Saturday, 21 March 2020

You are the reason of my madness (ARSH OS)

She sat in front of the dressing table, as the beauticians and her sister dressed her up. It had always been said that a girl looked most beautiful on her wedding day. The glow on her face, the happiness is so visible. It was her wedding today, and she was being dressed up in a beautiful red lehnga, with heavy embroidery over it. The whole mention was filled with noises and lightening. Everyone was running here and there. It was Shashank guptas daughter's wedding and he wanted everything to be perfect, but there was surely something missing! She sat in front of the mirror staring at her reflection, something was missing, and something that was broken. Her green almond shaped dark forest eyes missed their shine; they weren't sparkling like they did before. Her face was pale, totally not that of a bride. She had no smile on her face, she didn't feel like smiling. Her heart wasn't happy,


Next Morning Ananya Came In The Room And Saw Blood Stains On Armaan's Chest And His Wound Started Bleeding,She Looked At Armaan Who Is In Terrible Pain But He Did Not Show Her His Pain Rather His Tears Were Enough For Her To Understand His Pain...

An- Armaan ye Zakhm Kaise Taaza Hogaya??Kal Hi Toh Stiches Lagaye They Aise Kaise..Aur Ridhima Kahan Hai??

Ar-(Sigh In Pain) Mom...Relax.. Am..Am Fine

An-What Fine..Ruko Mai Nurse Ko Bulati Hu

Friday, 20 March 2020


Ar-Mai Raat Tak Wapas Ajaunga Jaan

Stop Worrying So Much

Ri-Armaan Mujhe Kuch Ajeeb Ajeeb Lagraha Hai

Kuch Accha Nahi Lagraha

Please Ye Conference Cancel Kardijiye Na

Mat Jaiyie Na

Ar-(Took Her In His Embrace)

Last Part : Once Upon a time in Mumbai,

He hold the beginning end of the sareeand tucks it her choli.. tha touch does something to him…..she holds his hand….he sees her her eyes are closed….he kisses her belly.. she breathes heavily again…. He slowly dresses her like he dressed her fro theparty before the operation….he had to tuck in the last bit of the saree……..he touched her hands her eyes still closed…..and made her sit…..he had to tuck the last bit in the front to the left of her navel….he held the piece in his hand lifted her saree and just kept on kissing the baby all over……Riddhima whispered "Armaannnnnnnnnn  no… don't" he stopped "what happened" he askedShe opened her eyes……. Took the saree peiece from hhim and tucked it in.. and said making him rise…. "you know ur touch does something to me n the baby… ur baby is enjoying it.. but I… u know Armaan.. she shies away… lets go…..she turn s to go to the dressing table to get her things.. but he holds her hand and pulls her towards him…..He puts her hands behind her back.. she smiels and says.. Armaan u cant do that anymore.. our baby is watching

AR OS : Prelude to rest of our lives…

She saw a paper dropping out of his white coat when he took a pen out to write prescription on a patient's case sheet. He wasn't aware that she was watching him and she preferred it that way. She could stare at him to all her hearts content without being distracted by his intense gaze and gentle smile in her direction. She was on her break and he was on rounds in general ward. She could see that small slip of paper was fluttering slightly because of his long strides.

She waited at her spot till she was certain that she was out of his peripheral vision. She quickly retrieved the small scrap of paper and moved hurriedly over fire exit to read its contents without being disturbed. She knew that her boyfriend was not exactly a poetic material. Sure he dropped in lines here and there when they were alone, but as far as she knew him, the content was mostly borrowed. Her eyes widened in surprise when she read the words written on that paper.

Thursday, 19 March 2020


Armaan Cursed Himself For Bringing That Noddy Softtoy For Ridhima While Coming Back From Japan...

The Minute She Took It..It Was Like She've Got Her Life...She Isn't Ready To Leave It For A Single Second And Even Was Sleeping Hugging It Leaving Armaan In Rage....

