Saturday, 7 March 2020

Prelude & Part 1 || MFS || AR FF


"Will you marry this thick-headed-awfully-stupid-nutcase?" Armaan announced infront of everyone present in one of the best Restaraunts of Las Vegas "L'Atelier
de Joel Robuchon"

"OMG! Yes Yes Yes!!!!" She said happily.
Hearing this Armaan immediately picked her up by the waist and swung her around while everyone adored the cute couple! He captured her lips in a sweet kiss
and murmured in her ears "I love you Mrs. To Be Armaan Mallik!"
"I love you too Ammy!"


Part 5 : A Burdened Love

Riddhima intertwined her dainty well manicured fingers with Armaans. They walked hand in hand with a firm grip and Aahana in Armaans other hand. They walked towards the departures lounge in the airport. Armaan looked down at Riddhima not able to meet her gaze. He didn't want to go and that was the only way to put it. He felt so helpless. Riddhima tightened her grip and clasped his hand tighter, as if she had just read his mind. 'It's going to be okay baby. Just a matter of a mere three days'. He still didn't raise his gaze. She continued 'Bus Armaan sirf teen din... It's not that bad'. She was lying through her teeth and they both knew it. They both took a seat on the chairs, waiting for the departure announcement.

Friday, 6 March 2020

Part 4 : A Burdened Love

Abhi (In a serious tone) : Armaan, I think before I continue retelling this incident, I think it is vital it is vital that you recollect as much as possible of what happened before you left for Singapore, because there are parts of this puzzle which I am finding difficult to understand. Maybe something you remember may make sense of this story, because maybe it was an accident, or maybe it was intentional. I am a little confused.
Flashback (3 days earlier-Armaan returns from home with some news)

Riddhima: 'Armaaaan' she said in a sing song voice as she heard him enter the house. Dinners ready .I'll be out the bath on the in two minutes sweetie. Check on Aahana she's sleeping in the nursery.


Riddhima (confused): Hmm she muttered to her self he didn't reply with his usual 'Okay baby hurry up I missed your beautiful face' I do hope everything is okay.


Sid !!!

Yes.. It was Sid for whom I had been Waiting in the park just a few hours ago.. Sid.. My husband.. Although he was junior to me but destiny made me his wife.. I did not have any choice.. I was emotionally forced to marry him by mumma after that photo scandal.. But was it my fault?? I agree I humiliated him in the airport on the very 1st meeting of us but was it not an over reaction from his side?? But no... No one judged him from my point of view.. Mumma sentenced her words.. I have no right to call her my mother if I won't marry Sid... Had she ever thought what effect her words gonna have on my mind & soul.. Mother!! She's the person we want most when we are depressed or hurt.. and how easily she sentenced my death without realizing it.. I had to marry that very person who tried to ruin my life nd betray MY ARMAAN??? how can i betray my Love?? He is every thing to me... But did I have any option?? ARMAAN left me without informing and now Sid had done some thing that i could not repair.. I had lost my love .. I can't afford losing my parents.. NO !! i can't.. may be i was not a gud lover but I'll try to be a gud daughter although i knew how costly this was...

Thursday, 5 March 2020

AR os : A Gift of small sparkle

She stared at her locker and wondered how her boyfriend had managed to escape the prying eyes of their over curious friends to drop in a gift for her. The gift as such was nothing extravagant nor was it something that was very expensive.

It was a tube of lipstick, a shade that she was meaning to buy from quite sometime now. She had mentioned it to Armaan in passing when they were shopping one evening and after that she had forgotten about it. Now the same shade of lipstick was sitting innocently in her locker with a note "Use me now!" attached to it. She recognized his familiar scrawl, of course, but wondered about the amount of time he spent on searching for this lipstick.

Last Part : I See You!

Shilpa felt the bed shift as armaan got out of bed but she did not open her eyes. It was their last day in rome, their second honeymoon on their first anniversary. She wasn't particularly sleepy but she dosed a little as her husband kept her up most of the night. She snuggled in a bit deeper prepared to slip into sleep when she felt armaan pulling the sheets back. She waited for his weight to settle back on the bed but instead she felt his hands turning her over before she could open her eyes he had her in his arms and walking across the room.

Shilpa's eyes popped open: Armaan! What are you doing?(she looked around and saw it was not even dawn)

Armaan flashed her a grin and continued to walk towards the terrace doors, her eyes widening shilpa grabbed with one hand the chair trying to stop armaan: Armaan in case you have forgotten we both are naked.

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Part 3 : A Burdened Love

It was a humid night. The rain had decided to stop for some time and the fire flies were peacefully floating outside the entrance of Sanjeevani. How beautiful  Armaan thought to himself as he saw them emitting small rays of coloured green light. They looked like mini lanterns floating in the cobalt blue sky.

