallow pants trying to breath through the pain. Shilpa's gaze latched on to armaan's portrait on the wall and tried to think what had changed since the last time she had met him a week back. She closed her eyes and went back….

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Part 26 : I See You!

Armaan sat back and stared at Shilpa's face on television, she was having a press conference at the Malik's auditorium as her book had come out. Armaan could see the hint of nerves on shilpa's face he wanted to be there to hold her hand but he had let Rahul go. Malik Publishing was Rahul's and it was time for Rahul to take over the proceedings over there. The announcer asked the media and reporters to take their seats so that they could start the press conference.

It had been 3 days since Shilpa's second book had come out in the market titled "Remember This!" and it was sold out. All the major book stores in the city and nationwide were demanding more. It looked that Remember This had become a rage, even internationally the demand of the book was increasing.

After a brief introduction and statement by the PR manager the house was opened for questions. The reporters started: Shilpa this is your second novel and it looks to be another best seller whats the secret?

part 13 to 14 : Is_It_983*****80??(SEASON 1)

PART - 13

Hello... (armaan replied politely)

Hi.. wohh.. aapney call kiya tha... (riddhima said nervously)

Haan.. mm.. riyaa... (armaan's hesitant voice proved dat he didn't know the truth... riddhima sighed in relief nd continued talking)

Ji... (keeping her voice in check so dat he didn't understand)

Wohhh.. agar aap boora nahi manengi toh kya hum mil sakte hain.. (then with more hesitation nd with lower tone,he said) .. abhi...

Aabhhhiii??????  (riddhima asked being all shocked nd he sighed being highly disappointed)

Tuesday, 25 February 2020

part 12: Krazzy for you

Don?t you think she the most sexist thing you ever since!?she got such a sexy body!? Man she toooo fine!!

Yeah Armaan! She sexy alright!? IM TELLING YOU MAN!!

When you feel her between you?re legs?.hai Champ! It?s like you are in heaven!  The feeling like nothing I can describe ?.Man when I Ride her! It like a new Journey every time??  Look im getting goosebumps think about it!!  I need a beer!

Armaan?you sure you want me to have her?? I feel like crying!

part 11 to 12 : Is_It_983*****80??(SEASON 1)

PART - 11

"waisey i think aab hume ammy ko bata dena chahiye.."
atul suggested nd all agreed except riddhima...

"no bhai.. not this soon.."

all looked at riddhima with confusing eyes but looking at her face they became more confused.. her face was glowing, eyes were twinkling, nd lips were showing the most naughtiest yet sweetest smile..

"kya chal raha hain tere dimag mein riddhi??"
anji asked knowing her naughty yet cute princess but in stead of answering she smiled wide nd winked at her.

She told her master plan nd all were shocked... first muski replied being extra happy..

Monday, 24 February 2020

part 9 to 10 : Is_It_983*****80??(SEASON 1)

PART - 9

Riddhima came to Caffee "Blue Ocean" with her bhai nd bhabz to meet muski nd her mumma... Actually after that longgg phone conversation between riddhi, muski nd anji all decided to tell their respective families nd will meet in this caffee this saturday for lunch.. so, anji nd riddhi told atul every thing who agreed to meet muski n her mother for his princess's happiness.. on the other hand muski too told her mom but also warned her not to disclose this to her bhai nd Ananya ji, muski's mother agreed nd so here they met for a family get together except our hero ;) ;)

                      All were having gala time except our princess as all made her the target nd was teasing nd laughing at her pagalpanti :P :P
actually, they aimed at both armaan n riddhima but as armaan wasn't here, poor riddhi had to bear double embarrassment nd was blushing like hell.. She didn't get courage to protest, juz kept sitting there like a Nayee Naveli Dulhan nd bowing down her head she was shying nd shying only...

                      Finally, Ananya ji broke the chain of Teasing Princess Aviyaan by saying...

Part 24 : I See You!

Ananya poured herself a glass of juice and settled in her chair to enjoy her breakfast with her husband and sons. She looked up to see Armaan striding quickly towards the dinning table Ananya couldn't help but smile.

Ananya: you're dressed for work!!

Armaan gave her a quick smile: I have an early meeting, I'm in a hurry.

Ananya: fine! But have some breakfast.

Armaan sat down and poured himself a cup of coffee making Ananya shake her head at him: eat something!

Armaan: sorry maa! I'm getting late.

Sunday, 23 February 2020

part 6 to 8 : Is_It_983*****80??(SEASON 1)

PART - 6

She threatened him nd both burst out into laughter, together..

okk.. bahot raat ho gayee hain.. i better hung up... aap tired honge nd i'm keeping u awake with my stupid bakbak...

Riddhima said softly in a apologizing tone but it alarmed him.. he didn't want her to cut the call.. rather he was all willing to spend the whole night talking to her... She seemed juz an angel with every passing second nd so before she say good 9t n disconnect the call.. he replied hurriedly..

no miss.. its absolutely fine.. i'm not tired at all..

his reply make her blush.. god knows why but her cheeks gained color nd became warmer due to shyness.. She too didn't want to cut the call in reality but being modest she said out of courtesy bt in heart she wished him to stop her..

Part 23 : I See You!

Shilpa stood infront of the mirror as she draped the saree, turning on her side she checked herself in the full length mirror. She smiled at herself as admired the way the emerald green saree looked against her skin, glancing at the watch on her wrist she picked up her earing as the phone rang. She grabbed the phone with one hand as with the other she tried to put on her earing: hello!

"Where are you," hearing the voice shilpa stilled as her heart did a slow somersault in her chest. Smiling she put the earing down : home!

Armaan frowned as he balanced his cell between his shoulder and ear as he continued to sign his way through a file: you haven't left yet?

Shilpa smiling: I'm just finishing getting ready, stop worrying!