Saturday, 14 March 2020

Part 5 : MFS || AR FF


The morning sun dawned upon him. He clumsily opened his eyes and ran his fingers through his hair, yawning at same time. He felt the whole room spinning. What the f**k is wrong with me?! He wondered. He could feel his head throbbing with pain, like someone was hitting a huge hammer on his head continuously. He remembered last night at the party how he had noticed her'.how he had tried to shoo everyone off just so that he could be with her, how they danced close, how he hesitated to talk to him, the way she blushed and smiled'he remembered everything except, his thoughts at the bar and he gulping down a few shots back to back. OMG! He was drunk and more importantly ALONE with Riddhima. Dammit!  He was just praying he hadn't done anything wrong.


chapter 5& 6: Once Upon a time in Mumbai

Chapter 5

He says tumne aa kar kuch nahin khaya change kar kea a jao aur jaldi se kha lo u should not delay eating in this condition..she interrupts but he says nothng doing change varna main gusse ho jaunga.. he smiles touches her ear in a sorry mode and goes off to change her dress'

As soon as she goes'he breaks down'..n starts crying silentsly' but for the fear that she might hear him he goes outside in the lawn'. He cries to himself', "Riddhima tumhe main kaise batauuuu ki mere saath kya ho raha hai'.n defn not at this moment when our life is the best'..he cries y did u have to do this to me god'how can I leave her alone in this condition'.nooo nooooooo he somehow controls himself wipes his tears' n goes in.

As he steps in he sees her standing thre right behind the door and staring at him' he thinks she ehard me cry maybe'.then she speaks'where had u gone I was so tensed'.he said.. I had just gone outside'to park the car properly'she somehow dint believe the excuse but took it for the while'

Friday, 13 March 2020

Chapter 3& 4 : Once Upon a time in Mumbai

Chapter 3

She couldn't emote she felt choked for emotions. Armaan saw it. He took a picture of the screenshot and then removed the gel off her stomach. She was just unable to move. It was as if the heavens were showering blessing upon her, upon the two of them. 'So much happiness in a moment,' she thought to herself. It was unable to control. He constantly kept repeating her name, "Riddhima Riddhima Riddhima" she finally heard it… n she saw his face. She tried to get up and sit straight… She knew he loved kids and was waiting for one of his own since a long time… but their work commitments had kept them busy and then that night it happened and this day today. She saw tears in his eyes. She started crying herself. She started crying and smiling at the same time ... and laughing and kept looking at him. "Armaan" she finally said it. He said, "Yes Riddhima … this is the happiest moment in our life." She laughed a little, he laughed a little and then they just let each other go into each other's arms and hugged each other tightly N then she said, "Armaan………… we are going to be parents soon". She cried, "and all this while we were planning for it and then this."

Last Part : A Burdened Love

1 year and a few months later...

The deciduous trees shed their leaves of prosper to welcome the New Year with new beginnings and new fortune. Amidst the pale green and auburn hued leaves which were billowing in the autumn wind stood two adult figures, frozen beside a white marble tombstone in a graveyard.

Armaan stood there with his face forlorn, Riddhima's dainty fingers firmly entwined with his. They both stared at the white marble tombstone; the white denoting a sense of peace, or more simply a new beginning. The colour white had remained his favorite after his marriage to Riddhima. It symbolised a fresh canvas waiting to be painted his once broken life and could always soothe his frayed nerves. It brought about a sense of infinite hope compared to the darkness he had lived in during his younger more vulnerable years.   Riddhima went ahead to the tombstone and brushed off the dust which had gathered, using the corner of her dupatta whilst a lonely tear seeped out of her eye.

Thursday, 12 March 2020

chaapter 1& 2 : Once Upon a time in Mumbai

Chapter 1

Being married for 2 years now they had developed a mutual understanding amongst themselves. She would understand his basic needs even without him mentioning them. For him however, he had always understood what she wanted and he always wanted it to be like that.

