Saturday, 28 March 2020

Part 2 : BasTera Naam Hai OS

Soon, they reached home and Riddhima went inside while Armaan sit for sometime in car thinking about what to do, so that she can be happy around herself.

He directly went at Rahul’s place, he wanted to know about her.

“Kya baat hai buddy achanak se” Rahul was confused on his expression.

“Rahul,Muskaan, kya Riddhima k sath kuch hua hai? Koi problem hai jiski wajah se wo kisi se rishta nhi banana cahhti” Armaan asked.

He was so dying in desperation to know and his feelings were beyond control now.

“Nhi, buddy aisa to kcuh nhi hai” Rahul said.

“Are you sure?” he look at them.


He was seeing some old pics of theirs on his laptop when she entered the room with glaring eyes and hands on her hips. "heyy…you needed something?" he asked as she came near and stood near the corner of the bed still giving him a murderous glare. He stood and went up to her, gave her a peck on her head, soothed her hair as he asked again…"kya hua?"

"when was the last time you kissed me mr. grover?" she asked him furiously as she took a step back to make some distance between the two…"uh…abhi abhi I just kissed your head…" he said going near…"don't come near me! And what you just did was coz you saw me angry…It wasn't like you wanted to come and kiss me on your own…"

"er… shona…In fact main pata hai tumhare paas hi aa raha tha, I was just seeing this picture—"

"bahane mat banao…answer what I asked…when was the last time you kissed me?"

"uh…abhi thodi der pehle…goo-uh..good morning kiss…"

Friday, 27 March 2020

Part 1 : BasTera NaamHai OS

Riddhima Gupta working in Sanjeevani Hospital one of the best hospital in Mumbai as heart surgeon. She was one of the best surgeon in city, most often busy in working, she don’t have time for usual stuff in which her friends tried to drag her.

Dr. Shashank owner of Sanjeevani has only one wish that his daughter Riddhima also live like others, she has to do her work but not on the cost of isolating herself from every other thing.

“Good Morning Papa, aaj aap jaldi uth gaye” Riddhima came down holding her apron and stethoscope in one hand.

“Good Morning Princess, ha aaj neend jaldi khul gai, u r ready, any surgery planned in morning are what?” he asked.

AR OS: A Hatred Named 'Love'

How do you love someone you're supposed to hate?

The question loomed in the air,as if it was the only thing left in the world for my mind to ponder on.This question wasn't just any question,it was something very closely related with the matter of my life,with the matters of my heart..

Love.I was supossed to spit at the word.It was almost a curse to even think about it,owing to the fact what I was..what I could be.People like me should be laughing off at its very existence,then why did it matter so much to me?I knew why..and it annoyed me.It was something I would've stopped if it was in my own hands,but call it a curse or a blessing,I couldn't stop it.This damn heart of mine isn't as strong as my mind..I wish it was.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

AR os : Night time reflections…

I don't know what woke me up. Was it the cacophony of ambulance or was it the sound of screeching breaks of a motor bike enthusiast? Times like these make me rethink my decision of living in the city rather than the suburbs. It's very taxing when one's sleep gets often compromised especially after a super long shift at hospital.

As I fumbled to find glass of water on my bed side table, my fingers automatically curled around the picture frame that she had gifted me a few months ago. My fingers overrode my primal need of thirst and softly traced the contours of the frame. My mind instinctively started naming facts about the picture that was inside that frame; the color of her dress, the exact curve of her smile lines, a faint trail of a sweat bead at base of her neck, her bright eyes and an exuberant expression. I was never one for collecting memorabilia.

Sunday, 22 March 2020

Pain… Death… Love… and Life…(ARSH OS)

I stood there; just stood there. I couldn't understand what was going around me. I didn't know if I had wanted to understand what was happening around me. All I knew was that today was the day that I had waited for. I waited for this day since years, but when this day had finally come; I was left shattered, broken into pieces. I was left all alone; alone to fend for myself, alone to mend my broken heart. I have heard people groan about how much a broken heart hurts; how much you try, you will never be able to fix it. Today was the day I was going to get married. We had planned everything together, especially the wedding date. The longest day of the year, so in the upcoming years we could have more time to ourselves. I didn't know that this is how it would end up being. I couldn't do much but stare at her melt into his arms like I wasn't there. She is lambasting me for some reason unknown to me. She is causing me furious distress. Maybe this was destined to happen. Maybe this is what should have happened. Maybe love is not for me. Love is definitely not for me.


Anji- Bua Aap??

Bua Came Near Them And Said

Bua- Haan Main

Ab Tum Ladkiyo Meri Baat Dhyaan Se Suno

Tum Dono( Pointing Towards Nikki And Muski)

Damadji Ke Ghar Jaakar Kuch Saboot Dhoond Lao

Mai Aur Anjali Ridhima Se Baat Ugalwane Ki Koshish Karte Hain

Anji- Kounse Saboot