Armaan had reached the worn out bench which Abhi was sitting on. Abhi  moved aside on the seat and made space for Armaan to sit. The two men both so different in many ways different morals, different traits and different lifestyles for the first time in their lives were actually going to have a decent conversation which didn't involve a boxing match or being sneer to one another. They sat as acquaintances.  little did they know that after this conversation they were going to change the title of the relationship to friends or more to a relationship of two long lost brothers reuniting.

Part 33 : I See You!

Armaan grinned back at his mother who was beaming looking at him dressed as a groom. She kept smoothing a hand down his arm, straightening the pearls around his neck.

Smiling yet Ananya looked at the face of his first born: you look very handsome!

Armaan took a step back and gave her a once over: who would ever say that you are mother of the groom (with a mischievous twinkle in his eye) I think I need to warn dad to keep his eye out for men falling all over you.

Ananya swatted him on his arm the turned the gesture into a loving one as she smoothed his Sherwani cuff. She looked at his happy face: I'm so happy beta for you.

Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Part 2 : A Burdened Love

It seemed like time had frozen. The movement of the little hand of the clock was moving at a speed so slow that it was difficult for one to tell whether it was. actually moving or not.  It had been exactly 1hour 45 minutes and 27 seconds according to Armaan Mallik's watch since his daughter had been taken into the operation theater. Only another 6 more hours to go he said to himself mentally. Being a doctor himself he knew the chances of survival in such cases was so minuscule, but If there was something his life had taught him over the past 26 years, it was never give up. Because those who give up never succeed. There's always a ray of hope, even in the most difficult of situations . Have faith in yourself and what you truly believe in, and all will be okay.

Part 32 : I See You!

Shilpa sat with her eyes closed her hands nervously twisting in her lap only to have them clasped by armaan. Shilpa sighed in relief as she felt his touch: you are here?

Armaan lightly kissed her on her forehead: where else will I be? I talked to the doctor he's going to be coming any moment.

Shilpa nodded: ok!

Armaan looked at her face and couldn't help but ask: nervous?

Shilpa who was playing with the button of his shirt stilled: a little!

Monday, 2 March 2020

Part 1 : A Burdened Love

Sunrise. The curtains to another day have been opened.No sunlight harbors the corners of Sanjeevani. Darkness evades. Smiles secluded within the hidden innards of every person here. All can be heard is the cry's differing pitches of persons cry. Some screaming, some shrieking, some spilling soft sobs .All that can be seen is the road each tear takes to travel down the surface of each cheek. No smiles plaster the faces. No sweet scent lingers the corners of the sullen Sanjeevani 2nd floor. Everybody is lost. Lost so deep that no way out can be found. Trapped in a maze with no exit.;Question marks hover across the head of each person here.Questions oscillating like a pendulum. Back and forth, Back and forth, but never being answered. If God is so benevolent, then why?
Why does no one smile here?

Why does everybody cry here?

Part 31 : I See You!

Shilpa sat on the chair atul directed her to as armaan took control of the meeting. She could hear in the clipped tone of his voice the anger he had tightly reined in. Her mind had closed out all the other voices, the accusations and demands all she was focused on was armaan. She heard Atul making the call saying: start selling!

She heard armaan's passion, his anger and most of all his over powering will and felt anger rise within her. All to soon the meeting was over with armaan turning the tables on Singhania who now had a SEC inquiry into his business. By the time armaan turned around and reached for shilpa the media had gone wild with the knowledge that the great ARMAAN MALIK had done it again.

Armaan took her hand and pulled her up, as both stood close to one another oblivious to the camera men taking picture Armaan spoke: lets go home.

Not letting go of her hand armaan walked out of the building, the reporters and photgraphers crowded in trying to ask question, take a better shot.

Sunday, 1 March 2020

Last part : Krazzy for you

"Riddhima I am so sorry!!" OK Seriously Muskhan you will be…. Heck women you're trying to destroy my marriage…. Ok for years you and Anjali have picked on my but to go to this length??

"I did not want to be the one to tell you this but since you have been married he has been playing about!"  Do you think I would believe you and these fake pictures of him and Stella and some random girls… There no way in hell he would do this and that to me!!

os : Just Friends ??

"Heyy Guysss''."
A beautiful young gal greeted all her friends chirpily after entering the canteen.

"Ohh ho.. kya baat hain.. koi bahot khush lag rahi hai.. hmm.."
One of her friend teased..

"Shut up muski !!"
& she looked away..

"Oh my gosh ridzy.. u're blushing.. iska matlab??"
Another frnd  asked her hopefully..

"Yes anji.. I've decided.. aaj main ussey aapni dil ki baat bata hi dungi.."
Riddhima  confessed.

Part 30 : I See You!

Armaan stood in his office at the picture window looking at the Mumbai skyline but he was not actually seeing any of this. His mind was on the scheduled meeting with the Securities and Exchange Commission and his plan as to how to deal with them. Atul entered the office and waited for armaan to turn when he didn't, he quietly called out his name: Armaan!

Without turning armaan grunted, atul stepped closer: He's going to do it today, Armaan! He's going for the kill.

Armaan smiled as he turned towards Atul: I know!

Atul: are you worried?