He woke up and touched upon the side of the bed but didn't find her. But this was not unusual. In these two years he had seen the many sides of his jaan and one of it was getting up early so that she could be ready herself and make things ready for him something which he never asked but she always did. He was going to brush his teeth and take a bath when he heard her, something that he always wanted to be the first thing he heard in the morning. She said, "Ammy, take your shower and come downstairs. Breakfast is almost ready." He replied, "Yes Jaan, be there in a minute." He went on to shower.

Part 9 : A Burdened Love

As soon as Riddhima had said the word 'fire', there was a knock on the door. Dr Shashank entered the ICU waiting area. Both Armaan and Riddhima stood up.

Riddhima pointing towards her father her eyes narrowed into slits (Furiously): AAP!

The little colour in Shashank's face had dissolved and Riddhima's tone of voice had left him stationary at the door of the ICU waiting area.

Armaan held Riddhima's hand as a means to calm her down. He had never seen her so resentful towards her father. Riddhima jerked off Armaan's hand, not looking back at him once and walked up to her father.

Wednesday, 11 March 2020

Part 8 : A Burdened Love

The seven hour operation was finally complete. An exhausted Keerti made her way out through the glass double doors of the operation theatre.  She removed her surgical mask and gown, and dejectedly threw the surgery uniform in the disposal bin.  Subsequently she walked towards the stainless steel sink where she washed her shaking hands and splashed the cold water over her face as to soothe her down from what she had experienced in the OT. Keerti was known for her skills in the OT. She was a dexterous surgeon, competent and good at her job, no wonder she was so popular amongst surgeons in India. She had operated on hundreds and had faced many situations, where the outcome was not pleasant, but never had she felt the way she felt today.

OS part 2 : Remembering, reflecting and waiting...

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow...

The first thing he did as soon as his flight touched down on Indian soil was to call hospital and find out where his girlfriend was. Since there was still couple of hours till dawn, he wanted to check if she was on night duty as that information was going to decide the plan for his entire day. He felt disappointment wash over him when the duty nurse told him that Riddhima was not expected to be in hospital for another five hours. His mood picked up considerably remembering the fact that he was actually a day early and he could surprise her in person. He remembered the last moments that he had spent with her on a cool monsoon day, the day before his travel. He felt a smile touch his face and easy warmth traveled all around him.

Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Part 4 : MFS || AR FF


"Dr.Arthur if you don't mind, can I go a little early today?" Riddhima pleaded her senior doctor who was responsible for her duties. If she did not leave early today, whatever she had planned or rather thought of to save her sister's relationship with Armaan would screw up BIG TIME! She had to get home before Jennifer told Armaan that it was not his baby but someone else's'

"Dr. Riddheemmaaa'If it would've been in my hands to let you go or make you stay, trust me, you wouldn't even be here right now!" Dr. Arthur warned her.

This bloody angrez ki aulad always wants to bring me down!

"Haan haan tere iss third class hospital ke third class facilities ke saath mujhe bhi nahin rehna!" Riddhima murmured in Hindi.

"Excuse me Dr. Gupta? Did you say something?"

"Uhhh'no nothing Mam'"



OS : Can Love Happen Twice ??

"dil sambhal ja zara'

Fir muhabbat karne chala hain tu.."

 He was driving his car at a quite accelerated pace through the highway from Pune to Mumbai' it was late afternoon.. within a few hours, sun will set welcoming the darkness' darkness!! That is wat his life is into.. darkness of loneliness' feeling quite exhausted due to this long driving, he switched on the fm of his car.. n guess wat?? As soon as he switched on the fm.. this song from the movie murder2 filled his car n as well as his mind n heart.. he repeated the lyrics of the song nd smiled sarcastically.. 'fir muhabbat?' .. really?? Is it truly possible?? Love can happen only once in the life time.. isn't so?? Do hell wth these bollywood movies.. kuch kaam ka nahi.. kaisey kaisey news create karta hain.. kisi muvy mein kehta hain ke pyaar bas ek hi baar hota hain toh kisi muvy mein they support luv for 2nd time.. he was feeling highly frustrated' don't knw y ppl in india are so obsessed to bollywood movies.. mainly gals.. nd with this, his chain of thoughts again landed on HER!! Ussey bhi itna hi pasand tha hindi films.. uski har soch, har khwaish muvys se inspired hoti thi.. he closed his eyes at his helplessness but reopened soon.. kyun nhi jaati tum merey zehen se.. kyun meri dil aur dimag pe abhi tak basi hui ho.. kyun tamanna.. akhir kab tak aisey tarpaogi tum mujhey.. kyun bhula nhi pata main tumhey.. akhir kyun?? No.. I won't think about u again.. never..