Sitting On His Office Chair Thinking For Good 10 Minutes He Decided To Do Something About The Noddy As Ridhima's Childish Talkings With It And Constantly Sticking With It Was Getting On His Nerves Now...

chapter 15: Once Upon a time in Mumbai


Armaan was very angry on everyone …. On Rahulll… Rahul wanted to tell him the truth but he wanted to be sure that the reports turned out normal before he said something.. he just couldn't see what was going he finally told A rmaannn  everything.. Armaan didn't believe him…..Rahul showed him the reports and everythignn….. he told them everything that he had told Rahul about Riddhima and the baby… and everything… Rahul expected a reaction to all that but thankfully he had no reaction… Armaan took time to believe but then he realized what all he said to He.r..  who beared all this alone…..

Subra put Riddhima to sleep and then left . Next morning Riddhima woke up and the last night memories came up……. It hurt her more.. but she knew she had to move ahead.. she had patients waiting for her….

Wednesday, 18 March 2020


     sorry for posting  this ff after a long time ...hope you remembered it and enjoy rest part.

Every person present in the mallik mansion is impatient n confused at the same time ...
All the maids looks at eachother n they slowly peep inside the kitchen

but next moment door got shut right on their face n they all.sighed n started pacing from here n there

another maid tried to peep through the window but all is in vain
the window was already closed...

the head maid Maria couldn't control anymore so she decided to talk...

chapter 13& 14: Once Upon a time in Mumbai

Chapter 13

The next day was Armaans operation so they did breakfast early and Armaan made it… He made her eat it with his own hands….n she ate it savouringly….. they cracked jokes…..with each other… n then..she said.. Armaan its time… he stopped what he was doing.. just stared at her….. She got up and walked to him.. and told him I am there for at every step…..come lets go… Hesistantly they go… and reached Sanjeevani….. rAhul ws ready with his team and was just waiting for them… As soon as they cam e in welcome Riddhima.. u looked beautiful.. the baby is making u glow.. armaan said eey rahul she officially mine.. rahul said.. yeah yeah I kno… kya abhi taarif bhi nahin kar sakta man.. they all laughed… was time for armaans operation…..the nurse aksed him to wear the pateienst clothes.. he wore them n cam in the ward.. the nrse said dr Armaan we will go into the operation in 30 min… everyone came to wish him a speedy recovery……….he took everyones blessing at the end it was 5 min left to go he told Rahul plz don't send anyone in for 5 min…Rahul agreed and took everyone with himmm to the OT to get things ready it was only Riddhima and Armaan…

Armaan: Riddhima(he said holding her hand) so this is it….

Tuesday, 17 March 2020

Part 6: MFS || AR FF

"Hello? Jen please you have to hear me out…just don't put the phone dow-." Her words were left incomplete a she heard the silence on the other side.

She swore loudly. f**k!

Her life had taken a complete 360 degree turn since the time this trouble called Dr. Armaan Mallik entered her life. The confrontation they had the previous day had created a big Tsunami later that night. She had tried calling him and telling him to keep calm and not tell anything to Jen, yet. But the big mouth he was, said everything to her and left. Yes, left on his own without taking his belongings also!

chapter 11& 12: Once Upon a time in Mumbai

Chapter 11

She starts feeling dizzy, he quickly rushes outside and so does Rahul, Armaan rushes to her side,"Riddhima tum..yah.." She doesn't even let him complete his sentence and shrugs him off… She stumbles … he hold her again.. she shrugs him off again… and is about to fall.. He becomes angry and holds her lifts her and takes her inside Rahuls cabin while Rahul held the door for him. Rahul said I wil just brign water you stay with her. He makes her sit on the chair and is about to ask, "Riddhima are you o….."She just removes his hand from her and tries to get up but the dizziness just brings her down. He comes down on his knees…. Riddhima….please….. tum yahan.. aur tumhari tabiyat thik nahin hain… please …baith jao…Riddhima gets up and stumbling and holding on to things walks towards the cabin.. he tries to stop her… but she listens to him no even once… she keeps moving all along the corridor stumbling and moving with the support of the wall….but doesn't let him touch her… He is crying and saying Riddhima please stop….but she hears no more.. Dr. Keerti  sees her stuggling and tries to help her but she says no and keep goin alon….Keerti just looks