OS part 1 : Remembering, reflecting and waiting...

The smell was a mixture of freshly plucked green apples, smell of earth after getting soaked by first rain and rich honeysuckle. Every time this smell was in the vicinity of my nose, I knew you were nearby. It was an exotic mixture of spring, monsoon and autumn; both your perfume and your personality.

I had whispered these words as softly I could. Your rich laughter following my proclamation still reverberates in my ears whenever I smell the fresh smell of earth. That laughter was as soft as ripples on a dream. You always said that I was mostly an "autumn"; not too cold but not too warm either. I did not disagree with the fact that I am a little cold person, but it did stung a bit. Your touch was reassuring that day; gentle, cool and full of unspoken protectiveness. At times this strange protectiveness of yours has caused me a small deal of mental turmoil.

Monday, 9 March 2020

Part 3 : MFS || AR FF

Oh My My!!!

"Your beautiful." Riddhima stopped in her tracks and the smile disappeared from her face. She turned around to look at Armaan. He didn't have the friendly look in his eyes, it was something more...much more.

"Was that a compliment or were you just mocking at me because I'm not as pretty as Jen?" Riddhima tried to change the topic with all seriousness.

"No jokes Riddhima, you are really pretty!" Armaan said sincerely.

Riddhima thought over it. 'What's so wrong if he calls me beautiful? I mean there have been past "guy" friends who've said I'm pretty without any bad intention. I'm over-thinking about this!'

Part 7 : A Burdened Love

Note:I have incorporated a flashback within another flashback.

*Flashback*- Greyscale

An overhead projector emits lights on the whiteboard projecting statistical data and imagery in a conference room in Singapore. Armaan is in the course of his presentation, with seventeen pairs of eyes glued to him as he is representing Sanjeevani with a flawless presentation. Just as he is nearing the end of his presentation the receptionist knocks on the door and enters without waiting for a response from inside the conference room.

Everybody in the conference room turns around as the door opens

Receptionist: 'Dr Mallik, there is a phone call for you'

Armaan A little annoyed as he was nearing the completion of his presentation before he was interrupted 'Can it not wait; I just need to conclude'...

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Part 2 || MFS || AR FF


"Okay guys, this is your room..." Riddhima showed Armaan and Jennifer their room for the stay. "This is awesome Ridhz! Thanks!" Jennifer took Riddhima in a light hug thanking her for the lovely accommodation. "I dunno what I would've done without ya sis!" "Awww cummon Di! You know I could kill for ya, then arranging this place for you is nothing in front of that!" "Armaan, didn't I tell you? My sister's the BEST!!" Jennifer announced proudly. "Yeah she is..."
Armaan said with a smile...He didn't know her very well at the moment but he was sure in a matter of few days he would get to know her. He felt different around her, he should have had brotherly feelings towards her as she was his "To-be-Sister-In-Law!" But he couldn't help but get attractive feelings for her, you know what I mean right? Urrggghhh this sucks so bad!

Part 6 : A Burdened Love

Armaan entered his ostentatious suite and headed to sit on the windowsill.  After a solid six hour conference he needed to unwind, and the best way to do that was just to sit aimlessly and watch the world go by. 'The merits of being a representative of Sanjeevani' he said to himself and sighed as he looked at the panorama which exhibited wonders outside the framed arch window. It reflected the cerulean Singapore skyline at midday.  The glitz, glamour, materialistic pleasures and these awe inspiring views meant nothing to Armaan. 'What is the point of having such grandeur when you are not able to share it with the ones you love' he said followed by subsequent sigh. He was missing Riddhima and Aahana, and his mood evidenced this.  However Armaan was never a man to mix his personal life with his professional life. He delivered his presentation and ideas for Sanjeevani to utmost perfection and was appreciated by many.