Monday, 16 March 2020

chapter 9& 10: Once Upon a time in Mumbai

Chapter 9

 He got worried, "Kya hua Riddhima. Is everything ok. Is the baby ok." Riddhima laughed, " Yea the baby is fine. I just need fresh air. Can we sit somewhere where theres quite before gong home." Armaan said, " but yahan. This is so freaky ." She said, " ok then not here somewhere else that more beautiful." He agreed and took drove her on the mountain side towars the top from where they could see the entire city. As the started on the mountain. Her breath started becoming heavy. He said, " This completely crossed my mind. We should not drive on hill top. Its on a height its gonna make breathing heavier for you." She said" still breathing heavily.. No Armaan I want to go there'. Take me there'" Armaan interrupted but she insisted'. He thought he shouldn't have thought about the idea'.. He drove slowly all the way and then gently helped her out of the car. She hold on to his hand and they walked towards the egde. He said be careful don't go allthe way towards the egde. Wait let me brign out the chairs and Riddhima stay here don't go towards the egde.

AR OS - Will Love U Till The End

"kitty.. tum yehi rukho haan main bas ice cream leke aye, okk??" a teen riddhima said wisely to her little new pet, a cute white baby kitten which she got as her present juz yesterday..

Her lill kitty kpt on looking at her with her red round cute eyes nd thn yawned.. riddhima took it as it's approval nd announced chirpily.. "gud gal.." she patted her head nd leaving her kitty on the bench where she was sitting a few minutes back till she found an ice crm vender nd jumped up seeing him at that moment.. oh did I mention earlier? She's juz an ice-cream freak.. nd seeing that vender this early in d park, mde her eyes sparkled in glee.. she quickly switched her kitty from her lap to the wooden bench nd said her to wait until she grabs her fav cone..

Leaving her kitty behind, ridzy went to d vender nd after lots of confusion she ended up buying both of her favorite flavors.. licking one in each exchanging interval, she came bck to the bench almost dancing in happiness but wat she found after cuming back made her eyes go wide in horror..

Sunday, 15 March 2020

chapter 7& 8: Once Upon a time in Mumbai

Chapter 7

Ridz is now 6 months pregnant

Ammy was in his car talking on the phone with Dr. Shubhankar about the case on Liver cirhossis and Ridz came by and sat in the car. He told Dr.S hubhankar that he is gonna drive and will talk more abt the case in the hospital.

Ammy started the car and looked at Ridz'. Ready .. she said yes.. lets go' they smiled and he drove. While driving he had to change the gear, he looked at Riddhima who was looking out of the window on the road, took her hand in his and changed the gear. She immediately looked at him smiled and said, "accha yeh sab badmashi karne keh liye u don't want me to drive" He smiled and said, "no but if u want me to I can defn keep on doing it " and saying that he teases her some more. They have a cute moment and keep driving . He finally reaches the hospital and its time for her to go. He doenst want

OS :I Love U, My Teacher Ji

"auch.. armaannn'" she glared at him after receiving a smack on her head.. "god' yaar!! Don't forget I'm ur gal frnd as well.." she complained while messaging her head with her  right hand.

He grinned but said cheekily.. "well , my dear.. u r my student now.. so focus on ur studies nt on me"

And as soon as she heard him , she started blushing like crazy.. gosh!! He alwaz catches her red handed whenever she checks him out in stead of focusing on this stupid mechanics..

"meri kya galti hain.. I find u more interesting than this stupid mechanics.."  she said to herself but wat she didn't know dat he can hear  her whisper as well nd he did..

Smiling broadly he started.. "I know baby.. dat u hate mechanics but u have to get grip in this as well, no?? next month AIPMT ki entrance hain, na?? and I know how gud u r in bio nd chemistry.. juz lill touch up in physics nd u will successfully cross the entrance.."